Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Mar 2006 before you commit suicide you should read this i really wish that people who are saying: all yo self-hating cry babies/ emo shits get over yourselves would just shut up! ive been suicidal for probably the past three years, and i knew that my life wasnt really that bad, i just didnt see anything good in life or anything worth livivng for.

just about a week ago, i was talking with my aunt and she told me that both her and my cousin have attempted suicide at least once in their lives.
also i recently discovered that depression runs in both my mom and dads side of the family.

now i realized that i think i probably have a chemical inbalance in my brain, and that my sucidal feelings/depression are just genetic.

although i still do want to commit suicide, i feel like im on my way to getting better, because ive finally realized that maybe its something i cant help, and that i should probably go on an anti-depressant. i also just discovered (about 2 weeks ago) that my mom, dad, and sister are all on anti depressants, and that my sister was also suicidal earlier this year. i definately think that before you commit suicide you should try medication. my aunt told me that shes had many highs and lows before and a few suicide attempts, but shes so glad that she is still alive today. she said that once she found a combination of anti-depressant pills that work for her that her life has been so much better.

***dont think that anti-depressant pills are just happiness in a bottle, or that theyre giving someone fake happiness or altering their personality, because theyre not, anti-depressants just make someone normal. They correct the chemical imbalance in the brain that makes you depressed, so they arent causing like a fake happiness, theyre just making the chemicals in your brain normal, and balanced. So, you can still be sad when on anti-depressants, because happiness is really what you make of it.

Also, anti-depressants are not the answer for everyone, because sometimes the promote sucidal feelings, in some people. and some people are depressed without a chemical imbalance.
03 Mar 2006 lizzy for all you people who are like: ohh kids who want to commit suicide are all emo, they're all so fucking gay, they think the world revolves around them, and all that shit. well its not true.

i want to commit suicide, because i know that im just making everyone elses life (including mine) worse. im a very self destructive person, and ive been ruining my life and the lives of everyone i love since the age of about 10. im kinda a burden and i just think that it would be a lot easier for my dying mom and sister and brother and dad if i wasnt here. i mean im basically the reason for every fight in my house. and the fact that i dont have any friends is besides the point, because i would never commit suicide because i have no friends, i mena friends are what you make of them.

oh and im not some emo shit or anything. i just want everyone else to be happy.
03 Mar 2006 vous êtes vraiment un inconscient doublé d'un con dangereux
03 Mar 2006 laura bring the people you are closest to, to a cliff, explain it aint there fault and you love them. THEN DIVE :'(
03 Mar 2006 a friend from the heart i just want to say to everyone who simply needs someone to talk to there im here.sure i hate my life too.when i was little everyone hated me at school so ive always never had a real always thinking about killing myself but i dont know why i cant do father is alchoolic and has always beated my mother even when i try to help i always get beated mother had to marry my father because she was pregant of me so she always says that its all my fault and always beats me too.thats something that ill never forget.she is suffering because of me.if i hadnt been born she wouldnt be suffering like this.i dont have friends, i have always been alone,ive realized that the only person that you can trust is yourself.i hate alchool and cigarretes still my parents say that im a freak and that i should die.when someone who is supossed to be the ones who should love you the most,say something like that your realize that you dont have any reason to live.i cant even look myself in the mirror at morning everyday because i look like my father,and everytime i look at myself i remember of him.thats why i dont want anyone to love me.i just want people to hate me and forget me and dont cry at my funeral.i dont have a dream like all people have.well actually i have something kind of,ill live for other people not for myself.ill be the person that i always needed to be with me, to hear me,to wipe away my tears, to make me smile again.i havent smiled for about 10 years...ill live for others not for just a humble and simple person who has a great heart and just wants to help everyone who needs.just remember,you dont need a reason to help people...goodbye and thanks for reading this and im sorry if there are any errors,im portuguese and my english is not very good.if you need someone to talk to ill always be here...for you...
03 Mar 2006 shattered i cut myself really deep, there are new scars and it is hard to stop. i have suicidle thought all the time but i never act upon them, only cutting. i have no parents, they died when i was 9 years old. my dad shot my mom and then shot himself. he is not a bad guy i love him so much, it's just i miss them so much, it is so hard without them. i feel like i should be over them that i shouldn't be crying over them. but i go through this ruotin where i cry myself to sleep. i hate having to wake up every moring and deel with everyones fake adittudes. i try to help my other friends with there problems but i dont always know how to handle it. everyone keeps disappearing on me. my anunt and uncle got a divorce (they are my legal gaurdians) and my aunt lives on this island and i live with my uncle now. he is mean to me and he mokes me and my religion. one of my freinds just died in a car accident in october. we weren't best freinds but we got along. the girls at her school saw me crying and they all wanted to beat me up for it because we wern't "best friends". i was told to be careful and to whatch my back. you know that is really immature, when thngs like that happen i was thinking about my parents and my friend, i had so many emotions going through me so i just cried and i couldn't stop. both her and my parents died in october. i just can't take it i don't know if it is worth it all, any of it, i am so depressed, now addicted to ciggaretes, and doing drugs, skipping school, i never used to do any of that, so all me friends are on my ass about that, it pisses me off so much. all f it does. whatever!
03 Mar 2006 Persephone Hazard I have just read pages and pages of these posts. I've trawled through dozens of hidden links. I've squinted at at least five bizzare and grotesque images. It's crashed my computer three times already.

