Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Apr 2006 15 there is nothing wrong about this site except maybe the host being a poor dumbass who moderates the messages in the most dumbful way possible, he's not even mean on purpose just an insensitive dumbfuck
Someone explain him that he would be doing a very better job not filtering anything then.
23 Apr 2006 deathwish Hmm.. I can't answer that, cause I am much older. So many people with so much rage. I don't understand why you are so angry? I am myself, suicidal, and have tried to kill myself so many times, I just wish you people, who tell theese people who made this site to go kill themselves already, understands that if they do, you will have a life on your consion (??). My English sucks, I know. Just wanted to say, that if I hear that one of theese people are dead, you will pay for telling them to go and die.. REALLY pay! The one thing you do not do, is yell and say idiotic things you WILL regret when they are gone, when someone wants to off themselves. So please, if you don't want this site, just report it, don't yell at suicidal people! FUCKING RETARDS!
22 Apr 2006 Questioning I want to ask the host of this site: You began to ask the best way to kill yourself years ago, but why are you still alive now? None of those people's suggestion works for you? Or are you afraid of death?


22 Apr 2006 Travis Why does everyone put themselves in pain? Hello a gun would be fast and painless? perhaps maybe?? mmm yea i think it would be..
22 Apr 2006 princess cattalina banana boat the 3rd the best way to kill yourself when your under 13 is to play in the traffic and hope you get hit by a car
22 Apr 2006 vanessa to not kill yourself at all becauwe you havnt given life a chance
22 Apr 2006 Ashley Ross Hey My names Ashley............... well im 13 and my life has been fucked up since I was 5. When i was five my dad left and I never saw him again till I was about 10. but in the mean time between that big gap me and my mom just moved from crappy house to crappy house down in the hood. Now we live with my step dad in the nice part of town but he constently tries to replace my dad which by the way died a month and a half ago at 33 years old. I have a three year old brother(we have the same dad but not the same mom) and a ten year old step-brother( we dont have the same anything) Chase is doing ok but brandon didnt even go to his funeral....... actually he hated my dad because brandons a spoiled little ass and my dad tried to dicipline him cuz he has ADHD to and it hard. I found out some one said my dad deserved to die because he was a junkie.someone FROM MY FAMILY SAID THIS!!!! everyone in my family are junkies though my uncle couldnt come to my dads funeral cuz hes in jail.....(again) hes in jail for selling crack and the hell angels burned down his house. its kinda funny though cuz knowone knows this but me my moms side of the family are hells angels and my dads sise of my family are junkies but anyway.getting to the piont they both hate each other but they dont know there practically family and they like wanna kill each other........... so thats pretty much all i wanted to say cuz im not allowed to say anything else(family secterts) to i have to go and to my dad i love you ill be seeing you soon to my brother, mom and rest of the family i'll miss you and i love you all.
22 Apr 2006 Let's Die for Fun To be, or not to be, that is the question. Hamlet chooses the former and fails. Thus we should opt the latter and prevail. The best way to kill thyself, methinks, is to impale. (Go watch "The Virgin Suicides" for polishing your skills.)
22 Apr 2006 _xsarahx_ hey, i'm 15, and just like most of you, am depressed big time. i lost everyone around me, all becasue of one person. i had a friend kill himself becasue of his own reason, and knew the world would be better off with-out me. i cut myself all the time, and on multipul times, tried to kill myself but obevesily havent been successful. tonight i am thinking wil be my last night alive, it all going to be over, no more tears, no more bleeding, no more heartache
22 Apr 2006 It's nice to feel sometimes OK, I think I finally understand what this site is about. When I first encountered it, it made me feel sick and depressed, but know, in a strange way, it's made me feel better.
I'm not suicidal, though I have thought about it, like I'm sure most people have. In fact I wouldn't say that I'm depressed, either. I just FEEL too much. Everything gets to me. At the moment I'm feeling a bit down and isolated because I've been dwelling on the death of a poet who's suicide message I particularly like. The poet's suicide has led me to this sight. Previously, I've been made to feel rotten by something as silly as a book, becuase I become too attached to the characters.
Apart from feeling too much, I also think too much. Who ever said that ignorance is bliss, was right. Unfortunately you can't think and be ignorant at the same time. So, when I'm alone I start to think, and my thoughts aren't exactly all that happy.
But even despite that, I'm generally pretty optimistic, some may call it arrogance. In reality it's probably more like dreams. I'm a big dreamer; that helps.
And like dreams help me, I think that this sight might help others. It's disturbing, yes, but it seems to show a concern for other human beings, which is needed more than ever now. Ofcourse I could be entirely wrong about the intentions of the author of this site, but that's what I choose to belive.
This site doesn't evade issues, and I congratulate it for that.
