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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Jan 2006 ashley i am going to kill myself after leaving this message. i am 13 my mum n dad have broken up n i have no friends see u all l8r on the other side
20 Jan 2006 coral keenan Hiya i am coral i am 12 years of age and i am going frew a really ruf time wid my friend and everythink an di wana kill my self but i iant got the bottle but i am goer do it but i need soem help bnu t i just crnt stop my email is
20 Jan 2006 Mandy Hehe, why would we want Lucy to shutup, I mean, anyone who read that probably was thinking of anything but suicide for at least 2 minutes. Although, tis twisted... Meh, I got insulin, no idea about it though, I have a whole box of the injections, anyone care to tell me some about them?
20 Jan 2006 Diana I'm 19 going on 20 soon, and it seems to me that life gets harder and harder. With my parents pressuring me about college (considering I'm the first person in my family to continue my education)and wanting me to do so well, I just feel like nothing will get better but I know in my mind that it will soon.

Things in life get rough, that's how it always is. Many people think that they have the worse life in the world, but when you realize that there are many people out there (especially in 3rd world countries) that have no home, no food, no means of life... your's doesn't seem so bad.

I've thought about suicide once in my life, and I know that I will NEVER DO IT. Unlike many people that actually go through with it, I think about the consequences. I think about how much it would hurt everyone around me: my family and my boyfriend. I think about how it could possibly disappoint those people as well. I know I'm better than that, and I know that no matter how hard something seems, it will always get better.

Many people may think that what I say is stereotypical to what someone would say about life, but it's true. Everything always gets better for me, may not be as soon as possible... but it does eventually nonetheless.

So all of you out there that think about suicide, think about everything and everyone else. Think about what your life could and would be. Don't just think about yourself and your problems, but everyone else. Don't be selfish. There are many people out there that are willing to help and talk to you. They're there to take weight off your shoulders. I found my person (my boyfriend), and I know that everyone has someone they can go to.

If you need any help or just want to talk to someone, feel free to contact me. I'm always here
20 Jan 2006 let it burn all of you fuckers thant want to kill yourself are just wimps. Try living through physical pain so bad that you dont even want to get out of bed. You dont want to see your friends or do shit. Life's what you make it, I would trade life's with the fattest ugliest person as long as i didnt feel like crap physically. Oral cancer is a bitch and i cant take this pain anymore
20 Jan 2006 G Richard anyway that is the least painless. I have been going through so much pain lately, I have oral cancer.T3's dont do shit. To think that i visited this site about half a year ago and contemplated suicide, what i would give just to feel normal once again.
Im from canada and i think Insulin is OTC. 1cc of that shit should let you go to sleep and never wake up
20 Jan 2006   Er, dude, Kurt Cobain died years ago!

"My shotgun is in my mouth right now and in a few minutes my computer will be covered in blood and brains. Life is Shit, Bye"
The date gives it away!
"18 Jan 2006"

And anyway, Kurt was murdered! LoL
20 Jan 2006 scors.b Yeah! FlAMER! What happened to him? Ah the good old days.
I like your post, Uncola.
20 Jan 2006 Scors/b Oh lucy, will you ever shut up? Could you ever be silenced?

You know ignoring people who don't like you is the most powerful tool. If you can hold out longer than them, and nothing affects you, then eventually it is the haters like me who will be destroyed.

It's just a shame I didn't realise this when I was bullied at school.
20 Jan 2006 Sarah When your parents are away for a weekend or sumthing, overdose on sleeping pills
19 Jan 2006 sparkle heart sometimes i want to die, but i think of someone i love and stop my self. thank god (or who ever it was who brought him into my life) for him. he is my tie to this world, with out him i wouldn't be here.
19 Jan 2006 Martyr from MD I'm 24 yrs old, i suffer from severe depression, anxiety, fear of intimacy and bipolar disorder. Growing up, i was picked on for many different reasons, too many to list here. My parents were not abusive through my eyes, but they were hard on me. My father was never home due to his job, so my mother was the primary caregiver. She grew up in a dysfunctional christian home outside the U.S. I have wanted to die since i was 13. I tried twice in 2001 by taking barbituates and alcohol, but i failed. Here i am, 24 years old, afraid to love, I have nothing but contempt for women, I do not believe in god, and I believe religion is for brainwashed suckers. Conformity is the evil. Society wants us to accept the social standards and conform to the norm of a "civilized" infrastructure. There is no justice, money is the ruler of all evil. So i plan on going out in a bang. A very public place, a very special holiday and me with several pounds of high explosive tied to my chest. When i'm god, everyone dies.
19 Jan 2006 victoria cole you are all FREAKS!

