Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Apr 2006 Fuck you, you fucking fucks Under 13?! Ha! You know nothing of pain yet. I am 32, I had everything! A house in New York City, that now would be worth almost a million dollars! A wife and a daughter, that was not my own, but I loved her like she was. And I lost it all! ALL OF IT! I GAVE IT ALL UP FOR THEM! I moved and lived a miserable life and tried to suck it up, but I blew it. I cheated on her and now some player hating fuck told her.
I hope that I don't die tonight because I will find these fucks.
I have taken some pills and drank the remaining rum in a bottle I bought to share with some people that I tought were friends, but were nothing but hating sons of bitches who took what little I had left.
Blood will be shed! I will have my revenge
07 Apr 2006 Miss Bec Please, DONT do it.
There are people in this world who DO care. I care, and would be happy to talk to any of you if you need help, or if you just need someone to talk to that you can trust. I've helped quite a few people from this site with my last post, and I am happy to help YOU too! Please dont hesitate to contact me. LIFE IS WORTH LIVING FOR!
07 Apr 2006 Vaginal Warts fuck a hooker and get aids
07 Apr 2006 Joellean The best way to kill yourself when your 13 is not found in the literal sense of what death is. I believe the best way to kill yourself or anyone for that matter, is to do so sadistically. If your going to do it, do it right. This sadism I speak of is not in the way of Jack the Ripper, Bundy or Pickton. It's not a physicasl thing, although it can elicit physical reactions. The best way to kill yourself, is to kill what makes you, you. What gives you your sense of self? Find out, and set out to destroy it, that is the worst torture of all. Emotional torture, after all, thats why you all want to kill yourselves, cause you just can't take it anymore, whatever 'it' happens to be . If you want to kill yourself because you feel as though you have no sense of self, no sense of culture, history, conciousness. No where you belong well, than I suppose you are already emotionally destroyed. Taking your life doesn't mark your death. You've been killed long before you pull that trigger or pop those pills. So if you've already experienced the most brutal death through hell on earth, why not live to experienmce heaven on earth as well?
07 Apr 2006   I'm getting more pissed with every passing heartbeat. Yet, one can only wonder, isn't every pasing heartbeat another step towards death? Are we not in this world, only so we can die? Is the only reason of living, dying? What purpose do we have, to get up every morning, to a scarred body, work, and do it all over again? Are nothing but toys to a supposed god, moving around and doing everything he "commands"? Does this not mean that suicide is the easiest way out? People say that you shouldn't kill yourself because it's easy, well, isn't anyone who's ever cheated on anything taking the easy way out? So they really can't be saying nothing and still not be involved with hypocrisy. Do we live in a world of liars and hypocrites? Or do they just keep us alive for their own well-being, if they really loved you, they'd let you go to a place where you'd be in peace. This is were hatred comes from, too many people thinking about themselves and not letting others go, making them live a life they don't want to live anymore. Or maybe, the suicidal people are the selfish ones, only thinking about themselves and trying to escape to a better place.
07 Apr 2006   “No one ever lacks a good reason for suicide.”
'how funny it will all seem, all you've gone through, when I'm not here anymore. when you no longer feel my arms around my shoulders, nor my heart beneath you, nor this mouth on your eyes. because I will have to go away someday, far away--' And in that instant I could feel myself with him gone, dizzy with fear, sinking down into the most horrible blackness: Into death.
To run away from trouble is a form of cowardice and, while it is true that the suicide braves death, he does it not for some noble object but to escape some ill!!!
07 Apr 2006   We all know The real reason for not committing suicide is because you always know how swell life gets again after the hell is over”
07 Apr 2006 SO TRUE Why kill yourself? Life will do it for you.”
07 Apr 2006 ummm.....i dont wanna say i'm 14 and i know what its like to be suicidal. i attempted when i was 12 or 13 and i remember EVERYTHING about that night. i overdosed (about 40 advil). someone told me that it would work for sure, but they didnt know y i wanted to know if it would work. so i popped pills all night. and when i reached about 25, i started feeling soooooo sick. the worst sharp stomach pains hit. but i was determined to keep going, driven by the shit i went through. the thoughts of y i was doing this ran through my mind, which was what kept me going. i woke up 1 hour later on the floor. and i have to say that waking up to a failed suicide attempt was the most heartbreaking thing ive ever experienced. i go to an all girls school so the drama level is ridiculous. which is what drove me to do this, along with hating my parents. i had friends, but no one that i really could talk to. no one i really trusted. im not against suicide & anyone who thinks its selfish is full of shit. cuz its a selfish thought to think that. & if ur contemplating it, first of all, dont OD.....cuz it doesnt work!!!! there are better ways. the only problem is finding one. but whoever you r, i know what ur going through & i can live to say that it is NOT FAIR AT ALL. i really wish u would rethink ur decision, but if ur sure u wanna do this, THINK FIRST! god bless you all.
