Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Mar 2006 Wendy Well here I am again.. I cant stand my life, i dont get to have anytime to enjoy myself I pull off a 4.0 at high school. I work really hard at work which I tend to work 20-30hrs a week plus school plus home work plus babysitting my nieces. I am also in the prosses of learning how to drive picking a college and trying to have fun. Lately I have been feeling extremely lazy I cant eat and I have constant headaches. I have no friends who care and my family doesnt care. I even asked my dad if i could drive his car to kill myself and he said no because he doesnt want me recking his car! I am finally saying goodbye to this world.. i have lost my faith in god i have lost evryone i loved and my goals seem soo out of reach i know ill never make it. I am here to say to u all hope u had a better life than i.
11 Mar 2006 vix Sometimes suiccide can seem like the only way. I've been through some stuff, you know, my mums been married 4 times in my lifetime, 2 of the people she married beat her until she couldn't move, one of them abused me, there were several times when we had to leave the house in the middle of the night just so my mum could escape a beating. After my mum became an alcoholic and used to take everything out on me. I got bullied at school abd like got 'whipped' with headphone cords and etc. I did get to the point of wanting to die but I'd always think about what I'd miss out on if I died. although life may be shit at a particular point in time you have to remind yourself that it won't be forever, there will always come an oppurtunity to escape, I moved away with my best friend and my relationship with my mum has got better. Now all I worry about is my weight coz my friends anorexic and sometimes I feel guilty about eating because I'm overweight. At the end of the day I'm glad I didn't kill myself because I would have missed out on living on my own, and getting to the age where I can legally drink, and I would have missed finding out what love feels like and so on. If you do what to commit suicide just have a good think first, make sure you definately want to do it because once it's done, it's done. Try and talk to someone if you can - your family, your friends even your teachers etc because even if you feel completely and utterly alone you'll be surprised how many people may care for you. I'm not saying suicide isn't the answer but sometimes there can be a less fatal solution. Try and wait it out because life is valuable. xxx
11 Mar 2006 Lisa M take an overdose of your mother's contraception pills
11 Mar 2006 qwerty Horrific!! absolutely horrific!! your site should be made illegal and shut down
11 Mar 2006 max.ruzo l'ingiurgitation massive par voix rectale de petits sablés sec de mamie.
11 Mar 2006 Emily I dont know anything any more. Im 15 and I have a disease which could make me paralysed. Lets have a fucking party. Im bored and depressed and it sucks being alive but is death the same as life but just.....more? Is it worse? I doubt it. I want to kill myself but I dont wanna hurt my family. Thats the only reason but at the same time I wanna just be a little bit selfish. Just once. Just for myself. If u wanna chat 2 me my msn is I wont judge you or try to persuade u otherwisw. I will just listen.
10 Mar 2006 chris fartsalot The best way to kill urself is to cut ur wrist with ur dads razor, my friend did it and i found him dead with a note saying: No more pain.
10 Mar 2006 Nightfall Hey people. If you want to kill yourself don't use advil or things like that. It only ruins your liver and instead of death it's more likely you'll be in a hospital for two to five months with a dying liver. Sometimes the liver recovers sometimes you get a transplant and other times you'll die after six months. If you want to wait six months go ahead but I wouldn't want to wait longer than a not even an hour. And also don't try bashing your head into a brick wall. That doesn't work either. Most of the stuff mentioned here doesn't work. It only prolongs the pain and suffering. Just remember that.
10 Mar 2006 deJamoRt You are already dead.
10 Mar 2006 Already Dead Tu es déjà morte.
10 Mar 2006   i hate my life no one cares or even likes me im the ugliest faggot yull evr see i asked my mom if she would care if i committed suicide she turned away lafing
10 Mar 2006 thomas Si tu as reellement 13 ans, ce dont je doute, il est normal de t'interroger sur ce qui peut inciter certaines personnes à tenter de se suicider ou à mettre réellement un terme à leur existence.
Les cas de suicide d'enfants non pré-pubères sont heureusement extremement rares, en tout cas en France.

