Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Mar 2006 Sapphire Rain This is some sadistic shit. I mean damn people. Most of the fucking people on here are attention whores, and some may actually be considering suicide and then we have these fuckers come on here saying. “These bitches need to go to hell for being so stupid”. Well for saying that you need to fuck off to hell. No matter how stupid people get on here and say they want to end it, even if it’s for attention whore like reason. You should not say they should go to hell and shit like that. Most of the people in here are under 16 and you just don’t say shit like that. For those hateful people who come on here and say hateful things because they are just kids and don’t know better and you are the ones who deserve what you say not the suicidal people or even the attention whores.

As for these sick sadistic fucks who encourage it go fuck off and crawl in a little whole you sick fuck. These are fucking kids and you are telling them ways to die and shit and say go for it. I mean damn what the fuck is wrong with you.

All you people need to realize is there are most likely far worse off people than you are. Life is not easy. The hardest thing about this life is living in it. Don’t give up…I know most of us have fucked up our pasts. I know I sure as fuck have, but we can’t go back in time and change it. So why don’t we all stop living in the past and focus on the future and begin our damn lives. I know some of you may have shit for parents and hell for a home, maybe you should try talking to someone you trust. School can be a bitch because kids can be real assholes. Well fuck them who gives a fuck about them. They have their own problems and are too weak to deal with it themselves so they do so on you. Again talk to someone if they are hurting you. If it’s just words tell them to fuck off or ignore them.
24 Mar 2006   im 15.
most people wouldnt assume because my family has money, live in a nice large house so eveyrone assumed im like this for attention.they need to die
noone cares noone takes me seriously
my family knows im suicidal
wont put me in counceling
call the cops on me all the time
lifes horrible
24 Mar 2006 Marguerite WELL BYE !!!!!!!!
24 Mar 2006 curtis ive been thinking about killing myself...ive been from program too program for behavior and all that fucken shit...i also have herpes (blows all the good stuff out the window) and now my girl friend has dumped me and told me no one can be with anyone who cant even behave or have contact! i have no reason too go on so i think suicide is the only option...i want to hear your reasons for me not too just humor me cuz im still gonne slit my wrists
24 Mar 2006 fed up ok little timmy wat kind of sick freak r u u all sicken me i tried to kill myself last nite and i dint succeed. well this website isnt gonna help ne1, just the 1s who r getting help on how to commit suicide.*sigh* if u really want to know how get anything sharp drag it along ur vane vertically on both wrists and wait.
24 Mar 2006 anonomus trust me that u dont want to kill urself if ur under 13. i always thought hey no one really cares about me in this world maybe itll be better if i commit suicide...!but trust me u have to be strong and hold urself and survive the whole way..!!and even ur friends will help u and ull see that someone really does care about u in this world..!!trust me u dont wanna do it if u think about it..!!
24 Mar 2006 Blackrose_dying it depends on wheher u like pain or not, they the most painless is overdose, but the most dramatic way to get noticed is to hang ureself in your own room. cutting your wrists deeply prolongs uure pain but there is always a chance that u could survive and then u have to put up with seeing counsellors and everyone bullyin u!! according to some people i hav no reason for being suicidal and having bi-polar disorder because i am intelligent apparently and my parents are married!! but this is ridiculous, i turned to heroin when i was fourteen and came off it when i was 16, i have been clean for nearly a year now, i started to self harm when i was 11 due to family stress and constantly being told i was fat and weird because i was gothic, then i was bulimic and i still suffer from bulimia, i am a trained mentor for others in my position because i give them a real insight into what it is like to be depressed. to kill ureself u have to choose the right way for you. do like pain and prologed suffering then cut your wrists, if u want it to be instant jump in front of a train and if want to have a great effect on your family hang ureself. i have attempted suicide 14 times, but still i remain.... why?
23 Mar 2006 Johnathon Love, don't die it's not good! Don't worry be happy!:) We all LOVE YOU!!!
23 Mar 2006 Gib Hello,
God created you for a reason, live for him. He understands it is hard sometimes, but he knows you are strong enough to get through it. Killing yourself isnt the right thing to do. Talk to God, he will help you. He loves you.
