Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Apr 2006 distant hold your own breath n ask Jesus for just 1 more day of help! Every day n soon you will have lived 1 week longer!!! n Don't give up!!!!!!!
18 Apr 2006 shykid97 I am a 13 year old girl and my life is horrible. Some of my classmates treat me horribly. This one boy says that everyone hates me and that I should go back to England.He also talks about my family ,knocks things off my desk,and make me so upset that i will start crying. I have already broken down crying 4 times this year in class.He sometimes makes me wish i was dead.But then there are the other kids that make fun of me and trip me in the hallway comeing back from lunch.But I never tell the teachers what some of my class mates do to me.But now I am starting to belive that my classmates really do hate me and want me dead If its this bad for me in middle school then I dont want to go to go to high school.I would rather die than put up with the same stuff in high school.
18 Apr 2006 Willie/Pete You're all fucked in bthe head. First suicidal thoughts came at age 6/ now I am 56 yes fifty fucking six in other words i'm gonna be 5 fuckin 7 in may. OD is no good. I barfed up 100 amitriptylines (50mg). Should have killed 5 motherfuckers/ coma for 7 days/ psych ward for 5 fuckin fun packed days. Next time will be last time CO (carbon monoxide) auto exhaust is the best way to go .SUICIDE KIT? SIMPLE Plastic bags, plastic wire/cable ties. Examine the 60s hit movie: Charade. Fasten feet to pipes with cable ties (Hand cuffs) Then plastic bag over head and fasten hands to radiator or pipes so you cannot remove handcuffs or plastic bag=suffocation
18 Apr 2006 church Dear Mouchette,
People why would you want to kill yourselves? think about it first. Is it really worth it? Would you rather burn in a real hell for all eternity or live in this fucked up world? I choose this world. what would we do without mercenarys like me anyways? Just let me kill you. It's easier. Then you don't burn in hell.
17 Apr 2006 surviver. I think all of you, are pathetic. Do you know what the fuck its like to lose someone to suicide? You are all so selfish. Think about the people that do give a fuck that you are here. That you wake up every morning. You are all faggots who have nothing better to do than to give up. Well fuck you. Everyone goes through shit. Everyone leanrns from shit. You think stopping your breathing is going to solve things? hah. you have no fucking clue how it feels to die. What if you die, and come back in an even shittier position? The fact is. None of you know how it really feels. to be there. to be under those lights. to be told you arent going to make it. To have tubes in your arms and a tubes in your throat. Barely holding on. Wishing you could have taken back that one tiny second, when you decided to put yourself here. You say you want to die, i say you want attention. Go outside, make a friend, get their number and call them when your sad. Talk to your parents. and do good in school. Because i'll tell you what, you dont know what pain is, until you die. I am lucky, I was born again. I got another chance. You, may not be so lucky. but hey, what do i know. im not 13. see ya.
17 Apr 2006 J.Twaits alright im 17. and thought about it for lets say around 10-12 years firstly i started thinkin bout it because both my parents were shit my mom is a depressive person that makes me do everrything since i was able to reach the cooker, my dad went to prison and when he came out told me i was nothing a piece of shit this was when i was about 6-7 i think i didnt even know the word suicide then but i wanted it to end by the time i was 10 i had attempted suicide twice but failed as you can see 1 by pills the other by hanging but my brother found me cos it didnt snap my neck i was jus getting strangled. by the age of 14 i felt good i had a gf that i loved and cherished and spent every hour with her that i could until one day i was walking her home ended getting mugged on the way by some gang (i think) but they wanted more than just money they started to rape her in front of my eyes. i loved her so much i tried my dambdest to stop them i eventually broke free got the bastard off her and told her to run and she did. afer about a hundered yards she got on the road and gott mauled by a bus. i thought it was all my fault because i got her to stay out longer than she wanted just so i didnt have to go home. then came my next few suicied escapades i tried many times to find the bastards that raped her but never did so i saw it a fitting end to die the same way my love did so every chance i had i ran infront a car bus bike anything to end it but i never did all i got were broken bones puntured lungs loss of kidney. by the time i was 15 i hadnt told anyone bout my life i was dead inside everyone thought i was fine (mainly becaue i was in a different city now so no one knew me really) i was able to pretend i was fine. i put a face on. i never tried becoming someone popular because it would just be harder to look fine. eventually i broke down in class an my loves anniversary. so i ended up having to tell my best of friends now only 3 people truely know what shadows lurk in my past. and when i was almost 17 i got raped i was humiliated some women who i didnt even know got her mates to hold me down tie me up undress me and then all 7 of them fucked me but no they werent done with that they pissed on me afterwoods this no one know except u guys i mean im a man getting raped by women i felt like shit. so i started to cut myself trying to find out if i could feel anything anymore i never showed them to people but when i had to get changed and people saw all the cuts and scars i jus said i got into fights i dont think they believe me i think they think im seeking attention but im not i asked for help off my 3 best friends but not one of them did anything so i dont bother asking anymore and now after finding out the course in college im doing all my work has "dissapeared" and a deadline of hmm 9 hours my future has ended because its impossible to do it all by then. so right know i was seaching for a painful but effective way of killing myself. i have often saut after "The Anarchists Cook Book" just so i can blow up everything and one that has screwed up my life (my fucking god i sound as if the world revolves around me fuck it i dont care because they screwed up many other peoples life too) anyway. eventualy i got round to dating again but i never felt the same i used sex and women to seek comfort but i never could feel happy and now i feel as if sex is just like having a beer. to this day i have tried getting into fights that will kill me but i havnt lost i run infront of cars but it doesnt work i try to get STD's but im clean i try drugs but am always brought to hospital by sum bystander. and now every woman i try to get to know and try to feel some emotion with just decides to hurt me they tell me they love me but i find them either sleeping with someone else or saying "i dont think this is going to work out"
i have no idea why im typing this and you know what i dont care the few ppl that know of this 2 dont believe me and still to this day my "father" still thinks im a piece of shit my "mother" still makes me do everything just because i live under her roof and i am alone.

