Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Mar 2006 Holly This site is making the human race decrease day in day out.incase no one has noticed life is so precious there are ppl out there with cancer who would gladly live.i no life can get rough and i no its hard to hold on 2, iv been there and done that and realised what iv got in life that some ppl dont.if u think to urself things will get better if u have a little faith in urself im not religious or anything!hold ur heads high and say to the world and this site ha iv fuckin pulled through iv proved u all wrong,iv made it and u can.just think of the future and what good things there are to come a family a wife/husband.theres more men and women out there than u all think there not just one love.if u kill urself uv cheated on life coz life is the most important thing in the world.if u feel stressed punch a cusion or write it down and when uv pulled through u can show the world wat u went through.and u can help others.i really want to help all of u coz u deserve life please email me on listen u only get one shoot at life make the most of it .xxx
02 Mar 2006   i want to die, i just don't have the balls. i can say that i just to get out of this life. i can't imagine continuing

01 Mar 2006 mckenzie ummm im real i am typin here. my birthday is on like...the 4 of march! YAY ME!!!!!!!!! ummmmmmmmm i think this site is pretty cool....but honestly, if ur 13, y would u want to die?! there is so much more in life worth livin for! u shouldnt judge life by the sad moments! "Judge ur days by smiles; not tears, count ur age by friends; not years"<-my favorite slogan. Please, dont cut urself, if someone is hurtin u, call 911 or get help!
01 Mar 2006 louise your 13 at least give your self untill 21....see how u feel then,so much can change u never year u could be the happiest person in d world!i was 13 and it was shit,but it got better.your so young please try fight a few more years,
01 Mar 2006 eve lane if u are considering suicide,and you are religious, read this. you may be in pain right now, but you can always turn to jesus. he wil ALWAYS be there for you i promise . he loves you, and killing yourself is a sin. the real pain comes after death, when you are being burned for eternity, by the horrd fire of hell.97% of suicide survivors say they ARE glad to be alive.i wanted to commit suicide, when i was about 14. I was raped, beaten, hit. i have had almost every bone in my body broken. i grew up with abusive parents. my dad raped me many times,i would say about twice a week and 4 times when he coulnt find any other girl to make love to. he was an alchoholic. he used to let his friends come over, and rape me also. he just watched and smiled. i just closed my eyes, and tried not to cry, just wishing it was over. my mother used to beat me.she shaved my head, and made me go to school with ragged dirty pants, and a holey t-shirt. everyday. i didnt get to eat lunch..,or breakfast or dinner for the matter, i was a loner, i had no friends.i have scars from the beatings. just something to help me remeber what she put me through. it started when i was 8 years old.i have 2 other sisters, and a brother. they didnt even know what was happening to me.i got to sleep in a room, but on the floor, and it had no lights , carpet,windows etc.i was to scared to tell anybody, because they both said they would kill me if i ever told anybody. about 1 year later, child services came to our house, my mom and dad cleaned up very nicely.they acted like eveything was perfect. i even got to take a shower, and i got a new shirt, and my jeans washed!i also got my nails done!after that , they started feeding me again, but i still got beat, and didnt get to take a shower or anything.and i got raped. i turned to god for help. i prayed everyday. when i was about 14 i got my period(late for lack or nourishment)i still only got to eat once a day, and never had thise clothes washed, unless somebody called child services in me again. i always said everything was ok, and i liked it here, bacuse i didnt want to die.anyways, i got my period, and i went home, and my parent saw, instant beating, and i didnt get to wash those jeans either. i had to go to school with a big blood stain right in the croch. i wanted to kill myself at that moment. i thought the only way to stop this, was to kill myself. i was taking computer class in school, so i had access to the internet(with a forged signature so i could go online, u cant with out an adults permission)and i was looking up, ways to kill your self . i came across a website, and on it, it had said, "the real pain comes after death, when your being burned in hell for eternity," and i thought GOD CAN HELP ME!i prayed, and prayed and prayed, and even cut class so i could go to church.finally the lord came to my restcue.the social worker, came without squeduling an appointment, and she came when i was having my daily beating. she immeadiatly opened the door, because of the screams, and crashes, and alled the police. my mom is in jail now, and i live with a foster family. i am currently in counseling.what happened to my dad you ask? well you will have to e-mail me, and i will tell you the rest of my story. i am happy to share. anyways wht this all comes down to is turn to the lord to end ur suffering,. he has a plan all worked out, when u get to go home.and it is also registered in your body. you will go soon enough. think about it. life isnt that long. godbless
01 Mar 2006 wozza me mum died last november, the 14th (2006), she woz the bst thing in my life n it feels so lonely without her, its fuckin shit! ive alwayz thort bout takin an overdose like she did. i h8 listenin 2 ppl tht say they wanna kill themselves 4 no gd reason at all. unless they got a real reason like this then get ova it! but..... wots the bst way 2 go? xx
01 Mar 2006 Chris I don't know.. i want to find out =(
I hate my life.
01 Mar 2006 Hardcorepawn What "people like you" said "At least i go with my honour" .... WHAT suicide is the least honourable way to die you fucking retard. My life is shit .... you should really really grow up take the blows life throws at you becuase in the end it will all be worht it. Think about all the sex and shit you guys will be missing out on

If anyone here is tyhinking about suicide seriously then all i can say if get £25 go to a drug dealer get an 1/8th of weed smoke it all and have the time of your life. Then i can bet you won't want to die.

