Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Feb 2006 felix take a knife and cut every litle peice of skin on your body..than have your friend steal your girl friend and blow this brains out. afterwords- cry and blow your house up with homemade bombs!(i just felt like adding something jake and mattew wanted me to enter this- funny or no)?
23 Feb 2006 Le medcin About 50 paracetamol should do it. You may last 24 hours but your liver will be so badly shor... sweed dreams.
23 Feb 2006 Dont want to share dose anyone see sucide as a very last option i grew up with parents born in Iran and have benn called a terrriost after 9/11 attacks eversince I am ugly and get made fun off all the time I also get made fun off my clothes ppl call me gay even though am not and my Dad is not proud of me i am jelous of My cousin i wish we never had to meet hes just like me ecept successfull I dont see sucide as an option but this is a good place to let your feelings out!!!!
23 Feb 2006 X dont commit suicide because life is beautiful. just recgonize that you are an animal : you belong in the wild.

live in the wilderness, and you will find happiness. just dont commit suicide,
23 Feb 2006 alex n well, i tried 2 commit suicide on tuesday 14th feb 06 and as ua can tell i am still here, i tried 2 overdoes on prozac, well, lets just say it didnt work, i didnt take enougth, i took about 15 of them and i just woke up in hospital fellin like shit, well thats life 4u isnt it, i need 2 get a gun or some potassium cyanide, does ony1 out there know where i can get some, i went 2 school on monday and every1 i knew was just lookin @ me, and i got loads of pointless sympothy, most of my teachers say that i can spk 2 them about anything, ye right, that would probably just b another laguth in the staff room, i cant spk 2 any1, i have had loads of shrinks come up 2 me but i just put on a smile and say that eveythings ok, but it is far from ok, i really need some1 i can talk 2 but i dont know, i cant spk 2 my m8s cuz none of them r suicidle like me, i do still cut myself though ciz it makes me feel better. i am going 2 commit suicide some time in my life, i am 15 now and i will probabbly be dead by the time i get to 20, i hate life, plz can some1 help me get out of this black hole im in, i cant take it no more, i just wanna die so much but i dont have the curage 2 overdose again, i hate life so much, there is only 1 thing that really keeps me going and that seems 2 be music, there r loads of songs writtten about suicide and depression, well thats all, good luck if an1 of u reading this wanna commit sucide
23 Feb 2006 affieTr909 stick a piece of tnt up your ass, and light the touchpaper!!

now thats what i call fun
23 Feb 2006 meridiana dont be mean to emos its not their fault they are depressed sometimes life gets too much and everybody feels depressed at one point in their life like they cant take it anymore. so dont question them remember the last ime you felt alone and how it felt wen people critiized you at least there are some people in the world that care and offer their support.
23 Feb 2006 vrok rape my gf! seriously shes full of disease!
23 Feb 2006 Sprog I can't anser that question, i'm 22 and still trying.

i'm not unhappy, or suffering or even that depressed, on the contrary i'm hard working, cared about and know that with hard work i could achieve a lot.

but to what end? why?

i can't change the world and have no desire to try, like i have no desire to be here, and never asked too.

i have a corrupt mind which doesn't fix in a corrupt world, so why force it!
22 Feb 2006 Courtney I'm 12 about 2 turn 13 this april I have been this way sence 1 grade when I found out my mom was a drug addict and then about a month later I was sexuley harased and in 3 grade my dad and mom got a devorcie then 5 my dad went 2 the hospital because of his drinking which I found out that night at the hospital he almost died and he still drinks alot he is always drunk and yelling at me and my mom has tried 2 kill herself 4 times and walked out on me and my brother and this year my grades are like f's and the only person you might laugh but my dog who has helped me thro the years when no one would has been taken away I mean I would tell my friends but they will not understand and I have tryed 2 kill myself in 4 grade I tryed 2 hang myself but the rope broke then I tryed drowning in my friend pool but she came out 2 soon and graved me she asked what the hell I told her I was just trying 2 see how long I could hold my breath but now I think I will just go with pills help me god.....
22 Feb 2006 mother teresa Go to the fellowship of the church, sign your name to the list, and let all the nosy people in on your life and who are and let them know that you fucked a goat and your little sister, let them say a bunch of lies and repent you from the church, go home, feel sorry for yourself then hade no remorse, so, lift up the burner on your gas stove of your shitty apartment all because of church, you lost your job, your family, your friends, your house, everything. Might as well end it now, go kill yourself the best way you know how cause your life is so shitty and it's meaningless and no one can fix it now.
22 Feb 2006 The Bitter End. One quick shot to the back of the head, just above the nape of the neck. It'll pierce the medulla oblongata and kill instantly.

