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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Feb 2006 dreaming of death For all you people who want to comit Suicide just do it. If you think about it more it gets harder. Life is shit and it won,t get better. I know because I,m 30 and my whole life has been shit. The less people there are in this cruel world the better. I wish I could blow up the world.
04 Feb 2006 i hate people. I hate people. I went to see a movie the other day (big mistake). The theater was packed with loud, stupid, obnoxious, and smelly people. There were fat people, thin people, short and tall people. There were girls and boys, old people and young people. Some people were wearing baggy pants with bell bottoms and platform shoes, sporting the latest in fashion and trends; while others were wearing in-your-face No Fear, Mossimo, and Stussy T-shirts. And still others were wearing Billabong T-shirts, Doc Martin's footwear, and Banana Republic attire.
Everyone seemed to have spent so much time on their appearances, making sure their precious brand names were visible. A countless number of pounds must have been spent buying their appearances.

Who are they trying to impress?

Why do they do it?
I think it's a lack of dicipline. These days, politicians, the media, and even teachers are scared to say anything that might be deemed "politically incorrect". Handicapped people are no longer handicapped, but are physically or mentally impaired. Prisoners are no longer prisoners, but are freedom inclined. Opening a door for a woman or paying for a meal can be offensive because it might imply that the she can't do it herself. Strip clubs and pornography are not acceptable because they're degrading to women. It's not okay to torture convicted rapists, murderers, and child molestors because it would be cruel and unusual punishment (as opposed to what they did to the victims?). Eating meat is wrong because an animal had to die. Physically diciplining children when they start threatening lives is not okay because it's child abuse.

Kids these days get away with too much. They dye their hair, pierce their bodies, dress up like freaks/tarts experiment with sexuality and drugs, they disregard tradition and rules, and disrespect anyone that might "cramp" their style. Sure, they'll sit around and smoke,drink do drugs, and have sex while complaining about the environment, but when it comes to doing anything about it, they're too infatuated with their image and what's politically correct to actually change anything.
I'm not saying people shouldn't be allowed to dress up in their trendy rubbish. If you want to be a clone, fine. If you want to dress up in black and paint your face white and pretend to be a rebel, fine. If you want to be a tart fine, But do it if you want to. Not to make some stupid point. Nobody cares. I tell you, people are becoming WIMPS. Dress in clothes that you like to wear. If you do, you should never have to look through your closet and say "I can't believe I wore this..". If you liked certain clothing at one point in your life, and you are an individual, you should always like that clothing. I don't think that all these people wearing the same clothes all dress that way because they like it. I think it's because they have very little or no individuality.
"Get with the 90's" - I hate that phrase. I hate this generation x label, I hate pepsi's generation next campaign, I hate it how people think life is happiness. Life is not happiness. I hate it how some people go through life with little or no regard for the things that make their life worth living, and instead focus on bi-products of them. I hate it how companies like Disney produce a stream of non-stop garbage that gives children unrealistic ideals from a very young age, so that when those ideals aren't met, they grow up to be resentfull and bitter. I hate things that are soft. Everything should be sharp and painful. I think that Disney movies should all end with everyone dying in them for a change. If stupid little kids cry about it, TOUGH. The world doesn't need another tree hugging sissy-marie. I think Disney should make a movie where the group of kids from "The Sound of Music" go on a field trip and get in a car wreck in which everyone dies. The End. That's how life is sometimes. Everyone dies. That's what kids should learn. Not that they can be a stereotypical little arab peasent boy that can acquire all gold in the world, a kingdom and a princess (aladdin).
You know what else I hate? Mimes.. they just piss me off. It's a sad state of affairs when someone can make a living as a mime, while even one person with a college degree remains jobless. I hate people.
04 Feb 2006 SHUT UP MOANING...... Any body got any cheese? We got plenty of wine. Why don't you all find something else to do besides whine like how about get a job and pay some fucking taxes. I can't believe there is actually a web site for people to bitch!!!!!!!!
I bet it made your day when they came up with that one! And for God's sakes stop fucking crying.
04 Feb 2006 I HATE YOU ALL.. Hey. I fucking hate people too. Very much so. I don't trust anyone but my family. I hate fucking white trash rednecks and dumb ass niggers. Not black people, just niggers, you know who you are. But hell, I hate everyfuckingbody. I don't care what color you are. I don't care where you come from, I hate you. I hate the fucking drama that people try to create. I am extremely uncomfortable around people. You know why? Yes of course you all do. I fucking hate people. We need a tidal wave. I even hate my fucking self. I pray everyday for God to kill me. Take me off this stinking filthy rotting planet. I've never seen so much evil in all my life.
I think these people who don't understand why I hate people should contribute more to my ears and solve all of my problems by telling why I'm a bad person, how since I don't like people, I'm a bad person. I say solve the worlds problems M.Y.O.B.
I hate people too, and I don't think I care about anything alive either, including YOU. Now, why do we hate so much, this is not a difficult question to answer. Come on: self hate is more about it than anything else: projecting on others is a sick consequence of our inability to love ourself or even appreciate our complexity. WE ARE THE PEOPLE WE HATE!
aight..i got alot ta say...4 one thing i love animals n if i had a choice ta save an animal or a human i'd choose tha animal ova tha human...i kant stand ppl...u kno wut else i kant stand? wen ppl like mah so kalled friens kall me ta talk ta me bout their lives n experiences bullshit...i hate not interested in it...i don talk ta ppl nomore...thas how badd it got..i hate gurls n i hate guys...i wanna b alone..i DONT have a bf,.....i hav social anxiety disorder...don like tha site of ppl...don kall me...thas all i wan...jus leev me alone...i fucking FUCKING hate!!!!! PEOPLE!!!!!
HATE THIS PLANET I HOPE EVERYONE GETS A DISEASE AND DIES, I WANT TO RIP OUT PEOPLES HEARTS AND FILL ME BATHTUB WITH THEM AND BATHE IN THEIR BLOOD WHILE LAUGHING AT THEM AS THEY DIE. I HOPE THAT THIS FUCKING EXCUSE WE CALL SOCIETY FUCKING ROTTS AND BURNS IN HELL. I FUCKING HATE PEOPLE,I'm sick of stupid ignorant people who make this world hard when it doesn't have to be. There are so many stupid people I see every day. I just want to go up to people and beat the shit out of them for being morons.
04 Feb 2006 Spooky Penguin People are the only Animals along with pigs and dolphins that acualy ENJOY sex.
Strange isn't it...
03 Feb 2006 David Smith Hello, I am a sixteen year old, but I thought it would still be able to post here. Let's hope I can, eh?

