Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Mar 2006 Inspiration Ok, I was just reading a lot of the personal stories posted on here and I started crying because in a way I know how you feel. No, I was never sexually abused, my family has been great and very supportive of everything I do....but that doesn't mean I've had such a great life. From an early age my mom told me her and my dad could tell there was something "off" about me, I felt compelled to tell them every single thought that came into my head...true or not, hurtful or not....I had to say everything. skip ahead 8 years, many appointments with psychologists (with no diagnosis seeing as I was such a "sweet" girl they thought there could never be anything wrong with me ) I was always a doormat but the day I decided to get my hair cut was the last time anyone saw me happy for quite a while. A simple bad haircut was all it took to have the entire school laughing and mocking me....I had girls attempt to light my hair on fire, pull it until i thought my scalp would rip off...refuse to be class partners with me. I was the loser. I started acting out at home...whenever I was asked to do something I would freak and try to hit my parents...on several occations I had to run from the house to hide from the police. I eventually got taken out of public school and put in private for a year before moving on to a highschool in a nearby town. Funny thing is that I was never teased there...I wasn't exactly popular but I had friends and did well in school....this was the time however I decided that killing myself was the best option. I'll never forget the day I told my mom that it was over for me, there was something wrong in my head...I could never control my feelings, I was afraid of everything and hated to look at myself in the mirror ( I had developed body dismorphic disorder and wore a winter jacket to hide my body even in august) my mom sobbed and begged for me to change my mind, I simply ran from the car. She found me right before I was going to take the pills...I was so close...crying harder than I ever had but knowing that this was what I had to do. I was talked out of it and decided to go on antidepressents. At first I told myself I was alive because i couldn't bare to hurt my family...but now I know it's because a small piece of me knew that I was meant to be alive for some reason...and who am I to decide when or where I'm going to die? Don't get me is still not exactly easy for me...I was eventually diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder...depression, ocd etc. were the domino effect from not getting treated for the first. I have had problems with some antidepressents...some big problems but I simply got off the ones that were bad and tried something new. I have gone thru stages where I was too afraid to leave the house for fear that my family would die and it would be my fault because I wasn't home to save them...I still put the weight of the world on my shoulders. Just recently I have been going through an eating disorder...I eat now but I obsess over how much I weigh (I am 5'10 118 lbs) I still have dismprphic disorder so it's really hard for me to look in the mirror and see the person ppl tell me I am. Look....if you say you want to die, fine..I believe you...but what I don't believe is that there is no way out...there is ALWAYS a way out...and for those of you who think you're ugly and was I but guys...the ugly duckling does come out on top in the end....if you can try to live your life and work on yourself you can turn into a beautiful swan. I have been approached for modeling (I have no clue what they see in me) have a gorgeous brilliant man I'm going to marry and am actually back in university and doing well. I'm not bragging....just showing you what the fat ugly suicidal girl can do.
Please don't let the evil ppl in society win...we are the ones who should take over the world...we know what it's like to feel pain...and if you live long enough to experience true happiness...nothing can touch you.
21 Mar 2006 the fucktardetttt well im 13 and iv been thinking about killing myslf because atleast ill b able to gt out ofthis fucking nightmare i mean friedns ar efin but my family OMFG anyhow i kinda have three ideas, take alout of asprin/tylonal/ w/e else or jump in front of a train and jump off the highest bridg in your area
21 Mar 2006 Ryan im 15 if u want someone to listen to you add me il listen without saying ure fucked up cause no1 is.. the only fuck ups are those who make jokes about it.. my msn is
21 Mar 2006 creazymonkey5212 ok b4 when i told u my email was creaumonkey5212@hotmail.som there was a typo its, soo plz if u want to talk u can email me day or night. just talk to me b4 u do nething bad to urself.
21 Mar 2006 Little Timmy The best way would be to cut your wrist and other body things and then if your still alive with your hands on you can cut off your own head.
21 Mar 2006   NObody Knows who Mouchette is of course.
We never will know.
we proberly may never ever know.
there are more than one links to mouchette.orgs.etc.
Mouchette is very very well hidden artist,
who has done a good job in confusing alot of people.
with this web page.
who can believe whatever they like about mouchettes web pages etc.

Invisible is what mouchette is and invisible is how mouchette shall stay.

keep up the confusing work mouchette.

i would not say blamers are stupid, there more like careing people,
who are trying to help others! etc.or angry people trying to take out there
anger on mouchette..

theres always the helpers on here to help others who are really down!
seeking help and offering there help.

the real life experiences can comein handy to help others with there storys!

the children games and cruel jokes i find rather sick!
But i don't think there supposed to be taken seriously!

the favourate answers are cool to read!
Judged as the best answers by The one and only Mouchette :)

if you dont like this page people post a angry noteto mouchette or go to and post an angry notethere blamers!!!!

to all you people!
you can beileve what ever you like,
about this web page,

the viewer can beileve what ever you want to beileve!.