And I'm fascinated.

Whoever you are, Mouchette darling, this is a work of genius.
03 Mar 2006 ......................................... You do have other choices
There are people who can help you through this crisis. Call a hot line. Call a friend. Call your minister or priest. Call a doctor or hospital. Call the police.

They will tell you that there's hope. Maybe you'll find it in the mail tomorrow. Or in a phone call this weekend. But what you're seeking could be just a minute, a day or a month away.

You say you don't want to be stopped? Still want to do it? Well, then, may you have fun in the psychiatric ward later. And work with whatever you have left.
03 Mar 2006 daddy's little girl borrow daddy's .450m and pull the trigger real hard... careful you dont trasp your finger in the hammer it may get infected and you could die from blood poisoning...
03 Mar 2006 Holly i think the ppl who write on here abusive messages arnt human im here to help ppl, if sum 1 wants to kill themeselves they need help not ppl telling them ways to die or telling them there sad and blablabla coz it int even true.every human being deserves life if u just learn to love and respect urself again u can do it. go out in to the outside world on a hill top and instead of wanting to jump just scream at the top of ur voice and shout im (ur name) and i love myself or i need to love myself and respect myself i can do it just shout it and the adrenalin (cant spell) rush is great u feel life and want to get better xx
03 Mar 2006 broken smile if today waz my last day on this earth i would die a decent death..suicide. so when i say my last good bye i want you to know that i died for love and nothing else. i cried and love said no. so i will bleed this one last time as i scratch ur name in my skin im lost in a sin...... add me
02 Mar 2006 Ben I don't understand exactly what's going on here. I know the most easy simple painless way of killing yourself, but it would be kinda uncomfortable, but I'm not telling anyone because I wouldn't want them to use it. I've been suicidal off and on for many years. Right now I've decided against it, but I may change my mind later. If anyone wants to talk about these sorts of things or wants help you can email me Like I said I don't really understand this board or thread or discussion or whatever it is. I have a good poem about suicide that I wrote. Here it is.
"Suicide's no Savior"
You think you’ll be free when you’ve died
But once you’ve reached the other side
The pain will remain deep inside
For there’s no peace in suicide
So when you’ve taken your last breath
You’ll find there’s no escape in death
For when the pain is in your mind
Pain is what your soul will find
You think that death’s the only way
To make your suffering fade away
But since the wound is in your head
The scars will stay there when you’re dead
You think that you will find release
Or that your soul will rest in peace
I’m here to tell you in this song
That you just couldn’t be more wrong
So I think you’d better wait
Before your own hell you create
Because when it becomes too late
You’ll never break your hell’s black gate

