Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Mar 2006 Hasnain Jump of the builiding's terrace
25 Mar 2006 Felicia The Great The majority of people who want to commit suicide is over an ex or rejection, young or old.

I want to make this clear to you, "Why are you killing yourself over this person?"

--You may cut and paste my comment--

Ask yourself this at least a thousand times. As you become used to saying this, give your ex or whoever rejected you a call or email and reply, "Listen, I know everyday you see yourself in the mirror and poop and pee like everybody else. I know you pick your nose, scratch your ass, pick your teeth, fart, masturbate, and do no-no's when nobody else is looking. So don't deny yourself. In three hundred years, it's not going to matter even in the afterlife or whatever). Then say to this person "I Love You!" and if they reply negatively or without response, then you made your point clearly.

And you only need to do it ONCE!

--Now don't you forget to cut and paste!--
25 Mar 2006 Nicole the best way to kill your self is not is totally wrong, you will just find your self in hell for the rest of your life. it is MISERY!!!!!!just stay in school and get a good education. you only have a few more years left, then you can move out and live a normal life without ever thinking of suicide again. trust me, im 13 too!!suicide is WRONG!!!!!i advise you to talk to someone.that goes for EVEYBODY!!!!!
25 Mar 2006 SHelby hang your self
25 Mar 2006 Dr. Goofy Eat a tub of baked beans...
25 Mar 2006 John I don't understand this website. I'd blow up my head if I were to kill myself. Or maybe try and kill as many pigs as I can before those bastards kill me.
25 Mar 2006 Clare Trusst me 50 paracetamol and half a bottle of vodka doesnt work and in my case it doesnt get much better afterwards, if you really want to do it, at least do it properly drink a bottle of bleach, set youself on fire, but dont harm others, like dont jump infront of a train or a car becuase that poor person you jump infront of has to live with the guilt of killing you the rest of their life.
25 Mar 2006 Kevin I've been thinking about suiciding for the past month. I"m currently 15 almost 16. i don't find the reason to live. i read some good points, but thats not enough to convince me. There isn't a reason to live. Each day brings you closer to death. why not make it happen earlier? like now
25 Mar 2006 dont give a damn I turned 12 a few months ago and that was the last good thing that happened 2 me. my best friend has been my best friend for 10 years and she's just left, they gave me 1 weeks notice, everyone at school hates me, i get bullied really badly at school at no-one at home even knows i exist-im already dead, it can't get worse.
25 Mar 2006 GET A LIFE sick sick sick your all fucking sick!!

get a fucking life people!

all you people need lifes!!!
25 Mar 2006 Anon Angel I know you're probably sick of hearing that you shouldn't commit suicide,you have so much to live for etc etc.I don't pretend to know what you're going through and maybe that's coz i do know.I'm 18 and have had a fairly mentally and emotionally painful childhood.I'v been thinking abt suicide since i was 6,tried it 3 times.The prob is that i'm still sitting here...but is that really the prob?You know they say that life is full of wonders that you have to be alive for to experience.My life right now is much better than it was,but every now and then when something does push me over the edge i contemplate suicide but the thing that pulls me back is one question:What if it all gets better and i'm not here to live the life i'v always wanted?The point i'm trying to make is that no matter how bad it gets there's always gonna be a "what if" question,and if there's a "what if" question then isn't it easier to ask yourself "what if i proved to them all that i can live this life the way i want to live my life?"I hope you can find some peace in this.
25 Mar 2006 Patrick I was reading some storys it really made me feel sad and sorry because there are alot of people out there that has problems and stuff like me I have a learning problem and stuff but its me

Hey people I’m here to talk about a litter boy and this little boy’s life story and how he feels and if you people don’t like this what I say or if it hurts you then you don’t have to be here …

