Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Dec 2005 2down I am 38, and think about ending my life on a daily basic and here is why.
Divorced 6 years ago.
Diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer.
No body bigger than myself to live for in my wife, kids..etc
I am unemployed and on SSI because of the cancer.
am single nad living with father right now.
Do not have any friends really
25 Dec 2005 Jo Coffee Spoon Hang around and wait.

At 14 Fuck to be liked by the boys, liking to be fucked comes much later.

Develop bulimia at 15.

Run away from the friends who come to hate you and vice versa at 16. Hook up with a blond beggar outside Burger King in Bristol. Within the hour let him take you back to his car park squat, fuck and sodomise you violently. Love and hate the piece of shit in equal measures. Break your heart when the selfish cunt dies of a heroin overdose in the October of that year.

Spend the Xmas of your 18th year away from home. Hook up with a bloke same age as your Mum who turns out to be alcoholic, sadistic and brutal, ends up trying to kill you by turning your arm at a funny angle, cutting off your air supply with your own elbow. That's when the panic attacks kick in.

Get rescued by an emotionally retarded comtrol freak porn addict. Develop night terrors, kick him til he bruises black and blue.

Not deal with any of it. Get high on drink and drugs every weekend from now til age 70, and fantastise about suicide on every come down. But at the end of the day you're too chickenshit - scared to live and scared to die. Not quite the suicide kit you were looking for, but all the ingredients for a life only half lived and a huge therapy bill.
24 Dec 2005 Jennifine 1:Get a rope, tie the least amount of coils you can, less than 6-7 should do, but i prefer 14, more coils won't snap your neck(the percentage of dieing will go up with less coils) .
2: Get a gun(i think 13 yr. olds can get guns from the store), aim it away from your mouth, try to get the bullet away from your airtube. It's not very effective (If you do it wrong(-99% success rate)
3: Slit your wrists, this is trendy, get a dull razorblade (i love razorblades!)and slit across your arms, not up, or do it both ways. It doesn't take a while to pump much blood out, oh and get in a cold bathtub, it makes you feel better( depends on how deep you cut).
4:Get a poison, not stuff like paint, hairspray or water and mix them all together, the more you get, the less chance will be lower(depends on the amount of poison).
5:Drink someones blood with the same blood type as you, drink the blood type "O" because that'll work, it's very fast and there's more chance of succeeding.(40% chance of succeeding)
24 Dec 2005 AP I've been depressed since I was about 9-10 y/o.

I found the best way is simply to lock yourself in your room and slice your wrists open with a nice sharp knife or scalpel.
24 Dec 2005 Carms hey guys i'v been posted on here for ages to help ppl and a few ppl have added me but i wanted to post again coz i really want to help, suicide is not the answer, and tust me i know, you may seem like depressed and everything now but imagen how your parents would feel if you left them it may seem like they don't care but i tried commiting suicide once and i was so close to dieing, when i was just about to pass out i heard my mum saying something and crying and i realised my parents do care just they don't show that they do, so if you want help then add me on msn or send me an email at
24 Dec 2005 Yinann There is no 1 best way to kill oneself when under the age of 13. In fact, the possibilities are endless. Perhaps a hanging would be nice, or better yet an over dose on drugs. Dive in to shallow water (try to avoid less permanent injury though). For the slightly older generation, sleep with your best friends wife. That's what I did! Seriously though, if you really want to die call me, it'll be a good time. Oh and don't forget to leave a legal will for the people you know and love. Don't forget to say goodbye either. Hope this hasn't been too terribly long-winded. Just remember, keep a sense of humor and you won't need to die.
24 Dec 2005 jennifer 1.get a rope tie as many coils as you can. it's more effective when there's more coils 6-7 coils should do it, but I prefer 15. it will snap your neck.(the percentage of dying will get higer if you make many coils)

2.get a gun.(I don't think 13 yeard olds can get a gun from stores ) aim it into your mouth. try to get the bullet through the airtube. it's very effective.(if you do ir right, (99% of success)