Anyway, first, I would like to thank Mouchete for putting this site together. It took alot of time and effort on her behalf to do it, and Thank you! Now, down to the good stuff, eh?

I noticed that somebody mentioned that it would be good to inject oneself with air using a needle, DON'T DO IT. I'm not saying don't commit suicide, I'm saying, don't inject air into your system. It is truly horrible pain, and the likliability that it will induce death, is slim to none. Read:
"Based on my knowledge of this method, injecting air into a vein or artery (I think it's the vein, because it gets to the heart sooner) causes a heart attack. Therefore, as noted already, it'd hurt like hell. Aside from that, I know nothing. I may have heard somewhere that the blood vessels may collapse, too… "

Now, I will go into a few different methods, and then, if I remember to, post a site as well.
Anti-Freeze: When you first take it, after about a half an hour, you will begin to feel sick to your stomach, not the greatest thing, but when you are about to die, oh well, right? Then, after 12-72 hours (note that it takes quite a while to actually work) you will begin to experience hypertension, tachycardia, and tachypnea. Then, after all of this, there will be severe abdominal pain and death. I am sure that the more you drink, the fast you will go through these steps. Next method.

Cyanide: What a truly wonderful chemical! If you can find some. I don't know exactly where to find any, but I know that it is used in photography (Don't know where at in it though) and jewelry making (If I remember correctly, it is used for cleaning gold or something) Now, all you need is 1 to 1.5 grams of it, don't go over, or else you might not like the consequences. ;) . Stir this into some warm water, and WAIT! It is quite important that you wait, or else the cyanide will not have time to interact with the water, and change. You only have to wait for five minutes though, so don't worry. Now, after these five minutes are up, chug it! Of course, it should last for up to 3-4 hours after you first mix it, but why wait? You will live for about a minute after drinking the concoction. Nightey night! Next:

Overdosage on pills: I would not reccomend this either. The main reason why, is because the pills themselves will make you throw them up, before you die. That is the last thing you want, right? So, just stick away from them, but if you must, be sure to take something to keep yourself from throwing up, and of course, alcohol and sleeping aid(s). Next:

