Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Mar 2006 sum nutter Jump off a really really high building car park or cliff bridge you get the idea just anywhere very high smoke some weed before an get wasted then jump if you dare!
09 Mar 2006 dazzed Throw yourself under a train well it worked for my uncle pete might do for you too
09 Mar 2006 anonymous The best way to kill yourself is to commit arson, jump from the top of some elevated area, drown yourself by tying some type of wieght to your hind legs and/or by threatening a police officer by holding a knife or gun directly in front of him and/or multiple officers and demanding that they shoot(keep the weapon directly in front or your heart). If you're ready for death and the gates of either heaven or hell to open up to you...(whichever one invites you)
Then you won't mind the pain that the body inflicts upon itself (though your mind is convinced that the body is "I"-you-yourself instead of the mind in itself which allows the body its ability of claiming existence through feeling)in hope that you'll decide not to take away it's feeling and position upon theses grounds of earth.
if you truly wanted to "die" then you would be if you're truly suicidal then you'll kill yourself... dead...
if you are "suicidal" then kill yourself.
i'll be gone soon. this body and its demands are somewhat overwhelming though at the same time pointless and derive solely from vanity.buh-bye
09 Mar 2006 ashamed...but alive whoever made this site is an idiot.
this is assisted suicide.
if ur reading this and giving tips to ppl to kill themselves,
u r responsible 4 sum1's death.
like it or not, but it's wrong.
life is a gift from god.
sites like this have ruined my life.
when i was 5... yea, 5, i tried it.
then again when i was 8,
again at 9
then at 10...sixteen times.
My parents sent me to the hospital.
i met this nurse who cared.
She told me that life is a test.
to see who can survive until the natural end..
but there is no end.
after death, there's life.
i heard it sucks.
after my parent's attempts to save me, i tried one mor time.
that year, i lost them both... and it's my fault.
i killed them when they walked in my room as i was trying to shoot myself
i live in a special foster home now.
the guilt bugs me...
that day, i did kill myself.
my old self.
the guilt overpowered me and i realized they cared.
the police were in the house before i found new bullets.
09 Mar 2006 tom plaza Get your mum to keep nagging you
09 Mar 2006 tyler durtin its hard 2 say a kid could b right in taking there life. but this doesnt seem like the sight 2 argu such things. what if your life is 2 terrible 2 carry on? Im a piece of shit, nothing i do ever brings me happiness or any1 else. im trapped in constent sin + unsatisfaction. if i ever had the balls 2 kill myself mayb it would b better 4 the world. all the people that tell these kids not 2 kill themselves dont belong here bcause they obviosly dont understand the lives the people live that truely want 2 commit suicide.
09 Mar 2006 Melissa Reed It's bloody ridiculous that people come to a suicide website and criticize them... it's really getting old... I've written about this before so if you're curious about it just type in my name... how could you people be so cold and heartless? Sure... maybe these kids come on here and write about their problems for attention... but that's a cry for attention... which is usually a cry for help... instead of criticizing these kids and telling them to get over it and to make their life worthwhile why don't you make yours a bit more worthwhile and help, eh? Or would it kill you to do something that might be considered kind... yeah there are people who are starving and poor... but that doesn't make these kids problems any less serious. Why don't you grow up and find a heart, eh? For those of you who need to talk... my e-mail is and for messenger just take the off... and if you can call my cell at 740-252-1580... if I don't answer just leave me a message and I'll get back with you. Remember... it can't rain all the time... just wait it out and the sun will shine. Hope to hear from you soon.
09 Mar 2006 Jordan Hey, Keanu...If that was my name, I'd want to die too! Anyway, get over your problems the old fashioned way...Cry and feel like shit for awhile, then you heal and get past it. There is no magic pill to cure your depression. Eat a gun, or grow up.
08 Mar 2006 Salvatore Honestly, kid, there's always a better choice than suicide. Ending your life should only ever be a consideration if you're in terminal excruciating pain, and the quality of your life is no longer bearable. Anyone can suffer from depression, but at a young age you've got so much time and potential to change your life. There's never a reason to end it.
Get professional help; talk to the people who most care about you and ask for some guidance. Whatever it is that makes you feel like you'd be better off dead will pass as long as you want it to, so take steps to change your life.
Believe me, as someone who failed at a suicide attempt and has to live with a resulting disability for the rest of his life, your best bet is to fight for the life you want.
08 Mar 2006 Seven Spirits For everyone who'se thinking of suicide. Life doesn't suck it's the people around you that makes it suck! You as an individual is fine.
08 Mar 2006 Jemma errrm teh best way to kill urself wen ur under 13 would be: find the nearest bridge...(with no water) and JUMP!! bang quick n easy ur dead *mwah*
08 Mar 2006 stop&think u kids r idiots
i dont care if ur like catholic or not, but take advantage of ur life cuz kids are slaughtered every day in africa and other places- so stop wanting attention u ass faces and do something with ur talent if u want it that badchrist u kids are real bitches
08 Mar 2006 frederick slit ur wrist hit a vain pop ur daed
08 Mar 2006 Lost Where is this God that I seek? I've prayed to him day after day. Now I don't even know what to pray to him anymore.
08 Mar 2006 keanu I'm 14 and my life sux !!! I'm being forced into a school I don't wanna go to and it's only so my sister will have someone to walk with . I don't have a choice in anything and it's not fair . I get verbally abused by someone who is suposed to care for me .
I can't say who it is . In my family it doesn't matteer what I want or need everyone else comes first . They've forgotten about my birthday 5 times .
They don't know how old I am . I guess I should just face it I'm the forgotten child and that's all I'll ever be . I've tried to kill myself about 100 times but never have been able to succeed. My mum and dad don't really care for me much . I sister hates me and I've got to say the feeling is mutual. I've been cutting myself and it's not working anymore .
I feel so alone and empty inside . How long can I hide behind this smile ? How long can I play pretend . I may look I'm all together but inside I'm breaking down . I'm drowning in my sorrow how long before it kills me ?
08 Mar 2006 BlahWillow play real loud music usin headphones n stands in da middle of da street.. u'll neva know wat hit ya
07 Mar 2006 spazzy ok so... i came across this site by doing a research project on suicide...
to tell you the truth i became so sad after reading a couple of these. i mean... are you guys really that unhappy??... i know about all the problems, alcoholic parents, abuse, feeling alone...etc... but is all that really a good reason to end your life??... i guess i have no right to talk.. i havent gone through the experiences many of you have.. but still... i've had suicide thoughts.. but i got over it....i just hope you guys think it over before its to late...
i'd love to help anyone that seeks it... if any of you ever want to talk dont hesitate...
the way i see it...
obstacles push you down, but only as far as you let them....
anyone can get past this.. it just takes some will-power....
the best of luck to you all....
07 Mar 2006 Garth wait eighty years. You may very well be dead my then.
07 Mar 2006 anthoney fowler i think the easiest way to kill yourself when your thirteen is 1, shoot yourself in the head with the gun in daddys drawer, if u do not have access to a gun, go to vegas in a mini skirt and stockings, and have s ign that says $2.00 for sex, or overdose on anything u can find, or if u want to go painfully, get bit by something poisinous. (snake spider etc)
07 Mar 2006 wiseman fuckin grow up and get on with it if youre so unhappy try to achieve something good or bad but an achievement. like robbing a bank for example. if you fail then decide on suicide at that point if you succeed your rich and you can do what the fuck you want. for all those attention seekers fucking welcome to the real world

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