Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Feb 2006 sad and misrable i'm not sure the best way, but i think i'm goonna try an overdose of sleeping pills. i'm 12, but misrible. i'm visually handicapped and get treated like crap. i dont think suicide is rite, but i've had enough. its not good 4 a site 2 support it tho. i dont no if i'll do it.
26 Feb 2006 xoxoxox overdosing hasnt worked again, i spewed everything up after it knocked me out for over 12 hours, my dad doesnt no whats wrong with me and i plan to keep it that way its better so he doesnt worry... he has to much to worry about at the moment no one has time for insane stuff like this i mean it i want to die its the only way i know but how to do it????????? i want people who have hurt me feel the pain while i do i want their heart to rip into tiny pieces these people deserve to die but yet agian i take the pain.
25 Feb 2006 Somebody that hates Go to school with a gun of any kind, and kill everybody you hate and some that you dont know. I recomend the football team and cheerleaders. When the police come they'll send in a SWAT team. When you meet them, point your gun at them and and shoot, in about 1 second you'll be filled with so many holes that it will be hard for anyone to remember that you existed.
25 Feb 2006 The Bitter End. No, really. This site is asking for ways to kill yourself and yet when you suggest one, it gets put in the "cruel jokes" section. It's not a fucking cruel joke to suggest destroying the medulla oblongata. It's not even funny.

So here is another suggestion for anyone who's realised this life is ultimately pointless and wants out.

Firstly, dropping an electrical appliance into a bath full of water will only cause the fuse to blow. Don't try this unless you want to look like a twat (which is inevitable in most suicides, but this won't be a suicide. It won't even be an attempt. It'll just be you looking like a twat.)

Generally, unless you're professionally executed, hanging yourself will be slow and unpleasant, resulting in a state of hysteria induced by adrenaline as you try to free yourself. This means that you'll die wanting to live, with scratches on your neck from where you tried to claw yourself free. Your best bet would be to tie a tight, firm knot at the back of your neck, and drop from the highest possible point.

When taking pills you're likely to be discovered and have your stomach pumped, meaning that you will not only survive and have to deal with the embarrassment of not even being able to kill yourself properly, but you will also probably die an incredibly slow and painful death from liver failure in the coming weeks. This is not suicide, nor will it be recorded as such, so any attempt at a political or personal statement will be forgotten and instead all the tabloids that cover your story, should they care at all, will simply bitch and moan about our NHS.

Solpadeine and aspirin can be dissolved in water. Do this, and use the solution to wash down the strongest pills you can find.

If possible, take Beta-Blockers. These will dramatically thin your blood, and used in conjunction with the above mentioned solution and a nice deep gash DOWN your vein, should kill you good and proper.

I would not suggest simply slitting your wrists however, as it will make you look like an incredibly inane cunt when your body does what millions of years of evolution has allowed it to do, and the platelets in your blood form a scab.

This is not a "cruel joke". Emos are a cruel joke and, paradoxically, the most deserving of this kind of cold hearted advice.

Good luck.
25 Feb 2006   hmmmm...i would have to say tell ur parents, and then they will come up with a real good plan!!!!
25 Feb 2006 John Smith In my late teens and early 20s I wanted to end my life.

But it seemed such a waste! Everyday I see on TV people who just want to live, but have't got the opportunity to do so.

And committing suicide is so pathetic really, when you consider all those poor Rwandans who just wanted to live.

Our society only allows 2 honourable outlets for suicide: asceticism and the duel. And the former is really out these days. Even the latter may find itself outlawed, the way society is going.

Then it struck me: an honourable, glorious way to end my life and make my mark on the world at the same time would be to seek death trying to save poor Africans who want nothing more than to live in peace but are finding themselves at odds with a howling crowd of machete-wielding maniacs.

So I have devoted my life to gathering a group of like-minded people - we need about 1,000 - to prepare ourselves for the next Rwanda (we're not ready for Darfur, I'm afraid).