22 Apr 2006 Nameless Wow, reading this makes you realise just how many fucked up people there are in the world. My usual remedy is to ignore it all, because I know that there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. Even now I'm reluctant to make a comment, because that will mean tying myself in with this site and I don't want it to come back and remind me again how much the world sucks. It's interesting to think that it's mostly us fuckers in the so-called developed world that talk about this sought of shit, everyone else is too busy surviving. Yet we think we're so high and mighty...Really I think Armaggedon is exactly what we need right now, and if anyone just tries to prevent it, they should be stopped. There won't be any peace until there isn't a single person left on this earth, human nature dictates it.
21 Apr 2006 fuck the world im 16 now and have tried countless times to commit suicide. unfortuneatly someone would always find me. overdose-i passed out and woke up in a hospital. hangin-the rope broke slitting-just dont work unless you chop your arm off poison-didnt work burning-someone threw me into the shower.
Everytime iv tried to leave this world, someone stops me. and it sucks. just makes it worse. so my advice? next time i try (soon) im goin out somewhere abandoned. bye
21 Apr 2006 Rebeca Today, I was not happy but I was ok. I only have two friends, one which is ok but criticizes me. The other is a good friend that goes to the school I go to school but only talks to me on the phone to tell me about her problems. I sit in lunch alone on a 12 seat table. Wow! What a loser. I've been suicidal for a pretty long time now. I have told pepole about it and they don't take me seriously. I guess they do want me to die. I feel my parents don't really like me. They didn't really do much when a man from church molested me, we continued going to the same church for like 3 years after that. I really want to die but I want to do it in an unpainful way and I've got a tip for you the 'under 13' kid. I might do it too. You can try Kine, you don't feel anything, so you can hurt yourself and kill yourself.
21 Apr 2006 Travis Aww well im 16 soon to be 17, i can drive i thought of turning the wheel right into a 18 wheeler. but didnt couse i might still be alive. but one way i thought just today i was close from goin into the gun cabnet and grabing my 270 deer rifle and ending it all.. just like kurt i want to exape the truth and the reality of live and whats ahead of me. and also i just feel im no one i feel alone all the time. now im not what you would call ugly but im not "hot" either. some say i am i find it very flattering but i hate it. Fakes piss me off. BUSH AND HOW THIS WORLD IS GOIN DOWN THE SHITTER! hello where gunna die of bird flu sooner or later.. thats just my opinion.. and anit depressants dont work they make you worse.. trust me!
21 Apr 2006 Trace You know what..we are all not alone because now you know that there are people out there that feel the way you do. No one really likes life, its pointless and there isn't really any reason to go on and continue playing the game of life. One life doesn't make a difference in this world. And so my point is life sucks but hey theres a plus to being depressed and insane....we get good drugs, so just keep on getting free drugs(if you live in canada) and get fucked out of your mind so you can't think about anythng any more. Or take all the pills you can reach and chase it with a bottle of rum, and just hope you don't wake up..and if you do wake up then your just back in the same shit hole you started out in. Good luck I guess, and hope whatever comes after life is a little better. if you need someone to talk to
21 Apr 2006 Rachel well im 14 and cutting dos not work neither dos drowning yourself maybe for one second you need to think to yourself about all the happy times and if there is none get a gun and shot yourself in the head i do how ever no this person who tried that and suvied there really deformed so dont ever think you will die because it takes skill lots of skill but try killing yourself after school really early before school or at home when nobody is with you or in the house at all
21 Apr 2006 Chris Man are you all for real, you think lives so tough and everyone hates you and all that bull shit, and you think killing yourself won't matter it'll get rid of your pain,like lick my balls, so you get rid of your pain cause so dumbass keeps teasing you and making you cry and upseting you, and you hate that and people like that right? So why kill yourself and destroy the lives of the people who love you, by that time your no better then the people that bullied you cause your just cause more pain to more people, just cause you've got pain you don't care about anyone else you selfish pricks like get over yourself everyones lives tough sometimes, so maybe more then others but like fuck suck it up and try to beat it, my dad died when i was younger, did i think about commiting suicde, no, cause i know thats the last thing he would want me to do, so all you people that have had closer family deaths and want to commit suicde cause that, to be with them, they don't want they they want to see you live your life and get through the tough times.
21 Apr 2006   The best way is not to
21 Apr 2006 John Epic Go with your parents to the downtown, make an enormous scandal until they agree to buy you some cheap thing you want (that's what people does best at whatever age..). Manage yourself to get some soap bubble kit and loads of candy.
When you get home,practice the bubble thing until you become a master, so you can call mommy and daddy and they'll congratulate you. Encourage them to do as you did, and leave them practising. At that time, go and steal a glass of chlorine and some detergent and leave them in your room. Get your bubblekit back, go to your room, drug yourself in candy sweetness, mix the remaining bubble liquid with the det plus the chlorine, make those heavy chlorine bubbles and watch as they dance over your lying drugged body [which has to be on the floor by that time]. Learn in that moment to love those bubbles and want to become as one of them. AS you are under 13, it'll come easy to feel light, volatile, colorless and fragile, so when you think it's the best time to end your short, enraged journey to the floor of your house, drink a full load of the bubble-soap-chlorine juice and watch as you become ethereal, while hearing the list shouts and the siren approaching...

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