Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Jan 2006 kyle i started feeling depressed when i was 13 i had a bone cancer it got pretty bad i was in a hospital every3 weeks and stayed there for 5 days, then i would be at home for another 5 days.
and then shipped to another hospital to recover from the chemotherapy. This was my life for 16 months. it became a routine that i couldnt escape. either my mum or dad would stay with me in hospital to help me cope with it, but i still felt all alone and i still do today im 15 depressed and dont feel like i have any links with my family i just see them as people i live with nothing more
10 Jan 2006 Just another face in the crowd I am 17 and married and pregnant. I am trying to finish school. My husband is 19 and we live in our own house. it is unfinished but it is ours. Ive always been suicidal on and off. even pregnant Ive lain in bed every night and thought about blowing my head off with my husbands m-15. Love for my baby hasnt allowed me too. i cam out of poverty and years of physical mental and sexual abuse. I came into this relationship unsure of myself and my partner. I hate life and I find anything hard to enjoy. everything in life......just sucks.
09 Jan 2006 fucker "Dear God,
How can you put us here, allowed us to suffer so badly?
How can you let children as young as 9 see pain like this?"

Who knows? But obviously... he CAN!!!! and he does. Deal with it.
09 Jan 2006 REAL GIRL Antidepressants? If you lot are depressed then you must hav access to get em from your doctor lol but dont bother with taking the SSRIS they cudnt kill ya try and get the older more deadly ones like AMITRIPTYLINE AND DOTHIEPIN and any from the tricyclic group -these are very dangerous in OD as there effects are usually rapid and i know from good sources like 10 times the reccommended dose of these antidepressanst can lead to death. It might take afew hours but youll probly not feel much pain if you go unconcious an have seizures and then your heart will fail. Altho i took an OD of dothiepin 2 yrs ago i took 30 tablets but they werent enough the doctor said i was very lucky as at the hospital i was seeing things and was in a stupor.

He wouldent let me leave the hospital for fear that id have a sudden heartattack i was very happy to hear i might die from one so tried to escape buyt i got sectioned damn it. I have now got 5 boxes of Amitriptyline thats much more then i took lasttime. I am not gonna take em yet but if i did i jst pray i wudnt wake up. I dont think ill hold out much longer anyways this feeling has been lingering around for too long now want there to be an end to it. Im so lucky to have these tablets just looking at them makes me feel happy i have the poweer to kill myself and i can do it simply by swallowing these(there is approximatly 5 boxes 28 tabs in each box you do the math)Oh ya but if you do have SSRIS take them with the trycyclic antidepressants it makes them more lethal) But dont drink alcohol with them as alcohol can decrease the toxic level of the drug in your body...also its probly best to take an anti sickness tab or antihistamine b4 hand as if you vomit em up youll not die boyo . Hope that anything iv said has been of use to anyone x
09 Jan 2006 d i think that everyone on here who tells mouchette he shud b ashamed is blamin the wrong person this site is legal and i if you want it to be illiegal then UNLUCKY
09 Jan 2006 tamie take all the perscription drugs in the house, thats what i did, pretty pathetic tho im 17 lol, but i do feel pretty dizzy and sick and hot
09 Jan 2006 Dying Why is it that I always feel like I am dying?
09 Jan 2006 jordan hi im bk :) i used 2 wana kill myself, i kinda still do, n i tryed 2 a couple of weeks ago, i just wana tell evry1 on ere not 2 kill themselves, coz if ther family duz care about them, ther family will suffer da most
09 Jan 2006 Mandy Yeah, guys do have it easier. And RG, I'd loooove to shoot myself in the head, but getting a gun is a tiny lil roadblock... -.-
09 Jan 2006 real girl OMG dose anyone else ever feel suicidal whenever they get theyre periods? and then when your periods over you feel ok again weird hu? anyone kno of any good ways to beat pms an stop me doing summit stupid when i feel so bad one week of every month is hell for me i hate being a girl men hav it so easy
09 Jan 2006 Real girl Hiya mandy DONT OD ON ASPIRIN OR PARACETOMOL OR CODEIN OR ANY CRAPPY PAINKILLERS its not worth it its such a painful way to go ppl who have taken paracetomol od have bleed from every whole in their body and been in so much pain the docs cant do anything for u if you wait till after about 12 hrs when fatal damage is done theres no antidote for paracetomol i dnt think for aspirin either If you take too little youll probly just vomit b put on a drip you cud end up needing surgery on ur stomache an liver an shit like that
What a horrid painful way to die id rather shot myself in the head then die of aspirin od
09 Jan 2006 Mandy I dunno Sc.b, overdose seems like a pretty good idea at the moment, I just wish I knew more about the MLD for asprin and ibpro., I don't want to guess and take too little or somthing and just and up in a helluva lot of pain and not just fucking die...
08 Jan 2006 scors-b Today, my stomach feels like it is bolted to the computer desk. I damaged my stomach lining last year. So please, don't overdose guys.
08 Jan 2006 Felicia The Great It's amazing how people out there can be so cruel and talk to you like your some complete idiot and they don't even know you. Just remember this one phrase... Respect yourself.