This boy he was having a great life and he was 4 years old that time and his family was getting together and his mom and dad was getting together and everything was going fine. Tell one day the little boy’s dad was starting to get into fights and yelling at his mom and it was starting to go on like every night and day . the little boy was confuse he thought it was his fault and he had 3 sister’s and they wear all older then the little boy was and he was embarrassed to talk about himself about some things so he keeps in inside of him every time . one day the little boy’s dad came home and he was so mad the boy came and ask his dad what wrong tell his dad’s anger was so big he beeted the little boy and the boy did not know what to do the little boy’s dad told him that if he ever tell his mom or anyone he will do something to him or his sister’s and the litter boy was so scared so he did not told anything to anyone and he was so upset and he did not know what to do everyday his dad would come home and start to beet him and he did not know why … at school the little boy was called the loser in his school and the boy was very upset and everyone around him at school picked on the boy teasing him all the way threw school . when the little boy was in grade two he started to play in a band called the pipe band and he thought it was the best thing that he could ever do and he loved playing the snare drum and every bit about it the little boy turn 10 years old and his sister’s use to always tell him about there problem’s and he would help them and they use to ask the little boy if the there boyfriend that the boy’s sister going out with was an ok guy or not. One of the boy’s sister was going out with this guy in the pipe band and this sister always came to him and ask the boy if he alright. The boy thought he was an awesome guy. When six months went by this new boyfriend of the boy’s sister came to him and he tried to kiss the boy. The boy backed off and was like what are u doing get away from me. The boy tried to tell his mom and sister but they did not beleave him. So the boy let it go and did not tell anyone. when the boy turn 12 his mom came to this guy and he was a pharmacist and ask him if he could teach me about man stuff and how to save when I get older and help on my school work and go and have lots of fun . So the first time I went with him was on his sail boat and I had lots of fun and the boy sleeped on the sail boat. The next morning the boy came home and the Pharmacist talked to the boy’s mom and he was saying that there’s something wrong in my sleep and I should get that cheek out. A week went by and he was at the hospital and seeing what wrong and the doctor did not know what wrong but he had brain damaged and has a sleep disorder. The little boy thought he was like the only person on earth because no one would see what he feels like no one would he there for him like it was before. and when his sister boyfriend found about this he started to sleep at the boy’s house and waited for a bit and then he came into his room when everyone sleeping and he did things the boy and the boy did not know what to do he tried to tell his mom and sister’s but no one beleaves him . the boy turn 14 and his sister boyfriend was still raping him by this time he was doing it everyday and he did no know what to do so the little boy told a teacher that he trusted and the teacher told the cops and the boy’s boyfriend was in jell . by this time the boy did not know what to do he did not trusted guys anymore because every time he does something it turns out something to be bad and people around him did not know what he feels like or anything because he kept everything inside because he did not know who to talk to and he tried and no one would listen when this boy turn 17 the boy thought every thing was going fine but there was something that was bugging him so much and he did not know how to deal with it was the pharmacist his closest friend in the world is dieing and he be coming stronger and it really hurt him because he was there for the boy for a very long time and he don’t know what he could do with out him . the boy at this time is passing out and the doctors don’t know what wrong and don’t know why the boy is passing out he passed out 4 times this year and everything is going wrong for him in the summer he was going out with his girlfriend and he went to came and he passed out and ended up in the hospital in London and he went on the computer and got a e-mail saying that we brocked up and she with another guy. the boy did not cry did not do anything he keeps his feelings inside and he don’t tell anything to no one the boy is scared because he don’t trusted anyone anymore because every time he try’s something bad happens to him like he get really hurt or not he loves to do lots of things but he feels lefted out no one cares and just because he different then everyone else is he feels like he nothing and ya well I jus want to tell you people that bad things happen to everyone and this little boy was me and look at me I’m trying to help people I’m trying to be not shy trying to get new friends and every time I do people don’t care or they don’t like me for some reason I wish I could be like everyone else is and I hop that just because I love to help people or just because I’m not good looking I know that I have a heart and most guys don’t they care about what people look likes and everything for those people that I hurt I’m sorry for those people that like same for who I am or likes me I wish I could meet you but I’m a really shy guy trying to get my shyness out and people see me as a drummer or something I’m just a guy and I’m sorry ….