19 Jan 2006 mysterio age 12 i say use some pills before bed or a nap that way its quick and painless
19 Jan 2006 alan hello people! my names alan, im 16 n im frm belfast ( Northern Ireland ) iv tried to kill myself 3 times now. last time i tried it was 2 months ago but between then and now iv nearly tempted to do it agen. just anything i do no1 cares. my mum dad r split up which makes it reli alot harder. my dad always says im selfish and have no respect bt hes just a fukin wanker i h8 him! im not selfish and i do have respect theres just sumtimes im not reli in the mood 4 anything whic every1 can be like that.. anyways... i duno weather i shud kill myself or nat, if i knew wat it was like after uv dun it, that wud make my dicission rite and quick bt thats the question!!! What it is like???
19 Jan 2006 damn Dear all you emo fucks.. Stop looking for attention...Please just kill yourself you wont be missed, If you wanted it you wouldnt even be reading this shit. Killing yourself is not that hard.
19 Jan 2006 Lucy Cortina I have at last escaped from Mouchettes mansion. He trapped me in the bathroom with the rotting corpse of his mother. It was horrible! So horrible that my boobs accidentally began to inflate until they almost touched the floor where the blood was. There was the issue of Mouchettes brains inside my boobs to deal with too. They had a tug of war with my "boobie brains" and my boobie brains won. So now Mouchette has nowhere to keep his spare brains. I have exorcised them from my boobs at last.

I escaped from Mouchettes mansion by climbing out of the window, 7 stories high, and using my boobs to cushion the fall. I tell you, I practically bounced from France back to England!
Ahhhh you can't beat Enfland. Nothing like a cup of tea and a cream bun. Or if you're me, a cream bun that sticks to your boobs when you lean over to eat it.

When I got back to England, I ignored the many attempts by Mouchette to contact me on my pink slimline mobile telephone with last number redial. I caught up with the news by reading a few papers (the gossip columns anyway). And there it was, a golden snippet of information that would shatter my world (again): "Lottery winner plans to buy new Mercededes, a boob-job and room for a pony for exotic American girlfriend Felicia Floresca". I literally had a boob-attack on the spot! I thought I was going to die, it was all too much for me. I ordered mum to buy me 20 chocolate bars from the shop. After eating those, and feeling very ill, I called the bitch (and reversed the charge since she can now afford such luxuries) and told her what I thought of her.

No one puts Lucy Cortinas boobs out of joint!
19 Jan 2006 Duane Have a barbeque in your bedroom. Charcoal is stuffed with healthy monoxide for the growing depression. If you feel hungry while you're waiting, you can get up and have a hotdog.
19 Jan 2006 Confusion with a K "Better Days" by Thrice (8)

What's the use in hoping
when you always get let down
what's the use in smiling
when all you wanna do is frown
I'm drowning, in a sea of hate-filled eyes
and she's screaming
but no one hears her cries

People shove me down
they're coming from all sides
and as I look around
something just don't seem right
I feel so all alone
though the people inundate
I see no joy or desperation
only senseless hate

Is anybody hear to see a band?
Did anybody come to hear a song?
Does anyone believe in magic?
Is anybody here to sing along?

Is this the same scene
that I used to think I loved
or was I just naive
and were they always out for blood
I've seen better days
19 Jan 2006 Confusion with a K Well, one way to try to make everything better. lie. lie about it all, to everyone even the people closest to you that actually trust you. but fuck them, no one understands, no one gets you. thats right, my life is a joke. everything ive been through, any type of pain its all a fucking joke right? well i hope that youre having fun with this and i hope it makes u feel good knowing that all that fucking kept me here was you. well not nemore, not after this. you dont mean what you say, its bullshit, just like everyone else. yeah im here for you i understand. yeah right fuck you. theyre all the same. i cant fucking wait for the day i get out of this hell and just leave you behind, leave everything i ever loved behind and move on.

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