23 Mar 2006 brad 13 and i think suicide is no joke...iv tried this all before but i think to myself sometimes what am i doing. u see i have this 1 special girl in my life but its not all u think it is. u may think o gr8 this person has a great life but its not all that good. i get told each and everyday that my girlfriend is cheating with this guy. i reli dnt know what i have to do. iv tried not to think bout this but it throbbes in my head al day. when im with her it all seems ok but when im not i think to myself shes better off without me. iv thought about suicide alot. iv been to a top of a 50 - 60 foot bridge and very nearly jumped off...iv tried slitting my wrists but i just cant get the knife to cut deep enough. please help me and tel me what i must do.
23 Mar 2006 robin parler français !!
23 Mar 2006 Mell look im mell n im 12 and i slit my wrists so deep i nearly died and u dnt want that everythink gets betta i promise i just hope this reaches u in time hun b4 u hurt urslef x
23 Mar 2006 erica stick yourself in a room with more than 5 emo kids. If they dont kill you because you too happy and "comforming" their annyoing voice, ugly haircuts, terrible personalities, music, and just over all bad style friend has tried it.
22 Mar 2006 yoHannaHoy Mais t'es déjà morte Mouchette! Tout le monde te tue tout le temps... C'est que t'es éternelle alors... C'est pour ça que t'es triste? Que tu veux te suicider?
22 Mar 2006 Samantha I think the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 is to probably take as many pills as you can then cut your wrist.(remember when cutting your wrist cut down not across)
22 Mar 2006 Twisted BITCH Call 10 0r 11 Chavs Goths
22 Mar 2006 XYZ I love this guy for him I left my house and evrything. whenever he gets pissed he screams at me beats me. He abuses me of having illicit relations with my previous friend. I am sick of my life. Please help me someone. I have lost all the zeal to live. I have tried talking to him but nothing helps. I go through this every week or maybe evry alternate day. I can't leave him cause I still love him and got converted. There is nothing I can do. He is stressed out has lost one job and recently got another job after a gap of 5 months. I don't know what to do. How to convince him that I am faithful. I don;t even know where the previuos person is. Why does he blame me everytime for these reasons. Am still a virgin but he feels that I have slept earlier I swear by GOD I haven't done this anytime before. I nedd help plz help me. How should I convince him. I love him and I know he loves me too but he is very short tempere. There is nothing that I can do except end my life. I have tried drinking insecticide he came to know andbeat me up for doing that. I don't know what to do. Help me or else let me die.
22 Mar 2006 Fluffy This site cracks me up. People from the US are so cute, all of them, their english is so funny, their way of thinking is so similar, their troubles are so expectable. It makes me want to hug each and every one of them. Strange thing is that all the tragic stories people tell here are somehow "bigger than life" like everything is the US, and resemble hollywood, there are no subtle, unique cases, no people that contemplate about suicide because of their individual subjective world views, thoughts, intricate and complex innter states, out of the ordinary life stories, only stuff like "raped", "mistreated", "unpopular","unloved", "poor". People here are somewhat dull. No one has interesting and deep thoughts about existence or about death. This REALLY looks like a forum of 13 year olds talking about suicide. But one thing is sure - people here make up for this by being american-like sincere, cuddly and funny. This forum is a good leasure time reading.
Anyhow. I also have been thinking about killing myself. For a long time now. Had a bad, sorrowful life, porobably have no future, and suffering. It's not like I am planning to do it in the next few days, but wondering what could be the best way. I am not getting into details about my situation, don't know where to start even, I dont have the ability to concentrate and think straight anymore. Maybe I will elaborate later. Anyhow, if someone wants to converse with me, ask for an advice or to give one, seeking or offering support, please feel free to do so and contact me via my email.
22 Mar 2006 coronerscorner What you do to your live body is your business. What happens to it after is mine. Please be considerate. Dramamine 1/2 hour before prevents vomiting. Slit arteries in the groin NOT wrists, best in the tub. CO2 will liquify tissues in 48 hours..NO CARS!
21 Mar 2006 Chris When you know that you're the cause of all the problems in your and your family's life, it becomes a whole lot easier to justify

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