Suicide is not a way out. There is no way out.
So, that's my take on the issue. Any questions email me.
02 Mar 2006 RCJ just wanna say that i hate spring: i'm gonna have to stop wearing my jacket and everyone will see my arms - not gruesome, but not everyone believes me when i say i was attacked by a cat...
and also, make sure (for the school age crowd) that you don't kill yourself after someone else has recently killed themselves - you look like a total tool
02 Mar 2006 Concerned Really if u wnat to know the truth I think that u all are nuts. No one should be thrinking about commiting suicide. If u are even thinging about it u should totally talk to someone and find help. So u really wnat to hurt your family and friends who have to cope with your death. Plus you will make your parents or sibling depressed and thinking that it was their falult and that they were the ones that made u kill yourself. I don't think that u should put anyone throught that. Okay i know this is going to sound lame but if your want someone to talk to then u can always e-mail me. Don't worry i am not a counselor or therapist or whatever and i don't even know if u can see my e-mail but if u woudld like i would be fine with it. I am 15 years old and have never even thought about comminting suicide but i don't think suicide is the right answer. Talk it out with someone or figure out another way that will help let out your feelings or whatever it is that is bottled up inside of u that won't hurt u in any sort of way.
02 Mar 2006 TRUST ME READ THIS!! When I was younger I was very over weight, kids in school made fun of me and picked on me, later when I turned 15 years old I had 5 hip surgery's, pain like you would not believe, screaming every time I moved (Hip Spasms) , I was in a wheel chair for two years and slept on a couch most of that time, my mother had to wipe me after I went to the bathroom, humiliation, pain, suffering etc. I had it all.

Thoughts of suicide went threw my head everyday, but I stuck by it, 10 years later I'm walking again, married with a beautiful 15 month old son, and I'm a publisher (CEO) of a very successful magazine, life is great.

I'm not a religious person by any means but I do believe in god. I carried my cross, Thank God I'm still alive, I did not take the easy way out, HANG IN THERE EVERYONE, I think god puts your threw test (carrying your cross) he may due this for many reason, one reason is that maybe you can help others and let them know that you too have been there and made it threw it. TRUST ME on this, Its going to get better, it just takes time.
02 Mar 2006 fucking a You got me all wrong Missy. If there's anyone who's absolutley pro-suicide, it's me. If you all kill yourselves the world will be a pleasant place..... for ME! O/w i gotta do it and my life will get shittier, so do it, for me ;-).
02 Mar 2006 liz médicaments, sauter d'une fenetre, se couper les veine...
02 Mar 2006 fat stupid ugly i am ugly theres no way out for me.
This is the end...of tryng to find friends and relationships.
i am sick of trying and being let down by everyone.
I don't have a life..
whats the ponit in any thing. cries
If I committed suicide, I would no longer have to worry about people's jibes
Because of all the crap I have to endure, nobody gives a damn about me or how I feel. They think I am only getting sick or crying to attract attention. What they DON'T realize is that I am NOT faking what I have been trying to tell them, that what I am telling them is TRUE. Do they think that I am a LIAR?? Do they LIKE seeing me being so unhappy??
I am a person, a person with feelings, just like they are, then maybe all this goddamn bullshit would stop!! I am TIRED of having to try to put up with all this crap. I am tired of having people judge me just by how I look on the outside instead of looking deep into my heart and seeing the TRUE me.
I am tired of people NOT coming to my aid when people are dissing me. I am tired of my family not supporting me, and I am tired of just. plain. LIVING. If I were to get to the point to where I would try to end my life, I bet nobody would come to my funeral. I have no friends, my family hates how I look, and nobody understands the struggles I have to go through...
It has gotten to the point to where I don't even CARE anymore, and all of a sudden, the thought of suicide is looking to be the only option I have to put an end to this misery.
02 Mar 2006 Jazz To the people that once gave me life!
Dear Mom & Dad
Thanks for buying me everything
Thanks for giving me trust
Thanks for caring about my education
Thank`s mom for never paying attnetion to my scars as they were cries out for help..If you were my age & got told to be prisoned & kept home? no summer vactions with friends? no clubbin would you still be alive..?NO YOU WOULDN`T HOW CAN YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL WHEN UR ACTING EVERYTHING IS OK HOW CAN YOU LET MY DAD BEAT ME UP FOR NO REASON..! YOU TOLD me if dad was like this before you met him you wouldn`t be with him well fuck it your with him for me & dana> your divorce that u never mad thinking i would be upset you fucking hoe and what a fucking so called dad r u to raise your hand at me i dont know what to think of my life anymore my boyfriend is what keeps me going moving out may seem like an option if fate takes its toll i'll be waiting at the gates of hell to the people who once gave me life and put me in the burning abyss.!
Love your daughter
02 Mar 2006 stacy run infront of a car going really fast via expressway or a very busy street

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