Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Mar 2006 spazzy ok so... i came across this site by doing a research project on suicide...
to tell you the truth i became so sad after reading a couple of these. i mean... are you guys really that unhappy??... i know about all the problems, alcoholic parents, abuse, feeling alone...etc... but is all that really a good reason to end your life??... i guess i have no right to talk.. i havent gone through the experiences many of you have.. but still... i've had suicide thoughts.. but i got over it....i just hope you guys think it over before its to late...
i'd love to help anyone that seeks it... if any of you ever want to talk dont hesitate...
the way i see it...
obstacles push you down, but only as far as you let them....
anyone can get past this.. it just takes some will-power....
the best of luck to you all....
07 Mar 2006 Garth wait eighty years. You may very well be dead my then.
07 Mar 2006 anthoney fowler i think the easiest way to kill yourself when your thirteen is 1, shoot yourself in the head with the gun in daddys drawer, if u do not have access to a gun, go to vegas in a mini skirt and stockings, and have s ign that says $2.00 for sex, or overdose on anything u can find, or if u want to go painfully, get bit by something poisinous. (snake spider etc)
07 Mar 2006 wiseman fuckin grow up and get on with it if youre so unhappy try to achieve something good or bad but an achievement. like robbing a bank for example. if you fail then decide on suicide at that point if you succeed your rich and you can do what the fuck you want. for all those attention seekers fucking welcome to the real world
07 Mar 2006 peace yo this is the sickest most disgusting website i have evr should be ashamed of telling kids how to kill themselves... u sick bastards.... please do not kill yourself... anyone out there do not do it!!!! i love you!!! i dont kno u but i wud love to kno u as long as i can so please im me to talk about ANYTHING!!!!! remember someone does love u and will miss u if u go thru with this
07 Mar 2006 Deo Your parents go on vacation... Throw a party and dont bother to clean up the mess.
07 Mar 2006 dead boi u fucking nutter make a porno site or something instead of talkin bout suicide fuckin hell ur wrong!!
07 Mar 2006 tigger Play with a baby tiger until it get old enough to bite your head off.
07 Mar 2006 sw33t.ch1k Firstly I would like to say that a french person is unable to speak english as fluently as you do!! secondly I would like to say to any REAL underage people that "do you actually know these people are who you say they are" have you not thought that they could be fake and that they are just manipulating your situation because they can do? That they are saying they have experienced these things because they know whoever is reading this wants to hear it? DO NOT TAKE EVERYTHING ON HERE LITERALLY. No matter how bad your lives get, there is always someone worse off, it may seem hard to believe at the time but you are much more blessed than those starving or in war! TAKE CARE xxxx
07 Mar 2006 READ IT COZ ITS TRU i think ure all fukin pathic ! ure jus attention seeking fukers stop thinkin bout ure selfs and think bout how u cud use ure tlives to luk afta oves ders dying pple in africa tht would love to have the treatment u selfish priks evry single one of u and wt about the pple tht do care they have to suffer ! get ova it alot pf pple get bullied and no body thinks der perfect bt u dnt see them complaing lyk u nob heds do u now ! honeslty u need to have a hard luk in the mirror all of u stop wasting doctors tyms and strt sorting ure lives out i dnt feel the slitest bit sorri for any single one of u priks u all deserve wt u get and i hope u no tht ! ! so stop wf the attention seekin
07 Mar 2006 Jordan If you want to do it, go ahead. If you were serious, you wouldnt be writing about it would be dead! Duh! You all just want attention. The serious ones are found in the desert with a gunshot wound to the head.
07 Mar 2006 im dying i hate my life i wanna die, but no one will let me. i cry and cry i wake up emotionless, i hurt myself every day and night this world would be better off without me.... so as i go and commit suicide i say good bye forever......
07 Mar 2006 Gary The best thing is to find some other thoughts to fill your mind with. I woke up in hospital with slit wrists, punctured lungs, blood all over the place. I asked the doctor to kill me, she said "We don't do that here".
I am glad they don't because I have since had many enjoyable years of life, met many wonderful people and believe life is a privilege to be enjoyed for as long as it lasts; we all die soon enough anyway so stay around as long as you can.
06 Mar 2006 meee loooook in deeep
06 Mar 2006 Melissa Reed Hey... just putting my stuff up here for new people. If you want help or someone to talk to... my e-mail is for messenger just take the off there... my cell number is 740-252-1580. If I don't answer leave a message and I'll get back to you. I really do want to help so don't be shy about calling me if you want to. And remember... it can't rain all the time... just wait it out and the sun will shine. Hope to hear from you soon.
06 Mar 2006 Jake I'm 17 years old and act like everything in my life is going great. Well its not... My mom pressures me to do good in school with grades/behavior. Then football i have to gain more muscle and become faster. I just want to fade away... I've tried to commit suicide once in the past. I hooked a hose to the end of my car then to the front window and sat there with the engine running. But i bitched out and got out. If i had a gun or something lethal i would just end my life now...
06 Mar 2006 Vanessa HI I am Vanessa, and I am 16. I have cut my self many times in my life as well as all u people here. I want to say that cuting ur self doesnt help with the pain, we just do it becuase we think thats all we can do. Like take me for an example, I use to be anerxic, and then now I cut and hurt my self in many ways. I guess why I do thees things is becuase thats all I have controle over. I dont really have a saying in my life, or what I do or what I want to do. So what I am trying to say is dont just go and hurt ur self try and think about it before u do it. So this is really random but when it say "It's something that allows children of all ages to play suicide. It's a new toy. It comes in a box, with various elements that let you pretend you can kill yourself in all kind of different ways. It's my own invention! I have very little experience in the subject, and there's hardly any material available for children to learn about that question. So please, will you help me?"

Do you play this as a joke? I bet you 99.9% of the kids here are not jokeing. I am a suecidle, and I yet have never been helped. So pls take this seriuose when I say go talk to someone pls. It may be to late for me, but it isnt for you.
06 Mar 2006 AaraN u no resemtly ihave been sending this site on a daily basis and i feel for so much people who are going through shit in life but cum on there must be a soluation to it all. please i feel so bad 4 u all expect the fuckin dicks hu r encourging death especially 2 the younger agee. jus cus ur fucked up dnt mean u fuck others u no. ok fine i admit it i got a loving gf who i have been going out wi 4 1 year 3 weeks. i am 17 and also have a gr8 bunch of mates but i no wot u r going through. my mum died from cancer when i was 10 n was jus left wi my dad n sister at home n i was like wtf my mum ... she has gon finally. if i die i may get her again. i loved her to bits... wel from wot i remember. i hope u all re think bout whating to commit suicide especially has the people who DEEP DOWN love u and they will find it hard to live without U. if u want add me on msn msgner. my email is i am from the UK. bye people.
06 Mar 2006 Scors.b Thanks for being here Mouchette. This website is my only friend............ .............. ............... .......... ...... ............ .............. ....

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