Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Dec 2005 vicc rocks hello. i have an announcement. i understand some of you are angry because of the content of this web site. well i have finnally made up my mind to go public. my name is brittany. i am really "the mouchette" so if any of you wants to write me personnally and tell me how you feel you can email me at
i will be glad to hear from you. all of you.
01 Dec 2005 Greta sit in a washing machine that opens from the top, most people will be small enough to fit inside, and the machine locks from inside too.
or you could jump off a bridge, something that will make people wonder why you did it, make your death remain a mystery for those to come.
01 Dec 2005 The Dude ok how the hell did mouchette get my email adress ive never sent it out on this site but i read my emails and she gives me my own website wtf
01 Dec 2005 francis suck me you sick bastards!
01 Dec 2005 Angela don't. wait till you learn enough to kill yourself properly. I'm serious.
30 Nov 2005 BiTe~Me The best way to kill your self is to overdose on pills or to jump in front of a really big truck on the highway.
30 Nov 2005 Dana I don't know if you mean to play or to really kill yourslef but it is not a good idea to play suicide but for real i am just thinking that if you OD you will die.
30 Nov 2005 E i hate me i am a evil bitch
29 Nov 2005 kirsty complain of a headache everyday and save up the pain killers in a secret box, this may take a while but once you have about 80 tell your parents your stayin at a mates....and even if you are...take them all in the bathroom before bedtime...youll have a good lifes sleep.
29 Nov 2005 claire im 16 and have slit my wrists had my friends take pills etc. it aint worth it if you try and kill yourself think of 10 good reason that do not include anyone else...if you cannot think of these reasons you do not have a valid point ot kill yourself. Therofre let time decided when you shall die NOT YOU
29 Nov 2005 seb s attacher a une voie ferree apres avoir avaler de la mort au rat ou alors dire a mike tyson qu il n est q une pedale se prenant des b... dans le c...
29 Nov 2005 kaylin take three bottles of pills, slit your wrists,...(the right way), and tie a zip tie around your neck as tight as possible. then, get in a full bathtub so that when you (bleed to death,)(suffocate,) or pass out from the intoxication of pills either way, you will drown. note:make sure you lock the bathroom door. tell your parents you love them because you wont be home for dinner.
29 Nov 2005 Kyle Weiss There's a vast potential for death at anyone's fingertips. If you're the "quick and hasty" type, I suggest finding a gun. It's not that hard, your parents don't even have to own one. Ask someone at school, I'm sure for cheap something's available, and stealing bullets isn't too difficult. There's always the booze-and-pills method, just make sure you take enough of the pills and just wash them down with the booze. Wrist-slashing and whatnot really isn't effective. As I've always said, if you really want to be a pathetic failure, just survive your own suicide. That's not the idea after all. Then you have scars to realize how foolish you were and how worthless you are at even doing THAT properly. If you're really into the emotional stuff, I say stealing clothing of some kind and hanging yourself with it after braiding it into a proper noose. That'd really hit home. What else is there? Electricity and water, buildings and bridges, going into a Nazi dance party dressed in full Rabbi garb, pretending to be a Nazi at a Hip Hop concert, man. I am surprised anyone has to ask this question, since suicide isn't just death, it's art. Do I approve personally of suicide? Not really. People do it, and I find if someone's going to do it, they're going to do it. There's circumstances for everything. If you were raped by 1,000 clowns, you'd kill yourself too. It's the echoing laughter and horns honking that get you in the end.
29 Nov 2005 JC hi. i am 16 yrs old and ive been wanting to kill myself since i was like 8. im about 300 pounds but around 6'4. i really hate myself. no family problems. Im trying to find an easy way to suicide, im not afraid to do it, if i get the chance to ill take it. i cant get a gun yet so im trying to overdose somehow. I want to get sleeping pills and take them right before i fall asleep so that i never wake up but im having a hard time getting them. any adivce on what i can use to overdose?
28 Nov 2005 Anti-Thesis And for an amazing third post, load a syringe up with a gram of coke and shoot it in your neck. I've seen this one done.
28 Nov 2005 Anti-Thesis get someone to tie your hands behind your back and dip your face in a large pool of hot wax.
28 Nov 2005 Anti-Thesis Mouchette, Thanks for showing me your pussy. problem was I was at work and I had to close it right away. Thing is, such a beautiful nubile pussy lingers in the mind, and is hard to forget. Despite this, I need to see your pussy again.If you do it again for christmas, I will kill myself for you.
28 Nov 2005 Ingleburt Hopperdink First, cut your brain out with a shotgun, then put it in a glass jar with peanut butter, then eat some acid and trip out watching Faces of Death, then but a motorcycle and pop a wheelie into a brick wall full of dead babies, then then rob a police station wearing a g-string with feces smeared all over your body, then stick a gasoline nozzle up your cornhole and fill yourself with gas then sing "rainbows and polar bears with rabies" and shoot a bear with a bb gun and put ducktape over your anus so the forrest critters can't enter.
28 Nov 2005 simeon well i am so deppressed. i just want to die. i just need someone to talk to so if anyone wants to talk to me just email me. i live in australia. i dont want to say exactly where but im in the 10+ time zone. please some one write me or i will kill myself.
28 Nov 2005 Megan I am 15 right now, and I have tried suicide countless times. My mother are scared of me, and is thinking of sending me to a boarding school just to get me out of the house. She is most likely poppong pills. My dad is never home. For all I know, he could be having an affair. My sister, who is 19 now, has traumatic brain injury from a car accident that happened about six or so years ago. She has a seizure disorder. They all hate me, and the only people that I can talk to live over 2 hours away. I have talked basically all of my friends out of suicide and their problems, but I am suicidal myself. I know, I am a hypocrite, but my life sucks. I have been thwarted every way that I have tried. Pills didn't work, cutting didn't work, nothing has worked. Suicide had no best way. It is different for everyone.

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