Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Jan 2006 UNKNOWN I want to kill my self but I don't know how its seems easy but its really compilicated. I have messed up my life and I don't know how to fix it everyday I come to the same stuff and the same people telling my I'm a terrible person and everyone is better than me. And then trying to force to me to do things or threating and hurting me if I don't do them . I have hate for them and my parents scream and me and they tell me im the worst child anyone could every have and that everyone is better than me. And I try so hard to be normal but no one realizes abd excepts you while your trying to change. I've learned that if you start of acting like one way and you show people that that is who you are then they will always think of you as that they won't let you change into what you want to be that doesn't make a lot of sense i;m sure to you but i mean I showed people how studpic i was and how ugly i was and then after that i changed and i turned better prettier and i tried hard to change and i atually got exactly how i wanted to be i dressed a lot better like wore in style clothes instead of ugly clothes and everything. But the people still see you as how you once were and i hate it can't they see that if a person changes they want to be treated differently. The only way to start a fresh start in your life like with people around you is start all over. If you are in a school that everyone hates you except mabey your close friends then move and start acting how you want to be treated. From the begginging .And if your like me and your parents don't understand you. They just don't know how I feel and they think I have everything adn should be the happiest person. But I'm not they think i'm smart im the dumbest person and everyone but them knows it. And every time I think i'm doing soemthing good or anything i always get told it was terrible. When ever I think i look good people tell me how ugly i am but they truly dont relize what the fuck kind of a person I am infact I don't know if anyone does. Only the people that mabey I talk to online and that I show who I am to them. Then I show them my picture and they don;t think its ugly. Cuz even though i;m not the wost person alive and the ugliest piece of shit ever people know me as a loser and a ugly fucked up piece of shit cuz thats what i was before but then i changed but they don;t seem to understand that.

I'v tried to cut myslef and to slit my wrists but ive given up that now because everyday i just hope that mabey my life will get better and that i will become happier and that people will come to understnad who i really am
11 Jan 2006 JaniNe I wanted to overdose on sleeping pills. I love when I'm asleep I don't have to think of anything! It's kind of like watching a movie... and it made since with how long I've been praying to not wake up the next day, lol.
You guys ever see the movie saw? Well you remind me of that... I'm not happy with my life but I appreciate it. It was a pleasant gift from my mother! Suicide is the receipt
I hate my mom
But try for twenty hours try to stop thinking about how you hate your life, or how you hate yourself or how you're unhappy and instead... just live.
That's all I want. I want everyone to see this and for twenty hours just live!
Then we can all die, knowing we tried, I know I have. But there isn’t anything I can do to stop this pain, so I quit… but not now. Give maybe just one hour… everyone Smile just for me.
PS the easiest way is with a gun to your head. Just pull the trigger and you won’t have any more problems! I promise.
If you won’t smile for me now… then smile right before you pull that trigger!
11 Jan 2006 Dee Im not going to sit here and spill my guts about my childhood, im 18 yrs old... im very depressed and have been for a very long time, i first came across this website maybe 5 yrs ago, honestly looking for ways to kill myself and honestly im still looking, im done with the the pain life brings you, done with all the abuse, i need a way out... can some body help me?
11 Jan 2006 DeadManTalking October 31st 1988-January 11th 2006

I just dont want to be forgotten.
11 Jan 2006 HEIDI FUCK IT I WANNA DIE I HATE LIFE... FOR !% YEARS NOW I HAVE BEEN LIVING IN HELL NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL WILL CALM MY PAIN NOT CRYIN OR KILLIN STEALIN OR JAIL.... FUCK LIFE GET A KNIFE... fuck it all!! DO IT TOO IM WAITIN ON YOU... NO LIE IM TRU.. THIS WILL BE NUMBER 4 in 6 years of tryin i will be dyin.. no more help they will give no more drugs i will recieve.. No more time for me to grieve..
10 Jan 2006 jason I really don't understand the question any more than I understand the meaning of life. To me life seems little more than a suffering endurance test. I know other people out there are happy, but they have reason to be. They are loved, they are successful, they are popular and respected.

