Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Jan 2006   fuck all you fucking emo bitches stop posting here for attention. thats all your doing it for. if you really were depresed you wouldnt talk to anyone, you would just kill yourself. shut the fuck up you fucking emo bitches
27 Jan 2006 Ljay Ok guys, here's the sad truth... i never realised just how fuckin difficult it is to kill yourself... for example, death by overdose.. it takes approx. 5days to die by paracetamol poisoning and a similar statistic for anti-depressants. Thats if your successful.. Hanging yourself is even harder cos you could end up just swinging around slowly suffacating whilst your eyes pop out of your head... slitting your wrists can go wrong, you'll just feel faint and make a mess.. gasing yourself can cause combustion and blow up half the street.. theres even records of people surviving jumps off tower blocks.. the human body just DOESNT want to die!!!! Because lets face it, thats not why we were put on this earth. We were put here to suffer, whimper, moan, bitch and complain about everyhting.. including how fucking hard is it to die! So lets face it guys, were all gona die eventually, so lets just wait our turn till the big man up high says "right, tis your turn to pop ya clogs and go join the rest of ye family!".
27 Jan 2006 RCJ Here's my official opinion of crappy methods to do oneself in with:
no antifreeze, as it kills slow through kidneys
no aspirin OD, slow through liver
no air in vein, as it would hurt bunches and take a lot of air
no strangulation unless it's all the way blocking breathing (unless you can wait through pain for aneurysm
most cutting is out, unless you've done research for arteries
jumping off high place...depends where you land
electrocution, shock must cross heart
even some gunshot wounds to the head are non-fatal, causing only brain damage to certain areas
the chances are against us
i have high hopes for more powerful drug OD, drowning, hypothermia, or carbon monoxide poisoning from car/furnace. Still can't beat cyanide though, but who can find?
oh and just so you know, mouchette is a freak if you give your e-mail...
27 Jan 2006 claudine simms I think u r the most disturb person alive, i think u should be dead already because u r so disturb y u dont use those ways and get rid of your self so the world could be a better place mad man r woman u should be ashame of yourself do something better with your skills like help kids to overcome depression and encourage then to talk to others about their problem.
26 Jan 2006 Megan When you're under 13, killing yourself shouldn't even be on your mind.
26 Jan 2006 Mouchette ahahahaha I have looked all round this site and came to the conclusion that no one has taken mouchette's name so i will be the first and only one to steal his name and be the master of this site since i will be the new mouchette hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26 Jan 2006 Jess Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to seperate us from the LOVE of GOD that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
-Romans 8:39
26 Jan 2006 leah the best easyist way to kill your self... ANY TIME... etc is well

