Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Jan 2006 Doesn't matter Shoot yourself in the temple. Messy, but no mistakes.
14 Jan 2006 nakole the tried and tested... swallow a plastic bag... drink those medications you know aren't for you... wear a snorkel in the pool and breathe out until you pass out...
13 Jan 2006   when i die i will be with my master. and then iwill be apart of the baddest army ever. everyone who isnt a slave to my master must die. when we come back we will wage war on all who offend my master. you will not be safe anywhere. we will crawl thru windows and walk thru doors as thieves. and when we catch you you will be killed. if you kill yourself you only kill your body. we will still catch you. blood shall flow thru the streets as water in a river. your resistance will be futile. either join us or die. u think u got problems now?
13 Jan 2006 Lostsurferboy21 Suicide is suc a touchy subject and more and more ppl do it every year and frankly im tired of it im tired of depression of feeling wortless and everyting else so i plan to add myself to te list of ppl who ave done it tis year and ty mouchette for tis site it elped me so muc ur a great person despite wat ppl say bout u and btw could i ask how old r u? ps. sry ppl my h button is messed up
13 Jan 2006 abobo kill! LMAO THIS SITE IS FUCKIN JOKES! LMAO THANKS FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT! I'M SENDING THIS TO MY BEST FRIEND IN GREECE! THANKS FOR THE ADVICE THOUGH N GOD BLESS :D I just have one complaint though? you're still alive doesn't seem like you really want to do yourself in? I thought you were real? "enough talk more action!" what you need is to make this more techy and have a webcast or something to show us in real time "the killing of ones self" or what you can do is call up a radio station and kill urself while ur on the phone with them :D I'm hope I'm helping I really do...but the talk n walk the walk! I have faith in you! you're strong do what's right! "KILL UR SELF!"
13 Jan 2006 john malloney Things you'll need : your parent's car keys,2 bed sheets and a hose. Rap one sheet on aend of the hose (end doesnot matter), pass the other end to the front window , wind up window with other sheet in window and start car you will soficate
13 Jan 2006 Voxifera Little complaining kids. If you really want to kill yourself, so go and do it, stop flodding this site with your complaints. You are not important, you're just lives among others,very few person care about your death, don't think it will change the world, life'll go on withoout you. This site if for those who want to find a way to die, so i have one advice : have your wrist resting in a box of ice for about an hour, then take a razor blade and cut from your hand to the middle of your arm, in a curved and deep slash, then lay down in a warm bath and wait that death comes. An easy way to go don't you think? ^^
13 Jan 2006 wausap listen to large doses of elevator music until you choke
13 Jan 2006 i can spell confusion with a K i kno its hard and i know how all of u feel.. i dont even know why im writing this. this page has been my way of seeing that im not alone and kept me here, kept me fighting i guess. depresion is a fucked up sickness and i dont know what i did to deserve it but w.e. life is unfair right?? yeah suicide sounhds great, and cutting has never worked for me before. just leaves scars and pain. if any of you wanna talk add me on MSN
13 Jan 2006 Suicide?... how 80s, get over it already! I think the idea of a healthy human being killing themselves is selfish.

People in third world countries have it a hell of a lot worse than we do, they have nothing and yet they never give up. They're grateful for the short, even painful, lives they were given; you don't see african children bitching about their parents either.

Yes parents can be arseholes, like everyone else: They're people too! At the end of the day every human being is resposible for themselves, theres absolutely no room for blame and feeling sorry for youself.

Next time you contemplate suicide realise your life could be a lot worse. Try visiting the terminally ill ward at a hospital and ask them if they were you would they throw their life away? I bet you wouldn't get one 'yes'.

I'm shocked about how young some of the people are thinking about suicide. It's pathetic and pointless to throw away your life when you could really make something of yourself. Do you really not want to know what challenges life will throw at you? Life should be exciting.

People in the western world have been given a huge advantage. You can have anything and be anything you want. So insted of being depressed and going through extreme measures to get attention, make something of yourself that give others a reason to respect and praise you.

Yes life is hard, so make it easy on yourself have some fun for gods sake!
13 Jan 2006 arnold be stuck in bed or jail all day,after day till;????????????????????????????????? or go out side and run+jump+play+climb+bike+kiss your friends+family+smell flowers+love life learn+explore all of gods gifts !!!!!
12 Jan 2006 Tripp McKay My father hates me and I could care less. My brother thinks I'm an asshole and I don't know why. No One Takes me seriously. Just for once I want something I know they have no control over. I used to think suicide was wrong but go through enough shi** and your mind will change. I wanted to do stand up comedy, but I realized that's exactly what makes me angry. I guess you could say another youth pissed at the world. Maybe it's because I have a broken home. Maybe I didn't get laid enough. You want to know why though. It's because of you, You don't know me but if you did you would say oh that funny kid. My Best Friend doesn't even know when I'm mad! How the Hell can you not tell. I think I'm gonna jump off something that way I can't have an open casket. All I know is come August 30th if things haven't changed. Game Over
12 Jan 2006 jed robinson you r stuped and low if you need a web siet like this to no how to kill your sealf you fucking tossres i love death and what u people r doing is sad just kill your sealfs i will be a happyer person but if you want to know you can slit your rist over dose (30 pills) sliting dose not hirt use roap jump out in frount of a car take this message from a pirson who has done all of this and more
12 Jan 2006 jed robinon get off your face so you wont feel it as much slit your arm put a rop arount your neck and jump off a bridge
12 Jan 2006 rod Im 36 and ive got a fresh scritp of zanex and im drinking alot of beer will this work when i go to sleep
12 Jan 2006 rejected soon i am going to attempt suicide by taking a few sleeping pillz and prepareing for my neck to hang on a rope ?WHY? well because i am treated like a used condom everyday + i am a very ugly 16 yr. old male with a failing future my few "friendz/family" are also betraying me -->thats all folks<--- peace!
12 Jan 2006 Mindy I really dont know. I can think of the easiest way that you can do it. If you make it slow and painful you will not want to do it. A gun would make it fast. Thats what i want to do. But i cant find anywhere to get one.
12 Jan 2006 Danny Hole your breath til you can't hold it no more.
12 Jan 2006 Mandy Hey guys, I just wanted to post to tell you somting, I find very important. Just yesterday, I wanted to just die, nothing made sense, I couldn't stop asking myself, "why, why, why?!" I'd tried to hide my being suicidal from y friends, instead of talking to my friends about it, I put it here, as to not hurt their feelings. Unfortunatly, one friend of mine saw this site and saw my site, and eventually most of them found out. Mostly I was bombarded with pointless pity. No action. And then my quite possibly dearest friend found out, and this is what he told me...

He said, "You remind me of some who just got shoved to the floor, be instead of getting back up, you just sit there, with you head hanging... You're life is like a diamond necklace thrown in the gutter; it's so valuble, yet so mistreated, someone has to pick it up out of the filth and make it new again."

At first, I didn't understand what he was saying, and then I was listening to my music, and all of a sudden, I just got it. He meant that my life is worth somthing!

I'm not going to tell you "omg! don kill urself, its bad!!!1" but I will tell you, if my life is truly worth something, your's must be too, your life is just like that diamond necklace in th gutter, but noone can pull you out unless you let them...

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