And to the guy who is rich and thinks he can have all the gorgeous women in the world because he has MONEY... and he calls them whores. But never offers me that Tiffany ring as promised... Remember Gaucho Amigo...

"If you lick a rich woman and she is enjoying it, then many riches to you for she'll probably offer you a genuine rolex watch."

Good luck in searching, by then you probably will win the lotto. But there is 1 in a million chances that you will get lucky. Sorry to note, I am not one of those chosen few.

Life is too short, so don't waste your precious time on some gal like me.
08 Jan 2006 Scors.b Dear God,
How can you put us here, allowed us to suffer so badly?
How can you let children as young as 9 see pain like this?
I want to know, Lord, how you can make people suffer, and allow them to be so lonely.
I want to know.

Are you sad with how the world's turned out?
Does it make you cry when you see us like this? When you see us not caring for each other?
I can see you God, I can see you turning in your sleep.
I can see you, wishing you had never let us be.
But there is nothing I can do. I can only wish, like you.

Maybe my wish will become true, one day, when the clouds are far behind me.
And my troubles will melt like lemon dropsÂ… Away above the chimney topsÂ…
And that's where you'll find me.

* * * For Millie, Spooky Penguin, and all Readers. * * *
08 Jan 2006 SMACK MY ARSE BABY Everyone plz sort yourselves out: dose it hurt you physically to watch tv? buy some yummy food from the shop? listen to ur fav music, go clubbing, see a good film that makes u laugh so much ur stomache hurts, go to the park with your dog and play ball, have a cuppa tea and a nice cream cake, raed a good book that makes u forget about everything else, masturb8, have sex, have a long soak in a hot bath?, go out for a curry, have a drink at the pub, get in the fast lane and speed with the top down or windows open, hear your neibours arguing andhav a good old nose ;) go swimming time urself do laps or just float about in the shallow end haha, shop on ebay find bargains, enjoy those bargains when they arrive, smoke a spliff andget high/stoned, go on a rollercoaster and scream your lil lungs off in all their glorry, bake a cake, do your make-up (girls only i guess) go get your hair cut an coloured an feel gr8 as u walk out.....GOSH I DONT KNOW WHAT I SET OUT TO SAY NOW LOL KINDA LOST TRACK.....................ERMMMMMMMM............AHHH YES.....ITS COME BACK TO ME NOW

If you cant do any of those things becoze it hurts u physically or mentally or both or u just cant as u hav no energy then get meds. If you dont enjoy any of those things AFTER TREATMENT or any of your other daily bits an bobs ok id understand then why you felt like dying.....but kinda find it hard to believe you cant enjoy ANYTHING JUST 1 THING A TINY BIT....ISNT IT BETTER TO EXCPERIENCE ENJOYMENT HOWEVER BORING OR WEIRD OR UNSOCIABLE IT MAY SEEM TO OTHERS ITS BETTER TO FIND AND DO AS MANY THINGS THAT MAKES YOU GO AHHH OR *SMILE* THEN TO BE DEAD CORPSE AND NOTHING TO ENJOY....AND NO SORRY THERE IS NO HEAVEN ATHIESTS RULE!!!! YA BABY

