Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Feb 2006 Catherine you really dont have to kill yourself i came on this site because i was considering it, i was reading Jakes notes saying that when he gets his gun hes going to kill himself DONT!! please im 16 and right now im going through a reeeally ruff time so much is happening to me and its all going downhill and to be honest i dont wanna be here anymore... at the same time i wanna be the one who's stood there in 10-20 years saying "ha look i made it, i got everything i deserved a good job and a great family" i wanna be the one whos stood there grining looking down on all those people who continuously put me down to make themselves feel better - imagine if you do that, imagine how alive you'll feel.. thats worth it please dont do anything stupid we need more good people in the world not just loose more, i think what everyone considering suicide needs (esspecially at such a young age) is support even if it is just off people on the net, sometimes its better they dont know the in's and out's to you so they're not so judgemental (i know at times just a simple chat with a stranger over something like msn does me the world of good) so please dont do anything like kill yourself THEY'RE not worth it - feel free to ask for my email addy or something im always willing to help :)
17 Feb 2006 Cimey Gadelha eating icecream die!
17 Feb 2006 anonymous :( i wna kill myself too...i basicali got influenced by my friend who shoplifts..n i did that 2day..i stole 2 tops..n quickly slipped then in2 my bag..n i was caught on camera..n i hve to tel my mum n dad bout this..cause they have 2 pay a 200 pounds penalty fine because of me. and i keep lieing to my parents about evrything...and..i feel so guilty..and i kno...after i parents will be sad for a few relieved that they got away from such a big pain in the neck..always annoying bf will find himself anotha gyal in a few mnths n he will be settled down with life..n all my other friends will gradualli accept it n 4get bout isnt reali gna hurt anyone as much as if i continue living...i dont deserve 2 live..i really dont...lyk rite now..i just annoyed my mum again cause she wanted my phone..n i didnt give much stuff lyk this..n even at school..all my teachers think im gna fail neway..n i dont work hard at home i hve aldready ruined my life enough..and hurt 2 many people by just living for 17 years...i dnt wna go any furthur in life and hurt any more people...killing myself would me much better than that.
17 Feb 2006 emma hi am emma and my life is so shite people batter me and just a few weeks befour xmas a got batterd off a gang of boyz and girls and i was all covered in blood i have compleatly lost confidance in my self aye dont ever go out anymore i have tried takin lots of paracetemol but they nrver work all it does is make me vomit all day i cut my wrists but then i have marks aye always wish i could die because everybody hates me and the boy that got me batterd of the gang says hes going to get them to do it again and dont say tell the police my mum has already foned the police about me gettin batterd but it was such a brutal attack that the C.I.D had 2 know about it and when am talkin to C.I.D i get all neveous and i dont get my story straight so please e-mail me back cause am really unhappy
16 Feb 2006 RCJ ok, how come the people who try to say everyone needs to get over it and tough out their lives rarely leave emails?
that's like throwing a flashlight to someone locked in a basement when the light switch is next to you...or something
for the people who admit life sucks, then why do we need to persevere? the one person who said it's all going to be wiped out is right - and the question they asked i've asked too: what is the point if it's all for naught?
how can anything have meaning, or how could that meaning be relevant?
and again, mouchette sends creepy emails after you you do need to make sure that what you're saying is valid enough to justify you posting it; if you won't put on email, then don't say anything
16 Feb 2006 eddie2725 die
16 Feb 2006 I h8 u dont. My friend ommited sucide and he was my best friend. we grew up togthr ad its never been thesame. Sh left m a note saying she wa on this sit. she rad all wat chris said and now he dead. thx thx alot.:(
16 Feb 2006 PLEASE DONT Why o u kids wanna kill ya self? Im 11 and i love my life. Think of ya parents how would they feel. I will cry if i reaized some one accually died on this site1
16 Feb 2006 lauren i think dat dis site is fukin sick mate! u all need to sort ur eads out n go to a counceller cuz u all need seroius help!! please please dont list 2 dis website its a load of bouloux n people who r tellin poeple how to die u sick ur murderers u all need 2 sort ur eads out apart from people dat actaully want to die please get out of tjis website quick b4 it brainwashes you! my grandad killed himself and it destroyed my family and i nearly lost my mother to it 2 so plase think and just remeber there is always sum 1 to help you!! please just get out of this website. PLEASE!
16 Feb 2006 ha ha losers Music & internet enhances people’s lives. But I think people who want to kill themselves are scumbags and don’t deserve to have their lives enhanced. Here is why:

