Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Jan 2006 Duane Have a barbeque in your bedroom. Charcoal is stuffed with healthy monoxide for the growing depression. If you feel hungry while you're waiting, you can get up and have a hotdog.
19 Jan 2006 Confusion with a K "Better Days" by Thrice (8)

What's the use in hoping
when you always get let down
what's the use in smiling
when all you wanna do is frown
I'm drowning, in a sea of hate-filled eyes
and she's screaming
but no one hears her cries

People shove me down
they're coming from all sides
and as I look around
something just don't seem right
I feel so all alone
though the people inundate
I see no joy or desperation
only senseless hate

Is anybody hear to see a band?
Did anybody come to hear a song?
Does anyone believe in magic?
Is anybody here to sing along?

Is this the same scene
that I used to think I loved
or was I just naive
and were they always out for blood
I've seen better days
19 Jan 2006 Confusion with a K Well, one way to try to make everything better. lie. lie about it all, to everyone even the people closest to you that actually trust you. but fuck them, no one understands, no one gets you. thats right, my life is a joke. everything ive been through, any type of pain its all a fucking joke right? well i hope that youre having fun with this and i hope it makes u feel good knowing that all that fucking kept me here was you. well not nemore, not after this. you dont mean what you say, its bullshit, just like everyone else. yeah im here for you i understand. yeah right fuck you. theyre all the same. i cant fucking wait for the day i get out of this hell and just leave you behind, leave everything i ever loved behind and move on.
19 Jan 2006 Jessica My name is Jessica and There is no best way to kill yourself I will let you all know there is HELP OUT THEIR. Both my brother and my father have killed themselves. It is not the way out. Many of you dont understand and dont know how to get help. I can help you. You are put on this earth for a reason and you need to stay on this earth. I will help anyone that needs help please give me a chance to help you just email me or im me at Please dont do it
18 Jan 2006 fucking a i've read somewhere that asprin makes you here atari noises. If you're gonna overdose, save up your allowance and get some good shit, like contact cold and flu or more potent, over the counter shit, yanno. But i told you fuckers before, hang yourself with a thick 2-inch rope, at least, 'bout 10 feet from where the rope is attached to the limb or whatever to your neck, now the limb etc. etc. etc. has to be strong, so jump up and down on that fucker to make sure it'll hold you, from a 10 foot drop, and do away with yourselves, ya buncha pussies.
18 Jan 2006 fucking a Oh yeah, quit posting here looking for help or like "felicia the great" posting stupid ass shit! :-0. You people all suck and have my permission to do away with your worthless existence.
18 Jan 2006 fucking a If you're a parent of a 13 yr. old who wants to kill themself, then you should kill yourself cuz you're a shitty parent, ya dumbfuck, afterall, the only reason you have to live is your child which wants to kill themself.
18 Jan 2006 Zombie You know what? ...Why don't we all give mouchette a big hug!
18 Jan 2006 Zombie Jessie said...

"The best way to kill yourself is to overdose on anti-depressants or a bottle of asprine. Do it at kleast 1 hour before you go to bed. That way no one will suspect anything."

Asprin will not kill you. You will get vary sick and throw up. But it will not kill you, and youl probobly be under suicide watch for a preaty long time.
And if you take enough of them you might just suffer from enternal bleeding, which is alot worse then dieing. =/

Also it deppend on the depressent you OD on not all will kill you. And if you fuck it up just right youll suffer brain damage, or other terible problems.(But you wont die, you'll have ot suffer.)