Ok is me done be good an if you cant be good be carful xxx
08 Jan 2006 NiCole I am 20 now. When I was 6 my brother na dhis friends would come over and get drunk and high and do all sorts of other drugs and one of my brothers friends used to come back to my room after everyone passed out or didn't realize what was going on and he would molest me. When I was 7 my brother was taken away to foster care because of all the trouble he had gotten into and because of my parents lack of parenting. I was a loner and depressed and didn't care about anything growing up. At the age of 12 I was mixed in with the wrong crowd. I had some friends over in my bedroom. My cousin and my friend Rita left the room and the two guys that stayed behind locked the door behind them. I tried to run out the window but the older guy grabbed me and threw me on the bed. He started to feel me up and rip off my clothes. The other guy just stood there and watched. I was screaming and fighting and my cousin and friend were trying to break down the door to get back in. They finally picked the lock and came back in. When I was 15 I was dating a guy who was 17 and he raped me one night on a date. A few months later he went to jail for the rape of another girl. I became severely depressed and started cutting. I had already been anorexic for years. I left home a few months after the rape and tried to start a new life. he guy that molested me as a child is now in prison for raping a friend of mine and she had a baby by it. I have moved around from state to state living with people I meet. I managed to graduate high school at 19 after dropping out twice. I'm 20 now. My brother died 8 months ago from a motorcycle accident. I went to his funeral. 1 of the pallbearers was the guy who raped me at 15, I saw my parents who never cared if I existed, and all those memories just came flying back into my mind. I tried to move on and forget about it. I'm now even more depressed than before. I'm not thinking about suicide like I used to all the time before. I thought about i all the time before because I felt trapped and I felt like I was never going to get out and be free. I don't know how many times I attempted to cut my wrists and carved the word death in my arm. I have tons of scars from all the cutting. I don't want to die now, I just want amnesia.
08 Jan 2006 Mandy My posts haven't shown up! God damn, I need to know how much asprin or ibpro. you'd need to take for it to be fatal, and that pain/times factors of such a death. (I weight a little more than 100 lbs and I am in ecent health, besides major sleep and food deprevation) Could someone please help me out...(Oh, and if you're reading this, I'll guess you know who you are, yes this is Mandy this time and not her bitching friend trying to get sympethetic people to talk her out of it...)
08 Jan 2006 GIRL ON THE BRINK I am on the brink of collapsing in a heap on the floor and never getting up. All i have 2 look forward 2 these days is when ill next get some draw & go 2 the pub an drink myself stupid and get kicked out for flashing or crying or fighting!!! My ex best friend was admittied to a mental unit afew months back far away from me. But I went to see her i loved her like a little sister. But when I visited her in Ticehurst where she was being detained I saw her for only half an hour and she seemeed fine then I went outside 2 hav a fag. Ten minutes l8r when I went back in to see her again an just do normal stuff like chat an play games etc...I was told I cudnt see her as she had taken an OD they didnt say what but I think it was salt. Only thing she told me she could get 2 hurt herself in there. She didnt die luckily.

Anyway the staff members thought id given her drugs or something but I hadn't I couldent believe this was happening. L8r her mum phoned me and told me 2 stay away from her and even my ill friend Id been 2 see told her mum Id given her the so called *tablets* what a load of bull!!!! I was her bestfriend now i know she was very Ill and deluded an all but I cudnt believe what she was saying. Why woud she say that? Anyway havent seen her 4 ages dont even know where she is or if shes still alive. And I miss her so much its horrible. I cant keep relationships going for long as I am said by doctors to have a *personality disorder* which I wish theyd never told me as im now constantly thinking I stand out and look weird 2 others. I cant leave the house without having a drink as Im scared of what will happen anxious & self-concious. Doctors put me on anti-depressants 2 try an help but have been on them for like over a year now and they havent done fuck. Why cant i be happy? Why cant I live like other people do and forgodsakes stop whining like a hissy bitch. I dont want 2 die but i have no other plan 2 sort myself out as i think iv tried everything there is out there in the way of help.


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