Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Apr 2006   This is what God told us: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. Whoever has the Son has life, but whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life. I write this letter to you who believe in the Son of God so you will know you have eternal life.
13 Apr 2006   The God who brings peace will soon defeat Satan and give you power over him. So give yourselves completely to God. Stand against the devil, and the devil will run from you!

The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you!
13 Apr 2006 totty i dont no the best ways hunny i just no that if its what u want then plan it right and make sure it is really what you want.
i was told once that why should you punish yourself for what another person did to you, they should be punished. in an ideal world for me the ones that hurt us should be punished in the same way.
everytime i try to kill myself i never get it right but i am planning for this next attempt and i am going to get it right.
you could always try sleeping pills that is what i am doing.
all the best hunny x x x
13 Apr 2006 so bloody feed up.. Why Live on..Like whats the point.I am really ugly noone loves me. I hate myself i am underdeveloped you see, which makes my face fat and ugly.
Noone wants me so whats the point of going on.
Every day just gets worse and worse.
maybe soon i will do it..

I am so fucking ugly!
who wants ugly people like (me)....
eww i am so disgusting at the end of the day. someone once put a magazine threw my door with a story in the back of the magizine about an ugly dog.."That no one would ever love anything like that"
WOW i never knew i was so ugly shit man..
I am glad i found this web site years ago..
Anyway i will check out the ways to Go!
13 Apr 2006   You know, this site has become my all-time favorite web site. I love it. I love you guys. Let's meet in heaven or hell.
13 Apr 2006 ilovedeath I've done the research on suicide methods. It seems that bullet is the SUREST way to kill yourself. However, unfortunately, guns are not available in my country. all other suicide methods have the possibility of failing. I can't fail. If I was caught, i would have far less chance to commit suicide again. Anyone please tell me a 100% sure way to take over my life rather than bullet. Thanks a lot. I would be extremely grateful in my grave.
13 Apr 2006 natalie get in a fight
13 Apr 2006 venla Umm... Eating some poisonous mushrooms? ^^
13 Apr 2006 Lost fairy There is never a best way to kill yourself, at 13 I am probably depressed, I haven't sought help and I have self harmed, I think of suicide a lot. I come from a good family, i go to a good school, we have enough money, i have great friends, and do well at school. None of it makes any difference, it's an illness, without emotion just hollowness. I'd like to leave some message of hope, so I will tell you, it's not your fault. Maybe I will go away to wherever you go, but everyone has to leave something behind, what would you leave behind, if you killed yourself now? When your depressed suicide is like euthanasia of the mind.
13 Apr 2006 person who hates innocent people 1.go to your girlfriends work doused in gas and alight you go
2.hang yourself in your girlfriends room so she'll walk in on
3.pull a gun out, out of nowhere during a normal convosation and away with the brains

and the ulitamate way to kill yourself and take everything you ever hated out...

