Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Mar 2006 *broken princess* i rlly want 2 die
evry thin gos wrong
ma bf just dumped me
i cant stand it
evry 1 h8s me and ther is no 1 2 talk 2
04 Mar 2006 Andrew Personally I think u shouldnt kill urself cus even if u are convinced that u could never be loved by anyone my love killed herself cus she thought that i hated her but I tried so hard to keep her from killing herself she overdosed on pills Before any of u kill urselves think of who u will hurt and all u will miss out on PLEASE DO THIS I am 13
I also think that if u kill urself ur a coward cus u shouldnt run from ur fears never give up
04 Mar 2006 The Bitter End. Out of curiosity, why is that the vast majority of people who post on this site are barely literate?

I can understand a few typos, the best of us mess up at times. But fucking Hell, I've never seen such abuse of the English language.
04 Mar 2006 sandy o guys if u cant tlk2 ne1 talk to a cat or dog or an animal that u own
04 Mar 2006 sandy hey
O my god guys like come on first of all i just wanna say that 80% of ye that are on this site wont commit suicide, bcos if ye were then ye would have done it alredy. people on this web site are prob about my age 16-18 and for a long time i was thinking about commiting suicide but now as i think about i laugh and think to myself like how stupid i realy sounded, i couldnt tell my parents bcos i have always found them hard to talk to but instead i talked to my dog (sounds kind of stupid i know but it worked cos im still ere 2day amnt i) rite now i cant even remember y i wnted 2 kill myself but it was prob sumtin stupid! I think its absolutely appauling how some of ye people encourage people 2 commit suicide! how do ye slep at nite????? well ok i no tat i no none of u and i will not judge any of ye bcos in person ye cud be realy down to earth people but if ye need a person to talk 2 i will b always there!!!!

Chat ye all l8s

lots of love
sandy x x x
04 Mar 2006 hannah I think you are crazy to commit suicide. dont you know you will go to hell. (sorry i have to eat my words because i was suicidial)
04 Mar 2006 death angle slit your rists with a sharp knife or raser blade.
04 Mar 2006 Rachel well i'm only 13 turning 14 in a few days and i luv your site i think the best way to kill yourself is to hang yourself or shot yourself in the head i tried drowning myself once it didnt work.
04 Mar 2006 Christian Wheightman steal your mom's car, get some dockage line (rope) and tie one end to a telephone pole and the other end you put around your neck. Sit in the drivers seat of your mom's car and drive as fast as you can away from the terlephone pole. This will rip you head off and smash your mothers car and possibly do enough damage to take out some other people or people's possessions
04 Mar 2006 paul i h8 my life ma girlfriend recently left me her name is karla she was the best thing that happened to me i am always happy when i speak to her but i am to ugly for her all her m8s say she can do better but now she can coz she dumpd me so im writing this to say how much my life sucks and even ma fukin parents h8 me im ona have to go my wrist is hurting and the blood is dripping on my keyboard i have to end my life i cant take not being wiv her she dosent think i will end it but i will i promise u all that and my way is to shoot myself quick and painless
04 Mar 2006 YUCK this is a fucking sick fucking perverted site..
04 Mar 2006 A PROBLEM TO Mouchette,

There seems to be some problems with your web page when i click on suicide kit i can't seem to log in anymore why is that???

not that i am really really bothered i just wish i could read these posts to fill in my fucking boring days.. dont work either..

well what the fucking hell is wrong.

are you doing some fucking work on it or has it been taken down for good..

how did i write this you say.
well i got in though cauche on sucide kit..???????????????

