Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Jan 2006 Mandy Looking For Answers I'm not sure that my last answer came up, but, can anyonetell me if alot of asprin can be lethal, andif so, how painful would it be, and can that be at least partially solved by sleeping pills? Please reply or email me, I'm just, I don't know...
06 Jan 2006 Mandy I wish I knew latley, I'm guessing overdose, but I have no access to drugs right now, medications of all kinds though. I don't want to sound like some angtsy, dramtic idiot teen chick but death seems like a really good option right now, I'm tired of dealing with life, it's all so pointless. My best friend and boyfriend was hit and killed by a drunk driver, and my best friends moved away. I litterally have not one tangible friend anymore, I'm kinda weird, but I like it, it's just who I am, but it sets me apart from cliques tremendously, and makes it hard to make friends. I have a few very close friends via internet, and they are the only thing that keeps me going at all. I know a guy named Mike who liked me, but by the time I knew him well enough, and returned the feeling, he'd moved on, and now he's dating a girl who doesn't love him and is cheating on him, it pisses me off so much, makes me just want to die. Actually, I lied, my friends arn't all that keeps me going, I alsofind a little hope and inspiration in music, I love Thousand Foot Krutch, that band's music has kept me from going crazy or doing somthing stupid so many times...
06 Jan 2006 leah id like to say thanx to everyone who helped me on this site i couldnt have dun it without yall and i wanna say that i love you riley and i can help you get through glad this site brought us together....also anyone who needs help dont be afraid to email me. times are bad things go wrong just remember life goes on. hold on i did and even though life sux sumtimes it gets better and you never no who loves you more then you think. im 13 and im cut free for 2 months! or lil_joel_madden_lover@yahoo
06 Jan 2006 Carmie the ezyst way 2 kill yourself is 2 get realllllly high and/or drunk then go in2 mommys medicen cabnet and take all the pills that u c.take the blue ones,green ones,hell drink a bunch of rat poison. then u call me wen u start foamin from the mouth,but u don't care because they have pritty colors from all those luvly pills u took.
06 Jan 2006 bloodysinner Take a walk out in the woods at dusk durring a snow strom. Find a quiet, secluded spot, take off all of your clothes and and lay down in the snow. You'll eventually go into hypothermia and fall asleep and freeze to death.
06 Jan 2006 EGboy i'm new here and i really didn't bother reading the forum rules coz i was busy making this ummmm thing and i'm plannin on killing myself today.. oh and plss spare me all da "dont kill urself" stuffs because i've had enuff of does.... i just really need some to know if this would work


i have the drink right here infront of me now.... but i really don't know if it would work though.. so i need some help

here's it is:

[i]Nicotine (Rewritten by Calle)

extract from 100g tabacco? 40-60 mg pure.

Several hours, coma may set in much earlier. Much quicker
if taken in large doses.

Easily available

Fairly certain, given a large enough dose.

This is what Mike wrote:
"Soak 100 grammes of tabacco for a few days. You get a
brown mess. Strain off the tabacco, then simmer slowly
until most of the liquid has gone, leaving about 2
teaspoons of brown treacle-like stuff. Add it to your
night-time drink, and never wake up. Someone said the
other day that 150mg of pure nicotine would be fatal in
seconds. See the "plants in general" entry."

It is correct, as far as I have found out. It can be
added that the effects include violent convulsions and
that the direct cause of death is respiratory failure.
Smokers should use larger doses than non-smokers.[/i]

i found it here

and i've mixed the "treacle-like stuffs" with ummm chocloate milk (i hope that doesn't change the effectiveness) and i've put alot more than two teaspoon...... anyway i'm living with my family atm and they dont know anything but i did have some GREAT GREAT quality times with them though before doing this, u might think that if i have a great family then y would i kill myself... well it's not really them bah i just dont wat to talk about it.

i just need to know if it would work coz i dont want to sleep with a suicidal note on my hands expecting to die but instead get woken up by my mom shouting at me about comiting

anyway pls let me know what u think about the nicotine thingy
06 Jan 2006 Moment of insanity ? Not really sure who this is helping or is spost to b helping lol suicidal teens i guess i dont know sorry but my ex boss's wife killed herself last year and did it by jumping off the orwell bridge in endland well its pretty instant an painless if you have the balls and maybe alcohol would help cure the nerves
06 Jan 2006 john I have tried to kill myself since I was 8. It has been crap. To be honets somebody up there wants to keep me alive as a joke I guess. I used to when I was very young try and sofocate myself under the cover, cos my mum would tell me if I slept with the blanket on my face I would not be able to breathe. Anyway, it progressed to overdosing myself at 14 and ending up in the hospital having my tummy pumped, done the same a few times afterwards, then drinking bleach, for it I still suffer a bit. Slashing my wrists but it was to painful so I put ice to numb the pain..........then jumping from a 5 story building and just breaking my ankle, and of course, due to the impact soiling myself and not to finish....locking the car in the garage and starting it and just passing out but not getting killed. so tonight I feel like shit, want to die etc..... give me an efficient painless method PLEASE
06 Jan 2006 already dead I've decided to do it. There is nothing left here for me. I have the balls and the will. what a waste at

