Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Jan 2006 DeadManTalking Well it didnt work you fucking bastard.. btw.. wtf my ears have been ringing for hours when i popped my neck...Time to try drinking bleach.. If all goes well i wont reply again.PEACE"put your chin in your palm and your fingers on your cheek, with your other hand reach behind your head and grip your head just behind your ear-one quick motion snap your neck- fast..painless..and you'll still be able to see whats going on for 30 seconds (nerve endings) good luck"
31 Dec 2005 helper PEOPLE LISTEN TO ME!


please sort out your depression...

take care.
31 Dec 2005 get a life people How many times have you said this to yourself? Things just suck, people are stupid. are some methods of passing the time. They have been tested and proven to work.
1) Find Companionship
Yes One more time. Find someone. [ It's not as hard as you may think. Let me rephrase that. Get a life.. Or a relationship or find some friends.

2) Get a Job full time or part time.

Yeah, get a job. It's not as hard as you may you think. , there are jobs intended for your mind-set! you shouldn't have a problem finding a job. There are Generation X opportunities everywhere. Get a job that doesn't require a high school education. You won't have time to think because you'll be too busy taking from you Manager. Everyday you will come home exhausted out of your mind. You won't have time to worry about how much things suck, because you will just be grateful to God that you are not working..

5) Get a hobby or find a life..

31 Dec 2005 Just A Person at least 50% of people are capricious, selfish, ruthless, ignorant, cruel or aggressive and aren't worth the time of day.

45% range from pretty awful to so-so.

3% are not bad.

2% are caring, decent and intelligent.

we live in a world where spiritual values are seen as pointless and most ppl just want to grab what they can for themselves and don't care whose body they trample on in order to lift themselves up. If people minded their buisness then their wouldnt
be so much hate in this world

look guys this is the world we live in if we were all the same in life it would be boring..