you know what i dotn care about my discretion and if you know my last name you'll know my first name and my email so im gonna put both down cos i dont give a shit bout it
17 Apr 2006 jayson oh and to the girl on page one, emo is a musician, not a person that cuts theirself. we are usually referred to as cutters. emo is a person or a type of music, not a cutter. look emo up. you can't miss him he's got crazy hair.
17 Apr 2006 jayson i wish i could give encouraging words about life and how it will get better. it probably won't. the only difference is that you will take on life by yourself, which will present it's own challenges with it's own freedoms.

i have some harsh words for a few of you. if you kill yourself because of SCHOOL, you are an idiot. think for a second about this.... most of the people you knew in school you will never see again after you leave. trust me. besides, school accounts for such a small amout of your life. if you want people to like you, you have to quit caring about what they think. i'm 27 right now. my dad was killed when i was 9 (murder or accident, it depends on who you ask) and i got picked on big time in school. i have tourettes syndrome, and now no one knows it but you and the people i went to school with. not even the people in my life now, because i remember the mocking jokes. i even actively sought after the mafia to try and be a hitman with the hopes that i would be killed. i used to cut my wrists, but not deep enough to hit the veins. i'm telling you this so none of you think i'm some preachy dumb ass trying to tell you how it is. i'm not going to tell you not to do it, but i will tell you this. wait. if you try something when you are that young, you won't be able to see where your life is going. in one year by yourself, everything changes. EVERYTHING. what if the dark cloud dissapates??? sometimes it does. and yes, sometimes it comes back. but don't give up so early.

also the more disturbed you are, the more likely you are to accomplish something great. if you want some good examples.... einstein had manic depression. isaac newton also fought off depression his whole life. abraham lincoln was a very dark soul. he is credited with writing the suicide silliloquoy, though no one knows if it was really him. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. many people feel this wretched dark cloud. i know because i fight it off often. my arm is bleeding right now. not from trying to kill myself. my issues evolved into inflicting pain. i don't do it often, but more than i should.

i think the reason we feel so much pain stems from the fact that we understand the world better than most. even those of you that are 10 and 12. you see the world more clearly than the fools around you that just drift aimlessly, and it gets to you. you see that pain and the hoplessness around you and you just want it to go away. am i right??? i know i am because i've been there. i'm still there.

but here's the thing. if you kill yourself, it will never get better. you will just die miserable. wait another 10 years. it will speed by until the darkness comes back, and then life will seem to drag. but you have to hold on. when you are on your own, you will find something to live for.

the best thing to do if you feel this way is to leave home when you turn 18. join the military (helped me tremendously) or something. just get the hell away from everything you know. put a couple thousand miles inbetween you and everything you knew. it will clear your mind, even if it takes years. it helped me. it will help you.

i ran across this site by accident and i have poured my heart out to you.
17 Apr 2006 colton more from the mind of me
u could jump into a vat of gasoline on fire
17 Apr 2006 generic poster YOU STUPID FUCKING AMERICAN TWATS. You think you are the most tortured souls on the planet, and for some reason you find it necessary to post these inane melodramatic rants about your "tragic" life. I have news for you. The feelings you describe are stereotypical to the point of being grotesque. And the only people lower than you dumb "emo" cunts are the morons who encourage this sort of rubbish by telling you little shits how brave you are and how much they empathize with you. You're all wankers, the lot of you. wankers.

