Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Feb 2006 Melissa I didn't mean to say that I don't think it's a great tragedy... it is... I just messed up my thing... I hope you all realize that. I'm sorry if you thought that that's what I meant because it's not.
22 Feb 2006 Hardcorewpawn Wait no.... all die now. THE BEST WAY TO DIE: this is the mostmanly way to die.

step 1 find a brick wall
step 2 prepare yourself
step 3 repeatedly smack your head as hard as you can against the wall
step 4 once fallen unconsious wait untill you wake up then repeat until death occurs. i hope this helped. seriously i hope one of you kills yourseslf in this way!!
22 Feb 2006 Hardcorepawn please please just do it. End your motherfucking sad little lives you obiouvsly don't want to live anymore.
What you can't is that because you were just doing it for attention. i bet it was. you fuckiing dickhead cunts. what the fuck is your problem. "I want to kill myself" because:
1. i got raped
2. i have no friends
3. my life sucks
4. my parents don't understand me
5. waaaah waaaah wahh

I say just fucking get on with it. oh let me try and help.
1. Don't get raped!!!1 (pretty simple [close up])
2. make sonme damn friends (ihave no friends thats through me being a cunt and pissing everyone off)
3. make you life better think positive
4. talk to your parents
5. stop fucking crying.

Personally i wouldn't lose any sleep if i knew you all died slowly and painfully. So please for my sake and for the sake of everyone else who can't stand little Emo shits!!!
22 Feb 2006 Ainslie i cant say dont kill yourself i can say things will get better for you, its too bad things cant get better for me, i recomend this book 'The burn Journals' by Brent Runyon
21 Feb 2006 Chad im 14, but i only tried to commit suicide once with pills....i just want to know how many is lethal...i've been through way too much girlfriend always gets mad at me when i don't talk or when im sad, she starts getting mad and makes it worse, she doesn't know i take anti-depressants that don't fucking work and hate myself...i have a loving family, though they irritate the hell out of me and a very loving girlfriend....but its not fair...neither of our parents (my girlfriend and mine) want us to date, so i told my parents i wouldn't, but im lying to them...i really want to kill myself but what about my girlfriend?... well I JUST WANT TO KNOW 1 THING...WHAT WILL KILL ME IN PILL FORM, WHAT IS THE BEST AND HOW MUCH DO I NEED?...i also would like to TALK TO SOMEONE...IM me on AOL (Aim address - Uh Name1) or msn messenger, my email is i want to talk to someone and know what will kill me...i want to make the right decision though...thank you...
21 Feb 2006 Zach Smith read all these stupid ass 101 ways to kill yourself.
21 Feb 2006 tanuj well, dying isnt as good as it seems. it feels like the only option when your depressed, but theres more to life than just death. sure everyones gonna die, but make yourself remembered, do somthing good with your life
21 Feb 2006 ally all i know is that i feel the same way all you gies do..just a easy way to do it would be nice just to end it all i hate this world.
21 Feb 2006 DarthEv Hey kids, wake up call. The world does not revole around you, no, people don't give a fuck about you nor will they ever. Futhermore people can't stand self hating cry babies. Listen class the world is not a fun place, we all can't be Bill Gates or Brad Pitt, or some other brainless celeb. If you self-loathing people truly want to feel better, DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEBODY ELSE!!
Try to think outside your own little mind and help somebody else. If you really wanted to kill yourselves you would have done it already instead of going to these wanna be dark and brooding websites. Your sob story may be bad, so is mine, so is everybody else's. Perception is reality. Final thought GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING POSITIVE, try serving pancakes at the homeless shelter, go play with unwanted childeren at foster homes, go see the old folks in a home where their families have left them to die. STOP BITCHING, THATS WHY NOBODY LISTENS TO YOU!!!!!!!
21 Feb 2006 tanuj i tried to commit suicide. my friend helped me alot, and stopped me. that was a huge mistake for me, my life just ended up getting worse, now i cut. i have no idea how my life is gonna end, but i know its not gonna be pretty...
21 Feb 2006 Katherine i havent got a suggestion i just wanted to say how ive been feeling.
ive been feeling depressed for about 10yrs lots of stuff caused it. my dad tryed to kill himself when i was 14 he threw me across the room for trying to stop him and i had to call the cops, when he came home he forgave mum instantly for causing the problems but wouldnt forgive me for calling them. i never got help im not even ment to mention it. mum keeps getting us in debt and i cant tell dad because hed leave her and she couldnt cope nor could he. but i take all the stress from her, i have to put up with being called names, she can get violent and mouthy and im normally very quiet and gentle but one day in a shop she just made me snap and i put my hands round her neck i stopped the second i realised what i was doing. im currently out of a job and a lil overweight but she doesnt support me. i tryed killing myself yesterday because she made out like i was doing nothing to find a job im always looking for a job everyday i apply to at least 7, i clean the house for her and dont ask for much but she says im useless cant do anything right she chucked shit at me and i just sometimes cant handle it to top it off my dog of 11yrs had to be put down but im not allowed to meantion him in case i upset dad whats a girl to do
21 Feb 2006 Margaret easy all you have to do is have a bath with a pluged-in toaster or hang your self off your bed room's door knob make sure your perents don't hear you and by the way some people have good reasons to kill their selfs
21 Feb 2006 yhfgdhdf the best way is a shotgun or a gun or by hanging, goal is to destroy the brain, or break the neck, so death is instant and painless.
But if you can't get your hands on a gun so hanging is the solution, because anyone can find a rope or some eletric cable, then learn about knots, and test it by putting all you weight on it, but think that you will jump so it breaks the neck and not just strangle, so it has to suport more than just your weight, and rope has to be long enough so you fall on it.
the girl i really loved died this way, and i wanted to fall from a height at first, but it has to fail because max fall speed is only 350mph or so
21 Feb 2006 Melissa Reed It bothers me that people come on this site just to call people who want to kill themselves losers and that they need to suck it up... do you really think that that helps with their current situation? Or are you just naive enough to think that tough love would help straighten them out. If you're going to offer advice or help... then offer advice or help... not insults that just might be the final straw... it's ridiculous. It's awesome that the doctor offered his services free of charge. Now I'm not a doctor... but I'm going to college to be a psychologist because I'm good at helping people... If you need anything at all... just IM me at JokerCamaro87 on yahoo or crminalyinsane13 on aol... my hotmail messenger sucks. If you really need someone to talk to and I'm not online... send me an e-mail and I'll get back to you asap. Don't be afraid to contact me or be shy about it. You're not the only one who feels the way you do and there is hope. Ignore the ignorant uneducated yahoos on here that are telling you to do it... they could care less about you... I may not know you but I do care... otherwise would I be offering my help? And no it's not to make me feel better about myself. It's because I don't think it's a great tragedy when people kill themselves... even more of a tragedy then when a President dies because this unfortunately happens more often... much too often. Well... I hope to hear from you soon.