07 Apr 2006 camille this is sum weird site seriously... i tried to kill myself once, but i didnt try very hard and i didn't want to die realli, i dont need to lecture u about not committing suicide cos everyone else has already(so they shud) neway, wats the difference between killing urself wen ur under 13 and when ur not? Hmmm? Ne way, stay alive yh. lol
07 Apr 2006 crimson_lenin I would grab a gun and just pull the trigger! I wouldn't care about the mess it leaves. Let those bitches and bastards called your parents clean it up! sure, there will be a funeral. sure, there will be mourners. Fake ass motherfuckers! they are happy you are gone! "Well, that was a waste of time and money." that's all they are going to say. nothing more. I should know. My dad hates my guts! I've tried to commit suicide at least 12 times, but for some reason, I either can't bring myself to do it or there are people, people walk in on you. Those fuckers! they always do that! why can't they fucking understand? I just want to die! I'm on prozac and I still want to die! Either that or i want to go back to my old school and slaughter all those assholes! just walk in with a sawed off bear rifle and blow their fucking heads, arms, and legs off! I wouldn't care if i got the electric chair. Those cops would do me a favor. I wonder if i'll be a hero in hell?
07 Apr 2006 in memory of our dear friend, Jeff, who ended it all on December i personally dont know the best way to end your life.but i do known that if you want to cut yourself, the best thing to do is take to blade out of an eyeliner sharpener(or pencil sharpener)i had a close fried commit suicide on December.17th,2005. he used very strong anti-depressants, and alcolhal, mixed with heroin, crack, and meth. he was an alcolholic with alot of problems, and if he were to be alive today, he would be in jail. ive wanted to end my life since i was in grade.4 im still alive now but still wanna die. i cut almost everyday, and smoke weed. the weed does help. i know how it feels to be hopeless. kind-of like all you want is a big hug and sum1 to talk to. a close friend knows im suicidal, and he said "you know how you felt when jeff killed himself, and just think of this: if you kill yourself think of how your loved ones would have to deal with the pain for the rest of their lives". that brought tears in my eyes.(thats not exactly how he said it, but something along those lines.) ive tryed to overdose, and it didnt work. i tryed to bleed to death, didnt work. good luck with what you chose to do...if you need sum1 to talk to, email me @ thx. take care.
07 Apr 2006 Lifes a Glitch the u commit suicide Reading this site has made me feel like i'm not alone. Since Tuesday i've felt suicidal because the people i called friends have ditched me and made my life hell,i want a quick painless suicide, anyone got ideas, pills aren't the best idea though. Help
07 Apr 2006 Mike K Wile E. Coyote always survived falling off the cliff, why shouldn't you too?
07 Apr 2006 dude that hates innocent people well i must say the ideas here are sick and twisted and totally apalling... and i like it i am pro suicide...i hate people and niggers, and jews, and religous people u wanna have fun before you die so piss people off go into church stand up and say satan spoke to me the other night he told me to tell you to fuck yourself something funny and unique..(remember people the whole suicide bomber thing is wore out and you will get much news time but people will switch right thru so take this advice on things to do before you kick the bucket to make sure you want to do it cos if you do these and backout ur gonna go to prison for a long long long time so might aswell if you do any of these)
1) rob shit...people,cars,gas stations
2) take a neighbors cat and stick a meathook thru it and hang it on there porch
3) peform lipo suction on a fat bitch *you know she needs it*
4) *censored due to explicet hate crime material*
5) go to a tall building and just kick someone thru a window and jump out after them
6) try your hand at robbing banks
7) humilate people
8) drive/walk down the street you live on and every street you can with alot of friends and alot of spraypaint tag everything from cars to houses to bums that you beat up on your way *this is sure to make the news*
9) take a shit in a random persons car right on the drivers seat make sure to bring plenty of tp and wipe the ass and stick the used paper shit side down on the windshield
10) shove dogshit under the door handles of cars so unsuspecting people can get shit on there fingers

have fun fucking with the innocent people c ya
07 Apr 2006 kshitiz please tell me the best way to kill myself
07 Apr 2006 lynn For the collection a.k.a. mouchette I believe in everyones right to free speech regardless of age or nationality. I have little funds but offer any legal public US service that might be useful. Donate time or hosting?
06 Apr 2006 Joshua Wright Im 14 now, and in the last 3 to 4 years, ive tried to take my life several times and in different ways. Cutting, hanging myself, and even over dosing. Each time ive either chickened out, or been caught by sum1. My family and friends ( i dunno if they are ) dont know that ive tried to commit suicide. If you sit down and think about the good things in life, youll fnd you have sumthing to live for. Family, friends, education, dreams. If you dont have any of those, i suggest you just stick a knife to your throat, and slash it. Its my next thing to try. So if it doesnt work, ill let you know.
06 Apr 2006 coronerscorner Fyi: Schizophrenia is a life long illness that does NOT go away or get better on its own. Medication is the only way doctors have right now to control symptoms including voices or hallucinations.
06 Apr 2006 no Gutts to die I dunno weather I am Depressed or not. I feel lyke telling all my problems and everythng to some person whoem I can trust. Since abt 4yrs I am searching for a date...when I'll commit suicide. I dun wanna live. I want death now at this particular time...may be within 2-3 days i'll commit. Just waiting for an opportunity. May b a love/girl can stop me. May be some particular girl whoem i love. Ppple arround me think bad abt me. And now i know I am hopeless. Pple aaround my home dun talk to me thinking this person is hopeless. I wanna die before I get burdon on my Parents. Every Munite of my life if getting difficult for me. I wanted to do somethng gr8 in computer world...but my parents see no hope. and they want me to get away from computer world. I had no girl frndz. When i tried to propose some one the girl was already a love of one of my frnd. I dun wanna live. The reason I dunno....itz not becoz of love only....but itz becoz of also that I am hopeless. May be these are my last words i have typed here....from now...i too dun say gudbye...I dun care if pple read this or understand me. on understands me.

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