The funny thing is, now that I have a purpose and direction, I am starting to want to live...
25 Feb 2006 B will everyone Wake up! and stop this stupid ridiculous thinking pattern!... if youre being abuse confront the twats or take it to the authorities! ... if your parents are alcoholics tell them to give their miserable selves a kick up the arse or your off to live with foster parents who can treat you better... if youre being bullied... tell someone!.. get the police if need be... dont waste your time with suicide... im a heart transplant patient and i believe life is an amazing gift ... to have the simply pleasure of tasting a can of coca cola or watching a film on tv in itself is a priceless oppurtunity.. understand where im coming from?? what do you all mean theres nothing to look forward to?? open your eyes and think about these things... im on meds every 12 hours but to recieve air not to fight depression.. yes ive suffered from it but i delt with it on top of a cocktail of hospital visits and treatment and i know you all can to without tablets... or bullies or rapists or arsehole parents who cant see past the end of their own noses.

i wish you all well for the future
25 Feb 2006 McKenzie playin the "Knock out game" u press on the bak of ur neck and ull pass out
but, if no one is presssin u tie a rope around ur neck and stand with the knot on that spot on ur neck. press ur bak against the dresser, u will pass out and then die from lack of oxygen
25 Feb 2006 Linn Please help me I am 12 years old and I am suicidal. I started like this because I had been raped for about many years by my uncle until I was 10 years old. Then problems come more and more to me and I just can't take it I cut myself today with a razor blade and I black out for a couple of minutes but then I awoke. I even tried drowning myself. I need Help.Please I need your help before it is too late.
24 Feb 2006 xoxoxox i dunno why i am writting here, maybe its cause i want to say goodbye to someone but have noone to say goodbye too. my parents divoreced well my mum left my dad for the guy down the road and seperated me and my 3 lil sisters.
she then kicked me out so moved in with my dad and turned everyone against me all my friends made up lies so i get abusive emails and msgs from the people i use to trust. i have try cutting my wrist and then always someone like my lil sisters walk in and i have to cover it up cause they chould see anything like that. i have try overdosing 3 times ready to lay the and die but it doesnt work i want to leave this world no one believes me
24 Feb 2006 bob my names bob n im 13. ive been thinking about suicide for the past couple of months but even more so yesterday n today. mi g/f dynisha dumped me n i realy realy loved her i just get so confused. i wana die but my friends franny n rose keep trying to stop me i already tried to kill my self on christmas n 2 weeks ago. i have hardly no friends most ppl r nice to me cause they feel sry for me im always made fun of n i feel even worse then shit. if there is ne 1 out there who can help me plz plz do
24 Feb 2006 Does it matter? I don't know what the best way is but somedays I wish i had the balls to find out. I totally agree with what Anonymous had to say and I just want to add that it doesn't get better.Just because we get older doesn't mean things get better, in fact they can get worse. Life just doesn't give you a break. My friend told me the other day some people are here for good times and others have shitty lives full of pain and there is nothing you can do about it. So if anyone knows how to help the days go by faster or less painful let me know. Already know about drugs and alcohol and about having faith, anybody else?
24 Feb 2006 Felix alexander loeher Dear Mrs. "Mouchette",'s me felix i need to kno soemthing... why did you start harraseing my sister.. she said you did and now i have to do soemthing about it..i wish to kno your true identity. one of my sisterss says she knows but i would like you to tell me. i am felix alexander loeher, i am a writer poet and artist
24 Feb 2006 Amanda I am nineteen and was suicidal for most of my life for many different reasons. Believe me when I tell you all that things do get better. When you're depressed and feeling like killing yourself it is very difficult to see the good things in your life: the friends who love you, the family that cares about you, or anything else that may be applicable to you. There is an organizaion called The Samaritans and I have found them to be very helpful in those difficult times. Just email them at as many or as few times as you want. They won't speculate on your situation, but they will talk with you and, most importantly, listen. You can also go on the web and find their phone number to call. Also, I will extend myself to you if you feel you want someone to talk to who has survived suicide and knows what it's like to feel the way you do. It's okay; you're not alone. There is always someone somewhere who is willing to help and to listen, even if that person is initially only a stranger. A few of my emails are,,, or I am always open, but I would recommend The Samaritans over myself because they truly were helpful in my most desperate times of need. Love and Blessings.
24 Feb 2006 Regan Take a pill overdose. You feel no pain at all. Otherwise, if you want to die a painful and disgusting death, run outside, wait for a bus or truck to come pass and then jump in front of it.
24 Feb 2006 dave option 1) If you dont believe there is anythin after this world, then whats the point in killing yourself? fuck the world, go have some fun. do whatever u want, whatever makes u happy, dont care what people think.