1. save money
2. buy or steal 5 to 10 5 gallon gas cans (8.99 each at auto zone)
3. fill up 1 gas can with nothing but your own piss (couple of days if u get help)
4. cover your mother/fathers room in the piss
5. take the remaining gas cans and fill them all with regular unleaded gasoline
6. break into the local hell hole (school)
7. completely cover the eniter inside of the school with the 9 cans of gas (may take a few trips to get the gas up there have a friend with a car drop u off with it)
8. if you dont pass out or trip on the fumes blaze the fucking hell hole
9. sit and wait and possibly trip on the fumes as there burning
10. just think as your nerve endings are rapidly dieing out "i'll see you all in hell"
12 Apr 2006   If you are under 13 and want to kill yourself you should definately make a big deal about it. Don't try and keep it to yourself and keep living with a shitty attitude. Once you hit 18 no one will want to help you since you are an adult now and just look pathetic complaining about having problems that everyone else has. Even if your parents threaten to put you in a mental institution you should make a big deal out of it, otherwise you will be like me in your twenties and still surfing sites like this every so often because you hate life but don't have health insurance and your family tells you to get lost since you are an adult now.
12 Apr 2006 Ger Suicide is a companion I live with everyday. We all live in a world filled with suffering. I have been sexually abused by my father since my earliest years, until about junior high. He punched me in my face with a closed fist during my freshman year in high school, reconstructing its bone structure. My mother lives in denial┬Śneglecting to protect the child. Being in an emotionally, psychologically, and physically damaging environment has its toll on the human spirit. Even today, affirmation of my experiences and what happened to me is unavailable.
One may ask, "What is worse than death?" My answer being, what is worse than physical death is being kept alive while dead inside (only to watch a body violated and tortured on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis).
I have attempted suicide three times; however, I have sabotaged my health passively through drugs, addictions, and sexual irresponsibility, hoping death will set me free from my memories, dysfunctions, and lack of motivation.
I am twenty-three years old now (HIV negative) and still alive; wondering what is the result of my survival and how can I give the wisdom I have gained through these experiences to humanity (to move towards world peace and to fight injustice). From living on the streets to turning tricks to pay rent and food I have thrived. Life has its setbacks, but, it has joyous moments which make it worthwhile. Among the hundreds of exploiters of victims and oppressors, to find one who cares, without price, has given me hope in humankind.
I have been reading a book called "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl. It is about a psychiatrist who survived the concentration camps in Germany.
By reading this book, I have learned how one found a reason to live even through an imposed sense of hopelessness and the threat of extinction on routine. It has taught me that one's search for meaning in life is a purpose in itself. Giving back a talent that one possesses to the world is a reason to go on. Also, that suffering has meaning. Are we worthy of our suffering? How one views their suffering and life makes a world of difference.
Although, life is challenging and lonely, I have come to the frame of mind that, "If I am unwilling to live for myself...then for other people." I have been volunteering in a kitchen for a homeless shelter once a week for the past three weeks and it has given me a sense of contribution. To step out of my self-absorbed nature has given me freedom that I desire (even for a moment). My life is still daunting at times, like today, but realizing how life can be so much worse has given me a sense of humility (realizing the selfishness in my ideologies). Others live with disabilities, deformities, cancer, venereal diseases, and still carry a reason to meaning; thus, so can anyone.
I desire to feel and have love in my life. From my traumas, I feel a sense of isolation and self-imposed exile from a world which will likely unknowingly understand my experiences, truly. Some of my faults are an inability to trust others, sexual neurosis, and an ingrained feeling of being unlovable. I have been through countless therapy sessions, medication changes, and lack of emotional stability and belonging. If I have made it this far, I believe almost anyone can and will make it farther.
I have written these thoughts, not to tell others what to do or to think, but to expose the visitors of this website to another's frame of mind. I have read many of the comments on this webpage and I empathize with the numerous thoughts of ending this life. I will like to complete by saying, "There are no guarantees that life will become a fairy tale and all our problems and issues will dissolve; however, our possibilities for growth are endless, for we have embraced death and the depths of despair (which many others utterly fear and may be unprivileged to feel)." Are we worthy of this gift of insight?
12 Apr 2006 The Bitter End

No need to get so defensive sweetheart. So fucking what if you chickened out? Or maybe you're just pissed because you never intended to do it in the first place.

And of course, if the person who posted here under that address really IS dead, then they had a very inconsiderate sister to be larking about on MSN so soon afterwards.

But hey, I'm the incurable insomniac here. I've got to fill my nights doing something, and I find talking to people I find on suicide forums vastly more entertaining than the usual late night internet persuits.
12 Apr 2006 Becks I really dont know the best way to kill yourself, but I was announced dead September 3, 2005 and look where I am now. I took 50 of my 150mg anti-depressants and my ambulance broke down, I was announced dead at the hospital, but (Unfortunately)Im still here because they tried to revive me and it worked. If you're going to try to kill yourself, make sure that you're alone and will be alone for several hours so that you end up dying, not just doing something and having ppl walk in on you when you're doing it. I really think that I dont deserve to live, and I just feel like shit and I wish that someone would come and kill me so that I dont have to do this myself. If I could turn back time to when I was happy, I would be sad thinking about what's going to come and would have prolly killed myself then and there so that I wouldnt have to put up with the pain that I have now. Someone tell me how to do it right so that I can go through with it. PLEASE! Im begging you to help me out. I need to go. Just help me out and tell me how to do it right. If you want to yell @ someone for causing this, yell at me for bringing it upon myself....I shouldnt have fallen in love and gotten myself into this sopt in the first place. Im sorry...
12 Apr 2006 sue u know...i been reading all these postings and theres every kind of answer out there. the hard part to accept is when there is no answer. when neither life nor death are options...i understand every point of view and have gone thru it, thot it, and tried it. so what comes next? what do u do when ur so tired u can't stand to be awake but so angry u cant sleep? when ur so full of hate for yourself and ur life that u can't stand to even exist? u wanna die, but ur too scared. u don't wanna hurt anyone. what do u do when there is no answer, not even death?
12 Apr 2006 Shy9 not by paracetemol OD- that takes forever and its painful.

a gun would be my choice.

make sure you are successful 1st time- it sucks if you arent. Sarah you are amazing for getting through a mental institution- all of you who have been through that are. i barely escaped being forced to go and the very suggestion made me shudder.

as for those of you who say were losers for talking about/attempting suicide...

