Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Feb 2006 rachel the best way to kill yourself is to tell your love good bye, and then your heart will die
27 Feb 2006 whitney WEll i mostly hear the same stories over and over again. Well im almost 14, and yes i do cutt myself. Yes i do want to die. I have NO reason not to kill myself. I really dont believe in god the more i think about it. I believve that its like believing in unicorns. Most people die cause there bf/gf broke up with them, or their parents abuse them or their life just plain sux! im not saying that my life is bad, i really dont care how good i have it,i just simply want to die. Why i havent I killed myself already? I ask myself that question everyday. If you have something more to say to help me more that "godly loves you stuff" then email me

thanks for reading neways...
27 Feb 2006 mel ...... i just found out that an old friend that i went to elementry and high school with commited suicide 2 days ago.. all i know is that he hung himself in his garage. I just have one question what do people think before committing suicide????? I would really like to know so please write back
27 Feb 2006 gigi I'm not sure what's the best way to kill oneself, but right now, i feel so much frustration and feel extremely unfulfilled in my life. People like gossip, people like to hate others behind their backs, people like to pretend... Well, i'm tired of pretending. Yea i made stupid mistakes and i wanna take them back, but i can't and i won't. But don't pretend u like me and make comments just to avoid me. Don't think i'm a slut cuz i like to flirt and have fun. why make stupid accusations when u don't even know me? why can't u see that i'm just trying to enjoy my life before i die. sometimes i wish i had enough power and strength to stand up to you. to prove my innocence... but i don't cuz i care how people see me, even though we pretend we don't care what others think, in truth, that's the most important thing here cuz w/out each other's support or lack of support, we aren't able to function, which is really sad. i wish i wish... i had as much confidence and ability to be happy w/myself to not let others see how much vulnerable and unhappy i am... don't know what to do...
27 Feb 2006 Alyssa i am 14 and i have tryed to kill my self. i started at 11 years old.i know what many of you are going though if you are thinking about or have all ready tryed to kill your self. E-mail me i have tryed a lot of times to kill my self if you need to talk or tell some one your problems i can help you. don't be afraid to e-mail me.
27 Feb 2006 jimmy Hi im 13 and, im addicted to herione. my mom is also , she is the one who got me into it,and my dad does coke. everyday, me and my mom stick ourselves up with these neeedles and i love it but, we have no money left and i havent had a shot for 3 days!! im going fucking crazy. i took 3 botles of tylenol in one day and i still couldent die, me mom tried to kill me cause i told her to but she couldent, the knfie wasent big enough!! rite now, im living off cockaine and im going fucking nuts. i need help.!!!!
27 Feb 2006   Please help gunna kill myself and i slit my wrists. im very depressed and angry, because everyone hates me a school, i hate my mom shes a stripper and i hate her for it..i get harassed at school by guys they touch me in certain places, which i dont like..i live in the most smallest trailor, in a trailor park that is ghetto, and everyone thinks im on drugs..i hate even my closets friends..i get bad grades cause i hate my teachers..i want to kill myself cause all i do is cry all day please help me my parents make me go to consuling but its not and isnt gunna help me i just need to die, so i cant hurt anymore..
27 Feb 2006 Matt I have read all of the letters and notes about killing yourselves and it brought tears to my eyes. It seems that each one of you is trying to fill a void in your life with either drugs, sex, school or pain. That void is really unfillable, what is needed is Jesus. He is that one person that will pay you attention or want you to be around when no one else does. He is the one that knows the pain of peircing the wrists and the cutting. He knows becasue he has gone through it, I am going to do something that I have never done before and that is give out my phone number online. If any of you would like to talk please call me and tell me what you are going through, there is a way out because Christ has already paved that path. Feel free to call me. 423-255-5792
27 Feb 2006   People considering suicide can call a crisis hotline to talk to someone about it. In the United States, they can call 1-800-273-TALK or 1-800-SUICIDE to reach a trained counselor near them.
27 Feb 2006 Grace Bourne Bash yor head against a metal door until you collaspe
27 Feb 2006 READ THIS KEWL IDEA your actually encouraging people to commit suicide its imoral. you all absolutly pathetic and selfish pricks. do you know how lucky u are to actually are to have a life.your encouraging people to throw it away.
life is not a fuckin piece of rubbish u can throw away its a privilidge !!!!
As for u retards with familys i cant believe ur even thinkin about it ur all selfish spackers who onli think of yourselves and dont desrve family's no matter how fucked up they are ! do you not actually realise that people who have cancer have there lives snatched away and u people dont even have the decency to live yours so wot ur havin problems we all do lifes full of them deal with it and move on dont think that i am just some freak thts havin a go ive lives through problems lyk any other person its not any reason to waste your life over wen other people are limited on the time that they have left ...
-as for u CHICOMAN ( whoever the fuck u are ) if your so poor etc how the fuck can u afford a pc
-KAY KAY -your sick in the head go seek help or a counciller or summit cos uve seen way too many movies

27 Feb 2006 Sophie Can't you justify asking that question? Shouldn't it be whats the best way to save yourself when you're under 13?
27 Feb 2006 † razor kissed † everyday i wake up to a black world hoping that things will get better but they never do. In my heart i have been dead for so long i have lost the meaning of life i see no reason to live anymore all i see iz black and grey skies i can't remember the last time i smiled i have blead so much blood i could drown in it i have been holding on to love but it keeps on saying no i just dont know wat to do anymore the anwser to all my questions is death so before i leave this black world i just wanna let every one no that u need to die a decent deat..suicide xoxo rachel add me
27 Feb 2006 amy stab yourself or hang yourself i feel like doing that now
26 Feb 2006 Anonymous2 if you want to slit your wrists do it, but if you want to do pills don't. You'll come round with half the inteligence you had to start with and wish you had it all back. I did.
26 Feb 2006   I wouldn't say even if I knew.

Can I say this to you people.
If you aren't found, flies will lay maggotts in your stomach.
26 Feb 2006 Snakeman If your searching out for help with your suicidal tendancies, from your friends, your family or even on the net. Dont fol yourself any longer. Speaking to someone or even therapy will never change the fact that you've been hurt. Whether it be a fist, a finger or even a dick, it wasn't meant to go so deeply inside your tight little pooper. And uncle Joes big toe should have never been near your little pre pubesant genitals. Even if you pussy looked like a piece of cotton candy covering a paper cut. Suicide is a great escape from all this pain, even if it hasn't happened to you yet. Spare yourself. My pesonal favorite recomendation is to paper cut your whole body, then roll yourself down a hill of hereoin ( Ratsac can be used as cheaper alternative). This seemingly painless yet highly effective method has proved itself as a number one method time and time again amongst most of my old friends. Remember Life sometimes just aint worth it. Take the Snakeman death roll into consideration, you'll be remembered that way
26 Feb 2006 Melissa Reed Hey guys... I see alot of you have put things up about needing people to talk to. Like I've said... I'm always open to talk to someone. If you need anything... just send me an e-mail or instant message. Here are my e-mail addresses. Yahoo - and Hotmail - If you want to IM me on yahoo.. just take off of it and there ya go. If you prefer to call me... just message or e-mail me and I'll give you my number... I live in the US just so ya'all know. Hope to hear from you soon.

26 Feb 2006 Batmna Best way to die?
Take a air needle(Used to blow up basketballs `n shit.)

Put that into your vien. That inhale. And exhale into the needle.
26 Feb 2006 woman you ppl are idiots

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