Probably are stupid.
Your parents are ashamed of you.
Your friends think you’re annoying but don’t have the heart to say, “You can’t come."
You have cancer and don’t know it yet.
Even if you avoid WW3, the American military will eventually invade the country you fled to. Then you’ll either die, go to prison, or get bombed.
If your heart decides to take a break, you die.
The people in the other room can hear you masturbate and they find it appalling.
Your life is all downhill from here.
Two apes are going to attack you at a zoo and rip off your genitals and foot.
No matter how boring a reality TV show is, your life is worse.
You don’t have any money.
America trained mid-east soldiers who attacked America soon after. Then America invaded the mid-east to train more soldiers.
You have a 10% chance of ending up gay.
65% of the things said to you each day are a lie.

Those are just a few examples of why your life sucks. And all these things considered, to actually think that you have the right to feel good is arrogant and uncalled for. You should be miserable along with me and everyone else. Stop listening to music and surfing the net because you don’t deserve to. The only beat you should ever hear is your heart thumping in fear while you’re sitting alone in the dark.

Suicide posters voice makes just cringing noise that makes my butthole pucker.

I made a song about you wasters, hope you like it.

Get that song, stick it on your iPod, and loop it fifty times with your headphone cranked to the max. Each time you listen, it should be a refreshing reminder of how grateful you are of death and how blinded you were by the catchy tunes and “feelgood” lyrics you used to listen to. Stop believing the fact that life sucks
16 Feb 2006 losers I can tell most of the poeple here haven’t been open to change,you get cought in bad cycles and are afraid to try and escape. Your pesismistic and make things bad because of your aditude and unwillingness to change. YOU PROBLY DO HAVE CHEMICAL IMBALANCES, and if you don’t then your shitty lives are shitty because you arent trying hard enough to improve them your not thinking hard enough FOCUS. Contemptment is the only nirvana your ever going to find. Accept the things you cannot change work to change the things you can and your lives will improve. You will acheive nothing without goals, and goals cannot be acheived until you make them.PRESERVERANCE is the name of this game. If you kill your self you lose..
16 Feb 2006   First of all can i say you’re all fucking illiterate - if you’re not going to kill yourselves at least learn the english language, i assume you’re all American...
....but seriously, why do we do it?
This world sucks ass and there isnt much we can do about it, cause if you are contemplating suicide, you are probably depressed as hell and therefore, pure lack of motivation follows. So to be able to do much about wanting to die and not being so down about life and yourself, then you would need a lot more motivation then depression gives you!
I suffer from depression. It’s not my mind, it’s the way I am. However, life is worth living, no one really knows the reason for life. So don’t try and find it, just do whatever your heart desires. If your incredibly religious, this won’t work, but try anyways so you don’t have to feel bad about yourself....
Just curious, what could possibly be so awful that you want to end it? Are you in pain 24/7? Or are you all just a bunch whining babies wanting sympathy? FIRST RULE TO REMEMBER: NOTHING EVER STAYS THE SAME. Whatever problems you have today will be gone after some time passes. Instead of wasting all this energy trying to kill yourselves, invest it in a way to change the things you are so unhappy with.

RULE 2: EVERYTHING YOU DO HAS AN IMPACT ON SOMEONE ELSE. Ripple effect. If you kill yourself, you will hurt the very people you love and that love you. Is that what you want? If so, you are a selfish, inconsiderate person who needs to stop worrying so much about yourself. Try helping others. It will make you feel better about yourself.

Most of you who are unhappy feel like your world is beyond your control. YOU COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG. ONLY YOU CONTROL YOUR DESTINY.

Guest what is life? think about it... why are we all here? do we have a purpose?

they say that the purpose of life is to have a life of purpose. what the hell? sure we might have a great “purposful life”, but what’s the point when we’re all going to die anyways?

i don’t know if you guys know anything about science, but the sun is a star. stars don’t live forever. they explode. the sun is going to explode. and the earth will just be another charred result of it’s explosion.
so i ask u this.
what’s the point of life if all the progress, all the things that we have worked so hard for so many years to achieve,€ are gonna be gone right along with us?
Most people feel depressed at some stage of their lives, but for some the feelings are more intense and last longer. This type of depression doesn’t just ‘go away’, but there is hope when you realize that depression is a medical condition that can usually be treated. A doctor may prescribe medication or therapy or a combination of the two.
The important point is to seek help.
Depressed mood – most of the day, every day
Mood swings – one minute high, next minute low
Lack of energy and loss of interest in life
Irritability and restlessness
Disturbed sleep patterns – sleeping too much or too little
Feelings of worthlessness and guilt
Difficulty concentrating and thinking clearly
Thoughts about death and the option of suicide

I’ve been through it and I recovered - I know it isn’t easy, but I encourage you to seek help instead of a way to commit suicide. I’m not so sure the pain would end after death anyway - there’s no proof it would, so I recommend fixing the problem by dealing with it and trying to find a way back to being happy instead of trying to get away by not being alive.
16 Feb 2006 hello everyone Well, I read through most of the posts. I’m sure some of you are serious, and others are just trying to get attention. If you are a poster that is writting this stuff “just for fun”, SHAME ON YOU!