Mais demander à donner des conseils "techniques" à des enfants pour se suicider me semble relever du plus grand mauvais goût si tu as 13 ans. D'autant que tu ne peux savoir comment des enfants de ton age pourrait appréhender ce débat, qui se situe à la limite de l'incitation au suicide; illégal en France mais certainement "toléré" dans ton pays.

Si tu es bien plus agée ou que des adultes qui se proclament certainement tolérants et permissifs soutiennent ta démarche, cela releve à mon avis de la bétise la plus consternante.Je ne tiens pas être grossier.

D'ailleurs le contenu de ce site entièrement dédié à une fillette (virtuelle?) est caractéristique d'une pathologie narcissique avancée.
Dommage que ce site si esthétique ait un contenu aussi glauque.

NB: merci de ne plus m'envoyer de photo de fesses nues par mail. En France, les enfants n'ont pas non plus légalement accès à la pornographie mais que les Néerlandais sont ouverts d'esprit...
10 Mar 2006 Roxie WEll im 13 so im not under 13 but any 1 i have had a shit life since i was 5 i got bullied wen i was 5 for a couple of yrs had no friends went to counciling wen i was 8 i slited my wrists at the age of 10 i stoped counciling cos it didnt help i had to be teached how to make friends and now ive lost them all because my best mate has spreed rumours about me got all my mates to hate me im being called names my mum moved out in september 2005 her boy friend is a manic depressive and left her 10 times and she has accept him back every time my dad allways shouting and me ive tried sucide a viraty of ways including cutting my self overdoeses jumping infront of cars drinking surical spirit suffacation and drowning. I toulkd my ex best mate (the 1 who took every 1 from) to come round my house and kill me she just laughted and called me names so i put some wire round my neck and pulled on it every time she said something i ended up falling to the fround but not dieing >:(
10 Mar 2006 NONE The best way to kill your self
is to cut your body by part and then
if your still alive you can cut your head off.
10 Mar 2006 The Bitter End. People come here and say that OTHER people are ignorant, OTHER people cause you pain, OTHER people ignore you, and so on.

Call me old fashioned, but if your beef is with other people, why are you killing yourself?

Kill every fucker who looks at you funny.

Then kill yourself because you can't live with the shame of knowing that other people had that much control over you in the first place.
10 Mar 2006   People are not born with hate. People learn hate. I believe that there are only two emotions - love and fear. Some people view this as good and evil. at birth with an
abundance of love. Children are innocent and know only love. It is the evil, the fear that rules the earth that teaches us to hate.
If you were really full of hate, you would love what we have done to each other. You would find strength in the wrongs of the world, not Disillusionment in the wrongs of the world. If you were truly without compassion, you would rejoice with the
state of things.
you all care more than most people but are not certain about how to express it. The mental anguish that you feel is
based in your own fear that you will not succeed in vanquishing the evil that surrounds us..
To be strong warrior, you need to put your own fears aside and find an outlet for your love. This might be some social cause that is important to you, it might be working with the poor or the environment.
Regardless, there is some outlet there for you and the world needs you to take your place.
All people are many different types.
10 Mar 2006 Dot I'm sick of stupid ignorant people who make this world hard when it doesn't have to be........
10 Mar 2006   Hello. I am an adult. I came across this site accidentally while trying to browse for sites to help lost and throwaway children living on the streets. I had a good home and family growing up and probably never even thought of suicide, especially as a child. This site brought tears to my eyes. It is amazing what our race of human beings does to other people all throughout the world and then I come here and find such sadness and sorrow inflicted upon one's self. I pray for you all. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Talk to someone. Go to someone. Call a hotline. Pray. Buy a pet. Do something. ANYTHING other than kill yourself. There is no best way to kill yourself EVER.
10 Mar 2006 Paige Hehe. Some people may say it doesn't work, but, tons of my friends have done it. What you do, is simply find a couple of bricks, or find a patio. Go to the highest point that you could possibly get to. Try and get right over the bricks or patio, and litterly throw yourself down, head first, into it. It'll break your neck, and makes a pretty picture of blood, organs, and brains all over the place. Hmm...and yet..I think we used too much red...Oh well! Still perty! =D
10 Mar 2006 Lola Take a bunch of pills just a wild guess?

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