Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Jan 2006 suicidal little goth i am 13 years old and you could say i have no real problems just a drama queen with hormones. no.i feel different to everyone, i used to be good at school but lately my grades have slipped and i am doing very bad. y friends keep arguing with me and lately i have been cutting myself. i want to commit suicide but i just cannot bring myself to do it...i just think of my mum and my family and how much id upset them i want to do it. but i cant. i cut myself, burn myself and even rip my nails off but i cant go all the way. i feel empty and alone. and i just dont know what to do. i cut myself on my arms and hands but when i get to school my friends ask me what it is and i say it was an accident and have to pretend everything is ok. it isnt. my mum never asks, i see her looking at the cuts and bruises but sshe never asks about them. what do i do?
23 Jan 2006 chloe the best way is to not do it at all and talk to some one. dont listen to this stupid person they are thick in the head and dont no wat they are on about.
23 Jan 2006 that same cunt from before, im a total fucking arsehole and no o who the fuck cares, life is just something to pass the time before you die, so eat meat, drink booze and take drugs til you cant stand up cos i know you got nothing better to do hahahhahaa my life sucks, i got a house, food, internet(56k?, fag!), education, theres nothing for me to live for anymore. hahahaha. take acid and crack and suck dick for coke then you have experienced life (weed and booze is for catholics). oh yeah, anyone who reads this and thinks about killing themselves really should, cos you are wasting my oxygen. YOU LIVE IN WESTERN SOCIETY!! its not perfect but for fucks sake i bet you get 3 meals a day, better than a lot. i know vegetables are gross and all but fuck... well whatever you guys are the distended anus of this planet, and if i want a come-back, i'll jerk off into a fan! oh man im funny, peace out fuckos!
23 Jan 2006 chloe dont listen to all theses stupid things pleas its not rite be strong and ignore theese i believe this person isnt all there and is sick in the head be strong and ignore all of those tips on how to kill ur self.
23 Jan 2006 some cunt who hates you and wishes you (everyone) would fuckin d eat lead or bust open a mercury thermometer and eat that, get cancer and no treatment, eat a ten year old packet of instant soup, heroin(lots of), punch a judge in the throat, jump off an overpass onto the highway, put an appliance in the bath with you in it, "fall" onto fast moving heavy machinery, tell a commie their nuclear programme sucks, be pakistan and launch a nuke at india, snort lines of rat poison, remember that you were the load your mum should have swallowed or you are a failed abortion, jump off something really high and take out "innocents" on the way down, try to rob a gun store or post office, make cement in your stomach, fight a nazi, kick a jew in the sack, tell a black guy he didnt pick enough cotton today, fly a plane into a (2?) tall buildings




23 Jan 2006 special ed im glad i was born a boy. i mean my family was so poor if i wasnt born a boy i wouldnt have had anything to play with at all.
22 Jan 2006 Nat Hello. Trust me on this. I will only tell you this once: You will get throught it. Any situtation, you can get through. In parts of the world people are abused, raped, tortured and murdered, yet all you are doing are thinking about yourselves. You are lucky enough to have food, and somewhere warm to sleep (im sure, because you all have access to internet, you must have some $$ flow where you live.) There is ALWAYS people worse off than you. If they can fight for life, then so can you. Talk to someone. People care about you. I care about u. I dont even know you, but hearing so many sad messages propelled me to write this. I know you can get through it. Love, and you will be loveed. Peace x
22 Jan 2006 The Uncola Am I the only one that whenever I see a post that starts, "there is no best way to kill yourself..." I want to slap that person in the face? I mean come on. Thats not going to help anyone and it certainly won't get many people to read your work. I know I skip every single one that says that. Why don't you start by writing, "I've been in used car sales for 15 years and I've never seen a racoon the size of a horse before." you'd still be lying but at least you'd get someone's attention.