20 Feb 2006 Saddend over Sucid My daugheters best friend commited sucide 4 days ago. She was 14. You can not image the pain her family now feels and will feel forever. She was an only child and has now left devestation in her wake. I want you to know that there is nothing in life worth dying over. Believe it or not there are solutions to your problems and there is never a problem that can't be worked out. The pain that makes you feel like commiting sucide is nothing in comparison to the pain you will leave behind for your family and friends to endure. In my opinion there is NO BEST WAY TO KILL YOURSELF. Seek help. There are many avenues in dealing w/what ever makes u unhappy. Please, God put u here for a reason. When he is ready for u to come home GOD will come for u.
20 Feb 2006 Vicky Well heres what you should do. Down alot of pills. i mean ALOT. and then go lay down and turn on some hard core music. Story of The Year is a good band. Grad a razor and quickly slit your wrist. hard and deep. Ohh Yes it will hurt. But if your suicidle. you wont give a shit of how much it hurts as long as you get to go free. Free from this Hell we live in. but seriously. and this is serious. Think about the things you love, people you love, and what they would think when they find you dead with shit in your pants? i have tried dying. just remember you cant come back. i still feel like shit now a dayz. but i deal with it a "happy" it if you think you need to. but if you have a doubt once. then no. stop urself before its too late. When you feel like shit. call someone or just talk to yourself.
20 Feb 2006 A Person With Problems Hey, i havnt posted in a while, but once again im offering my help..... i used to want to die more than anything.... but now iv gotten past that thanks to this website.. .and well i want to help you guys too.

And to the person who shoplifted.... i dont know if youll ever revisit this site but if you do please email me.... i would like to talk to you :)
20 Feb 2006 Jennifer not killing yourself
20 Feb 2006 Suicideman Slit your throat and jump off the cliff if your still alive suffocate your self with a paper bag over your head tie it with a rope and tie your hand behind you back
20 Feb 2006 fed up i just don't care about shit i hate my life i just cut my wrist. i can't stand livin i wanna die nobody loves me. ppl call me stupid cuz i didn't finish high school i feel worthless. i can't even find a job when i finally overdose on cocaine that will make everybody happy. its sad that i think this way but i do am 21 an i have nothin 2 live 4. i can't car any more i have nomore room on my arm 2 cut. am lost god help me please.

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