Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Feb 2006 Amanda I am nineteen and was suicidal for most of my life for many different reasons. Believe me when I tell you all that things do get better. When you're depressed and feeling like killing yourself it is very difficult to see the good things in your life: the friends who love you, the family that cares about you, or anything else that may be applicable to you. There is an organizaion called The Samaritans and I have found them to be very helpful in those difficult times. Just email them at as many or as few times as you want. They won't speculate on your situation, but they will talk with you and, most importantly, listen. You can also go on the web and find their phone number to call. Also, I will extend myself to you if you feel you want someone to talk to who has survived suicide and knows what it's like to feel the way you do. It's okay; you're not alone. There is always someone somewhere who is willing to help and to listen, even if that person is initially only a stranger. A few of my emails are,,, or I am always open, but I would recommend The Samaritans over myself because they truly were helpful in my most desperate times of need. Love and Blessings.
24 Feb 2006 Regan Take a pill overdose. You feel no pain at all. Otherwise, if you want to die a painful and disgusting death, run outside, wait for a bus or truck to come pass and then jump in front of it.
24 Feb 2006 dave option 1) If you dont believe there is anythin after this world, then whats the point in killing yourself? fuck the world, go have some fun. do whatever u want, whatever makes u happy, dont care what people think.

option 2) if you believe in heaven and hell, then you'll know that suicide is the mortal sin, and if you kill yourself you will go to hell. Do u not agree hell will be worse than here? no matter how bad it is here, hell will be worse. so stay here as long as possible, maybe it'll get better, maybe not. Whatever happens, its not as bad as hell

When i was 13, i watched my granda kill himself, had seen a woman getting raped and both my parents died within a month of each other. shit happens, it seems bad, but theres always people worse off than you.

I was in africa last summer, and i was workin with kids that had absolutely nothing. no home, no food, no parents, no education, nothing. you all have houses, food, everythin you need to live reasonably comfortably. there are people worse off than you.

my advice, dont kill yourself. it's not gonna solve anythin. it'll cause the ones you love pain, and thats not fair on them.

find somethin your good at and enjoy, i found rugby. Join a club or team, make friends with people that like the same stuff as you. they'll help u through.

24 Feb 2006 Spring Hello all you people, The best way to deal with life's problems is to look all around you and look at all the people who would like to live but haven't got a chance. Do you people watch the news? How many people were shot in Iran yestarday out of civil war? How many starving kids in Africa dye because they have no food? How many people died when the roof of a market collapsed on them in Moscow?