3.silt your wrist. this is popular. get a sharp razorblade(I love blades!) and slit it up your arm. not across or do it both ways. it takes a while to pump much blood out. oh and go in a warm bathtub. it makes you feel better.(depends on how deep you cut it)

4.get a poison. get stuff like paint, hairspray, poisoned water, anykinds of poison and mix them all together. more you can get, the more the chance will be higher.(depnds on the amount of the poison)

5.drink someone else's blood who doesn't have the same bloodtype as you.but don't drink the bloodtype O because that won't work. ti's very slow. and there's less chance of succeeding.(60% of chance of succeeding)
23 Dec 2005 Sami Well how many ways are there to kill yourself, a million probably. The favorites, hanging, slicing the wrists, gun to the head, pills, gas, walking out in front of a car. I don't know if i'd choose any of them. If there were a way to just push a button, something that allows no time to go back and rethink things, i think that's what i'd do. I don't really have a story, that is to say, nothing specific that has made me feel that i need to kill myself, and though we're supposed to be only answering a question, i think everyone has a problem staying on topic. I'm just at the point where i can't hear one more time, "You're too self concious, you have low self esteem, you need to be more agressive." I find it hard to believe that sticking around through the bullshit in your life just to make others happy doesn't really happen. As if telling me what my problems are is going to make me wake up and be a new and improved person. I had an uncle who commited suicide, my father threatened to. My entire family history is filled with nervous disorders and depression yet no one gets it. No one understands that you can't get help, you can't just do something about it. You want it to go away but it won't and you can't do anything about it. Three people in my family are already on zoloft or some such shit, but it doesn't make their life any better. I don't want pills, and i'm not saying that because i want pity, i couldn't get pity if i asked for it, but i find, that my problem, is not me. It's those around me. Why should i have to drug myself up to become numb to those around me who treat me like shit. My biggest problem, i just want to know why everyone who considered themselves my friends, just totally cut me off. After ten years, i thought that i might have mattered to them a little. I'm not asking for pity, i don't think anyone who is thinking about suicide, or anyone who has completed suicide was. We just want the world to stop saying get over it. If i ever get the courage to go through with it, the only person i will worry about is my mother. She is my best friend in the entire world, and if she goes before me, i won't have a need to kill myself, i'll just die from that. The rest of the world who knew me can go to hell for all i care. There will be no funeral, no service, just me in a pine box, buried with no name. I couldn't get any plain decency when i was alive, why should those who made my life hell be consoled with a funeral, getting to say goodbye, when they couldn't manage to care for me in life. So the best way to kill yourself when you're thirteen, i couldn't say, to each their own. But i say, wait until your at least out of your parents house, you don't really know what life is like until you can make it your own.
23 Dec 2005 Anonymous I have never experienced any of the things that u people who write on here have experienced. I lead a perfectly normal life and I cannot imagine what it would be like to be in your place. I was just playin around on the computer and i typed in google some random words and out popped this website and when i read this, my thoughts were that in my normal sheltered life, i have never read anything like this that has happened to existing people. I cannot imagine what it would be liek to be abused adn treated bad and i really dont no what the point of this thing i am writing is. I guess i just want u people to no that i think that u people are incredibly brave to have lived through all of this stuff forso long, but y stop now, y stop living and fighting now?
23 Dec 2005 James Suicide is not ajoke- it's not funny- it's not some fun game we can play- it IS the most selfish thing someone could ever do to the people who know or love them!! suicide is a real problem and needs to be taken much more seriously than you are all taking it. on top of it all, if you believe that suicide is a release from pain then you are sadly mistaken. suicide is known as the "unpardonable sin"- which means that if you take your own life that you will be dealing with much more pain (in hell) forever!!
okay, so you say that u don't believe in God, and heaven or hell, but is it really worth the risk to find out if you were right?? don't dream of death- dream of life! because believe it or not people all over the world are suffering more than you, it could always be worse!! keep in mind the old saying that it's always darkest before the light -- if you think that you are at your darkest moment, then hang on the light is coming soon enough- just fight through it- pray about it- talk to someone, anyone!!! live on to have children and grandchildren and enjoy what your life will eventually become!!
don't take your life for granted- God put you here for a reason, and you should stick around to find out what it was ( here's an example: say God placed you on this earth to find the cure for cancer, you're the only hope that cancer will ever be cured- if you kill yourself, then you are condemning everyother person who will ever have cancer!). life is not to be taken lightly- and neither is death. there is no honor in death, but the potential for honor through life is endless!! stay strong- live long!!!
you can make it through this!!
23 Dec 2005 sahara well i was doing a report on suicide for school and i came accross this web site during my research. my name is sahara like the desert. really i hate doing this project because i am suicidal. my mother hates me because i told on my dad for molesting me. my dad touches me when my mom is gone. and my little brother calob dosent know whats going on. i just go sit on my swing out front and try to stay out of the house. ohh yeah im not 13 i am 15. i guess i am not sad about what my dad does anymore because he has stoped. but i still feel like i want to die. my parents hate me and say i am a liar. i dont know what to do. and now i have to pretend like everything is ok while i am doing this school project. i guess my life isnt so bad i should kill myself. but i still want to.
23 Dec 2005 Hoping is Dreaming, to me. Searching for "How to Die" gets you 341,000,000 results (three hundred and fourty one million).