I on the other hand, have none of those things. I live like a robot would live. I get up, eat, go to work, come home exhausted go to bed, wake up, eat and repeat. Nothing in this world interests me, not even women any longer. I want nothing that life has to offer - not a thing.

There is nothing on this earth that I would want. Not a pool, a big screen t.v., or even a nice car. Nothing matters to me. This life of mine seems completely lost. What is the point?

So many people feel this way, the number always growing. Men need women, and since feminism, fewer and fewer people find what they're really searching for I think. This world no longer offers a life of meaning.

And I am simply searching for a way out. Given the chance to live life again, as a famous celebrity, with a beautiful wife and kids, a nice home, car you name it, I would say know. I couldn't bear to go through life again. Once is already more than enough for me.
10 Jan 2006 Scors.b PS. The pain/ time factors of aspirin overdose are very bad:
The pain is delayed - usually takes a few hours. Basically what it does is increase the acidity of your stomach. This then makes your blood more acidic, which stops oxygen from getting to your organs. If there is enough in the blood, you brain will eventually die from lack of oxygen, but successful suicides are rare.
As for the timescale, you're looking at a few days probably. Slow and painful. If you are lucky, you won't be sick, and if you are 'luckier', you might loose consiousness completely. But most people don't.
10 Jan 2006 val If you are under thirteen years old and you want to kill yourself, I just want you to know that it doesn't get any better as time goes on. I am 20 years old and I cannot think of a single moment when I didn't think about killing myself. I think the most efficient way for me to kill myself is to have a couple of very strong drinks, three or four cans of redbull, and mixed with all of that some diet pills to make your heart beat so fast it is uncontollable (the redbull also helps) and some over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen. I think that would conjure up a pretty deadly mixture.

I am currently in my second year of university and cry myself to sleep every single night. Often times I drink over ten beer and between two and four redbull just for fun. It is quite exhilirating to think that just a handful of pills can put me over the edge and I will never wake up the next day.

I cannot remember my life without wanting to commit suicide and someday I will have the strength to end my life. I don't think anyone in the world knows anything about this problem that I have, but that may be because every friend that I have ever had doesn't give me the time of day or makes me feel like commiting suicide so I don't have to listen to them anymore.

Anyways, fuck everyone who ever fucked with me and fucked with my head.

10 Jan 2006 aimz overdose...ive tried before didnt take enough... i dunno i feel like i want to but yet im scared.. its weird ive got a lot of caring people in my life yet i feel like shit.. ive cut since i was 12.. spose its just my self image inside i feel like shit... like im worthless...
10 Jan 2006 Ashley I wrote this poem after my friend hung himself. I hope it helps some to understand suicides effects on everyone they think doon't love them.

It changes us all
But I was once told
Everything happens for a reason.
I don’t quite understand why
I’m not sure I ever will.
Why some one so loved
And so close to your heart
Would go and hurt you so.
I don’t get it
How some one so young
Could feel so unwanted
And do something so stupid.
It’s beyond me.
Death is forever
No matter how it’s done
God himself can’t reverse it
And it makes no sense to me.
10 Jan 2006 Scors-b Hi Mandy. About overdose. 100lbs (45 kilos) is quite light so you would not need all that much. I weigh about 150 pounds (68kilos). In November 2004, I took: a small glass of 12.5% alcohol to start with, and then about 90 Aspirin, 16 Paracetamol, and 20 Ibuprofen.

The MLD for aspirin is estimated at 30 grams or 90 tablets. (Web site at the end of this post). However for most people, your stomach cannot hold that much. Probably 1 in 500 overdoses on analgesics like aspirin are actually fatal. Not many people know the actual figures because our governments are so shady.

