Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Mar 2006 natalie To endure. To survive. To continue on. Each painful day is another day to experience the urge to rip your skin off and hang it out the window. The best way to experience death is to see the pain in other people's eyes as they look at a survivor.
13 Mar 2006 lynn Ps: from lynn again if you did get my message and are going to post it i just realized that email addresses arent automatically included. if its not too late anyone is free to write me at
12 Mar 2006 Lee I'm not under 13. I'm 14. I can confidently say that I have no reason to live.
- My family hates me (no exaggeration, they're all deadbeats, including myself).
- I don't have any friends.
- My grades come close to straight F's.
- I don't have anything of my own other than clothes and this computer from 2001.
- I'm absolutely repulsive, and I'm told that pretty much every day.
- I have no talents other than writing, which not only isn't a strong talent, but it is insignificant these days anyway.

I've tried committing suicide about 4 times. Nobody cared/cares. My family knows and doesn't give a sh*t, and the media drones that stalk me for stupid gossip wish that I had been successful. Soon as I get a gun I'm f*cking blowing my brains out. Overdosing just gives you a excruciatingly painful stomachache.

I would love to see someone try to give a reason for me not to kill myself without saying god this god that all over the place. To save you some time, I'm an atheist. Don't throw that religious bullsh*t at me.
12 Mar 2006 lynn I don't know about you, but I am for real. I've been where you've been. Me? I use real pain pills to kill the emotional pain. But I'm over 18 (29)and can take myself to the hospital, plus I've had enough physical crap handed to me (ovarian cysts, ulcers, migraines, shingles on my face, etc...) that i can do that.

It's not the way to go, but, and you'll love this, the ER has actual pain pills they give you to take home. They will give me a hundred prescription slips for my psych meds, but I can't pay for it. Somehow eating those papers just doesn't have the same effect!

The cutting I don't understand, but, I am interested in it.

I say get some help now while your parents still pay for it. Trust me it is crazy ass expensive. It will bury you in debt if you leave their home still ill.

If you can't ask for it directly, write them a note that says you will be dead by the time they read it cause you just took whatever or cut whatever (you don't have to do it, playing pretend is easy if you are that desperate).

So I'm guessing you're going to just be annoyed. Say I don't understand.

Want the REAL truth?

People that are ready to die have nothing left. It's called apathy. Maybe sadness, hopeless, worthless, pain, despair, empty, hollow, blank, lost...

Buy certainly no anger. No Fight. And they won't give you an opinion. Theirs simply doesn't matter.
12 Mar 2006 Katie Suicide is not an answer. Trust me. I was raised in one helluva home where I was damn near beaten every day. I tried 87 different ways to committ suicide before I was 12. They didn't work. No matter how bad it gets sometimes you just have to learn to power through your pain. I am a stronger person because I lived. I am able to help people by sharing my experiences and my solutions to the pain. But suicide is not a solution, it just creates a bigger problem. There is always someone that you cna talk to. Maybe it will find awhile to find someone you truly trust but you can, and will. Life is one of the most precious things that man has ever been entrusted with. Don't destroy such a beautiful gift.
12 Mar 2006 Scors.b Dear Mouchette and Readers,
In 2-3 three weeks time I am planning to take my life. The method I have choosen is 90% reliable, so I might not get to write here again.
Thank you mouchette. Thankyou to all the girls (and two guys) who have emailed me since I have been posting on this site. Your sweet words filled my heart up with gratitude, when I had nothing.
People critise this site, but it saved me. I gave me a way out when I had no one to talk to, when no one understood me. I read the stories and I understood the pain. It got me through my hard times and my studies, and I gained two good A Levels (an A and a B grade).

I can't stay long, but I wanted to say thankyou. I hope the suffering stops for you guys. I have to go now.
Much Love,
Scors.b xx
12 Mar 2006 Jordan Jump off the empire state building
12 Mar 2006 alyssa im not gonna answer this question because i think its not worth it..i stmbled into this site several months ago and i like this site..this site tells me that im not not the only one that has a shitty life you suicidal ive committed suicide alot of times and never did succeed..people tell me that life is special that you only have one life and this is a gift from god so you should take care of it but i dont think that's true there is no god there is no life...if there was god would you think that he would let eveybody suffer in this world??i dont think so so please dont tell me that there is a god..anyways getting back to the point dont kill urself just because you think its the only way out of this miserable world though im not saying its some people it is and to the rest its pathetic...
12 Mar 2006 The Bitter End ""If you are christian, It is a sin to commit suicide and you will go to hell."

Some dude posted that earlier,not true.Once you're a christian you are always a chrisitian,unless of course you don't want to be,in which case God will leave,but only if you want him to."

I'm afraid they were right. If you're a Christian and you kill yourself, you go to Hell. The rule is that God is the only being allowed to take life, as He is the only one who gives it. Killing yourself is taking a life which you do not have the right to do, and you are not able to repent this mortal sin, so you go straight to Hell.

All mortals sins are punishable with "eternal damnation" unless you're truly sorry, and it doesn't matter that you "stay a Christian", because if you take a life and don't repent, you go to Hell anyway.

Says the girl made Roman Catholic against her will, and forced into eight years of religious education, with qualifications of said religious education.

But hey, we're all going to Hell here, right?