Also don't point out the obvious for instance if you say you're 15 you are obviously over 13 and we don't need it restated to us. Don't point it out and and say, "I 1s o1d3r th@n 13 butt I w@nn@ k1ll mys3lf 2." And not offend the little ones I won't point out that they do it too.

Cindy I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy over nothing. I don't won't to offend you but it sounds like you are taking everything out of proportion here. Would you consider yourself more different from your friends? It might be part of the feelings you have of not being cared about. I want you to know that once you put up your name and your problem here you attract people that care about you. You may not know them but there are people here that care about you now. You will not kill yourself. You will know that you are loved.


Wow! two people with oral cancer. That sucks.

Kurt Cobain is a fucking moron and he's fucking dead. And I could care less if a fucking Rhino stuck a horn up his ass and killed him. He's dead and it was a suicide dumbass. I know you were joking. But your's sucked. I rule.

Glad to hear the news SadSak!!!!!

To Some_perv: Dude Mouchette's gotta be a fucking guy or she's a fat Gothic chick aged 30 that still lives in her parent's house. But no offense Mouchette... really.
22 Jan 2006 jason jump off of a fifty foot bridge into churning frigid waters with all your toys (marbles , hot wheels , action figures, dolls , video games, movies, bibles , books , etc...) in a heavy bag tied securely to your ankles
22 Jan 2006 Confusion with a K you know im not good at saying how i feel.. i cant do it. and is this is the best way i know how now. i know how much ive hurt you. i really do. and im not expecting u to forgive me. not for something ive done wrong because i honestly believe i havent done nething wrong, but forgive me for the pain ive caused you. i dont know why i ended it, i dont know why i started it. i do what my heart tells me and even though it helped to make mine stronger, im afraid it broke yours. you tell me you love me, and i belive you. but i just cant do this.. i need you to hear me and i need you to know that you were the best thing that ever happened to me and you are what has kept me here way too many times. and im sorry.. not for something ive done, but for something i think you will regret. im sorry taht you lost something that i find important to someone like me. im sorry that you'll look back one day and wish you could have that moment back. i know i wouldnt change it, you were the perfect person for me. and always will be, but i dunno if i was meant for you. you deserve so much better than what i can give you. and im leaving and ill need u but i also need to make sure i can stand on my own two feet. ill still hear ur voice every morning and every night before i sleep because i need it to keep me going. and yes im being selfish, but i think thats what i am right now. i dont know what i want, but whatever it is i take it. and if it was ur happiness... at least for now, it wasnt fair and it was cruel. ur feelings arent worth mine but i dont take u for granted. u alwlays say i take advantage of the situation but i dont and i need u to know that. ive never trusted neone so much in my whole life, and i needed this time with you to show me that someone can care about me and someone is able to love me and want me. i need to know myself before i can be with someone. i need to heal first. and i know u wanted to help me heal and you have.. so much. but what happens when youre gone? its a whole new wound and you take all the healing with you, everything thats been sewn up will just get ripped open again and ill b bak to where i started. but this isnt the point, the point is that i really do care about you and didnt do ne of this to hurt you and i had the most amazing time with you..but we have to move on. actually, we have to move back. to what we were. if u can still be that and want that. best friends.. and the best i'll ever have. and i'll have it forever, because i'll never let you go.
22 Jan 2006 suicide master tape knives to a wall and run into them
22 Jan 2006 mel h 14 sometimes iwake up in the morning and fell as if im going to burst into tears because i of past days i go to the kitchen and whish to god to get a knife and stab myself in the juggler vain. this goes on and on throughout eachday. i need a knife. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhgggg
22 Jan 2006 gamble (daz) i have tried everything i can think of t finish it all i hung my self i slashed my wrists and i even jumped off a bridge i dint want t tell anyone why i was doing it because i was scared what my family would say when me and my girlfriend split up it nearly killed me in its self but now we are back together and im happy again, so i always say stop thinking bout the preasent and start thinking bout your future because it can only get better if you are reading this now cant it, i had support from my mate if you dont then you need to tell someone it really is a lot off your chest or if u want to ask people you dont know then this site is really helpful but in the end its up to you just think it can only get better
