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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Jan 2006 Curlz fuck it
best way to end ur depression is just
smoke weed and drink wiskey i was there once and wat happened i was introduced to weed and lots of it do it everything will get better just dont every carry it with you and only do it at a friends house and drink the beer around midnight , if you know how wiskey tastes like then you know it doesnt taste like much so just chug the whole thing down i did, then smoke a few joints, if you could stay that long up, and you'll feel like it was the best day of ur life, member eat soup before you do it cuz i didnt and i throw up all over my self.
29 Jan 2006 boltzmann I just wanted to say that the injecting air into your veins is probably the most painful way you can kill self. what do you think happens when the air bubble passes through your heart? heart attack (doesnt have to kill you the first time) then what you think happens when it passes through your brain? Stroke, convulsions, brain damage... might not be dead yet... air bubble goes round for a 2nd trip, who knows how many trips it might take before the end. I work in a hospice (a place where people go that are activly dieing) all death is very painful there are very few that die in peace most pass away with so much pain that they are given so much morphine just trying to make it less painful for them.

Dieing is not a good thing.
29 Jan 2006 maryam i am sick and tired of my parents blame me for everything that goes boyfriend hates me and my sisters are always yelling and screaming at me to do the chores.And all i want to do right now is end myself.And i will
29 Jan 2006 Kymmi Baggins Listen to your parents OVER and OVER and OVER again until the blood drains from your ears.
29 Jan 2006 Not importent I think your really smart, but seriously this is really fucked up specially for you being only 13. What honostly has happend to you to make you think this way? I like the fact that you think out of the box. I think about a lot of fucked up shit to and i draw most of it but not to this exstent. for you being a 13 year old dont you think you should be hanging out with your friends and doing normal things that 13 year old little girl does? Your growing up way too fast. You have some majore problems no lie. I admire the fact you can be different and think outside the box but this goes too far. You need help little girl and i know you know that. Use your ability of being intelligent for another use.
28 Jan 2006 nikol swallow a knife,
fall asleep on the ledge of a open window , or do what normal people do walk in the middle of the street and get hit my a huge truck
28 Jan 2006 CORY The way I'm going to kill myself is simply the best way to kill your self period. Take a hose of some sort, dryer hose or something along those lines that won't melt. Duck tape one end around the muffler of your car. Insert other end into the window of the car, take and cut apart a cardboard box, or use plastic to cover the rest of the open window and seal it with duck-tape. Grab the car keys, your bong, pipe, joint whatever you smoke weed out of and maybe a gameboy, then jump in the car. Shut the doors, turn it on, spark your bong, sit back and relax, you'll die a completely painless death, you'll simply fall asleep never to wake up again. Finally peace at last. FTW FUCK THE WORLD! PS!! REMEMBER TO COMPLETELY FILL THE GAS TANK!!!
28 Jan 2006 Leokekoa Well, I'm 13, going on 14 pretty soon, and life is shit for me already. It's those typical reasons, my parents are all ignorant, they are never satisfied in what I do, never proud, don't even care. All they want from me is perfection. Even my good grades aren't enough. I remember several years ago when I was younger, my dad told me that I can die if I want. I can run away if I want. They wouldn't give a damn about it. They might not have known, but I was too shocked after. I didn't love them as much I did before. Although I guess they were trying to make it up to me afterwards but the pain was too big to cover.

Now, my mom always says she has no reason to live. She says she wouldn't give a damn if she died right here, right now. Plus, her eyesight is getting bad and is going blind. Surgery costs too much for us since we're poor. and my dad....My stupid, fucked up dad also is worthless to be in this world. He just sits around the computer all day, doing nothing at all.

I really pity my sister. She's only 10 now and even if she says she's old, she has a soul of a 7 year old. Believe me, she's that childish. This life I have is too fucked up for her, and these days I really am getting tired of living. I pray everynight that instead of having a better day tomorrow, I want to die. Die while sleeping, isn't THAT the most perfect ting anyone could ask for?

