Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Jan 2006 anonymous stop looking for a fucking reason to stay... you faggots posting on mouchette just want attention and a reason.. how bout u take the fucking pills cut ur fucking wrists lay in the damn bathtub wrap plastic wrap around your head hook up a radio fill tub with water nothing will go wrong your ass will die, if the pain was that bad u wuld slit your wrists and feel nothing.
15 Jan 2006 15 January 2006

SICK websites telling kids how to commit suicide are to be banned.

It comes after a girl of 16 was saved by her mum who intercepted cyanide crystals ordered online.

At least 12 teens killed themselves in the last four years after surfing online. Some sites even detail the length of drop needed for a hanging.

Health Minister Rosie Winterton will meet service providers next month. She wants to fine sites that won't close.
15 Jan 2006 B From just briefly skimming the contents of this forum, it is obvious that there is a mixture of people who find suicide a joke and some who are seriously battling with depression.

Everyone, suicide is NOT something that people can take lightly. People who think that they're going to get attention from others because they are facing hardship and mental problems will end up wasting their lives. There is so much opportunity out there, and even though it may seem tough and useless at times, you can make yourself a great life if you try. But if you're going to whinge and complain on a stupid website about the things you hate and not actually do anything about it, then you're an idiot. It'd be a lot better if you got some help and tried to fix up your life, rather then blame others for being miserable enough to end your life. But I can also tell that for some people who can't get that help they need, this site can provide some support.

I'm 15, and there were times in my past when I wanted to kill myself. I wanted to die, and I indulged in the self-pity that contemplating suicide often offers. You can only fight your depression when you realise that you are not the centre of the universe - everything does not revolve around yourself, and when things go wrong, you do not need to just kill yourself.
Eventually, I realised that I was being immature and stupid, and I left my suicidal phase. But I still cut myself when I actively want to sink into my self-defeat, and I have damn ugly scars all over me to remind me of my stupidity. But never have I ever cut myself with the intention of committing suicide, because I knew that suicide is not the answer... I have been lucky. For all those out there that want to die, you need to know that, too. Suicide does not solve problems. It just eliminates them in the worst way possible.
15 Jan 2006 SJ add me 2 msn, i have had a hard time when i was 13, i tried suicide 15 times snot worth it, im 16 now and life rules - whoever/whatever is givin u probs, smack them ffs, dont let dem get to ya - stay safe - peice pplz.
15 Jan 2006 Samantha not under 13, i am 13, and my life sux ASS. i wanna end it, but i dont know how..cuz its just hard, theres so much i havent experienced, and i want to. but my life sux and should end, my mom hates me "U DUMB USELESS TWIT!" she sez, my dad thinks im absolutly stupid, and my parents fight about me 24/7. my friends know me, but they dont, they think iim a good kid and i dont wanna die and i love life, its just that i dont know how to reach out, how could i, its impossible, here, if pplz knew, they would call me emo and tease me, rather then help me. My friends wouldnt know what to do, they dont have any experience of a shit home.they think my house is great and im really rich, but cloths show it..IM FUCKING POOR!, but my parents dont care, if they had a real choice, they would make me go around naked, there soooo consumed in there own life and want there own happiness, they dont care about mine.

Sometimes i think im an accident and my parents dont care becuz my siblings 21 and oldest is my sister, she is 30..shes old enough to be my mom for christ sakes!!! then, when my brothers and sisters were little, they got evrything, my parents would do anything to keep there teeth straight, keep them up to date with the lastest fasions...etc.

Yesterday, i tried to kill my self by cutting really deep...i almost hit the vien until i realized all the things i would miss out on and i stopped...

Im Lost.So Lost.Im Lost Without You.

Hear the Gun Shots Fired.My Life Expired.My Death Is A Living Lie...
15 Jan 2006 piixxxiiee I HATE MYSELF I HATE MY LIFE!! my boyfrioends mum hates me my grandad stil labuses me after my mum even found out n kicked him out my bestfriends gunna kill herself i hate it i hate my life i need to die i need to die now!!!!!
15 Jan 2006 D.J. hey i need ah kit 2 kill mysalf, I am a part of sum 1 else but no damm doctor, can help us!!! than thares this lady who thinks a kiz or a hug will settel every thin down!!!I tell peeple not 2 trusst me, or try ta get close, but they no 1 hears me,I heard them talkin they think that I am gonna do it ya know take my life, I am 15 that is a long time 2 live knowing no 1 cares, all they care abut is will I tell wat my father did, my Uncle did, my grandfather did!!! I told my Doc on you 3, I even told wat Dr. Beaton of Barrie On tario Canada did 2 me, ya all had sex with me, Dr,Ted Beaton ya lost your job, dad ya lost me yor kid, my uncle ken aint seen him 4 a very long time, I am worth 850.00 2 my dad, I dont want 2 live any more becuz of wat ya all did!!!!They say talk about it, get it out well I am jest tired of talkin about it, you said it wood go away the HURT N PAIN WOOD Eese up,ya nothin my life jest reelly sucks n hurts a lot n talkin dont help, may bee some1 out there will understand me wen I say "PLEESE DONT NEVER TRUST ME WEN I SAY IM OKAY, OR JEST FINE, CUZ I NEVER HAVE BEEN"!!!!FINE, OR OKAY!!! I GOT HURT N ABUSED N NO 1, NOT 1 SINGLE PERSON OUT THARE WILL EVER UNDER STAND MY OWN HURT N REEJECTION , PAIN!!!! No 1 will.
15 Jan 2006 DEB well I hav thought about it for a week. So I am still here, n maybe you could get a huge box fill it with brokened up glasses, cups, dishes etc. Tape it up really good with duct tape, then when you feel like killen your selves stand at the top of stares, either roll it, drop it, or throw it down the stares, go down and kick it a few times, it works hearin the sound of brokenen up containers. You see we are all containers, we hold a lot of hurt, PAIN, ANGER, n we are never aloud too throw it away, So maybe that would be a great SUICIDE KIT!!! Amonia burns your throat 2 much, n then you can ever tell anyone how ya really feel.I know that no one really cares, family, friends, etc.!!!!
15 Jan 2006   Down a whole bottle of whisky n take loadza pills then go 2 sleep, the drink will make u sleep n the drugs will kill u while u do.....painless!!!!!!!
14 Jan 2006 geoff punshon why is this site for under thirteens only? im 36 and consider suicide from time to time and i dont want to be excluded ok?
the absolutely best way to kill yourself (which is totally painless) is to gas yourself with the exhaust from a car. its carbon monoxide which just makes you feel sleepy. just a sleep you never wake up from
to all the atheists out there: there is a very simple and optimistic way of thinking:
if this is the only life you get then make the fucking most out of it!
take care you all
14 Jan 2006 The Sage O_O|

