Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Jan 2006 suicide master tape knives to a wall and run into them
22 Jan 2006 mel h 14 sometimes iwake up in the morning and fell as if im going to burst into tears because i of past days i go to the kitchen and whish to god to get a knife and stab myself in the juggler vain. this goes on and on throughout eachday. i need a knife. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhgggg
22 Jan 2006 gamble (daz) i have tried everything i can think of t finish it all i hung my self i slashed my wrists and i even jumped off a bridge i dint want t tell anyone why i was doing it because i was scared what my family would say when me and my girlfriend split up it nearly killed me in its self but now we are back together and im happy again, so i always say stop thinking bout the preasent and start thinking bout your future because it can only get better if you are reading this now cant it, i had support from my mate if you dont then you need to tell someone it really is a lot off your chest or if u want to ask people you dont know then this site is really helpful but in the end its up to you just think it can only get better
22 Jan 2006 dianna i don't have anybody...there is only one person that talks to me..i don't have family or friends... and all i hear him tell me is how much he hates much he wasn't me to die..whenever i am in a room with him and somebody else is there..he makes me feel invisable..he doesn't even look at me or even try to make converstaion with me...he spits on me ...yells at me..hits me...i don't ahve anybody else...he tells me all the time in front of people how worthless i am ...i am scared of people so i can't even go out and ask for help..i don't want nobody else to hurt me....I had enough strength to reach out to one more person...but he keeps yelling at me and hitting me...lying to me ..i don't want to live anymore..i am going to go and take some sleeping pills and then when i feel groggy enough ia m going to put a bag over my head..i don't want to wake up ever more people hurting me..goodbye worlds...sorry i wasn't good enough for anybody to love me
22 Jan 2006 Lisa Hey There! I accidently came across this site! It's really sad taht a lot of you have to go through such troubling times, it's only normal though! Don't think about killing yourself in order get back at someone, ur giving them the benifit of winning. I know how it feels, ive been through it. You say no one cares, but I If any of you need to talk or just someone to listen, my e-mail addy is ...i'm here for you :o) so write to me!
22 Jan 2006 anon i think this website is amusing. obv im not saying that i think suicide is amusing. but i think its amusing reading peoples reasons and the total extreme deifferences in them. i think its funny when its totally obvious someone is exagerating there reasons as to justify their feelings. you dont need reasons to commit suicide. i also think its amusing that i rlly dont think this site is helping anyone. and SOME of the people on here seem to be very un intelligent and complete attention seekers. no offence. no one seems to be helping anyone. no one is even rlly taking notice.
im not here to help you. because i stumbled across this site with no intentions of giving a fuck about it, and i dont. but i know there must be one person on this site who rlly is looking for help and rlly does not know where to turn, and to that one person, i pray that you read this:
you dont need this site. at all. all thses people on here you dont even know. they cant help you. everyone goes through this feeling. absolutely everyone. i have. of course i have. some people not as bad as others. some people take actions other people dont. but everyone does go through it. so to that one person, get the fuck off this computer and go speak to someone. try your parents, i know how you dont want to tell them, for reasons that are different for others, my reasons were the guilt, didnt want them to blame themselves, i didnt want them to get upset or mad, i thought it would cause un necessary worry. but eventually one day i told them, and i can promise you it is never as bad as you imagine. or if your parents rlly arent an option, then speak to a friend. and if a friend rlly isnt an option then ring a help line, there are so many. but for god sake do not just let go, and do not get dragged into this site, your so beautiful just because your alive, and i know exactly how you feel, i rlly do, but for god sake, if i can live through it, then so can you.
22 Jan 2006 looking for answers I dont believe that the people who post here are saying that physical pain is lesser to emotional pain or vice versa. i really dont believe there is a need to be so angry about this....
It seems a common factor in life that shit happens to every poor fucked on this planet. Life is a bitch then you die and worms eat ur carcass....
but for those people who are struggling and are looking to suicide as an option we shud offer them SUPPORT and not (and i quote) "a big slap in the face...
people become depressed for REASONS! no one chooses to be unhappy! if anyone wants to talk... please email me.
im always happy to listen...
22 Jan 2006 SadSak Actually, I was really despressed and thinking about killing myself, which brought me to this site. But, geez, it's so damn entertaining, it actually cheered me up! Thanks Mouchette.
21 Jan 2006 some perv. i know this will probably come accross kinda odd but the little girl in the picture that is supposed to be mouchette is very attractive to me. i want to have sexual relations with her. she is about what 6 or 7? i am such a loser. i am going to kill myself because i dont want to hurt anyone like that.
21 Jan 2006 cindy MY name is Cindy. I want to kill my self, i hate being here,i love my friends and they love me, but inside i feel like a blob, i dont feel any happyness, and i feel like i have to plaster on smiles when im around anyone, i dont really think my friends would care if i died or not, me and my best friend were talking about it once and she said if i ever commited suicide then she would either go mute or do it herself, and it hurts to think of the pain that i would be putting my friends through, but i wonder if anyone would really care or not...i feel like no one would even notice a defferance...but if u want someone to talk to, here is my email
21 Jan 2006 Chris Mass Mouchette probobly just laughs her ass off about how insanly popular this website is.
21 Jan 2006 Spooky Penguin People... People are just pictures that express emotions, Photo's are just memorys of old emotions, paiting and drawings are just expression of these emotions, Suicide... is when some retard in the small factory of your brain presses the off button.
21 Jan 2006 Zombie If i had a dollar for every time someone said "Suicide" on this website, I would be richer then bill gates.
21 Jan 2006 Zombie I go trick or treatingf on chrismas. I still don't know why, sometimes when i do it christians get mad at me and yell at me saying im some type of insult to the religion. So i sit there for a while, but i almost never get candy. Boy i want some candy right now. Why don't you go eat some candy its probobly sounds alot better then those pain killers your about to take. Of course i don't get why they call it that, i sure don't think i would want my doctor giving me something wiht the world "Killer" And "Pain" in the name... It only works if you think about it literly... Which just makes the world alot less fun.
21 Jan 2006 Ashley I've posted here before and have always told of my I wish to speak of my present. I am 17; I cut my wrists; I cut my back; I did it last week. The cuts are heeling; the scars are forming; they over lap. I DON'T DO IT BECAUSE I WANT TO DIE, I DO IT BECAUSE I WANT TO LIVE. When a person is alive, they can feel; they can feel love; they can feel sad; they can feel happy; they can feel pain; they can feel. That is what I want. I want to feel; Feel more than the blade of a knife; feel more than the warmth of my blood; feel more than thfresh wound in my skin. I DON'T DO IT BECAUSE I WANT TO DIE, I DO IT BECAUSE I WANT TO LIVE.
21 Jan 2006 JaniNe CYANIDE!
just a tad bit otta do it...
I'm afraid... i must be, if i wasn't i'd of done it by now! you all would have!
Tell me why you're not dead!
21 Jan 2006 alex N i'm not under 13, i'm 15. The best way to kill yourself would be a bullet through the head, but have you ever tried to get a gun. it is next to impossible, anyone out there know where i can get a gun, email me
21 Jan 2006 >Sick And Tired< Can you still get barbituates?If so where?
I heard they were banned but that they were a good way painlessly kill youself. If anyone can tell me plz!?
20 Jan 2006 babycakes ok so if people think suicide is so bad then why visit the website and i think the best way is pills and alcohol

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