Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
31 Jan 2006 peter go to school
31 Jan 2006 Sam. The best way is to volunteer to get killed by abobo, there is no sweeter way to get aboboed by abobo. Its the honourable way out. What is getting aboboed you ask? well, having a building collapse on you, having an airplane crash right on your head,, NO WHERE ELSE but on your head..being aboboed.
30 Jan 2006 samantha hi everyone :-)
ive jst been reading everyones coments and it amazes me and breakes my heart to find 12-13 year olds contemplating and/or giving advise on what to do when you want to end your life!! what FUCKS ME OFF EVEN MORE IS GROWN PEOPLE SAYING ITS THERE LIFE AND IF THEY WANT TO END IT, ITS UP TO THEM YOU'S ARE THE ONES THAT NEED HELP!!! thay dont want to end there life they just want someone to know they EXCIST, to know thay are LOVED,WANTED and NEEDED and to just LISTEN to them!!
people have NOOOOO...idea what they are saying how can you tell a child how to end his/her life why dont you FUCKING END YOURS INSTEAD it would be a better place without people like you!!!! thats why suicides are becoming higher specialy with young children they just need someone there for them even if its just to listen to know they have someone who cares. for people going through what they are going through you are not juged for feeling the way you feel OR ALONE FOR THAT FACT there is soooo...many people out there that can help you jst have to open up to whoever you feel comfortable to even if its a stranger someone who doesnt know you just PLEASE TALK TO SOMEONE!!! i have tryed to end my life and came close to death it was either i get my life together or end up living a life of depression and feeling sorry for myself for not getting the help i needed in the past. i have stoped my best friend who tryed to kill herself after her dad died of cancer when she was about 12 and then in the same week her aunty fell of a cliff and died. my best friend was then told her mum had cancer and was going to die she past away 3days before this christmas gone she is all alone at the age of 20 and careing for a 17yr old brother and working 2 jobs to support them both. I was sexually abused,my parents split up and i felt so unwanted when my dad didnt want to see me i blamed myself. im now 20 and it still effects me but i got some help and relized there are worse of people than me who only have months,weeks or days to live they would give anything to have there life and live it to the fullest!!! PLEASE CONTACT ME WHEN EVER YOU FEEL DOWN OR JUST WANT SOMEONE TO TALK TO I GIVE GOOD ADVISE AND IM A GOOD LISTENER!!!!!!! im here for you just make the first move :-) -xox-
30 Jan 2006 Lisa Hey ppl my name is lisa.. im now 19 years old.. ive tried commiting suicide 3 times already.. i stabbed myself.. i missed my lung my two centimeters.. i took pills... and i slit my wrists.. none of these seemed to work.. i mean there has to be a reason y im still here and i dont know y .. all i seem to do is hurt ppl.. like my family because i got into some pretty heavy drugs.. cocaine, alcohol, crack, oxycottons, ect all since i was like 16.. ill get better for about 6 months and then i just start up again doin my drugs agiain i cant explain y though .. i dont wanna but it just happens.. so now im here.. im lookin for a way to stop myself from killing my self again. also i want to know a way how to do it the right way.. i just wanna die.. i have nothing in this world for me anyway.. so.. please give me some help.. if you saw me walkin down the street you would think i was just a normal girl.. i mean im decent lookin not over wieght good skin.. but yet i really think there is somethin wrong with my head.. do u think i have a dependency on drugs.. or is just me being stupid.. plz let me know.. you could email me at
30 Jan 2006 samatha hi guys i found this site by accident which is wierd coz i am relating to alot of things said in this forum ive bn suffering depression since i was bout 12 when by parents split up i think thats wat coused some of it and the fact that i was sexually abused!! at one stage in my lif no one knows to this day coz its behind me now its jst all the let downs in my life aswell ive tryed several times to kill myself. I used to cut myself till i could see blood i know it sounds sick but jst to see it made me feel so good thats wen i knew i had to see someone. i was seeing a counseller from when i was 13-18yrs old. It was like i didnt really wana die but wanted some sort of attention even though i wouldnt addmit it 2 anyone i wanted some reasurrence that iam wanted, iam needed!!! my parents split up after bout 14
years marriage mum couldnt take dads cheating anymore its wierd though i have no hatred for my dad but for my mum iam now 20 and still even with councelling till i was bout 18, hasnt answerd why i have so much hatered. i sometimes times felt i hated her so much i wanted to kill her!! what sort of daughter am i!!?? no one knows or understands what you go through they only see the outside of happY you and not the inside of your deep inner thoughts.
we used to fight alot to the point she used to hit into me then one day i fought back enogh was enough!! even to this day things are beta but as soon as she hugs or shows any affection it makes me cringe i jst hope i can be a beta mum and not have the relashionship i had with her. if it wasnt for my bf who i have bn with since i was about 14 i wouldnt of bn here to this day it makes me nearly cry to think of how much he has done for with my fucked up family he has stood by me 150% and neva gave up we now are engaged and iam happier than ever the bullshit is always gonna come but we get through it together!~ there are people who are dying of cancer or some sort of illness, that would do anything to watch ther kids grow up or someone to have there dad walk them down the iale, hold there unborn grandchild in there arms and to just simply have the choice to LIVE!!! thats why you should THINK!! twice there is no excuse you can get help there is always someone out there who is worse of than you remember that!!!!! -xox-
30 Jan 2006 take me away to a better place Ya ok kewl kit ha ha ha you wanna help kids kewl cant argue with that its all good if your a kid but im not a fxckin' kid so i hate kids im jealous of them they look younger then me I'm 19 goddammit i feel old ha ha ;( Id love to die i will die hmmmmmmmmm whats the best way???