Reading these posts does affect me, just because I know a few must be real.

I’m 23 years old, and my life isn’t very peachy right now. I guess you can say that I’m going through a “down” moment in my life:
I’ve got NO friends,
I don’t have a boyfriend. I really want somebody special, but I haven’t even been in a serious relationship in years (yes, years with an S)
I’m working oh yes i am!!

So why haven’t I ended it all? I guess Tom Hanks said it right in Cast Away: “just keep breathing, because tomorrow might be better” (or something to that effect)

Let’s put it this way: There were a few instances in my life that caused me to think about suicide, although not in as much detail as some of you. All I have to say is that following those instances, something good would happen that made me thankful I never went thru with it.

Nobody is really happy all the time (unless they are on some kind of drug...). To really appreciate happiness, you must experience unhappiness some of the time.

Whenever I hear that somebody committed suicide, I always have the though “What a waste”. I can’t help it. Even though I don’t know the person, it does affect me.

For those of you in your teens, there is so much of life that you haven’t experience yet. Yes, some of it will be bad, but there is good stuff to come too. If you are having major problems with your parent(s), just move out or call a help line (they can help you find somewhere to stay and get help). Heck, you don’t want to go that route, then just run away! Whatever you do can’t be worst than suicide.

In your 20’s and hate your life? Change it! Leave your stupid job and go travel the world. Myself, I had considered joining an organization that help people in 3rd world country. Why? Why not... I didn’t feel I had anything holding me back here...

Single mom, dad stuck with a kid? It must be though, but the thought of having somebody love you unconditionally... well that doesn’t sound that bad to me (although, I will admit, since I’m not living through it, my opinion on this may not really count).

Wow, I guess I’m just babbling on here. I didn’t realize how long this post got!

If any of you are thinking about suicide, just remember, somebody somewhere loves you. You just haven’t met yet, and killing yourself will hurt them too because they will never get the chance to know you!

Take care
16 Feb 2006   For all you LOSERS having a cry, get over it and toughen up you are blessed being alive you have a gift - A GIFT!!! AND YOU’RE JUST THROWING IT AWAY! But seriously, toughen up.
16 Feb 2006 PEACE PEOPLE ok listen up people. you are all nuts. what do you think would happen after you die, you go to a better place. you might not. you all say your lives suck. big deal thousands of people have more serious problems than you and they live thruogh it. plus i don’t think there is an unpainful way to die. all i am saying is life is what you make. just if it isn’t good enough change it.
peace people
15 Feb 2006   Take all the tasty vitamine pill not knowing it was bad.
15 Feb 2006 hurt and alone i hate myself. all ive heard all my life is that oh your beautiful,and stupid stuff. my mom wants me to live out her dream so i am a model now. no ones cares about the real me, no one ever has, they just want to look at me and use me then throw me away, 3 of my best friends just commited suicide, they were the only ones who knew me. i just want to be with them. i cannot obtain potassium cyanide, but i have access to any drug basically,please someone tell me how i can do this without leaving the house because i wont be able to. just anything. i dont even know what to do. please help me. thanks.B
15 Feb 2006 Survivor I was just 14 when I tried to commit suicide. I'd been depressed for two years. I felt I had nothing to live for. I was so wrong, there were so many people that cared about me. It's the most selfish thing you can do, commit suicide, think about how everyone around you's going to feel. They definitely won't be happy about it, no matter what you think. I am still depressed to this day, my therapy is still going and I'm not cured, but I'm alive. Not happy, but alive.
15 Feb 2006 JaniNe je ne peux trouver aucun cyanure ou aresinic n'importe où ! ! et vous des types ne laissez vraiment aucune grande suggestions

pourquoi pas essai cette vue :
educate yourself
15 Feb 2006 Kathy what is the best way to kill yourself when your 43 years old? I have tried over and over to email you and I keep getting it sent back. Will you PLEASE email me so I have it right and can send what I have written? I need advice BADLY

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