22 Jan 2006 dianna i don't have anybody...there is only one person that talks to me..i don't have family or friends... and all i hear him tell me is how much he hates much he wasn't me to die..whenever i am in a room with him and somebody else is there..he makes me feel invisable..he doesn't even look at me or even try to make converstaion with me...he spits on me ...yells at me..hits me...i don't ahve anybody else...he tells me all the time in front of people how worthless i am ...i am scared of people so i can't even go out and ask for help..i don't want nobody else to hurt me....I had enough strength to reach out to one more person...but he keeps yelling at me and hitting me...lying to me ..i don't want to live anymore..i am going to go and take some sleeping pills and then when i feel groggy enough ia m going to put a bag over my head..i don't want to wake up ever more people hurting me..goodbye worlds...sorry i wasn't good enough for anybody to love me
22 Jan 2006 Lisa Hey There! I accidently came across this site! It's really sad taht a lot of you have to go through such troubling times, it's only normal though! Don't think about killing yourself in order get back at someone, ur giving them the benifit of winning. I know how it feels, ive been through it. You say no one cares, but I If any of you need to talk or just someone to listen, my e-mail addy is ...i'm here for you :o) so write to me!
22 Jan 2006 anon i think this website is amusing. obv im not saying that i think suicide is amusing. but i think its amusing reading peoples reasons and the total extreme deifferences in them. i think its funny when its totally obvious someone is exagerating there reasons as to justify their feelings. you dont need reasons to commit suicide. i also think its amusing that i rlly dont think this site is helping anyone. and SOME of the people on here seem to be very un intelligent and complete attention seekers. no offence. no one seems to be helping anyone. no one is even rlly taking notice.
im not here to help you. because i stumbled across this site with no intentions of giving a fuck about it, and i dont. but i know there must be one person on this site who rlly is looking for help and rlly does not know where to turn, and to that one person, i pray that you read this:
you dont need this site. at all. all thses people on here you dont even know. they cant help you. everyone goes through this feeling. absolutely everyone. i have. of course i have. some people not as bad as others. some people take actions other people dont. but everyone does go through it. so to that one person, get the fuck off this computer and go speak to someone. try your parents, i know how you dont want to tell them, for reasons that are different for others, my reasons were the guilt, didnt want them to blame themselves, i didnt want them to get upset or mad, i thought it would cause un necessary worry. but eventually one day i told them, and i can promise you it is never as bad as you imagine. or if your parents rlly arent an option, then speak to a friend. and if a friend rlly isnt an option then ring a help line, there are so many. but for god sake do not just let go, and do not get dragged into this site, your so beautiful just because your alive, and i know exactly how you feel, i rlly do, but for god sake, if i can live through it, then so can you.
22 Jan 2006 looking for answers I dont believe that the people who post here are saying that physical pain is lesser to emotional pain or vice versa. i really dont believe there is a need to be so angry about this....
It seems a common factor in life that shit happens to every poor fucked on this planet. Life is a bitch then you die and worms eat ur carcass....
but for those people who are struggling and are looking to suicide as an option we shud offer them SUPPORT and not (and i quote) "a big slap in the face...
people become depressed for REASONS! no one chooses to be unhappy! if anyone wants to talk... please email me.
im always happy to listen...
22 Jan 2006 SadSak Actually, I was really despressed and thinking about killing myself, which brought me to this site. But, geez, it's so damn entertaining, it actually cheered me up! Thanks Mouchette.
21 Jan 2006 some perv. i know this will probably come accross kinda odd but the little girl in the picture that is supposed to be mouchette is very attractive to me. i want to have sexual relations with her. she is about what 6 or 7? i am such a loser. i am going to kill myself because i dont want to hurt anyone like that.

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