If you have a chance to live, think of how you can help alleviate someone else's pain and make the world a better place. Don't be all conceited thinking about YOURSELF!!!! Its most selfish and it does not rewars. Spend yourtime serving others, Helsping those who are weak, volunteer in community projects and Smile..... Someone will smile back at you. Cheers!
24 Feb 2006 anon im 18 years old. everyday i wake up depressed. i am addicted to weed, and spend just under £100 a week on the stuff. i am in around £3000 debt with various credit card companies. all of this with no income to rely on. my girl friend left me for a 15 year old boy, which could be funny to some people, but it really hurts. i live alone at a university where i have absolutly no friends. worst part about that is, i have to pretend to people back home, that everything at uni is fine. i have thought about suicide many times, but wen i do, i think, whatever happens, things WILL get better, because god will see to it. im not a religeous person, but i ask you... please, do not take ur own life. things will get better. also think of who else ur death could effect, and dont be selfish. please don not do it
24 Feb 2006 Harry Pubes Firsst of all y would u want to die when ur under 13?? If ur that pathetic ull never make it by the age of 20. Go ahead kill ur fuckin selves. Go ahead and die. Nbody likes u dumb mother fuckers and ur gothic ways. Actually nvm im feeling like i wana die 2. I got raped in the ass yersterday cause i was overdosed and some guys took advantage of me. And when i went to the hospital i was so embarased that i told all the nurses to fuck off and to just kll me. sO TODAY I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF DUE TO ALL THE EMBARASMENT ALL U MOTHER FUCFKERS GAVE ME. aND UR GUYSES MESGS EVEN MAKE ME MORE SUICIDAL... i HOPE TO SEE SOME OF U GUYS IN HELL bye
24 Feb 2006 Hardcorepawn You have to go out with a possitive KD ratio!!! kill more people than you will get killed by so infact kill 1 or more people and you wont be a complete n00b!.....Don't get me wrong i want you all to die but try to take out some other before you do.
24 Feb 2006 blah I got abused every day at home , beaten up etc verbal abuse 24-7 . Then i worked every day to get into a good school , parents decided to go to the school and say i had a nervous breakdown because of the schhool etc because i did badly in my first year exams for no apperant reason which was a complete lie and resulted in me leaving ang going to a shit school were i got bullied for 6 years , every day all day , had my head set on fire etc constantly . Purely because people were weird in that school and did stuff like that , later on it was because i had insomnia as a result of all the crap and previous bullying and so i would go into school completely drained like a gimp , i still managed to pass all of my exams with 1 days revision completely by myself for each test . Then i got my shit together and got my lfe back together was out of the shitty school 4 summer , everything was going well , then i got drug raped by multiple people and nearally died , didint tell anyone about that , but none of that stuff phased me because nothing at that point could because as long as my life was going well and i was going to win in the end i didnt care what anyone did , then my own brother and his friend found something on me / made something up and blackmailed me with it , i thought about it all day every day and let them treat me like shit and my education fall appart , then he attacked me and there was a limited defence by me because the blackmail was all i was thinking about and that fucked up my face completely and has given me brain damage . Blackmail still hanging over my head education etc all gone for fuck all and now i might even get expelled from school just for being later in the mornings even though they let people get away with gbh so live doesent always get better and as far as im concerned u should get on with your life no matter what has happened in ur past as long as it isnt actually ruining ur life now and even if it is if there is some end to it or way of ending it then do that eg bullying sexual abuse etc can all be solved.
24 Feb 2006 The Bitter End Why did my suggestion get put in the cruel jokes section? You asked what the best way of killing yourself was and I told you, with no allusion to humour. But if it's cruel jokes you're after, I've got plenty.

For example, do as the Romans did;