over and out :)

ps the only thing moucheetereally has done wrong is send out JUNK mail to people,

people if you dont want to junk shit to be sent to your address either block mouchette or do not leave your email address on here ok people.!!!!!
21 Mar 2006 tralala to kill myself when i am under 13...... to go in the forest, in January, to hide myself and to wait until it is too cold and to fall asleep last once of cold there
20 Mar 2006   Such awesome songs you can get include Ill Nino, Mudvayne, Disturbed, Deftones, SLIPKNOT, KORN, Sum LINKIN PARK, behind blue eyes is AWESOME, 28 days, just to name a few. dedicate your mind to your music and live with it, use what you can. Live to hate LUV TO HATE
20 Mar 2006 felicity Hi its me again. I still cant help anything, nothings changed, but i wont kill myself. Ill find my purpose and more, but i wont give up what i feel gives me hope, cutting keeps me going. If you feel you need to kill yourself to fulfill your purpose, whats that going to prove to the world. Im sure you have someone you need to make the ultimate FUCK YOU to, but my saying is DOTN GET MAD, GET EVEN! DONT GET MAD, GET EVEN!! DONT GET MAD, GET EVEN!! DONT GET MAD, GET EVEN!!!

to get me through the pain when i need more than what i should give out, i listen to my MUSIC it makes things easier to understand in your head, and it fills you wiht the energy you need to get out and hate, turn that hate and use it to live on.
20 Mar 2006 JaniNe today the doctor said i can't expect to matter to anyone eles if i don't matter to myself. Try that on for size.
20 Mar 2006 jenny take pills
20 Mar 2006 Lodemai Ashes Slit your wrists.. its simple and effective. Although I wonder why an under 13 would want to kill themselves. Back then.. I was still an innocent little thing. I wonder if I had the choice I would return to that? I don't know.
20 Mar 2006 I have been reading what people have been writing, it makes me sad, i can see why people feel this way i have empathy for them. personally never experisensing this emotion of wanting to die but i can see why people want to. I think if i gets so bad that you feel this way then nothing anyone is going to say will help, but i hope it never get this way for most people.
20 Mar 2006   the best fucking way ro kill myself? this is sooo fucking rtarded! i am 13 and i used to have thoughts of suicide but i talked to the person in the wourld that i love the most, and he helped me to see that i would be hurting evry1 that loves me and cares for me soo much. he said i most importantly would be hurting him. so i changed my thoughts and decided to live my life out.
20 Mar 2006 ......... the best fucking way ro kill myself? this is sooo fucking rtarded! i am 13 and i used to have thoughts of suicide but i talked to the person in the wourld that i love the most, and he helped me to see that i would be hurting evry1 that loves me and cares for me soo much. he said i most importantly would be hurting him. so i changed my thoughts and decided to live my life out. i was raped when i was barely 5, my parents got divorced i went to hell and back and i wanted to kill myself but he helped me, he said to beleive in myself. soo before u do anything drastic talk to sum1 u love and they will tell u why u shouldnt kill urself. if u want to talk e-mail me at i will listen unlike this dumbass website telling u ways to kill ursef. love.
20 Mar 2006 someone who cares This site is wrong for kids to be looking at wat kind of person invents a game for little kids about suicide, suicide is a big issue and should be taken seriously. Mouchette is a complete frodd also. Believe me i know.
20 Mar 2006 Ashley You shouldnt kill yourslef it is the most stupis thing anyone could ever do.Just think when you commit suicide arent you leavin behind your family and friends? yea i thought therefore ther is no reason to leave.
20 Mar 2006 Ashley There is realy no reason to kill yourself,let alone harm yourself.I used to cut myself all the time and you would never see me without fresh cuts on my arms. Until i cut myself one last time and it wouldnt quit bleeding and it scared me.I then realized what it was that i was doing to myself.I went to my teacher the next day and told her,see i am over 14 but still i just want to give some advice.Anyways when i told her she took me down to the guidence office and i told the guidece coucelor and then she called my mom....When my mom came down to my school she signed me out and took me straight to Tennessee Christian Hospital.When we got there i had alot of doctors evaluate me and then later on i got put up on the 4th floor of the hospital.I knew as soon as i said goodbye to my mom that i had made a mistake.I was only in there 7 days but it was 7 days of HELL.You may think that noone cares about you but you know what other people shouldnt matter.YOU should care about you and whats best for yourself.Well ive been outta tha hospital for about 3 to 4 months and it been hard not to cut and ive done it about three times since ive been out but its not as bad.If you continue to cut yourself or try to commit suicide then one of these days you are going to end up 6 feet under,wishing that you would have listened to me.BUT if you are still thinking about doing it even after reading this then e-mail me and ill be more than happy to talk with you and hopefully help you with your problem.My e-mail address is me anytime you want im always online.
20 Mar 2006 someone Mouchette is a really successful online persona: a sad, creepy little girl based on the 1967 film by Robert Bresson. The website has been around for years and years and as far as I can tell the identity of the people behind the persona is still unknown.
The page I was taken to was incredibly disconcerting.
I'm not comfortable with the suicide, sexuality and violence. But being comfortable is not what Mouchette is about, she's provocative and she knows it. There's a forum for sending Mouchette hate mail that is also unnerving in it's brutality. But panning through the random painful angry posts, made me think about the genuine challenges of free communication in public space. People ain't always pretty.
I think mouchette is a sick person and not just an artist.

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