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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Feb 2006 Lucy Cortina Last night I had a dream. My boobs expanded to airbag size as I was asleep and a group of cannibals invaded my room and dragged me out by my boobs. It was horrible! They took loads of photographs of my boobs to sell on ebay. Then they threw me onto a table, took out some carving knives and sliced into my boobs! Which was even more horrible. Air gushed out of them and I almost died on the spot thinking I'd end up in a mental asylum with saggy boobs and no lip gloss. I heaved myself off the table, thrusting one boob into one of the cannibals and the other into another. Blood sprayed everywhere as I spun around on the spot, my boobs flomping against each of their heads. I was like a sort of whirling 'boobie' dervish. After they were all dead - their heads splattered against the walls from the force of my boobs - I ran as fast as I could (topless and blood stained) into the lounge. I found some masking tape and taped my boobs up to stop the bleeding. It seemed to do the trick. I went back to bed and fell asleep. An hour later I awoke to discover my boobs bleeding again! Blood poured out onto my white silk virginal bedsheets...and then, my right boobie exploded!!! OHMYGODOHMYGOD!!

Then I woke up. This message is proof of the pain I am still suffering from abuse at the hands of Mouchette. The nightmares just won't stop. Please make them stop.
11 Feb 2006 confused!!! umm what the fuck is this link:
11 Feb 2006   most people know its no real!!its for thr the fans of the movie mouchette to sign up a
and play mouchette it is all a game!

if you want to complain some more haters go here:
11 Feb 2006 JaniNe mangez un papillon de monarque... ou peut-ĂȘtre trois

11 Feb 2006 Jolien well I don't know maybe you can tell me how to kill myself , i'm not under 13 but i'm 14 so i come close.. eh can someone tell me how to kill myself in a way that workds immediatly so i dont have to suffer too much and so im really dead and not fake suicide ?? pls i already decided to do it no one can stop me but i just need to know how
10 Feb 2006 kimberly that's easy, go fuck yourself!
10 Feb 2006 edward no more attempts. tonight i will suicide.
10 Feb 2006 anark Im 23 almost 24 thinking about it....self esteem issues I guess...Im really fortunate and Im fucking things up.
10 Feb 2006 confusion i dont know, iv never tried it, but i want to...i dont know why, i go to a great school, my parents love me, even tho they can be annoying sumtimes, i have so many friends, they all love me 2 death and i love them back, but theres just this thing that tells me to do not sure what it is. i do cut myself, just enough tho. but i dont understand why im thinking
10 Feb 2006 melissa hey well ways to kill yourself hmmm... well theres the old hang urself,gun,knife,cutting wrists , puttin somthin electric while ur in the bathtub or running into bad traffic.. or i dunno im trying to do it to myself!! yea yea
10 Feb 2006 Anna this is just for the people who think they're life is shit, well you havn't seen my life then. My mum died when i was 10 and i havn't got the first idea where my dad is. and i have to live with my grandmother which does'nt let me do anything doesn't let me go out with my friends and has to follow me everywhere.I'm 13 and i have the worst life in the world,(im accually surprised that im even allowed to go to school) and then my gran thinks that all my friends are weird when they're actally not. i have had so many thoughts of killing myself but im still hoping for a miricle. i guess im just supposed to have a happy life
10 Feb 2006 cherry on the rock this is the way to kill yourself, by simply hating you and yourlife. when you do that, then you will have the courage to kill yourself which ever ways you can think of. who give a shit how it was done??? is the end result that we want, which is dead itself!!! so star hating yourself!!! stand infront of a mirror and chant " i hate myself" for 5 mins each morning!!! and don't forget to believe that you hate yourself and your life!!! it's going to work trust me.....
10 Feb 2006 Lorraine Regardless of what age you are, there is no solutions to taking you owm life, You must first think why you are feeling this type of emotion and talk about it or you can visit my Web page which will be a 100% Guarantee to pull you out of what ever you may be going through and having someone there with you to give you positive thoughts. My new Website is especially concerning Depression, Suicide tendencies, and much much more. Please come and read, it is not a gimmic, it is, like I say a 100 percent guaranteed to make life JOY and not SAD. You just need someone with a positive attitude to show you how to deal with things. Please never give up and come see "All" solutions to your problem no matter what it may be.
10 Feb 2006 Dreaming of Death For all you people who want to comit Suicide just do it. If you think about it more it gets harder. Life is shit and it won,t get better. I know because I,m 30 and my whole life has been shit. The less people there are in this cruel world the better. I wish I could blow up the world.
09 Feb 2006 ben slit ur wrists, while you are bleeding, spray bathroom freshener in a paper bag and breathe away while you ar ebleeding to death
09 Feb 2006 froggy frog frog alright so i feel like dyin sometimes cos theres this guy i like alot tha doesnt like me bak im 15 at tha moment an iduno its like im depressed an then it goes away .. so right now im happy an ya'll should see atleast wun happy comment an im na gon kill ma self cos its too much pain anyways laterrrr
09 Feb 2006 tara fuck the poets of the past, my friends
there are no beautiful suicides
just cold corpses with shit in their pants
& the end of the gifts

where this came from i dont know. the image of my ma finding me with shit in my pants and my brains on the floor like they found von really bothers me.

but i still think about it.

and im jealous.

because i dont have the stones to do it myself. so i hate him for doing it. and i miss him.

the best way to kill yourself is to realize that you can drownhangshoot the people you used to be, one after the other, and create a new person..

the new person can be-is now-will be the person you always wanted to be

mouchette i am sorry, i am becoming the person i always wanted to be. mouchette... i think von watches us. i think there are bad things in this world and i hope none of them are near him. sometimes i smell bad smells for no reason and i know its a bad thing.. and i worry about von. and i try not to cry. But i think that his suicide is keeping me from mine.. or allowing me to kill the fake mes, and let the real me start living...
09 Feb 2006 The Uncola Thats it!!!! We have it!!!! It has been revealed!!!! The end is in sight!!!! NOW THIS WRETCHED PLACE SHALL BURN!!!!! Good luck with trying to build your life back after everyone stops caring Mouchette.
09 Feb 2006 Tamie when ur under 13 you shouldnt think like that, actually no human being should think like this at all because ur life is a gift given from..... your choice to choose who from your aim is to find how you got here and why ur here, because everyone is here for a reason, yesterday was my 17th birthday, i had the most special day to! but i could of not reached my 17th because 3weeks before that i attemted to once again take my life, but this time i was hospitalised, which opened my eyes to the real world, life is what you make it! if anyone is ever struggling im always here to talk with anyone, just email me.

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