Good day. :)
18 Jan 2006 Forever gone Thank-u people... u helped me so much... at 5:00 this arvo... wherever u r... say A prayer for me... coz im gonna leave this never ending hell whole called life... so thank u again... u gave me some ideas on how to die... i think i might go to school and hang mysefl from the monkey bars!! maybe slash my wrists verticaly to add to the affect!!!!!!!!!!! love from Zenna
18 Jan 2006 dave Guys im just in here to encourage u. I am 13. Try to tlk to god and it makes u feel much much better. Whenever i feel sad or lonely i just talk to go and i feel a whole heluva a lot better. And belive me suicide is not the awnser. The sad but true truth is ... u go to hell. Try going to church once in a while and ull feel much better!
18 Jan 2006 Hello, my name is craig, i am not here to tell you whether suicide is right or wrong, but i am here to try and help those that want it. If you want porfessional advice on suicide or any other problem email me at
18 Jan 2006 Jay hi guys, i feel like commiting suicide cuz of my ex gf im 16 and ive been with her for 3 months, i fell inlove with her so much, at school and home i get abused by everyone being racist and i got beat up alot at school , ive never had anyone to talk to and i dont know what to do.when i found my ex gf i was so happy with her she made me feel really wanted and loved, she left me andwent with someone she met 1 day before, she then left him 4 days after and of me begging her to be with me and she went bk out with me, i had been with her for 1 month after that and she got pregnant, i was so happy, i know i was young but i was thinkin i do have a life. she had to move to her dads for a while and i got upset and we argued alotso she left me again, she now says she loves me but doesnt wana be with me, i went to see her tonight for the first time in 10 days and she was talkin to me and she said i had to go cuz that guy was coming to her house , the guy she left me for to begin with, it is now 11 o clock and she said that an hour ago, everytime i try to talk to her now she doesnt listen she argues with me i dont know what i should do, everyone is sayin forget her but i cnt cuz im so inlove with the girl, i was wondering if someone could give me some advice to either get her bk or help me move on and forget bout wanting to commit suicide, thx for listenin, jay
18 Jan 2006 Miss K To all you searching for a way out;

I was 13 a very long time ago but having read a lot of the posts on this site its become evident that being 13 now is not comparable to being 13 when I was young. Suicide had never crossed my mind back then and yet now I toy with the idea, even though society will dictate that being older and concequently wiser, I would know better that to think in such a way.

But I want to point out that the notion of taking my life only plays in my mind, deep down I know that it will never happen. Its merely my mind giving me an option so that I dont feel as if I dont have any. You know that feeling of beign trapped? Where every possible thing that can go wrong does, and nothing that you say/do/think is good enough for those around you? Well, during such times teh best think to do is give yourself options; think what you can do to get yourself to stop feeling in that particular way. one of the options should be suicide, ideally the last. You see, the more options you have, the more it beings to feel like a plan...a map if you will. A map that can guide you out of your hour of darkness.

And as you emerge from that place, bear in mind that suicide is an option. An option, but not the path.
18 Jan 2006 sas look if you look at it this way:
1. how is there a god
2. when your dead your dead, there is no heaven, a long blank dream, can u remmber 1700's? or maybe the 1300's? exacly it was all non-existant. thats what you will be feeling when you commit suicide, think about that, dont waste it, wait until the day comes. and then have the long blank dream for eternity. wasting at 13 means wasting 13 years. your parents having to feed you, water you and love you, now your going to do this for them, they are going to be so proud of you, not!
at least live some more of your life and see what the results are then before handling with thi type of situations. if your one of those poeple "oh, they got 5 dollars more than me, im gunna go hang myself" that is what most of the problems are, little things like that. so the desicion is up to you. (ps desicion is spelt wrong)
18 Jan 2006 sacha l'ennuie
18 Jan 2006 anon a blender
18 Jan 2006 real girl Why do i want to reason just want too make the best of it and die when i choose to, not when i have to. Lifes a bitch and then you will suck it up people. You wont ever get another chance lifes a bitch and then you will die..........perfectly true words kill yourself if you can and fuck the rest of the world............go get high and drink till your not you anymore then who knows this message is aload of i making any sense atol?????? No no no no no im not why why..........ill tell you sick in the head and wont ever want to be a rational normal is a bitch............for me atleast..........but what can i do about it?

Nothing i have you know nothing i is what you make of it is my mothers famous saying........dont really like the saying but what can i do?? She ses she knows best and that i wont ever have the guts to kill myself..........maybe she is just hoping and praying and wishing and laughing at me...............who knows...........dose anyone???

No i didnt think so i dont why would she or anyone else, this message has gone to pot.....fuck it and fuck her and fuck them all ill decide its my life and my choice and ill say what i do and when i die!!!!!!!
18 Jan 2006 Jane Calvert go somewere it is quit and take lots of pills. if that doesn't work drown yourself. Or slit your wrists and not live for a change
18 Jan 2006 Kurt Cobain My shotgun is in my mouth right now and in a few minutes my computer will be covered in blood and brains. Life is Shit, Bye

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