06 Jan 2006 life is pain i know ill never kill myself straight out but i also know that id rather die then feel the pains of life. im anorexic... i cut myself... im drugfucked im an alcholic and im branded a slut... i dont care... i wake up somedays covered in bruises.... i dont know where they come from... all i know is that i deserve them... i constantly hurt myself purposely... i do stupid shit like hit myself over the head with cast iron saucepans and i overdose on panadol i have been to hospital 5 times this year for it and it makes me feel im getting what i deserve...also ive been this way since i was 13 i am now 16... i believe that if ur gonna live u have to be prepared for all the pain life brings upon us and to answer ur question... the best way to commit suicide is... slowly... feeling the pain and punishing yourself for it... the suicide that is...
06 Jan 2006 Ewan I can't believe how many people talk about the bible like it's a factual document. I mean fair enough, it's got some nice stories and those stories usually have a moral, but they are JUST stories written by people who needed to control the masses. If you think believing all that stuff makes you a better person then fine, but personally I am just a (reasonably) good person because I like it that way. I don't need some fake god preaching at me from across the centuries. Just play nice kids. Simple.
05 Jan 2006 Immortality lost Have you ever had one of those days. No... I suppose you haven't as you don't know what "those days" implies. The fact is, I can't explain it to you. You have to have one of "those days to have the vaugest idea what I'm on about. Sufice it to say that having one of "those days" is a very bad thing, and let's also say that a good portion of my days have been "those days". Now lets say that I'm going to kill myself. You notice I dont say want to kill myself, and in a bit you'll know why.

I have a good life. I have never seen any of my loved ones die, have never been raped, beaten too badly, or bullied. Yet I will kill myself. I will do this because my life will not get better. Oh yes, my surroundings might change, I'll meet new people, have moments of true happiness, and live a normal pathetic little life. But for what. No one will remember me when I'm gone. Any good I've done will be undone by more bad. I have no delusions of changing the world.

I see so much beaty everywhere, and I see a pattern to things. This world is a wonderful place to be, and I don't want to leave it. But I will. Because as much as I want to live, I know I wont. I will be alive, but I won't live. Everything good that will happen to me, I'll ruin. I'll just keep finding ways to make myself miserable, untill I won't see the beauty in anything anymore. I'm sorry that I have to die. But I DO have to. And that is it. And that is all.
05 Jan 2006 Felicia The Great Dear Mouchette,

It's a cold, cold 2006. I have been on this site for almost four years, can you believe it? I never realized that this website was a forum.

The history of me writing in this post website began in late December of 2001. There I was lamenting over a hopeless relationship of lost dreams. It was the year of drowning misery of guzzling Peppermint Schnapps in a cold, cold room on a dark hillside. It was so cold, you can talk in the room and a mist of warm air came out of your mouth. Now you wanted to know what it was like for a bum to live in a cardboard box. Think of it as a cardboard box bedroom. I was ready to end my life then. I lay awake on a cold, cold bed staring at a ceiling, bundled in a jacket, knit cap, and Nike shoes filled with thermal socks.

It felt like Heaven’s Gate at Hale Bopp for me, but Applegate already left the building.

Then Lucy Cortina and Billy the Freak came to the rescue.
05 Jan 2006 Kathrine when i was 12 i was raped. this was my most horrifing day i was walking home from school when my best friend's boyfriend's car pulled over next to me.him and his brother offered me a ride home. and me being an idiot said sure. i got into the car and they started driving. then they pulled over at a vacant lot. then my friend's boyfriend's brother got out and opened my door and made me come out. then he told me to go into the abondaned buliding in the lot. i started to sense what was about to happpen so i started running away but he pulled out a gun and treatened to shoot me if i didn't stop. he came towards me and pulled me fromthe hair into the building. when we were inside he demanded for me to take my clothes off but i wouldn't do it. so he started beating me. i was close to passing out but i stayed strong and he started to take my cloths off then he started to kiss me and then started touching me you probably know what happened next. i was so disscusted i started to cry.after he stopped i layed there frozen for a while then he told me to put my clothes on and he threatend me that if i told anyone about what happened he would hurt me once more.he finally started taking me home he left me at the corner. that night i cut my wrists but my mom came in when she heard me scream.i was taken to the hospital immidiatly. weeks later i didn't feel well and started throwing up. i fainted and iwoke up in the hospital the next day. i found out i was pregnant. i still wish i could of killed my self!
05 Jan 2006 some wv chick crawl into a mining cave, write a letter then blow yourself up!
05 Jan 2006 Angel This probably isnt a good site in the way that it could possibly encourage suicide..but in another way it could help people to realise they are not alone...and seek some advice. Its all very well to say that people who come on here are just attention seeking, but those who say that have never been in that position...taking your own life is a terrible thought that is important to overcome...and maybe sometimes its nice to know someone is actually listening to you..rather than feeling as though you are continuosly screaming...yet no one can hear you..
05 Jan 2006 Ehbrard regarder TF1
05 Jan 2006 ELied The best way to kill yourself(no matter the age) is to do it with a gun - it's fast & painless..
just remember to aim right in the middle of the forehead.
Take care..
05 Jan 2006 mel easiest way for people under 13 i reckon would be getting your hands on some heroin if you cant get 3 grams or so of the stuff then hang yourself if you cant do that coz ur a chicken i could suggest you go to a very high building or bridge but has to e pretty high to kill. 12 or more floors iv heard is a 90 percent chance youll die or could just be left paralysed.

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