If thats doesn't work and you haven't killed yourself then you are a fucking emo shit and are too pussy to acctually do anything about your shitty lives... fuck off a die.
And as for "people like you" you should get a fucking life... all you people just hurt people and break lives.. my ass fucking cunt. Get some balls and die ! you fucking wankers i really wish just one of you would acctaully die. that would be brilliant.

And Gratz to anyone who has been slagging people off on here good work keep it up... i will!
01 Mar 2006 Melissa Reed It really angers me off that people come to a website where they know people want to kill themselves and then they run them down. Here's a thought... if you have a problem with this website or any of it's content... why don't you just leave it. Wouldn't it be nice to know that you pushed someone over the edge because you decided to be cold and heartless? Because that's what you're doing. People feel bad enough when they want to kill themselves, but to have people like you sitting there calling them retards and selfish or making fun of them isn't going to help no matter how high and mighty it makes you feel to say such things. And to everyone who's suicidal and reads those things... just ignore those posts. They don't know what suffering is obviously or they wouldn't say the things they say... they'd try to help instead. If you need someone to talk to and want help my phone number is 740-252-1580. My Yahoo ID is jokercamaro87 and just add if you want to e-mail me. I hope to hear from you soon. And just remember... it can't rain all the time... all you have to do is wait it out and the sun will shine.
01 Mar 2006 Melissa Reed I was thinking about it and decided that it would be better if I left my phone number. Call me at 740-252-1580 if you have free long distance and live in the US. Hope to hear from you soon.
28 Feb 2006 sasha preheat a oven to 400 degrees
wait for the right moment when backs are turned to crawl right in a cook up as a feast for your family!(be sure to season your self up really good first)
28 Feb 2006 Melissa Reed Hey ya'all... I was just checking board. It angers me that people don't care that there are people here that truly hurt and they just turn it into some sick joke or try and push people to do it. I know some of you might not believe that I want to help you through your tought times... but if I didn't want to help then why would I keep coming here telling you that I do? If I didn't want to help then why would I offer up my e-mail address and everything. I'd put my cell phone number up... but I don't trust everyone out there. If you want help just e-mail me and if you want... I can call you and I'll give you my cell phone number just in case you ever need me. My yahoo is for messenger just take the off there. I check my e-mail everyday except for when I'm at my friends house, so I'll get back to you soon. Hope to hear from you soon.
28 Feb 2006 H. Pfautz In response to "READ THIS KEWL IDEA"
Insulting people with any kind of problem will get you no respect and makes you seem unintelligent.
Please refrain from posting such offensive messages
28 Feb 2006 losttt I'm just so confsued. I just..
I took the rest of some pills i found in my mothers cabnet. just a moment ago. see you all very soon
28 Feb 2006 Tamm this is sick and wrong!
28 Feb 2006 Death I reckon everyone on this forum is just an attention seeker ... IF you really want to die.. you keep it to yourself and just do it; no one cares about the long stories some people say on this forum ... if someone is that depressed he should seek for PROFESSIONAL help or just cut himself... Think about it though if it's really worth it, since everyday is a new day and good stuff can happen to you... and think about how many people you will hurt in your family and FRIENDS especially... and I'm telling you that out of experience!!!
28 Feb 2006 Reyimise Moms strippers & drug-addicts...Come on, people, don't you have absolutely nothing else useful to do, than to invent these fake stories? Some folks out there really have problems.
I am more than 13, I want to kill myself, and some day soon I will definitely do it. The reasons are multiple, but I don't intend to bother you with them.
If you want a painless suicide, go for pills. If you take a pretty large overdose, then you won't end up in hospital, but straight in the coffin. Remember that pills should be many, and should have really strong effects.
You may also cut your veins or jump from a high building.
Wish you luck.
28 Feb 2006 It's people like you Coming to this place or anywhere else and reading things like what "Here's a Good idea" wrote should help speed up the process. I'm sick of life, sick of people and the way they lie and screw each other over for very little gain just because they can. Coming here and screaming "sick little bastards" just makes me want to take you with me. You're probably one of those people who's hurt people and broken lives just because you can. Just because the only talent you have in life is to talk loudly and lie through your teeth to make yourself feel important and strong. FUCK YOU and everyone like you! Atleast I go with my honor intact. Now, where is that bus stop...
28 Feb 2006   can someone please take down this site?

it's disturbing

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