" over the counter medicines will kill you... ... all OTCs will do is cause liver failure which takes days to die from, if you dont seek medical help. " by ‘myst7426’

"'ll need to find something else if all ya got is Aspirin. You wouldn't be able to keep that much in yer stomach." By 'Joe Nobody'

I found these quotes from the internet. I agree with both of them. Basically all I want to say is, don’t try overdosing unless you really know what you are doing. I would personally never try to overdose again. I hope this does not come as an awful shock to anyone. I know it would have done for me. Post what you are thinking, I will reply if you want.
10 Jan 2006 you Ok you dumb little kids...... take your mom and dads sleeping pills and if you dont have access take two bottles of tylenol the ones with 100 pills in them each and go lay on the fucking train tracks with a pillow and blanket. I guarantee you wont fell it when the fucking thing hits your ass.
10 Jan 2006 kyle i started feeling depressed when i was 13 i had a bone cancer it got pretty bad i was in a hospital every3 weeks and stayed there for 5 days, then i would be at home for another 5 days.
and then shipped to another hospital to recover from the chemotherapy. This was my life for 16 months. it became a routine that i couldnt escape. either my mum or dad would stay with me in hospital to help me cope with it, but i still felt all alone and i still do today im 15 depressed and dont feel like i have any links with my family i just see them as people i live with nothing more
10 Jan 2006 Just another face in the crowd I am 17 and married and pregnant. I am trying to finish school. My husband is 19 and we live in our own house. it is unfinished but it is ours. Ive always been suicidal on and off. even pregnant Ive lain in bed every night and thought about blowing my head off with my husbands m-15. Love for my baby hasnt allowed me too. i cam out of poverty and years of physical mental and sexual abuse. I came into this relationship unsure of myself and my partner. I hate life and I find anything hard to enjoy. everything in life......just sucks.
09 Jan 2006 fucker "Dear God,
How can you put us here, allowed us to suffer so badly?
How can you let children as young as 9 see pain like this?"

Who knows? But obviously... he CAN!!!! and he does. Deal with it.
09 Jan 2006 REAL GIRL Antidepressants? If you lot are depressed then you must hav access to get em from your doctor lol but dont bother with taking the SSRIS they cudnt kill ya try and get the older more deadly ones like AMITRIPTYLINE AND DOTHIEPIN and any from the tricyclic group -these are very dangerous in OD as there effects are usually rapid and i know from good sources like 10 times the reccommended dose of these antidepressanst can lead to death. It might take afew hours but youll probly not feel much pain if you go unconcious an have seizures and then your heart will fail. Altho i took an OD of dothiepin 2 yrs ago i took 30 tablets but they werent enough the doctor said i was very lucky as at the hospital i was seeing things and was in a stupor.

He wouldent let me leave the hospital for fear that id have a sudden heartattack i was very happy to hear i might die from one so tried to escape buyt i got sectioned damn it. I have now got 5 boxes of Amitriptyline thats much more then i took lasttime. I am not gonna take em yet but if i did i jst pray i wudnt wake up. I dont think ill hold out much longer anyways this feeling has been lingering around for too long now want there to be an end to it. Im so lucky to have these tablets just looking at them makes me feel happy i have the poweer to kill myself and i can do it simply by swallowing these(there is approximatly 5 boxes 28 tabs in each box you do the math)Oh ya but if you do have SSRIS take them with the trycyclic antidepressants it makes them more lethal) But dont drink alcohol with them as alcohol can decrease the toxic level of the drug in your body...also its probly best to take an anti sickness tab or antihistamine b4 hand as if you vomit em up youll not die boyo . Hope that anything iv said has been of use to anyone x
09 Jan 2006 d i think that everyone on here who tells mouchette he shud b ashamed is blamin the wrong person this site is legal and i if you want it to be illiegal then UNLUCKY
09 Jan 2006 tamie take all the perscription drugs in the house, thats what i did, pretty pathetic tho im 17 lol, but i do feel pretty dizzy and sick and hot

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