this damn thing is just so... i dont no but realy, i came 2 dis site to find a quick way to get out of this world. this damn sight made me realize how stupid i was... and how much help i needed... and i hope everyone on this site takes this to hart. i no i m no theripists... (cant spell sry!!!!!! i maybe only 14... skrew it!) but anyone in my same position can talk to me ... email me etc...
26 Jan 2006 shea run up to the most biggest baddest guy in school and hit him right in the face and say his mom is a big fat agly ho and kick him and lay down netx to him and hand him a knife.
26 Jan 2006 kk nullifire cover your self in seal carcasses and jump into the polar bear exhibt at your local zoo goodbye
26 Jan 2006 mia oi u lot are sick!!! under 13 and wanting to end your life ??? are you crazy... i am 16 and i have a great life... wen you feeling down dnt threten your life..commiting suiside is selfish... think of your releltives and family ..
26 Jan 2006 Heather How dare you think this is a game! People are really killing thereselves because of this website. You think its just a game? These are children who have lives that have a meaning in this world. I just can't believe that there is so much evil here. These little children have families, friends, and a future. Life is a gift given to you. YOU make choices on how to live it. If you think nothing but negative thoughts, then most likely you are a negative person. But if you wake up each morning trying your best to do your best. Then it might just turn out to be a sunny and wonderful day. I know that not every day isn't going to be happy just because you think it will be happy. But every person in the world has bad days. It's just how you handle them. If it just gets to painful and you don't think you can make it and you need someone to talk to. E-mail me at Your lives are to precious to just throw away. I will be here for you!
26 Jan 2006 lub i think the pills are ok because they look like candy and u can have so much fun with em.
25 Jan 2006 Johnathan Wut r diffrent reason for killing urself?
25 Jan 2006 Still that cunt Hey everyone, it doesn't matter if you fuck up at school! The world doesn't only need doctors and lawyers, someone has to dig ditches and un clog the sewer system. Your parents tell you that you could be anything you want your whole life, and sooner or later we all realise that we only have a certain amount of intelligence and a certain set of skills to give the world, some people are nuclear physicists and some people take your garbage away. Don't look down on people who have a "lesser" job or responsibility than you, without these people the world would stop running(maybe not so bad, but i'm misanthropic(sp?) anyway so I wouldn't care) You probably won't be an astronaut or a rock star, most of us will simply never have the drive to accomlish something like that. Someone is always going to be smarter, faster, stronger, whatever than you, so get over it. It's not easy i know, but once you do life is so much easier. But hey if the stress does get too much then you can just gas yourself in a VW, worked in WW2!(very un PC i am, ooooh) Peace! No, War!
25 Jan 2006 Amy The best way to kill yourself when you are ANY AGE is to get on this God forsaken website... I know all of you children on here are hurting one way or another but I was watching Oprah tonight and there is another... many websites out here like this very one that get into you young minds and help you to take the life that you have just begun! Myself I am 29yrs old, I have been through hell and back and then back to hell again and again and again and I have made it through and now have a beatiful family and if I would have acted on my teenage anger, I would never be where I am today! There are 2 step in getting your life on track and #1 is to get off of this fucking website! whoever started this is very sick and needs some help!! #2 is find someone you trust, if you dont have anyone, please feel free to email me, I am no concelor but I would be more than happy to take time out if my day to talk about whatever you want to! Just please guys... dont ever get on this site in your life again!!! It is very sick!!! You are better than this!
25 Jan 2006 Ryan This Is the most unsatisfactory way to Go on this planet! I would rather Die in my sleep than have to go threw the hardships and the various ways of plotting your own death. Why must everyone think that wanting to kill themselves will solve everything for you, it doesn't you ever think about your friends, family, Co workers, those are the ppl that care about you even you might not think because you are in a fuck the world state of mind even though you might be reading this right now what ever age you are, Live your Life. If you weren't mean't to be here you wouldn't have been born... Please this is not the way out seek help .. you never know down the line you could be that some-one to start a movement that could change everything but, this is me just speaking my mind the 1st amendment and which gives the right for this person running this site, give insight to youth about the various methods to commiting Suicide .. if you ask me i think all these sites shouldn't even excist ... life is hard and there are hard-ships but this is what we have to face and builds us up to be stronger individuals....
25 Jan 2006 a person how respects life my god forgive you. you must be relly hurt and disdurbed to create some thing so worped.
25 Jan 2006 dope chick The human body is alot harder to kill then you think its not easy people have been known to survive after falling from the highest heights and ended up in a neck brace. Poor buggers and slitting your wrists well its a very hard way to die as you have to cut incredibly hard and even if you do cut deep enough an cut an artery alot of the time the blood will just stop flowing naturally as your bodys trying to protect itself. I know its shit wish there was a dead easy certain way of doing it.

Noone wants to risk ending up paralysed or losing the use of their hands of somthing. That would be a tragedy I want to die but i honesty dont know if i will i have the best way that i can think off in my hands but am scared that if i take them all ill panic and start hyperventillating like i always do and call the hospital myself and if i dnt then i might hav a heart attack and b in pain for hours before stopping breathing. Iv turned into an alcoholic and even alcohol dosent make things any easier. I hate my life its all rubbish. P.S If anyone has any good ideas for the best way to kill yourself then plz tell me, thx!

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