Carbon Monoxide: Ah... Good old CO. This stuff is pretty good, from what I hear. If you don't already know, Carbon Monoxide is the stuff that comes out of the exaust pipe of your car. Now, you can't just stick your mouth up against it and hop for the best, you have to feed a hose into the car, preferably. Now, a garden hose probably won't do that great though, you would have to go get a professional hose doo-dad, and some muffler mending tape, to attach it securely. If anybody asks why you need it, say it's because you work on your car in a garage, and you don't want to pass out from the fumes. -wink wink- Just feed it into the car, and start up the engine. Give yourself about a half an hour to live, and nighty night! Only problem is, it won't work in many of the newer cars, so, make sure you use an old one or something. Next:

Inert Gases: Two good inert gases to use, are Helium and Nitrogen. Now, I am sure you know what helium is, you use it to fill up baloons so they float. Did you also know that most of the air you breathe is nitrogen? But it's not 100% nitrogen, and that's what you need. So, you have to get yourself a tank of the stuff. Either one, not both. A good size would probably be the 100 one. So, once you have your tank, make yourself a tent! To make this tent of yours, you will need A large garbage bag, a cardboard box (or other container) large enough to fit your head into it, a heavy blankt/sleeping bag, and perhaps some duct tape. What you do, is put the box inside of the plastic bag, then drap the blanket over the box and bag. This should create a sufficient seal, but if you like, you can use the duct tape as well. Now, just feed a line from the tank of gas to your tent and crawl in. I would suggest taking some Nyquil or something else that you know will make you fall asleep, because your body will probably want to get out, as a natural instinct. This is how I plan to go. :D

Well, there are many other methods, but that's good enough for now, i will probably be back to post some more stuff. Now, yes I remembered, the website.

I think I ran across this on google one day, it is The Practical Guide to Suicide. It goes into detail about many different methods, as well as a section at the top you should go through first, regarding being ready, and last minute preparations. I have printed out the entire thing, and recently my 'mom' found it. She, needless to say, was less then pleased. So, I had to hide it, but I sill have it on the net!

One last thing before I go though...
Please, please PLEASE read the first section of the URL I posted. Please make certain that you are READY for your suicide before you do it. I know I'm not, but I also know that I will kill myself in the future. Just got to wait on the Nitrogen tank... :D Well, I think I'm going to head on out now. Please, if you have any questions or comments, email me! I am always online. Well, not always, but everyday. I get quite bored, and lonely. So, if you have anything you want to say, SAY IT!!! David Smith, signing out.
03 Feb 2006 Demon (Aley) when your parents are away, swallow pills and put bleach and a little bit of pop together and drink it.Then drink four whole beers or as many as u can before pasiing out.
03 Feb 2006 Sivert Date my EX for two years...
03 Feb 2006 Ela My story is very different. I am a well-to-do 16 year old, who is an Indian living in America. I was born here, but my parents are very traditional Indians and aren't fully with the whole American thing. For example, I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend, I spend the majoriy of my summers taking classes or attending academic camps, and my parents aren't letting me play any sport this year (junior year) because it could apparently "interfere with my grades." Anyway, the point is that right now, I'm going through a very hard time with them, and I feel like we're constantly fighting. I really do want to play my sport, and they won't let me. I didn't do so well on midterms, and therefore my parents aren't pleased, and now I'm wishing that I did better. I know that I'm at the peak of my life right now and that things will get better when I'm off to college and whatnot, but currently I almost feel like I just want it to end. i know that i will not kill myself, because to me, committing suicide is being cowardly and lazy, because you aren't confronting your problems. However, I do really hope that things get better from here, and I wish that my parents really understood things from my stand point.
03 Feb 2006 there just hurting A lot of pain comes from feeling isolated and alone. People need to be with others when they're suicidal. They also need to watch whom they trust. Some people are shocked or judgmental about suicide, which says more about them than about some careing people on here, thank you helpers!
Many suicides come from some form of depression, which is very treatable. New anti-depressant drugs can alleviate depression with minimal side effects. Many different forms of therapy, including cognitive-behavioral and group, are very successful in helping people work out depressed and suicidal feelings.

1. Take it seriously. 75 % of those who completed suicide left hints that they were in deep pain. Maybe their problems didn't look big to others, but they were to them.