-sexy foreigner
17 Apr 2006 generic poster im over 13 (14 yrs old) n i hate my dad always calls me stupid and my mom duznt evn do boyfriend is always leaving me and saying he duznt want's probably cuz im 2 fat or best friend killed herself when i was 12 and ive been taking antidippresints ever since...ive allready tried to kill myself 3 times (2 times slitting my wrists and 1 time sleeping pills)..but i think it will proberly work this time...i hope u all do better than me...i probably wont be here in a week

-ugly fat stupid bitch
17 Apr 2006 no mouchette im not telling YOU my name Life can be great at times you feel bad now but who knows whats waiting for you around the corner all your problems that you are having now might change and go away dont make a rash decision that you wont ever be able to take back and change once your dead your dead thats it!!! you cant come back as someone else and have another go at it make the most of what you have got, stand tall, be your own person and dont let others stop you from achieving what you know deep down that you can. Life is worth living you and you can be happy start today by making you life change for the better theres so much more then what you see in your life now the world is a huge place dont waste what you have the chance now to discover and enjoy your time here is precious make it count and dont waste your life worrying about the future to much or what other people think of you etc etc your life is just starting dont be a fool and throw it all away. You dont want to end up in 10 years time still feeling like this and still wanting to end your life constantly in a tug of war with you own brain should i do it should i end it all now and stop the pain? or should i try and should i help myself and should i strive to live how i know i can. And make a go of it make the best of it show people dispite whatever your problems are that you are a fighter and you can hold your head high and say to yourself yes im finding it hard i dont have all the answers but i am surviving every minute every hour every day i am still here alive and fighting and not just giving up and admitting defeat and giving into self pity.
17 Apr 2006 generic poster Hi. I'm a fat loser with no friends. I'm not at all suicidal. But i will gladly befriend all of you. Don't worry, i won't rape you. I promise. But if you ever need somebody to talk to, I'm always online, and always accepting, no matter what. I love all of you already. I can't wait to hear all of your personal problems. Maybe we'll be best friends. ttyl new best friends

-someone who cares
17 Apr 2006 Dreaming of Death Life is a gift from Satan
17 Apr 2006 colton all around ways
1. yell "BLACK POWER!" at a KKK convention
2. eat tons of gunpowder then jump off a cliff
17 Apr 2006 april i am 13 years old and ever since my mom got out of prison from drug (meth)i have hated my life the only thing that make me want to stay is my other mom i call her and my other dad i call him(christy & joe) they are my life if it wasn't for them i would have already been gone yea i use ti think what kind of idiot would kill themself now i know a idiot like me i think so hard about it yea i think aventually i will i am going to try to overdose first then on well if you want to talk and i am still alive hit me ^......... hope you lkive through your experiance :-)'
17 Apr 2006 shawty wass poppen mothafuggaz!!! da best way to kill yaself is to pull da trigger right in da head beeach!!
17 Apr 2006 louise ive attempted it 2 times and guess what neither of them worked..... 1nce with an overdose and another time iwth sliting my wrists and laying in the bath.... my friend sed that t was slow and slow but definatly not pain ful!
17 Apr 2006 The Grudge Hi, again. You know me as Paige, The Grudge, and Spilled Blood. I know myself as a bitchy, selfish, peice of shit. The last thing I put on this website, I barely even realized what I put. And I still feel guilty for putting that on there. Because my "dad" knows what I go by, and he looks at suicidal sites. So, on account of my smart ass, and me telling you kind people about my sucky life, my "dad" has already e-mailed me four times, saying that he'd be here on Tuesday. Today is Monday. I'm suicidal and everything, and yes I want to die. But I was planning on killing myself, not him killing me. I'm not scared or anything, but he has found out where I am. That's either me and my suicidal ways go down the drain, or my 8th foster family has a bad time. But I just wanted to tell you guys that. If I don't kill myself by tonight, I'll post something tomarrow. (Also, all you have to do is truely die, is a shotgun. That's how I killed my mom. Works every time.)

Your sick demented blonde suicidal dumbass,
The Grudge
17 Apr 2006 Louise 1) 'Accidently' walk into the road! while a lorry is going full pelt
2)find the higest buliding and fall backwards off it (then you wouldnt see how long youve got)
3)have a sword fight (but with real sword and make sure sharp!!)

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