and for all of you out there who feel like me..... we arent screwed up. those who say we are, should be shot because THEY are the ones who need therepy.
12 Apr 2006 Sahil I am 16, since i was 10 life is rubbish. There is a long list of problems, we all have problems, so i wont post those. I DONT WANT TO DIE!, BUT I HAVE TO!, I am emtionally dead. I have lost anything and cannot recover anything. Reading the posts here, brought tears to my eyes. It has been my dream in life to help people. I see so many people facing soo many problems, and i feel helpless for them and now for me. I completely understand what everyone is going through. I wish i could kill myself. The best way to go is obviously by shooting yourself with a gun in the medula oblangata ( a part of the barin which if impacted will kill you immediately, NO PAIN) This is located right behind your right ear. Life is the most amazing thing, but life is not what causes our problems, it is always other people. The thing that i become really fed up with is blaming myself. And i think you should know, that you are not always the problem. I really love life, i can think of a million "what if's" but i cant wait around to get the answer, i have taken torture for too long, and it is time to go. I only wish i had the gun, i am a coward, and cannot even kill mysefl.

I hope you have a good life, im a hypocrite for saying this. But i hope nobody kills themselves, and you should know that i love you all. If i dont get a gun, and die, I PROMISE YOU ALL. I WILL TRY MY BEST TO HELP EVERYONE, BECUASE I WANT YOU TO LIVE. AND I KNOW YOU WANT TO LIVE, TO JUST GRAB OUT AND SQUEEZE SOMEBODY AND SHARE YOUR PAINS AND SORROWS.


If you ever want to talk, or just reach out to a stranger friend, just write to me, my email is :

Please dont go, you are the only people who have feeling and understand suffering. Maybe that is why god has given it to you. So that you can change the world. Help others, it is the best drug there is.

I will say it again, please dont go, please, we will all miss you. You say how the world is rubbish and has treated you like crap, so change it, please :(
11 Apr 2006 un-known Fuck i have been lving with my rents for to fuckin long! My mom is catholic and says i should go to church! fuck i dont ever wana step foot in a church....god hasnt done anything for me. why in the hell should i praise him then?!!! the best way to commit suicide would to take a bunch of sleeping get kinda sick but then all u do is go to sleep and then u just dont wake up! Expecialy if u go and try to fall asleep outside casue if it is cold then your blood moves slower and you will die faster! i have tryed it b4 but i didnt take quite enough pills. but i got severly sick so if you use this method make sure you take enough pills. Another way to kill urself is to go down to river when it is cold out and stab urself with a big knife or shoot urself then throw ur self intot the river and ur body will go numb within a min. and u wont b able to feel any pain and u will bleed to death. i tryed that to but one of my friends saw me and pulled me out of the water! fuck cant ppl just understand that if you dont want to b here anymore u should b able to kill urself!
11 Apr 2006 The Grudge HI, I'm 12, and have been living in Georgia all my life. So far, my life has been shit. Some people tell me to get over myself, and live life the fullest. How can you, when your suicidal, is my question.
See, people say that I don't have it as bad as most people. Listen to my story, and you decide wether or not I deserve to live.

At age 6, I was in a small apartment with my mom and my dad. My dad was an alcoholic, and would beat me with a crobar, so I had it pretty bad. My mom was talking to one of the other people in the apartment complex, and he got drunk, and pissed off. He beat me, then told me to shoot my mom, or else he would rape, then kill me. I didn't want to die, but I didn't want to become a murderer. So, that night, I took my dad's gun...and shot my mom in the head. I ran away from the apartment, and took a pockletknife out of my pocket, and ripped the skin on my arms off. A nearby nieghbor called the police department, and they came a picked me up. They took me to a hospitol, asked me questions, while bandaging me up. I've been to 8 foster homes, 4 which have died in fires, and 3 which have died in car accidents, and the other one, took a look at me, found out what had happened in my life, and said, "get her away from us." How's that for a fucking life? Also, when I finally got into school, some guy brought a gun to school. The first thing he did was shoot a teacher, then my leg. Afterwards, they asked him why he did it, he screamed and pointed at me. "She's a murderer! She looks likeThe Grudge!" So that's been my new nickname ever since. And, other then that. I weigh a wopping 23 pounds right now, so imagine. BUt, my dad is still out there somewhere...and I bet you anything he wants to kill me. BUt I seriously, don't give a shit.
11 Apr 2006 dont_do_it_cuz_ul_regret_it all of your things make me cry...
i've been molested, raped, and physically abused but i still dont want to die... my brother comes into my room every night and he touches me... he also haves his frends over and they do the same stuff to me... i dont want to die becaause i have JESUS!!! he luvs me and if u gave him a chance and accepted him into your life u would be much hapier.. u can talk to him about anything.. he is always there... if it wasnt for God i prbaly woudl watn to kil myself....

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