Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Dec 2005 megan the best way could be trying to kill yourself then your parents find out and want to kill you for even thinking about it.
17 Dec 2005 Dana I'm a fifteen year old, and a freshman in highschool. My family is wealthy and i have many very good friends. I do well in school and play many sports and am a very talented pianist. There has still always been something wrong. There isn't a name for it and I feel like a selfish bratt for hating life like i do, because there are many people who have had much worse lives and still continued to live, and to love life, and fought for something better. But after thinking about this for my entire life (i became suicidal in 1st grade) I have realized that the only thing wrong with me is me. I am bisexual and scared that everyone will hate me if i tell them so i've had to deal with it all myself and i've only told my best friend and my brother. I still barely feel like i can talk about it though. My parents don't understand me, and my sexuality frustrates me and that i can't tell them, so i can't explain. I don't know how long i can handle any of this any more. I've long ago lost my will to live and i'm just barely hanging on now. Even when times are good, and my friends are great theres still the screaming in the back of my mind telling me that it will all slip away again. I don't think that i can do this anymore and i hate life. The only thing that has ever kept me from killing myself is that i want to be famous, but everyday i wake up and that dream becomes less and less of a possibility, which was a slim one to begin with. I don't feel like there is anything left to live for and i'm begging for someone who's dealt with this to tell me that there is.
17 Dec 2005 pcatpurrs strangulation
17 Dec 2005 Miranda hi, my name is Miranda and i'm 11. ever since i left home, i've been depressed. i've been wanting to kill myself for a long so twisted....i feel so lost
17 Dec 2005 Matt i am 22 so obviously i am not 13. Thing is, my actual life isn;t all that bad at all. Its just my brain thats fucked. I have a severe hate of myself, and because of this I have taken to cutting myself. Life just seems like a hopeless cause. I dont want to commit suicide or anything, but i often do want to put myself through pain, be it emotional or physical, to atone for the wrong I have done. I cannot stand when people compliment me or say good things. It just makes me have a strong desire to hurt myself
Oh, and people who want to commit suicide. it does get better. Just wait it out. Don't kill yourselves. What if this is the only chance you get? I would never take that risk. I hate hearing it but the saying is true "you have your whole life ahead of you". I hope you guys don't tear apart your families like this.
16 Dec 2005 Constantin Notes about Suicide:
CO, CO2 poisoning is feels the exact same way as choking/hold your breath.
Painkillers ARE painful. You tox yourself with something called acetaminophen. It kills you over time due to Liver damage.

From what I know you feel pain at about 300 MPH. So if you want to kill yourself painlessly, you need to use something that will go faster than that.
16 Dec 2005 Ashley I am not under 13 but I am just a year older.And the past few months have been really hard for me to deal with and for the 1st time I cut myslef. I felt if i could breath again. Then one day at school I got really stressed and needed a way out, so I went into the girls bathroom and got a sftey pin off my back-pack to cut again. But there was a girl in there so I left, Then near the end of lunch my freinds found me and talked me out of it. There is so much to live for son't try and hurt yourself in any way or from. Talk to your freind, if you don't have a freind then talk to an adult you trust and if you want find another way to express yourself other then hurting yourself. If you want you contact me in someway or form. I am more then willing to help you out and you can trust me I wont tell anybody.
16 Dec 2005 Eric get a hack saw and cut off your lims and roll in front of a car
16 Dec 2005 Daniel I'm back again. I've cut my arm a few times with a razor blade. It hurt, and I don't want to feel anymore pain, but I did it anyway. I've had three glasses of neat brandy, so I'm a bit dizzy. I want to start smoking again - I'll buy a pack tomorrow. I'm sort of indirectly trying to kill myself by smoking. The thing that hurts most is the fact that I haven't been hugged by any immediate family/friends for like 10 years. I'm from the UK and I have a family that thinks hugging is not appropriate for a boy, but i feel so unloved. I just want someone to hold me and say that they love me for the unique person that I am. I've thought about suicide several times but my parents are divorced and i live with my mum, and she would be heartbroken because she has no-one else. I don't want to live and yet I "can't" die. I'm just so fucked up :(
16 Dec 2005 Daniel I am sick to death of life. I get up everyday and hate every minute of it. My parents divorced when I was five, I was bullied at school, I'm gay and don't have a boyfriend. I'm 18 now and the last time someone hugged me was about 10 years ago. No one loves me. I just want to fall asleep and never wake up. Just think how wonderful it would be never to feel pain or sadness again.
16 Dec 2005 joe im 27, i asked 100 churches to help me, they all ignored me, so does that mean im supposed to die? did god just spit in my face? ive been a christian for years and ya know what....who cares
16 Dec 2005 ALPHONSE well i do not think i will rgret when i die next week.i have made up my mind to kill myself on the 24th of decmber 2005.when i die i will ruin my the day for my dad and his wife.since mom died life has been hell out here so,why should i live when i have been stoped from going to wicked dad says he has no onthe 24th of december i will kill myself
stay well in this world of pain
16 Dec 2005 THOMAS SZWEDSKA as i press down on the soft paper i feel the toxic dump smear off my bum.

as i press down on the soft paper i feel the doo doo butter remenants smear off my bum and on to the tissue slightly tearing and polluting my finger with the great stench.
my curiousioty growing stong. i must know what it tastes like.
... i feelthe gooey substance slide into a thinner coat of butt cheese. however, the consistancy is that of penut butter and baby oil. the warmth of the sticky coating...

as i c the mooshy substance i have the urge to grasp in my hand and squeeze

16 Dec 2005 gemz i hate teachers they r so fucked upin future if they eva say (get to class)say if u make me I WILL comit suicide after school and if they send u to ur lesson shout fuck off and go tie ur sel 2 a train track and wait 4 a speed train 2 pass by and then u will b minced beef.
16 Dec 2005 troisplusun faire tous les cahiers de vacances en 1 semaine, sans dormir ni manger.
16 Dec 2005 paras kapoor i m 17 i wanna die . kill urself by consuming poison
15 Dec 2005 cat I am yet not an adult nor a child...I am a young adult. I have many thoughts of suicide. I hate letting people getting close to me. I dont want to leave this world in case something better might come along. I don't have anyone to talk to and i dont like any of my "so called" friends. I have a bf that i am afraid to fall in love with. He is the most this world has given me. I dont live with my parents and i am a very stress-related, angry, depressed kinda person. I used to smoke a little marijuana so relieve my issues. Now, i have left the weed to other people to use. I feel it doesnt work. I have thought about suicide. Tried it a couple times. But then wasnt sure what he best way do it was.. i have never started to cut myself. i have said good bye to everyone in a secret yet obvious way...jsut to see if ne one would notice and try to stop me. at this moment no one has tried to do ne thing. i told my bf we should go on a break so that he doesnt think that when i do commit suicide that it's his fault. i have made it clear to myself when i find the most mentally successful way for myself, that i am gonna do it b4 December 31, 2005. so if ne one out there has ne ideas on how to make it the simplest for me i wouldnt mind your piece of advice...i think hanging myself in my basement is the perfect way for me. one two people live in my house. so when the other person goes away for the night, i am gonna do it. i have two dates to pick from. so i have even written the letter, telling people whats going on. and that this decision was no ones fault...i did it for myself. to make me feel good. instead of running to everyone's feet like a slave.
15 Dec 2005 Alex If you kill youself, you do know all your thoughts and feelings come with you, your are the same person just in a different there is no point. Tell yourself this everyday. "Iam a person, Iam somebody on this earth, no one iis like me, god made me different that all the other people, if i was to die, i would suffer twice as much.
15 Dec 2005 ton do heroin

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