Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Feb 2006 Dreaming of Death For all you people who want to comit Suicide just do it. If you think about it more it gets harder. Life is shit and it won,t get better. I know because I,m 30 and my whole life has been shit. The less people there are in this cruel world the better. I wish I could blow up the world.
09 Feb 2006 ben slit ur wrists, while you are bleeding, spray bathroom freshener in a paper bag and breathe away while you ar ebleeding to death
09 Feb 2006 froggy frog frog alright so i feel like dyin sometimes cos theres this guy i like alot tha doesnt like me bak im 15 at tha moment an iduno its like im depressed an then it goes away .. so right now im happy an ya'll should see atleast wun happy comment an im na gon kill ma self cos its too much pain anyways laterrrr
09 Feb 2006 tara fuck the poets of the past, my friends
there are no beautiful suicides
just cold corpses with shit in their pants
& the end of the gifts

where this came from i dont know. the image of my ma finding me with shit in my pants and my brains on the floor like they found von really bothers me.

but i still think about it.

and im jealous.

because i dont have the stones to do it myself. so i hate him for doing it. and i miss him.

the best way to kill yourself is to realize that you can drownhangshoot the people you used to be, one after the other, and create a new person..

the new person can be-is now-will be the person you always wanted to be

mouchette i am sorry, i am becoming the person i always wanted to be. mouchette... i think von watches us. i think there are bad things in this world and i hope none of them are near him. sometimes i smell bad smells for no reason and i know its a bad thing.. and i worry about von. and i try not to cry. But i think that his suicide is keeping me from mine.. or allowing me to kill the fake mes, and let the real me start living...
09 Feb 2006 The Uncola Thats it!!!! We have it!!!! It has been revealed!!!! The end is in sight!!!! NOW THIS WRETCHED PLACE SHALL BURN!!!!! Good luck with trying to build your life back after everyone stops caring Mouchette.
09 Feb 2006 Tamie when ur under 13 you shouldnt think like that, actually no human being should think like this at all because ur life is a gift given from..... your choice to choose who from your aim is to find how you got here and why ur here, because everyone is here for a reason, yesterday was my 17th birthday, i had the most special day to! but i could of not reached my 17th because 3weeks before that i attemted to once again take my life, but this time i was hospitalised, which opened my eyes to the real world, life is what you make it! if anyone is ever struggling im always here to talk with anyone, just email me.
09 Feb 2006 j. scream at the tops of your lungs with all your might and throw a tantrum until your mouth starts bleeding, but don't stop and eventually you'll die.

this is what I did. My mother saved me but i'm still dead.
09 Feb 2006 Ben moore Sufficate yourself in a nappie preferably huggies so your parents could sue them
09 Feb 2006 john biddle my name is john biddle and i have a science teacher called mr biddle who calls hisself old mac biddie. he pics on me throughout eachday and it makes me like killing myself he invites me in the classroom in the morning and trips me up i go and see a specialist teacher in our school but she dont believe me if their is anyone out there who i can speak to please email me THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09 Feb 2006 sarah the best way is not to im telling you now me n my mate had a pack 2 commit suicide because life is just a screw over and i backed out of it now my mate is gone and i feel so guilty for not going alone n i spent time in hospital for it and people accually cared about me and are glad i didnt go you need to think about who your hurting because they do care even if they don't show it ive lost a mate because thinking life was crap and ther was no way out well there is it does get better apparently i just aint noticed it yet i may still cut my self but i need help if u ask for help and dnt build walls around your self you can make it better xxxxx
08 Feb 2006 Mike - I'm Listening this is in answer to many of the posts on the page im 17 never knew my mother (she died when i was 3) my Dad and his fiance where and are lazy controlling violent arseholes so ive been through pretty much every depresive phase imaginable from self harming to atempted suicide even doing extremly out of charecter things like starting massive fights simply because i needed somebody to notice that something was wrong. Its hard to help a multitude of differnt people in a single message like this but i want all of you to remember that you are never alone. If you want more advice or just need to talk to someone send me a message and i will always reply within 24hours.
08 Feb 2006 just trying to help I don't know if someone post this one already, here is a good painless way to die. You will need an assistant and a bag of salvinorin extract. First, you need to smoke the stuff, as soon as it knocks you out, have your friend cut your head off within 3 minutes. He or she will have to be fast, because during 3 to 5 minutes, that shit will knock out your pain completely. You will not feel a thing.
08 Feb 2006 shateara you can put pinesole in your cereal that way u can barely taste it . Afterward just lay down you'll slip away .
08 Feb 2006   Just to tell you, most of your "ways to kill yourself" won't kill you. How stupid are you? Damn.
08 Feb 2006 leeann when i move to a new place my mother was living with a man and i was babysitting a family of 5 well pu until 2 years ago he started hitting my mother and evry so often me so i spent most of my time at a frends house some times till 12;30 in the morning then it got worse my mom never paid attechen to me she allways had broken arms ribes and bruses the police new are name frome the book i got sick of it so i moved out when i was just 13 years old thise lady valire she was so nice to me butduring the first few weeks a man tride to mulest me and i completly shut down i gained wait and stoped tALKING but when i thought nothing could get worse someone tride to get me in there house and what do you know it did get worse i started thise unsual thing called ice burns and to me it took away my pain if i just looked back on my past i aolso took asprins to ease the pain i stoped eating and after a while i couldent even get up but she helped me through and she still and now im just looking for frends
08 Feb 2006 Shania Mouchette your a stupid bitch, you send dumb pics to people and ur not really famous or who u say u are. Go to hell.
08 Feb 2006 jose Fuck that shit...
you can kill yourself with many diferent ways ...
-one of then could be drink poison..
-shot em with a gun
08 Feb 2006 alex N im alex, 15, and i wanna commit suicide, i have been trying to get some potassium cyanide, or a gun, or prozac, does anyone know where i could get any of this stuff, i live in plymouth uk, i dont want to speak 2 anyone who wnats 2 know why, and try 2 talk me out of it, cuz it is easy 2 say, oh u can speak to me about anyhting, what i have lernt and i am sure u will know is that the world seems to revolve around money, even shrinks trying 2 talk u out of it want money, and anyone who disses this site is a wanker, this site is the best site ever made!!!!!. and should not be shut down, granted though mouchette is abit weird cuz he sends me strange emails, if i dont get anything by the end of the month i will just slit my throat and bleed to death in 3 mins, the way i see it lifes a bitch and then u die, well i dont want 2 become old, i would rather get my life over and done woth now!!! i would like 2 say thanks 2 a few ppl who i have been keeping in contacts by email and msn, mandy mckelvey who is now dead, she commited suicide just over 2 weeks ago, and i would also like to thank jessie, and 1 of my fav ppl, caty obermiller, email me
or visuite my site
who plays alone with this Movie called "Mouchette" Its not this persons real name!
this person acts out tours from the movie mouchette.

08 Feb 2006 sam i think that the best way to kill yourself at any age is to climb to the top of a tall building. but before you jump off there are a few things your going to need, glue, rope, and piano string. first you tie the rope around your feet, and the piano string around your neck (make sure that the piano string is shorter than the rope. finally glue your hand on top of your head. when you jump off the piano string will cut off your head, then the rope will catch and you will be dangling off of a building upside down while holding your head in your hand.

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