so what the hell is wrong??
04 Mar 2006 sammy-jay look im in no position to talk but ive been cutting myself for just over 5years now and if i could get out of it now i would, I live near cliffs and that. i have been sucidal now for ages and i just want people to know you are not alone. im thinking about killing myself. shit loads of things have gone on. But i look at it this way....if you have only just started cutting or burning wateva self harm try and stop while you can!!! I mean im only a 17year old girl now. I cant see a way out of this shit and ive coped with it for the past 5years but i can only take so much of it now. My bessie mate has just started. Her mums got cancer!!! how do i deal with losing my best mates mum who im so close to... by cutting. Fair enough my arms arnt that bad but they are bad enough for people to notise themand to be upset. People think my arms are bad but im used to seeing them they dont look it through my eyes. if i could make someone think 2ice bout doing it then i would. If ya ever wanna talk then give me an email on and ill get back to you as soon as i can. But just think long and trely hard before you do anythink!!!! please
04 Mar 2006 rachel hey holly its your mate rachel thanx for your help so far..umm seriously if ur having problems talk to this chick shez cool i can talk ar well its
04 Mar 2006 Lana jump from an airoplane and "pretend" the paracute wont open
03 Mar 2006 -x-Damaged-Soul-x- I need help. My sky has dimmed, no more colour in my life. and im alone, again. he doesnt understand that i would gladly die for him, and my parentts dont understand that they should shut up around me. my friends just dont get it and no one understands. i spend hours on end wishing the posseser of damned souls will come to take me away from here. Death Is Freedom.
Hi, im melissa. and im sick of life. im gonna turn 14 on march 29th, and ive been suicidal since i was 11. The first attempted suicide was a attempted overdose, i took 9 pills within a 14 hour period. And i had to go see a psycologist (more like psyco-ologist, dont u love that word...) And tthat really didnt work, and ever since then ive been cutting myself. On the side of my arm, and on the wrist. I really just want tto die, i dont want "attention", like my dad is convinced, i want help. So please, if your good at advice, or whatever, please email me or if you have msn add me. (For email make the subject Suicide Help, so i dontt delete it.) Thank you so much. Just help me, im so scared...
03 Mar 2006 before you commit suicide you should read this i really wish that people who are saying: all yo self-hating cry babies/ emo shits get over yourselves would just shut up! ive been suicidal for probably the past three years, and i knew that my life wasnt really that bad, i just didnt see anything good in life or anything worth livivng for.

just about a week ago, i was talking with my aunt and she told me that both her and my cousin have attempted suicide at least once in their lives.
also i recently discovered that depression runs in both my mom and dads side of the family.

now i realized that i think i probably have a chemical inbalance in my brain, and that my sucidal feelings/depression are just genetic.

although i still do want to commit suicide, i feel like im on my way to getting better, because ive finally realized that maybe its something i cant help, and that i should probably go on an anti-depressant. i also just discovered (about 2 weeks ago) that my mom, dad, and sister are all on anti depressants, and that my sister was also suicidal earlier this year. i definately think that before you commit suicide you should try medication. my aunt told me that shes had many highs and lows before and a few suicide attempts, but shes so glad that she is still alive today. she said that once she found a combination of anti-depressant pills that work for her that her life has been so much better.

***dont think that anti-depressant pills are just happiness in a bottle, or that theyre giving someone fake happiness or altering their personality, because theyre not, anti-depressants just make someone normal. They correct the chemical imbalance in the brain that makes you depressed, so they arent causing like a fake happiness, theyre just making the chemicals in your brain normal, and balanced. So, you can still be sad when on anti-depressants, because happiness is really what you make of it.

Also, anti-depressants are not the answer for everyone, because sometimes the promote sucidal feelings, in some people. and some people are depressed without a chemical imbalance.
03 Mar 2006 lizzy for all you people who are like: ohh kids who want to commit suicide are all emo, they're all so fucking gay, they think the world revolves around them, and all that shit. well its not true.

i want to commit suicide, because i know that im just making everyone elses life (including mine) worse. im a very self destructive person, and ive been ruining my life and the lives of everyone i love since the age of about 10. im kinda a burden and i just think that it would be a lot easier for my dying mom and sister and brother and dad if i wasnt here. i mean im basically the reason for every fight in my house. and the fact that i dont have any friends is besides the point, because i would never commit suicide because i have no friends, i mena friends are what you make of them.

oh and im not some emo shit or anything. i just want everyone else to be happy.
03 Mar 2006 vous ĂȘtes vraiment un inconscient doublĂ© d'un con dangereux
03 Mar 2006 laura bring the people you are closest to, to a cliff, explain it aint there fault and you love them. THEN DIVE :'(

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