12 Mar 2006 Girl There is no good way to kill yourself, and you shouldn't even consider it. If you think there are no people who care about you, think again, because there is always one person in this world who does. If you stick around long enough, you will find that person. If you are religious, or at least believe in God, know that God is that one person, or being who does care about you and loves you. I don't want to sound like a sap, I may not know you...for those of you who feel no one cares, but I care enough about you all, that I don't want you to feel as though you have to end you life, because things can get better.
If it makes you feel any better, people who are making you feel like you are worthless, or they make your life miserable, they pick on you, that talk about you, whatever, make you feel like shit, just think about it, those people are worthless, you are better than them. And they are ignorant, and have low self worth, so it makes them feel better to make someone else feel worse than they do. This is the truth.
And not only that suicide is stupid and selfish...and you will not go to paradise or have a better will not happen. Since you really don't know what will happen, its best not to try and find out. And who knows this site could be a joke...and this is all the more reason to ignore anyone trying to be or remotely be pro-suicide!!!
12 Mar 2006 Dusty "If you are christian, It is a sin to commit suicide and you will go to hell."

Some dude posted that earlier,not true.Once you're a christian you are always a chrisitian,unless of course you don't want to be,in which case God will leave,but only if you want him to.

First off,anyone thinking about suicide right now,don't do it.I'm saying this as a person who was teased in all grades from 7-10,until I switched to in grade 10 to homeschooling.I thought about it everyday and even started counseling in the 7th grade where I was diagnosed with severe depression.Now,I'm still haunted by depression,but it's better.My situation right now is pretty bad.You guys don't know how easy some of you're situations are compared to mine.But that doesn't mean you don't feel just as bad.The only thing I have to say,and that my therapist said is "It'll get better." Give it time and it will.

Another thing that has helped me is God.It takes time,but when you develope a relationship with God you begin to rely on Him with your problems,and He is the reason why I'm still here.If you want the basics on christianity,just read 2 books in the bible,John and Romans.

Remember,life is a gift,right now it might not seem that way,but it is.Life is a gift that just takes a while to get to the really good parts.If anyone wants more things to read in the bible just send what subjects you'd like the verses to be on to
11 Mar 2006 GANESH to anybody who reads this and is thinking of killing themselves,
my name is GANESH i am 17 and am linving in england. three of my cousins killed themselves.i tried because i couldnt hack it anymore.i slit my wrists and woke up in hospital 10 weeks later after a coma from that 10 week period both of my parents killed themselves. please i beg you, dont kill yourself. please. live. live so that you will get over what ever you are going through please.if you need support email me at i love you all and i am here for you if you need me. please live. please.
11 Mar 2006 Wendy Well here I am again.. I cant stand my life, i dont get to have anytime to enjoy myself I pull off a 4.0 at high school. I work really hard at work which I tend to work 20-30hrs a week plus school plus home work plus babysitting my nieces. I am also in the prosses of learning how to drive picking a college and trying to have fun. Lately I have been feeling extremely lazy I cant eat and I have constant headaches. I have no friends who care and my family doesnt care. I even asked my dad if i could drive his car to kill myself and he said no because he doesnt want me recking his car! I am finally saying goodbye to this world.. i have lost my faith in god i have lost evryone i loved and my goals seem soo out of reach i know ill never make it. I am here to say to u all hope u had a better life than i.
11 Mar 2006 vix Sometimes suiccide can seem like the only way. I've been through some stuff, you know, my mums been married 4 times in my lifetime, 2 of the people she married beat her until she couldn't move, one of them abused me, there were several times when we had to leave the house in the middle of the night just so my mum could escape a beating. After my mum became an alcoholic and used to take everything out on me. I got bullied at school abd like got 'whipped' with headphone cords and etc. I did get to the point of wanting to die but I'd always think about what I'd miss out on if I died. although life may be shit at a particular point in time you have to remind yourself that it won't be forever, there will always come an oppurtunity to escape, I moved away with my best friend and my relationship with my mum has got better. Now all I worry about is my weight coz my friends anorexic and sometimes I feel guilty about eating because I'm overweight. At the end of the day I'm glad I didn't kill myself because I would have missed out on living on my own, and getting to the age where I can legally drink, and I would have missed finding out what love feels like and so on. If you do what to commit suicide just have a good think first, make sure you definately want to do it because once it's done, it's done. Try and talk to someone if you can - your family, your friends even your teachers etc because even if you feel completely and utterly alone you'll be surprised how many people may care for you. I'm not saying suicide isn't the answer but sometimes there can be a less fatal solution. Try and wait it out because life is valuable. xxx
11 Mar 2006 Lisa M take an overdose of your mother's contraception pills
11 Mar 2006 qwerty Horrific!! absolutely horrific!! your site should be made illegal and shut down
11 Mar 2006 max.ruzo l'ingiurgitation massive par voix rectale de petits sabl├ęs sec de mamie.
11 Mar 2006 Emily I dont know anything any more. Im 15 and I have a disease which could make me paralysed. Lets have a fucking party. Im bored and depressed and it sucks being alive but is death the same as life but just.....more? Is it worse? I doubt it. I want to kill myself but I dont wanna hurt my family. Thats the only reason but at the same time I wanna just be a little bit selfish. Just once. Just for myself. If u wanna chat 2 me my msn is I wont judge you or try to persuade u otherwisw. I will just listen.
10 Mar 2006 chris fartsalot The best way to kill urself is to cut ur wrist with ur dads razor, my friend did it and i found him dead with a note saying: No more pain.

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