Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Apr 2006 Twaits you no what i dont understand is that when people are suicidal yer it helps writing it down, no its not always 4 attention i have lived 4 a while without anyone knowing what happened to me. so for all those people how are in the blame me section screw you u may think u no whats going on but uno what YOU DONT!!
besides if ur so against it y the fuck u on this site i mean come on u think were freeks look at urselfs ur searching 4 some one to blame for your own downfalls hence you came here had a go at people that arnt to happy with life just to make yourselfs feel more important jsut because you dont like suicide.
the only people here that make me sick are the ones that dont understand how helpful it is to write there problems down. so what if they scream tyhere gonna kill themslefs str8 aftet theyv finsihed this its there lives what right do you have to say there just attention seekers.
death is a part of life we live with it all the time. does it matter that much that someone decides they cant wait for it so they do it themselves ermmm thet me think about that. NO!
so all those assholes who think there better than us EMO'S (my god(im not religious)) look in the mirror and tell me do you like what you see no what il tell u NO YOU DONT SO FUCK YOU
20 Apr 2006 jon use the paper cutter
20 Apr 2006 Sarah I'm 13 years old. I'm really confused about suicide.I've been cutting myself for a long time. I just got out the mental hospital. I reaaly want all the pain to stop and I want to die but, I don't at the same time. Mostly I don't want to go to hell. I don't think that people who commit suicide should go to hell though. I mean they killed themselves to escape the pain and now God wants to give them even more by sending them to hell? Does the pain ever end? Yea the world is pretty fucked up. I wish i could start everything over again. I hate being a horrible person. I wish I had a gun... If anybody needs to talk my email is :
20 Apr 2006 ashlis sistr hello im not suicidal but tht ashli is nobody its jsut my lame ass frenz\!!! and she is dead to me and the world
20 Apr 2006 Jessica the best way is not to kill yourself. it is a bad way to treat your body. the cons of doning this is hell!!!!!!!!!!
20 Apr 2006 Joni The Best Way?
It Doesn't Make Any Difference If Ya Thirteen Or Not, Ya Still Killin' Your Self...
I Suggest Summin Painless, Yet Gruesome. Somethin' To Be Reminded By.
20 Apr 2006 The Bitter End Why do people get so defensive when I add them and ask why they didn't kill themselves? It's not like it matters to me whether any of you live or die.
20 Apr 2006 Anonymous Everyone is a victim of their mind. The things that are learned throughout the years and the way a person feels about aspects in life make that person who he/she is. Psychologically speaking, you can beat the urges of suicide and the thoughts of self-destruction. How may one do this? Manipulate your environment and allow your mind to transform. Thoughts of suicide coincide with a depressed and hopeless outlook on life, characterized by weakness and low self esteem. The solution? Change your environment, surround yourself with people that you can relate to and lift your spirits, and allow you emotions to transform from that of hopelessness into renewed hope that something is in store for you in the future. The world is an puzzling place, and it is impossible to understand all of it. So therefore, stop trying to understand the world and how it works and start focusing on yourself. Your final goal should be to be able to stand on your own 2 feet, without the help of the people around you, and be satisfied with your life. Dont be afraid to use the people around you at first, but once that time comes, learn to stand on your own. You can get through this.
20 Apr 2006 Will never know your age? Mouchette's in a rut, a suicidal nut, and every time she's left alone it's always cut, cut, cut!
20 Apr 2006 Isabella A day your parents aren't home.You go to the balcony,say goodbye to the friggin world and......jump.
19 Apr 2006 lilbrowndog I am not under 13. I am 25 and have no clear reason to kill myself. I have a good job, I don't take a lot of drugs just the occasional joint or ecstasy tablet. All I know is I feel like shit every day. I'm tired of being sad and feeling worthless. I'm tired of not having a connection to anyone. I'm sick of crying my eyes out for no reason. I don't understand the sadness it's always been there. When I was younger I felt this way but I had things to distract me. I will probably never kill myself and I hope that noone that posts on this site does. I know life can seem like its mostly shithouse but there are times when it gets better. And those times are what you need to live for. But what am I saying, I used to cut myself, I've been there and nothing really stops the pain - -wherever it is coming from. I suppose the only advice I can offer is to try and rise above it. Fuck society and everyone else - why the hell would you let them win? I've always believed that we were put on this earth for a reason. Some people just find that reason easier than others. I never have. Even as I write this I feel like killing myself but I still don't recommend doing it. But if you have to, if it really is that bad then at least consider the people that may care about you. If you're too selfish to do that then go ahead. I don't know where I'll end up with my life but I will just keep struggling on with it all. Good luck with whatever it is you all choose to do, all my love to you.
19 Apr 2006 Kayla death is welcomed in any way for me. mayeb overdosing or slitting ur wrists
19 Apr 2006 rachel no one deserves to die, no one is too ugly to attract the oposite sex.
life is allways worth it, ok so its verrrry hard the people who survive are the people who survive the crappest times.
dont let the bastards drag u down! as U2 sang lol
if u die u r giving up on ure future everyone has a exceptions
19 Apr 2006 Crimson_lenin Life. What a horrible word. God, why the hell do you want me to live? How much pain must I endure? This world is so cold and cruel. At least Hell will be warm. Please make it stop. The demons. Make them go away! Please, make it stop! Just kill me now! Nothing is a good substitute for life. Not even death. In the words of Jesus Christ, if there is such a thing, Oh fuck it. I don't even think there is a god. Even if there was, he is a cruel MOTHERFUCKER!
19 Apr 2006 hannah i dnt know wat the best way is thats wat i want to know i hate my life nd would much rather be dead than live another day of my life ive tried to kill myself lots of times attenmted to jump overdose ive slit my wrists b4 and evrytime im ill i hope that it will bcomin serious so i die! i need help but dnt know who to turn to ! im 12 nd dnt see my self even livin to 13 nd my birthdays 4 days away
19 Apr 2006 Let's die for fun I can say "I want to die" in 25 languages.
19 Apr 2006 Josh Neuman There is a reason your attempts at killing yourself havent worked.
18 Apr 2006 Stace If you fail - and you inevitably will - people will get you help - you will get better and then have to live everyday knowing what you did to the people you love! Maybe you say you dont love anyone - but you will - and it will break you heart to know that you nearly didnt meet this person because you gave up - please, please dont be like me - dont give up! Get help persevere and fuck all those people that might of hurt you by getting the upper hand and not hurtin yourself!!! take care!
18 Apr 2006 distant hold your own breath n ask Jesus for just 1 more day of help! Every day n soon you will have lived 1 week longer!!! n Don't give up!!!!!!!
18 Apr 2006 shykid97 I am a 13 year old girl and my life is horrible. Some of my classmates treat me horribly. This one boy says that everyone hates me and that I should go back to England.He also talks about my family ,knocks things off my desk,and make me so upset that i will start crying. I have already broken down crying 4 times this year in class.He sometimes makes me wish i was dead.But then there are the other kids that make fun of me and trip me in the hallway comeing back from lunch.But I never tell the teachers what some of my class mates do to me.But now I am starting to belive that my classmates really do hate me and want me dead If its this bad for me in middle school then I dont want to go to go to high school.I would rather die than put up with the same stuff in high school.

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