Asphixiation hmmm no air = no life but how do you do that? how do you asphixiate yourself? lots of ways but i guess id love to go to a big frezzer like the oes they have in mcdonalds where they keep all the burgers cold and "accidently" lock myself in hmmm kewl probably be very ehhh cold lol but your body just goes numb after awhile dosent it? and then your heart will stop after like 12 or afew hours Ok so ill get a job in burgerking or somewhere with a huge frezzer and do a late night shift then lock myself in ahhhhhhhh
30 Jan 2006 Dinkle Headbutting a sidewalk
30 Jan 2006 han gook sa ram fuckin die. with a razor to your rist after eating a hundred pills. thats the way i'd do it. fuck this world and fuck everything that sucks
30 Jan 2006 Marija Oh im 14 i dont know how i should do it but for liccle kiddies sit under the telly get your brother/sister to push it onto you and then wait
30 Jan 2006   Locate a high powered fully automatic rifle with 12 large capacity magazines. Locate full body armor, including a bullet proof armored helmet and leg protection. Design and build a bomb belt, Hamas style. Now for the target: Try hitting a group of people you hate. Why die alone. Bring with you, the many fuckers you hate. I would suggest a very crowded forum, like a school or goverment office (IRS office would be stellar). Just stalk from to room unloading on everyone in sight. Film the entire ordeal. (dont blow up the camera). Then when the cops arrive, just shoot it out with them. If you run out of ammo, are wounded, or about to be captured, let the cops get close to you and then blow up the belt. You would be famous for 50 years if you did it right. Now you are just a run of the mill deranged 13 year old with nothing more than angst. Turn it into a little infamy. Just a First Amendment thought for you.
30 Jan 2006 Alex Prestin I've heard tryin' to take yourself down with a bunch of painkillers and some liquor may cause braindamage should the attempt fail. True?
30 Jan 2006 Zoe When your parents are out, get the blender out and stick your hand in and cause you can die if it hits your veins, make sure it hits them. then go to the medicine cupboard and get out pain killers and anti depressants and any type of strong tablet and take as many of them and then go to your parents room before you die and hang 13 and want to give my dad hell cause he has lied to me about my mum for a few years. this is what im planning on doing soon.
30 Jan 2006 Barbara Always know there are other people in far worst situations than yours. Set goals for yourself and if you cannot comply with them, then maybe you were aiming too high, so lower then a little. There is always something to live for, even the slightest thing like your puppy is worth living.
29 Jan 2006 Curlz fuck it
best way to end ur depression is just
smoke weed and drink wiskey i was there once and wat happened i was introduced to weed and lots of it do it everything will get better just dont every carry it with you and only do it at a friends house and drink the beer around midnight , if you know how wiskey tastes like then you know it doesnt taste like much so just chug the whole thing down i did, then smoke a few joints, if you could stay that long up, and you'll feel like it was the best day of ur life, member eat soup before you do it cuz i didnt and i throw up all over my self.
29 Jan 2006 boltzmann I just wanted to say that the injecting air into your veins is probably the most painful way you can kill self. what do you think happens when the air bubble passes through your heart? heart attack (doesnt have to kill you the first time) then what you think happens when it passes through your brain? Stroke, convulsions, brain damage... might not be dead yet... air bubble goes round for a 2nd trip, who knows how many trips it might take before the end. I work in a hospice (a place where people go that are activly dieing) all death is very painful there are very few that die in peace most pass away with so much pain that they are given so much morphine just trying to make it less painful for them.

Dieing is not a good thing.
29 Jan 2006 maryam i am sick and tired of my parents blame me for everything that goes boyfriend hates me and my sisters are always yelling and screaming at me to do the chores.And all i want to do right now is end myself.And i will
29 Jan 2006 Kymmi Baggins Listen to your parents OVER and OVER and OVER again until the blood drains from your ears.
29 Jan 2006 Not importent I think your really smart, but seriously this is really fucked up specially for you being only 13. What honostly has happend to you to make you think this way? I like the fact that you think out of the box. I think about a lot of fucked up shit to and i draw most of it but not to this exstent. for you being a 13 year old dont you think you should be hanging out with your friends and doing normal things that 13 year old little girl does? Your growing up way too fast. You have some majore problems no lie. I admire the fact you can be different and think outside the box but this goes too far. You need help little girl and i know you know that. Use your ability of being intelligent for another use.
28 Jan 2006 nikol swallow a knife,
fall asleep on the ledge of a open window , or do what normal people do walk in the middle of the street and get hit my a huge truck
28 Jan 2006 CORY The way I'm going to kill myself is simply the best way to kill your self period. Take a hose of some sort, dryer hose or something along those lines that won't melt. Duck tape one end around the muffler of your car. Insert other end into the window of the car, take and cut apart a cardboard box, or use plastic to cover the rest of the open window and seal it with duck-tape. Grab the car keys, your bong, pipe, joint whatever you smoke weed out of and maybe a gameboy, then jump in the car. Shut the doors, turn it on, spark your bong, sit back and relax, you'll die a completely painless death, you'll simply fall asleep never to wake up again. Finally peace at last. FTW FUCK THE WORLD! PS!! REMEMBER TO COMPLETELY FILL THE GAS TANK!!!

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