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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Mar 2006 Amanda you dont need to kill yourself at 13. But you might as not wait untill 15....15 is hell!!....or have i mistaken hell for heaven.
19 Mar 2006 Tod Beasley There is no reason to kill yourself at 13. Come back and see me in a few years when you are a few hundred thousand dollars in debt, failed out of college, you told your the best girl in the entire world that you fucked up, and she still leaves you, then you think your life turned around because you have a new girl who wants to marry you...and it turns out she is screwing at least ten other guys and feeding them the same bullshit. At 13, you can choose any path in life you wish, even if it involves running away from home to do so.
19 Mar 2006 edgar lonely..
19 Mar 2006 gemma hi actually 17.since the age of 13 all that was ever on my mine was that i wanted to be popular.i started to smoke,take drugs,drink and hardly went to school.i got no gcse at all and i have put my family though so much shit.if i could turn back the time i would.and why???? because im now sat here with a bottle of vodka and some pills to end my life.was being popular worth it???was it fuck!!!
19 Mar 2006 Polla Take your mothers sharpest knifes in the kitchen and slit your throat over and over again.
19 Mar 2006 dave The best way to kill yourself is to drink enough cough syrup (or alcohol if you can reach the liquor cabinet, beer will not do the trick) to kill an adult (by drinking the whole botle of syrup or ethanol alcohol depending on the kind; proof or percent-wise. Syrup usually works best; I have tried alcohol before. Note: don't wimp out and try half a bottle; you will hallucinate but probably not die; scientists call the effect you will feel narcosis.) You will be happy if you, or when you die. Make sure, however to fall asleep. (warning: alcohol may not work; either I am an alcoholic or something, but I know I Tried it and didn't die; or get narcotized which should happen with a bottle of whiskey)
19 Mar 2006   this board is not ment to be taken seriously blamers ok!
18 Mar 2006 mr. yus since i was 12 i always commit suicide whenever i'm depressed i drink insecticide and other hazardous stuff but everytime i commit i am sad because i can't die . . and now i dicovered that my parents are not going on with each other . i will commit it again soon . . i am always wrong i can't take it anymore . .
18 Mar 2006 Julian Hey everyone, no matter if you're trying to kill yourself, or you're trying to destroy this site, or you just want to make a joke out of it, i hope all of you would take a good look at the seriousness of suicide. The ones who are trying to suicide, maybe you're really depressed and have a screwed up life, but as long as you're still here, i'm glad for you. I think this forum is both good and bad. The question What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 is just absolutely unacceptable. For the ones making cruel jokes, fuck you. And for those who are trying to suicide, i suggest you all visit this site: I'm not here to try to talk you out of it, but i'm giving you a better idea, i hope all of you would have a better life, bless you all. You may all send me an email if you want a friend or just someone to talk with, i'll be there.
18 Mar 2006 Stu Why should we live if we have nothing to live for?
It's a dull existence.
We become self-absorbed and selfish.
We get depressed.
Depression then will lead to us wanting to commit suicide.
We think geez, I'm the only person on the planet with problems.
I came from a house that made me want to kill myself.
Of the times of counted, I've tried it
almost 200 times in my 17 years.
My earliest attempt was at 6.
I felt like I had no point, no reason to live.
You have to live for a purpose otherwise then suicide is really your only reason.
If your in pain from someone, just live to piss them off.
If you feel nobody cares, then show you want them to care for you.
If you are being abused physically, seek help from officials (if it's serious call 911)
And if your just tired of living, then prove to yourself that your not a pussy and keep fighting.
Your so young, and you still have the potential to be somebody great!
18 Mar 2006 Madd_Scientist You take a bottle of sleeping pills and a bottle of alcohol, Im going with a nice vodka, you'll be taking a lot of pills and you dont want it to have much taste. You hike out deep into the woods, to a distant area a few miles out. Sit yourself under a tree and start poppin this pills. You'll black out, and if you do it on a cold day (in autumn perhaps? Very beautiful.) you'll most likely freeze to death, you just go to sleep and THEN die, so its much less traumatic.
18 Mar 2006 ZarWrit I just turned 13 in January I have a meesed up life at least thats waht I thing. My mom takes drugs but my dad is awsome! HEs no1 I can talk to but he is some1 I love! I have 2 Brothers one is really cool but the other is on drugs and everything. Everday I come home and my mom hits me. I try to join as many teams as possible so that I dont have to come home. Whenever my mom is having a bad dsy she takes it out on me. Whenever anyone gets in a fight with her she hits me. But the best way I no how to handle this is by having a good attitude in school and by not coming home. So just join teams. To this day I still consider suicide and maybe one day I try it but everytime I try to go through with it a voice in my head makes me remember that I just have 5 more years in this crazy house so hang in there and the move out and get a godd education but I no that when i make my own money and have my own house my mother will b on the street and I b laughin at her for all the pain she has cost me so do do it I think.
18 Mar 2006 yo pimp mike go to a gay bar and have all the gay faggots fuck you up the ass surely you are gonna catch some sort of illness and youll die a slow and painfull death!!
18 Mar 2006 xDroxx Rien ne vaut l'autodérision :
18 Mar 2006 Jay I have been hit by a train before trying to kill myself email me if you would like to see the news paper clip i scanned and my phsyco ward papers
18 Mar 2006 Lyndsey If you are asking because you want to kill yourself I will tell you but before you do kill yourself I suggest that you write a couple notes to the people you love thats what i'm gonna do i've been planning to kill myself for about 6 months now and the date planned for it is aproaching so what im going to do is OD because it seems like the best idea. but there are tons of other ways to do it like hypothermia, a cataclysmic impact (gettin run over basically) jumping off builings it all depends on your fears and how much pain you can withstand. well i hope i could help because i know that if i were in your position and i didnt know how to do it but i really wanted to i would want advice from people too.
18 Mar 2006 xxx You know Mouchette.

I have spent loads of time on other message forums, pissing about but you know what Mouchette this has got to be the best board yet.
Keep up the good work darling.

XX :0)
18 Mar 2006 jenay Do you think it might encourage people to kill themselves, or do you think it might keep suicidal people so busy reading that they will forget about actually committing the act?
my answer is : it depends on the person. if the person is just upset or they just like the thought of death, most lickly they wouldn't kill them selves. BUT!if there like me they would probably take notes for the next time they try to kill themselves. this site only brings 2 things. Pleasure or Death.
17 Mar 2006 ........ u kids need serouis help and honestly y kill ur self its a small part in ur life and u go crazy o please! by the way i am reporting this web site to the police and maybe this idea will not influence u to commite sucide.(spelling not great but i am not the one thinking to kill myself)
17 Mar 2006   There is always death and taxes; however, death doesn't get worse every year.

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