However, not only does google find the web pages for you, it also suggests two other searches: 'how to commit suicide' and 'how to kill yourself'! Google actually gives you these search terms without any warning and without you asking. Isn't that mad?
23 Dec 2005 Marine Una baƱadera en el jardin, repleta de agua, donde los sapos regocijaban su paladar. temor y aventura.
23 Dec 2005 kristian climb a tree and hang yourselves from the top
23 Dec 2005 Candyman Respect the man in the icecream-van!!!
22 Dec 2005 ass Point a cell phone at a NYC police oficer. 2. Move to Iraq, join the jihad and fight a Marine...
22 Dec 2005 Zee Hm...Jump off a roof, I guess. But not if you don't live in the city.

Slitting your wrists. Yes. It hurts at first but a lot of people find the loss of blood relaxing.
22 Dec 2005 alice im 14 now but from bout the age o f ten i was sssssssooooooooo depressed i didnt no mi dad and mi mum got remarried!not noin ya dad is hard i was allways wonderin who he was and wat life he lived,in about easter time i contacted his solicitor to find him !(i hated myself 4 doin it 2 my mum)but my mum and me dnt get on theres no talkin bettween us i cook my own food buy my own clothes so i4t i had a rite to know!!wen my mum found out she went mad and musta hit me bout 100 times ND I COULDNT TAKE IT I HIT HER BACK knocked her out and ran away for 3 days i wished id of neva dun it!she now understands my hurt and pain i had id often starve myself to feel betta or cut myself wat else could i do!my mum is my best m8 now i love her soooo much neva give up hope make em realise how much theired miss you!xxx
22 Dec 2005 fried chicken lame. thats what i think. all you snivelling little whimps. oh oh my life is so horrible and i am going to kill myself...
good. fucking do it. because you decided to have a mental breakdown, because you decided you cant take it anymore. your mind is weak. and it didnt snap. you wernt so depressed you couldnt go on to try and make things better. to do the right thing. to do the thing everyone else dose in life.

newsflash: life isnt fair.

so. you wanna killyourself? good do it. and quit whining. quite frankly you are making the human race weaker. and as soon as all you weak links are exterminated those of us that are strong can enjoy a higher quality of life. without listening to your spoiled mouth. and we wont have to keep turning around looking over our shoulder tring to protect you from yourself. so shut up and bleed you muther fucker.

and that goes for all you folks getting on here and saying how sick this site is. if your not a part of the solution you are apart of the problem. and this site is dedicated to "the soloution".

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