Do it with friends and call it art.
22 Feb 2006 ysdhgfd throwing toaster in bath can fail because short cut makes the whole electricity in house cut off so you can end up paraplegic or retarded, after that it's getting real hard to kill yourself imo

or then you need a setting but i don't know all the technical vocabulary
22 Feb 2006 ME i'm so depressed it's not even funny...i'm 14 & don't absolutely wanna die...but don't want to live i kno my family love me and i kno i have people that care about me but i'm not exactly the prettiest girl in tha world and would rather be dead....i know if u kill yourself you will go to hell and i dont wanna go to hell...i have so much going for me i'm very smart and intelligent and my teachers at skool call me college bound but i'm insecure about my looks i'm big & people talk about me almost every day i know you're not supposed to care what people say about you but i am a very sensitive person and i can't handle stuff like that....i do have a boyfirend but he's neva seen me....and i kno if he does see me he'll break up with me.....i'm really confused i feel like i have no one to go to but at the same time i want to get this off my matter how long i stay in the mirror or how goo i THINK i look people always call me ugly & fat & i can't take it anymore....i've tried diets and exercise but it's not working i really dont kno i just need help...before i do something i might truly regret.....
22 Feb 2006 charlie hi im 13 and allready fell like shit. i go out and look happy but inside i fel lk im the worst person in the world and just wanna end it all. the oher day my friend called me and said he waz ganna slit his wrists and he just wanted 2 say bi. dat got me thinking about doin it myself even more serouse than ever but i dont want people to b sad when im gone dats the only thing thats stopping me, i just dont no what 2 do!! the girl i love and would do eneything for i mean eneything has moved away and i dont see her eneymore every time i think of her i fell like my insides r screwing up and i wanna huirt ma self reli bad and i usally end up hurting myself it not just her its loadas other tings aswell but i love her so much i cant stop thinking about her. im falling out wid all ma friends aswell now i only have one very good friend but i cant even tell him about what im goin through i mean he wuill probly understand but i just fell so stupid.

i just wanna talk 2 someone teacher, thepist ENEYONE but i fell like a twat. 1 of ma teachers has asked me if i ever wat 2 talk 2 her i can but i cant jus go up and talk 2 her i fell so stupid. sometimes she comes 2 me and takls 2 me and i love it when she dose but she has more important things than me 2 worrie about, so i cant go and talk 2 eneyone i fell so stupid but i love it when people talk 2 me. i jus need hepl befour i go and do sumthing reli stupid, i mean i allready cut and drugs some times to take the pain away.

if you think u can help plz plz help me just talk to me i need to talk to someone and get all of ma sadness and anger out of me tnx.
22 Feb 2006 marlene overdose of drugs
22 Feb 2006 elenyil I love this site.
Go for it kiddos, you got nothing to lose.
Absolutely fucking nothing.
In'll be fun!
Remember...cyanide in small doses, carbon monoxide is the way to go, and hell...across the street to get attention, down the street to get somwhere.
Altogether, in this horrid,
nihilistic depravity.
See you in hell.
22 Feb 2006 huge I really don't know right now what to do with my life, I'm in the middle of knowing what's best for me for a long time now(10yrs). And that makes me feel bad, because I can not even see what's ahead of me, and that's sucks!!! I do have a degree(BSIT) but still it does't make sense to me. I'm not happy, and I suffer anxiety, depressed and stock of my life's senseless. Any idea what to do?
22 Feb 2006 Melissa I didn't mean to say that I don't think it's a great tragedy... it is... I just messed up my thing... I hope you all realize that. I'm sorry if you thought that that's what I meant because it's not.
22 Feb 2006 Hardcorewpawn Wait no.... all die now. THE BEST WAY TO DIE: this is the mostmanly way to die.

step 1 find a brick wall
step 2 prepare yourself
step 3 repeatedly smack your head as hard as you can against the wall
step 4 once fallen unconsious wait untill you wake up then repeat until death occurs. i hope this helped. seriously i hope one of you kills yourseslf in this way!!

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