there a stroy about my life well a bit this year 2006 I lossed 7 close friends and family and right kow I'm dealing with one of my closes friends even tho he in he 60's he just like a farther to me and someone is like chaging him for somehting he never did and he dont even know the guy. all my life is full of stress we dont have much food to put under the table most of the time I jsut dont eat even tho I live with my mom and I'm old lol but still it hurts when I cant do anything if anyone wnat to add me on msn meseenger at you can
24 Mar 2006 cate oh, well, i'm responding to the non-american asshole who thinks all americans are alike. i agree with you for the most part, except that most americans wouldn't agree with you and so your theory no longer includes me. did i mention to fuck off. and by the way, i am trying to figure out how many sleeping pills i need to take to kills myself - assuming i might want to - because i cannot afford emergency room pumping of the stomach and that would be a real fucking bummer if i had to put that on my new credit card. i only have about 8, do you think that will do? i also have vitamin b and c and that's about it. i think 8 is probably enough. i would say, if you're under 13, you still ahve a chance to hope in life, and don't kill yourself yet. wait till you're 30, like me, and a bit fat failure whose life repeats itself contiuously, then give up. it's not worth it to keep hoping and struggling and giving it your all - working your ass off and never getting anywhere becuase you came from nowhere and that's where you're destined to be. no one can ever love you because you don't believe that they can, no matter how good of taste you have in people and how amazing they are, they will always leave you in the long run because you are fucked up. so just give up now. there' sreally no point in hoping and wasting anyone else's time. this is for 27 year olds plus only
24 Mar 2006 Kelly Clawson Whether you're under 13 or if you're 15 like me, here is the best possible suggestions for suicide:

2 Days before my 10th grade year I had just had enough of all the stress and depression and I was tired of cutting myself and never getting anywhere. So, I got out the tylenol and some Lorazapam ( sleeping pills ) and I took 50 tylenol and 20 sleeping pills. As I got light headed and tired after a few minuntes I went to my bed and went to sleep, I would have died if only I wouldn't have sent my boyfriend a text message saying "good-bye, I am sorry for all the pain I've caused you" he immediately called my dad who called my mom and she rushed in. they had told me that if i would have been to the hospital just 1 minunte later i would have been dead. So, yes overdose is the best possible way. There are always different kinds of pills or medicines in the house, and easy to access. You could overdose on cough medicine and it'd work.
24 Mar 2006 daniel commiting suicide isnt worth it just add me and i'll be ur friend an i'll talk to u i like talkin to ppl and helpin them out so add me and talk to me n stuff and i can make u happy
24 Mar 2006 Beth When you have your period use a tampon and leave it in.
24 Mar 2006 Sapphire Rain This is some sadistic shit. I mean damn people. Most of the fucking people on here are attention whores, and some may actually be considering suicide and then we have these fuckers come on here saying. “These bitches need to go to hell for being so stupid”. Well for saying that you need to fuck off to hell. No matter how stupid people get on here and say they want to end it, even if it’s for attention whore like reason. You should not say they should go to hell and shit like that. Most of the people in here are under 16 and you just don’t say shit like that. For those hateful people who come on here and say hateful things because they are just kids and don’t know better and you are the ones who deserve what you say not the suicidal people or even the attention whores.

As for these sick sadistic fucks who encourage it go fuck off and crawl in a little whole you sick fuck. These are fucking kids and you are telling them ways to die and shit and say go for it. I mean damn what the fuck is wrong with you.

All you people need to realize is there are most likely far worse off people than you are. Life is not easy. The hardest thing about this life is living in it. Don’t give up…I know most of us have fucked up our pasts. I know I sure as fuck have, but we can’t go back in time and change it. So why don’t we all stop living in the past and focus on the future and begin our damn lives. I know some of you may have shit for parents and hell for a home, maybe you should try talking to someone you trust. School can be a bitch because kids can be real assholes. Well fuck them who gives a fuck about them. They have their own problems and are too weak to deal with it themselves so they do so on you. Again talk to someone if they are hurting you. If it’s just words tell them to fuck off or ignore them.
24 Mar 2006   im 15.
most people wouldnt assume because my family has money, live in a nice large house so eveyrone assumed im like this for attention.they need to die
noone cares noone takes me seriously
my family knows im suicidal
wont put me in counceling
call the cops on me all the time
lifes horrible
24 Mar 2006 Marguerite WELL BYE !!!!!!!!
24 Mar 2006 curtis ive been thinking about killing myself...ive been from program too program for behavior and all that fucken shit...i also have herpes (blows all the good stuff out the window) and now my girl friend has dumped me and told me no one can be with anyone who cant even behave or have contact! i have no reason too go on so i think suicide is the only option...i want to hear your reasons for me not too just humor me cuz im still gonne slit my wrists

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