2. Remember that suicide is a cry for help. Most people are willing to be talked out of it if given the chance. They want the pain to end more than they want to die but suicide may look like the only way out.

3. Be willing to get/give help sooner than later. People are afraid to seek help because they think their pain will be even greater. Getting help usually brings relief and new coping skills for problems. If people can trust others to become involved even when it feels awkward, they can control the risk of suicide before it's too late.

4. Listen. Let the person talk about their troubles and feelings. The important thing is not to face the pain alone. We need to let the person know we're glad they confided in us. Support them emotionally but avoid giving advice or getting into power plays or arguments.

5. Ask the person, "Are you having thoughts of suicide?" Bringing up the subject won't make it happen but will show that we can accept suicidal feelings in others.

6. If the person is acutely suicidal, do not leave them alone. Get backup and organize a suicide watch while the risk is highest and feelings are strongest. If we know the suicide plan, we need to get rid of guns, ropes, knives, etc.

7. Urge the person to get professional help. Mental-health professionals have the training and experience to help. Be persistent and patient in referring the person to a counselor or treatment center.

8. No secrets. When the person says, "Don't tell anyone," it's because they're afraid of having even more pain. They think they need to handle their situation alone but they can't because it's too big. They can get the help they need and still protect their privacy.

9. From crisis to recovery. Most people who are suicidal suffer from problems or conditions that will pass with time or counseling or a recovery program. Even though only 2% of all deaths are completed suicides, we know that suicide lines prevent many deaths, so we know that intervention works.

10. Most suicide attempts are accompanied by losses in the person's life. They may not realize that they have problem-solving skills to cope with their loss.
02 Feb 2006 Still Here Dear Readers,
Many of you feel hopeless, alone, unloved, and forgotten. Some of you may just be reaching for attention or help. Some of you will do anything to feel something, anything. I was this way once I needed to feel something no matter what it took. I dont want to tell you it will be ok becuase life does suck and it is unfair. But what has helped me has been the unfortuate passing of my friends and family. I have had 3 friends kill themsleves and I have never felt pain like that before, and never want to again. Those have been someof the worst expiriences of my life. I have had 10 friends and family die...ODs, car crshes, cancer, murder. And I have watched my 3 year old cousin struggle everyday and in the end Die from Leukemia.
It may not mean much to some but these deaths have changed my views on not wanting to live. I live for them everyday no matter how much it hurts. I could not kill myself knowning people are fighting to live. 6 years later I am happy...a feeling I had not felt in a long time. It doesnt come easy and it is a long road but it comes.
~~Before you do anything drastic talk to someone...or just go to a childrens cancer ward in a hospital and look at them...
01 Feb 2006 bla bla bla i hate my everything 1.At least 2 people in this world love you so much they would die for you.
Why don't they kill themselves?
2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way.
There are probably more than 15 peadophiles in the world, maybe in the street?
3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you.
Thats not true, i hate everyone cos i DONT wanna be like them
4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you.
I hate happy people, my life is horrible, why should they smile?
5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.
See Question 2
6. You mean the world to someone.
See Question 2...
7. If not for you, someone may not be living.
If you kill yourself, you can donate your organs to people who don't hate themselves
8. You are special and unique.
You are the all singing, all dancing crap of the world!
9. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.
10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.
Unless you totally fuck up and end up on the streets or death row.
11. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look: you most likely turned your back on the world.
Blame society
12. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you probably won't get it, but if you believe in yourself, probably, sooner or later, you will get it.
MM good old parent theories again. Someone is always going to better than you. I REALLY want to win 30 mil, but someone else did.
13. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks.
Remember where the people who are rude to live, and burn and sodomise their pets
14. Always tell someone how you feel about them; you will feel much better when they know.
I agree, telling people I hate them makes me feel just ace!
15. If you have a great friend, take the time to let them know that they are great.
If you dont, see how long you can hide in the freezer at the supermarket for.