hmm... if you hate everyone so much that you wish they didn't exist, why are you spending your time reaching out to tell us all about it? Get a cat... that's what I did (dogs are good too). He's the best friend I've ever had. I just tell him what I think of humanity, and then we drop the subject (he never has much to say) and go for a nice long walk. Maybe I'm a little crazy, but hey... I'd be a lot crazier and a lot less happy if it weren't for my cat.
31 Dec 2005 Just A Person So,you hate people? wouldn't you be lonely?...anyways,i know how you feel. Im just not a people person, sometimes i think everyone hates me.It annoys me,what about you? what caused you to think all these thoughts?
i used to hate people, but i now know that i shouldnt. like most of the other people i often feel frustrated by the ignorance or some and by the cruelty of others
yeah people can really suck sometimes but we should not hate them. everyone was raised to think and act differently so we should understand that some people may hate us just because of something that is natural to us. nothing makes us superior because we are all humans, regardless of how intelligent we think we are. so we should all try to stop being such assholes and either try to change the people we hate, or accept it....
People are and incredible pain in the bud - but not just that, but you can hardly ever make them disappear. So I came around and noticed that it's actually the only thing you can do to stay sane is really be not fond of most people - like 99.999999% because most pp really do not care about anything else but themselves, wage war, destroy the environment, are xenophobic, and a bunch of other -ism that make life rather miserable - capitalism being one of the worst considering people getting along with each other - and make us be like all those others with their -isms. Point being is though that we gotta live in this world, so if we would not occasionally hate people with our guts - sometimes feeling somewhat miserable about not bveing able to do otherwise - we will become stuck in a very horrible life indeed characterized by grey hateable mainstream - and I prefer being miserable to truly being horrible - it just gotta get out sometimes...
I'm with y'all on this one. I'm too old to be freakin' out like a teen-ager but you seriously learn that nobody changes and the ones who act the worst get the prizes in life...Why do these people keep bothering a person.You tell them go home,get lost and they still come to your door.I hate going to any kind of social funtion.People are idiots. Its like they were all born with the IQ's of bean sprouts.
31 Dec 2005 Emily Leary Cut you wrist intill you bleed to death with a razor blade then squezze it intill you bleed to death
31 Dec 2005 aaran selway i do not like green eggs and ham i do not like them sam i am antichrist ok turn ur fav band and cranck it up so u have something ur way b4 u die hang ur self and get a kinfe as well and put kro on it and lite it on fire and stab ur self u will be let a blaz play the the used i chough fire and hang ur self and dig ur grave b4 it u so do have some some thing 2 fal in 2 you have sand in you vigina jed robinson wants to know
31 Dec 2005 Abbie remember iv had the same done my dad was a perv social serveses helped me all the way my new family is great and my new sister an bro said i should become a agony ante cause im so good at this stuff i stoped 1 of my m8s killing them selves and shes 20 but the other 1 was to late he neva told any1 his problms and killed him self next to me it was horrible blood spuewed all over me thats not nice i jus cant get over it he even gave me a £200 ring saying sorry it had to be done and that he loved me i couldnt stop cry but helping people is helping me if u need my help email me on
31 Dec 2005 Abbie Dear everyone,
now i here that you may whant to kill your self or someone you know whants to or has and you need advice i can help!!! email me on and i should be able to help with in a week remember someone does need you in this world!! i need you!:-)
30 Dec 2005 Ashlee When I was 15 I took a bootle of anti-deperessent just to see what would happen. I pssed out in the tub and wake the next morning in a psych hosptial for attempted suicide. I don't think I can die. i've tried to many times with the same results. I mean hell I stepped in front of a car, got up and walked off as if nothing happened.
30 Dec 2005 Ashley I wrote in a story of what had happened to me in hopes that some one would read it and stop to think about what they wanted to do. I am highly offended that you would think that I was suggesting ways to kill yourself. I wathed my girlfriend die and I live with that image everyday. Not only do I live with this horrid image, but I also live with the regret I have from trying to take my life too. Every time I think of her, I feel let down and hurt and sad and angry... I get angry with her and I know I schouldn't. I get angry with myself for being angry with her. I know why she did it, and I know it wasn't right. The last thing I saw in her eyes was regret. Regret that she was hurting me, that she was taking her life... AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO ACCUSE ME OF SUGGESTING THAT SOMEONE HANG THEMSELF?!!! My girlfriend wasn't the only person I lost to suicide. My boyfriend hung himself because of his father. Suicide hurts everyone INCLUDING THOSE YOU LOVE, not just the ones you want to hurt. THAT WAS THE POINT I WAS MAKING!!!!
30 Dec 2005 doudou plusieurs solutions : °beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup de somnifère, ainsi on ets partit pour un gran dodo et on ne se réveille jamais, le rêve quoi..
° la méthode trash : un pistolet dans la bouche ou la tête (i parait qu'on a a pas le temps d'avoir mal)
° se trancher les veines, un bon coup de rasoir et sa saute, c pas ce qui a de plus douloureux, et comme la précédente forme, sa laisse du sang, on s'en souvient longtemps après....
30 Dec 2005 Akhilesh hang!!!!
30 Dec 2005 faeriebabe I cut myself. And sometimes I want to die. This life seems like it isn't worth living. But then I have to think of all the things I would miss. And all the people I would hurt. Think of all the great things everyone would miss. I can make a difference in this world if I try... And so can you. Don't kill yourself. If you truly want to be happy and have a nice life. You can. No matter what you have been through! I cut myself when I have no one to tlak to. So I think people usually kill themselves when they feel alone... But you have to remember, someone out there loves you even if you don't know who. And someone out there cares. And there is something better in store. You just have to believe and smile. Even if the smile is fake. Keep faking it. And one day if you work hard you will be happy. Make sure to help people and if you have bad self esteem focus on the beautiful things about yourself. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Everyone. And if you help people you will also help yourself. Make yourself a better person. Be happy. SMILE! just do it. No matter how silly you feel... smile. And if you need someone to talk to email me. Please take into consideration what I said. You are special and beautiful. Don't ever let anyone believe your not! xoxo
29 Dec 2005 nicole an overdose on pills
29 Dec 2005 YOUR PHYCOS Are you all fricking kidding me right now? You are so messed up. Why in the world would there be a website telling you how to kill yourself? If you all tried it .. wouldn't you be dead? You need a life seriously
29 Dec 2005 Katy Im actually 14 now, but I've been sucidal since I was like 11 and a half and I would say overdosing on a lot of medication is the best way to commit suicide. Because its painless.I've Tried it and you go like all numb. But as you see im still here only cause i unfortunatly didn't take enough.But ever since going to a hospital thanks to the school councelor, Im to freaked to try again but when i do try again no one will see the signs.
29 Dec 2005 bubbles What kind of question is that? people under 13 shudnt be thinking of doing away with themselves!!! whoever came up with this website is either sick or taking the piss or just strange lol but suicide is not a joke. It is terrible when sum1 feels there is no way they can go on in life, so they have to close the curtians and say goodbye to the world and everyone in their life for good. I dont think it is a selfish act. someone who wants to kill themselves has obviously reached rock bottom and is deperate for a way out, any way possible and they cannot see any other way then to die. So i suppose the best way to kill yourself is from a heart attack after orgasming during sex, what a great way to die. But DONT try it kids, if you get caught you may be put away for months like i was in an acute adolescent mental health unit not a very nice place to be when all you can see in the hospital is schizos worshipping the devil or thinking they are a disiple or a rock star and weird upsetting things. but worse still if you dont really want to die but try anyway you might end up badly injurin yourself for life. BE WARNED if you take any kind of depressant poison/drug/medication and the dose is not quite enough to actually kill but still very high you may be left with irreversible brain damage and become a vegetable forever. The most succesful suicides are the most direct like hanging and stabbing yourself in the heart. Ohh dear youll be dead before you now it anyyway as life is so so short you dont realise how quick it goes if you cant handle just afew years then ok go die now but only if your pain is immense.
29 Dec 2005 Jacob E well what you do is take a 9mm handgun and go lay yourself on your parents bed then shoot yourself in the head, leaving a huge puddle of blood. my parents put me through alot of hell im 13 right now im planning to do this june 6th 2006 because that is 6/6/06 (666) Fuck Parents! Antichrist Lives!

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