Stick your hand up your ass and keep pushing through until you come to you heart. Give it a bit of a yank and there you go, problem solved. You'll die with your arm lodged amongst your internal organs. How's that for a fucking joke?
24 Feb 2006 Clémentine When I was 13teen, i use to personalized cheezy TV host! While i was smoking crystalised pieces of sparkelling dope that i ordered over the phone, i felt cheap! I realized that i..... (always me, yes, of course!)smoked myself and my problems at the same time; but at least; i'm from montréal!!!!!!So ... the beast way to kill yourself when you'RE UNDER 13teen is..,.TO WIRED YOU TO some INTRAvenous TV programs that fits with yours cocaicainecoco caineeennne cocainne habits and do it excessful.. hearth attack for dummies... 514-302-1102. Call me!!! (I'm from montreal!)
23 Feb 2006 cant say i have killed my self 20 000 000 000 000 times before but a priest keeps on resurrecting me in world of warcraft. lol. you stupid fucking retards you guys embarras me
23 Feb 2006 Anonymous Hi, anonymous here again. After over dosing on pills, and cutting my arm. Nothing good has came about except for more pain. I've realized pain doesnt go away when your trying to hurt yourself. Pain is within, depression. Im twenty three years old now, about to turn twenty four this March and Im not looking towards anything in life anymore. I dont know where to turn to, who to talk too. I dont wanna be on any meds, my family thinks everything is okay cause they only see me on the outside. I just live day by day, hoping maybe God will take me away from this earth. How do you find any light out there without killing yourself or being on medication that only make it worse.
23 Feb 2006 Melissa Reed No matter how hopeless things may seem, there's always another way out then killing yourself. If you're posting that you want to kill yourself on here... you're obviously wanting someone to talk to. I know I don't know who you are... but as soon as you start talking about me... I care about you. The more I talk to you, the more I'll care. If you need to talk to someone, feel free to e-mail me or instant message me at If you really need someone to talk to, I'll give you my cell number so that you can reach me whenever you need to. It can't rain all the time... all you have to do is wait it out and the sun will shine.
23 Feb 2006 sam i don't believe anyone under 13 should be even thinking about suicide. People at this age should have at least 60 or so years to live. You don't know what will happen in the next 5 or 10 years, let alone the rest of your life. What appears to be f***ed up now won't necessarily be the case in the near future. We all have problems. No one's life is perfect, even the rich and famous. It's just unfair that someone's issues are more serious than those belonging to others. Beleive me i know that life can be a B*tch but you have to stay strong. i know that this is a bit of a cliche, but life in itself is really already a profit. You are your last hope and if you take your life away then you really do have nothing left. People who suicide often feel neglected, missunderstood, unloved, hated ad even outcasted. You aways have something to live for, despite feeling like crap a lot of the times. i'm sure we've all seen or heard of someone suiciding,and then have their family members and friends grieve over their death. IT'S one thing to hear about it, but its a totally different thing to bring that kind of lasting hurt to someone you care about. Even if you feel like your family doesn't care about you, then think of your friends. Think of the people around you who have given you a good time, even if it was very short. As long as there is someone in your life who will care about you're wellbeing, you have something to live for. I know that when people suicide, they usually don't do it to hurt others, but that is the reality of what you are doing. Life has its highs and lows, don't let your most depressed times blind you from the possibility of have a better life. Pain is not a permanent discomfort. However, the hurt of lossing someone who you care so deeply for will live on for the rest of your life. So don't impose such pain onto people you give a dam about. Don't ever think that your life ends with your death. For you the pain may have numbed, but for others the hurt of not ever seeing you again is only beginning.
23 Feb 2006 felix woah sweet i like this website its like...redish.. my birthdays on sunday too im turning 17..yay i got some new cds some new phone cards and i got an awesome new gun its all goldish and shiny...ohhhhh so shiny.ya i agree im a retard but still who the hell cares i like donuts and life is worth living its like woah im alive..than one day you die uh oh im dead ya..i think ive lost it but just about alllll of my message is pointless im bored and i found this site i typed in one of these boxes erlier for the hell of it to help you but now im bored so i have no idea what the hell im bableing about. oh well you can be happy in life and why have i neevr heard of this movie called mautorh or however you spell it? hurray for um donuts and stuff life is like an hourglass sipping trough like wine trough glass.
23 Feb 2006 matt lee run onto the freeway during peak hour, or "fall" off a train platform
23 Feb 2006 wigwong fuckin grow up and get over it.
23 Feb 2006 Sick of the World If you want to make the news and be a total embaressment on your way out you could always duck tape 20 road flares to your chest and run screaming through and airport with a garage door opener in your hand.

Sooner or later someone will empty a magazine into you. I would.
23 Feb 2006 hope Always remember:
"somtime in ur life u will find someone, hu will turn ur world around,and pick u up wen ur feelin down"
23 Feb 2006 anna im here for help:im here to talk to for real if ne one needs someone. many people need help on here and it aint a joke.

will people just stop being nasty.
many people on here are serious and are looking for help. U need to ignore poeple who are immature sayin things like "y are u on here u would of killed ur self already" because what were they doin on here in the first place?
im 16 and im sick of people sayin o ur allk fucked up and shit.
people need serious help on here and allot dont make it better. im here to talk to for real if ne one needs someone. dnt b afriad to say ne thing to me.
will people just stop being nasty.
many people on here are serious and are looking for help. U need to ignore poeple who are immature sayin things like "y are u on here u would of killed ur self already" because what were they doin on here in the first place?
im 16 and im sick of people sayin o ur allk fucked up and shit.
people need serious help on here and allot dont make it better. im here to talk to for real if ne one needs someone. dnt b afriad to say ne thing to me.will people just stop being nasty.
many people on here are serious and are looking for help. U need to ignore poeple who are immature sayin things like "y are u on here u would of killed ur self already" because what were they doin on here in the first place?
im 16 and im sick of people sayin o ur allk fucked up and shit.
people need serious help on here and allot dont make it better. im here to talk to for real if ne one needs someone. dnt b afriad to say ne thing to me.
im 16 and sick of people sayin things like "oh if u were on here u would of killed ur self rite now" because what were they doin on here in the first place.
many poeple need help and allot dont make it anybetter. talkin about it helps trust me. its what helped me. x

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