ummmmmmmm... you are 13......
why would you even bother when you are 13? theres alot of time left for something good to come up.......

but if i had to i would eat lima beans until my stomache exploded
14 Jan 2006 anonymous stop looking for a fucking reason to stay... you faggots posting on mouchette just want attention and a reason.. how bout u take the fucking pills cut ur fucking wrists lay in the damn bathtub wrap plastic wrap around your head hook up a radio fill tub with water nothing will go wrong your ass will die, if the pain was that bad u wuld slit your wrists and feel nothing.
14 Jan 2006 Nicola My name is Nicola, and i have been suicidal for nearly three years now. Yes, i cut every night, i used to do it on my wrists but the amount of pity i recieved made me feel sick to my stomache so now i do not do it there. I cut to get rid of stress and pain, but i would advise everybody out there who thinks they want to cut for the 'fun of it' not to. Once you start, it's hard to stop. Believe me. My parents found out i was suicidal and they're so pathetic they wont even let me get serious help when i know i really need it. I'm only fifteen, i should be out and having fun, yet i feel so depressed and ugly, and i wonder why people like me and want to be close to me..?
Everyday is so bad, i just want all this pain to end, just to start a new life and be free. But then i think that maybe i could just give it one more day and see if anything changes, see if i have anything to live for.
My friends are so fake, People backstab about me, iv'e grown accustomed to the feeling. I feel so dirty, so ill, cureless. I really need to talk to someone.. Please help me.
14 Jan 2006 randymale Hi everyone just to tell you who ever knocked this site up is still alive and you have to no they thrive of thinking there helping you die coz there selfish people who dont give a shit you have to think all you people giving advise this isnt a game theres people taking that advise and going doing it coz of you and i think its sad when i get depressed i go and find a girl and have sex all night the next day im knackerd the thoughts gone so when im depressed i do other things i could take a suicidel girl and show here the meaning of life its not how big you are or if anyone likes you there pleasures in life could be helping others finding love dont seek the bad seek the good and if i was in a room with who ever built this site or the people who give advise on how to die i would knock ten bells of shit out of them and ladies out there looking for love mail me anyone else needs to talk ( mail me ignore this site they make you worse
14 Jan 2006 I can spell confusion with a K ive been there and know how all of u feel and its amazing to know that there are other ppl like this and im not alone. add me on MSN, any of you, and we can talk..
14 Jan 2006 kin im not under thirteen. i'm fourteen. life is only a living hell for me. i want to end it. at home, i can't please my mom: i'm not neat enough,i don't have enough friends, or my clothes aren't fashionably enough.
at school, its too much. for everybit i try, it only gets worse.
my mother and siblings hate me. my father too.
my parents want a divorce because of me. they say i'm not respectful. they say i'm never good to them, that i always start fights. everytime i try to help, i only get blamed.
my friends, if you could call them that, know nothing of me but my name. as quickly as i became their 'friend' they are willing to say shit about me.
people are saying taht life is valuable, that noone should give it up. but then they talk about this wonderful place we go to when we die; worry free, a place where you can do no wrong. they call it heaven. what is so wrong w/ me wanting to go there?
14 Jan 2006 Doesn't matter Shoot yourself in the temple. Messy, but no mistakes.
14 Jan 2006 nakole the tried and tested... swallow a plastic bag... drink those medications you know aren't for you... wear a snorkel in the pool and breathe out until you pass out...
13 Jan 2006   when i die i will be with my master. and then iwill be apart of the baddest army ever. everyone who isnt a slave to my master must die. when we come back we will wage war on all who offend my master. you will not be safe anywhere. we will crawl thru windows and walk thru doors as thieves. and when we catch you you will be killed. if you kill yourself you only kill your body. we will still catch you. blood shall flow thru the streets as water in a river. your resistance will be futile. either join us or die. u think u got problems now?
13 Jan 2006 Lostsurferboy21 Suicide is suc a touchy subject and more and more ppl do it every year and frankly im tired of it im tired of depression of feeling wortless and everyting else so i plan to add myself to te list of ppl who ave done it tis year and ty mouchette for tis site it elped me so muc ur a great person despite wat ppl say bout u and btw could i ask how old r u? ps. sry ppl my h button is messed up

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