option 2) if you believe in heaven and hell, then you'll know that suicide is the mortal sin, and if you kill yourself you will go to hell. Do u not agree hell will be worse than here? no matter how bad it is here, hell will be worse. so stay here as long as possible, maybe it'll get better, maybe not. Whatever happens, its not as bad as hell

When i was 13, i watched my granda kill himself, had seen a woman getting raped and both my parents died within a month of each other. shit happens, it seems bad, but theres always people worse off than you.

I was in africa last summer, and i was workin with kids that had absolutely nothing. no home, no food, no parents, no education, nothing. you all have houses, food, everythin you need to live reasonably comfortably. there are people worse off than you.

my advice, dont kill yourself. it's not gonna solve anythin. it'll cause the ones you love pain, and thats not fair on them.

find somethin your good at and enjoy, i found rugby. Join a club or team, make friends with people that like the same stuff as you. they'll help u through.

24 Feb 2006 Spring Hello all you people, The best way to deal with life's problems is to look all around you and look at all the people who would like to live but haven't got a chance. Do you people watch the news? How many people were shot in Iran yestarday out of civil war? How many starving kids in Africa dye because they have no food? How many people died when the roof of a market collapsed on them in Moscow?

If you have a chance to live, think of how you can help alleviate someone else's pain and make the world a better place. Don't be all conceited thinking about YOURSELF!!!! Its most selfish and it does not rewars. Spend yourtime serving others, Helsping those who are weak, volunteer in community projects and Smile..... Someone will smile back at you. Cheers!
24 Feb 2006 anon im 18 years old. everyday i wake up depressed. i am addicted to weed, and spend just under £100 a week on the stuff. i am in around £3000 debt with various credit card companies. all of this with no income to rely on. my girl friend left me for a 15 year old boy, which could be funny to some people, but it really hurts. i live alone at a university where i have absolutly no friends. worst part about that is, i have to pretend to people back home, that everything at uni is fine. i have thought about suicide many times, but wen i do, i think, whatever happens, things WILL get better, because god will see to it. im not a religeous person, but i ask you... please, do not take ur own life. things will get better. also think of who else ur death could effect, and dont be selfish. please don not do it
24 Feb 2006 Harry Pubes Firsst of all y would u want to die when ur under 13?? If ur that pathetic ull never make it by the age of 20. Go ahead kill ur fuckin selves. Go ahead and die. Nbody likes u dumb mother fuckers and ur gothic ways. Actually nvm im feeling like i wana die 2. I got raped in the ass yersterday cause i was overdosed and some guys took advantage of me. And when i went to the hospital i was so embarased that i told all the nurses to fuck off and to just kll me. sO TODAY I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF DUE TO ALL THE EMBARASMENT ALL U MOTHER FUCFKERS GAVE ME. aND UR GUYSES MESGS EVEN MAKE ME MORE SUICIDAL... i HOPE TO SEE SOME OF U GUYS IN HELL bye
24 Feb 2006 Hardcorepawn You have to go out with a possitive KD ratio!!! kill more people than you will get killed by so infact kill 1 or more people and you wont be a complete n00b!.....Don't get me wrong i want you all to die but try to take out some other before you do.

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