Peace out you sons and daughters of hairy arm-pitted prostitute !
01 Feb 2006 Morgan I think i need to talk to someone but i can't talk to anyone about my problems actually i havent talked to anyone in about 3 days. I used to think about suicide alot and didn't want to live. Then i started to lift wieghts and got so into wieght lifting that i forgot all my problems and thought about lifting 24/7. Then i joined the united states marine corps..... a big fuck up. i was in boot camp for 2 months and got pneumonia so bad i had to go to the hospital for a week. when i got out i didnt want to train anymore so i told them i would kill my self if they didnt send me home (its hard to get outta the marines once you sign the paper). They did send me home and now i really want to kill myself i just space out in my mind. my mind is fucked up worse than ever from the marines because i quit and i am a failer and a waist of space on this earth. im 19 and already know i will never make a difference. i wanted to be a marines so bad and when i quit it fucked me up. i dont talk to anyone in my family or friends. i lay in bed all day wondering if i should kill myself with my 20 gauge shotgun or slit my wrists or do a combo. where i would slit my wrists get in my car and drive down the interstate at 120 mph head straight for a semi and right before i hit that semi shoot myself with the 20 gauge like kurt cobain!!! arnold schwarzenegger used to be my hero cuz i lifted all the time but i cant lift cuz i cant even go around people anymore i am a weak mental fuck up. now my hero is kurt cobain who blew his brains out with a 20 gauge.
01 Feb 2006 Too Ashamed to Say (although not anymore!) I have to admit, I have a post from just a few days ago that showed the worst side of me - ya know - one of those days that you feel like no one is on your side, you are completely alone and have no reason to be here anymore. WOW, how things can change. I have thought A LOT about this since then, and I've read a few more responses, and so many of you are struggling over the SIMPLEST things in life. Your parents yelled at you - ONLY BECAUSE THEY WANT THE BEST FOR YOU, your boyfriend and you got into a fight - LEAVE HIS ASS, your brother and/or sister constantly bothers you - IT WILL MAKE YOU STRONGER! What you need to know is that there are people living in situations that many Americans cannot fathom - in fear of being killed by a bomb, held captive by their own government, nothing to eat, nowhere to go and NO ONE TO TALK TO. I hope that this site does for you what it did for me, realize how selfish it is to think that suicide is the answer. Do I really want to leave my ONE CHANCE in this world?? NO! I want to live through all of the tough times, all of the pain, all of the sorrow - even if it means I only have one day of happiness. I want to be proud when I leave this world, for the strength I have, my heart that has grown, and the opportunity I have to spread an infectious smile or laugh - to those that truly have little to smile about. I hope that you, too, will find it in yourself to realize your place in this world - as we all have one, and without each of you, someone else's place in the world would disappear too. God Bless...
01 Feb 2006 ashlee i know exactly how it feels to want to die, but i've never been able to pull it off. i'm more depressed than i should be even though i have a loving boyfriend, but he doesn't trust me one ounce and i always feel like i need to walk on eggshells around him. i love him too, but i just don't know how to handle him. i take pills, to many to try and die, but i never make it past like a few hours of being passed out. i cut myself, to at least know that i can still feel for the time being. i just want to be able to be happy, not look at life in nothing but the negative and see absolutely no posotive. i'm trying to get help, but i don't think i'm going to make it much further in my life. i feel like my time is just around the corner. death is only the beginning.
01 Feb 2006 Isabel What the Fuck is wrong with u ppl?!? Why would u have a website all about killing u enjoy it or something?? u r sick, messed up ppl!!!!!
01 Feb 2006 Nicole 36 yrs old I see alot of poor young people here, so damn concerned about what everyone else is thinking, what everyone else wants them to be. I'm sorry we live in a place where you girls have to feel like you are never beautiful enough, or you guys never manly or rich enough, because they will never truly know who you are.....and maybe they don't deserve to. Think about YOU, guys, because nobody else will. As you get older you realize you are on your own, and the only person you should worry about pleasing is yourself. Nobody will pick you up. Stop depending on their opinions or their help. And, please, if you listen to anything I've said, Do Not listen to doctors. They will put you on a drug before they even ask you how your day is. Ever ask an old person if they even had ADD in their time?
01 Feb 2006 Felicia The Great To Mouchette:

Please post this one in the help forum:

If you feel like killing yourself, do this first:

1.) Stop and start breathing. Take deep breaths and breathe out slowly.

2.) Call the Suicide prevention hotline.
1.800.SUICIDE (784-2433)

3.) Call a friend or significant other to see you immediately and if you are fainting call 911. Suicidal tendencies are not symptoms, it is an illness. Please seek help immediately because you are not in your right mind at this moment.

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