I don't have much friends. Even the ones I have aren't that friendly anymore. Since ages ago, I desperatly wanted at least one person I can always count on, to cry on, and babble on about my life and that person will listen to every word of mind. For awhile, I thought that person would be my mom. My dad. Even God. But as I got older I found out that after all, all you can count on is yourself. I don't believe in God. If He was real, I wouldn't be miserable like this. Friends are only interested in what they are interested in. Your sibling wouldn't care much, and perents are always busy minding their own business. If you rant on other sites, other netusers always say, "Oh, things will gt better." or "stop being such a whiner" and all those crap that I don't need to hear.
I tried slithing my wrist, and just found out that it wouldn't get me anywhere. So I'm looking for other painless death. Can anyone PLEASE tell me? I'll repay trhe debt if you tell me how I can get myself killed slow and painlessly. I beg of you.
28 Jan 2006 emotionaly dead im 13 years old, suicidal, depressed and i cant say i understand anyone but myself.what makes me different to everyone else on this site ? read on and i want you all to understand life is SHIT its a fact and if suicide is my way of dealing with it so be it. i dont understand all the stupid fuckers tht try and stop me. iv been cutting my wrists since i was 9 ffs ! okay i know i have a problem iv been diagnosed with depression but no one else has to live my life so why does everyone try to keep me alive? they dont feel a second of my pain so how can they say it'll all get better ? the only thing holding me back is the guilt of leaving and i blame for that too.... my parents are complete bastards they dont actually abuse me (yet) although my mum tries sometimes but if they did it would be better - you may think omg u evil child how can u say that but its true if your parents beat you then you can just hate them but when they just scream and shout and make you feel like shit deep deep inside your bleeding heart you wonder if you're to blame if they love you really and if you can make things better... WELL YOU CANT get over it honey its forever i know i must sound like a real dickhead especially to all you lucky shits out there that think life is fun but you dont know me you dont know my life and you dont know how it feels do you ? NO so leave off iv tried to kill myself 3 times now - iv slashed my wrists took an over dose and drunk myself into hospital - but its all put down to teenage rebellion ha they have no idea and they DONT CARE well now i dont im past caring the pain blocks everything else so before i go and get on with this thing we call life id just like to say - all you drama queens stfu you have no idea your hypocrites you talk about kiling yourself but when your tying the knot your secretly hoping someone finds you or when you've cut urself you grab the phone well fine save yourself but dont ever ever say you want to kill yourself just shut up and DO IT. oh and to all the people who dont have any problems lucky bastard if anyone ever wants to talk and not be bullshited feel free my msn addie is -
27 Jan 2006   fuck all you fucking emo bitches stop posting here for attention. thats all your doing it for. if you really were depresed you wouldnt talk to anyone, you would just kill yourself. shut the fuck up you fucking emo bitches
27 Jan 2006 Ljay Ok guys, here's the sad truth... i never realised just how fuckin difficult it is to kill yourself... for example, death by overdose.. it takes approx. 5days to die by paracetamol poisoning and a similar statistic for anti-depressants. Thats if your successful.. Hanging yourself is even harder cos you could end up just swinging around slowly suffacating whilst your eyes pop out of your head... slitting your wrists can go wrong, you'll just feel faint and make a mess.. gasing yourself can cause combustion and blow up half the street.. theres even records of people surviving jumps off tower blocks.. the human body just DOESNT want to die!!!! Because lets face it, thats not why we were put on this earth. We were put here to suffer, whimper, moan, bitch and complain about everyhting.. including how fucking hard is it to die! So lets face it guys, were all gona die eventually, so lets just wait our turn till the big man up high says "right, tis your turn to pop ya clogs and go join the rest of ye family!".
27 Jan 2006 RCJ Here's my official opinion of crappy methods to do oneself in with:
no antifreeze, as it kills slow through kidneys
no aspirin OD, slow through liver
no air in vein, as it would hurt bunches and take a lot of air
no strangulation unless it's all the way blocking breathing (unless you can wait through pain for aneurysm
most cutting is out, unless you've done research for arteries
jumping off high place...depends where you land
electrocution, shock must cross heart
even some gunshot wounds to the head are non-fatal, causing only brain damage to certain areas
the chances are against us
i have high hopes for more powerful drug OD, drowning, hypothermia, or carbon monoxide poisoning from car/furnace. Still can't beat cyanide though, but who can find?
oh and just so you know, mouchette is a freak if you give your e-mail...
27 Jan 2006 claudine simms I think u r the most disturb person alive, i think u should be dead already because u r so disturb y u dont use those ways and get rid of your self so the world could be a better place mad man r woman u should be ashame of yourself do something better with your skills like help kids to overcome depression and encourage then to talk to others about their problem.
26 Jan 2006 Megan When you're under 13, killing yourself shouldn't even be on your mind.
26 Jan 2006 Mouchette ahahahaha I have looked all round this site and came to the conclusion that no one has taken mouchette's name so i will be the first and only one to steal his name and be the master of this site since i will be the new mouchette hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26 Jan 2006 Jess Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to seperate us from the LOVE of GOD that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
-Romans 8:39
26 Jan 2006 leah the best easyist way to kill your self... ANY TIME... etc is well

this damn thing is just so... i dont no but realy, i came 2 dis site to find a quick way to get out of this world. this damn sight made me realize how stupid i was... and how much help i needed... and i hope everyone on this site takes this to hart. i no i m no theripists... (cant spell sry!!!!!! i maybe only 14... skrew it!) but anyone in my same position can talk to me ... email me etc...
26 Jan 2006 shea run up to the most biggest baddest guy in school and hit him right in the face and say his mom is a big fat agly ho and kick him and lay down netx to him and hand him a knife.
26 Jan 2006 kk nullifire cover your self in seal carcasses and jump into the polar bear exhibt at your local zoo goodbye
26 Jan 2006 mia oi u lot are sick!!! under 13 and wanting to end your life ??? are you crazy... i am 16 and i have a great life... wen you feeling down dnt threten your life..commiting suiside is selfish... think of your releltives and family ..

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