Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 May 2006 Evie Well it´s may 2nd so just wanted to say "Happy Birthday" to know who you are. Hang on in there, it´s crap being young but life gets better I promise. Thinking of you xxx Evie
02 May 2006 steph im not under 13. im 16 and have visited this site for over a year. this site is amazing. the last time i was on this site i wanted to die. i had the tablets ready and was going to take them and i was just saying goodbye to my friends. i started reading this site and got so interested in the posts that i was reading for over an hour. it makes it easier hearing other peoples problems because theyre always people who are worse off than you. i would love it if people from here who feel the same way as i once felt and still do sometimes would email me on i would love to help. i used to cut myself and take small overdoses of paracetamols anf ibuprofen and anything i could get my hands on. i would love to hear from you because it might help us both. theres always help out there for you. even if it is by email. love steph xxx
02 May 2006 hannah i dnt know the best way i kinda wanna know but i feel sick sayin it because my life is great i have a carin family and m8s and my skools gd but i h8 myself cause i an evil bitch hu only thinks of herself i mean how selfish do u have 2 be 2 kill urself??? ur leave loadsa peeps scarred 4 life but i dunno i just h8 me nd im wiv me every second of every fuckin day den ders da kids @ skool hu must think teens hu wanna kill themselves r attentio seekin freaks but well im nt i wanna disappear nt 4 peeps 2 notcie me more. kk i prob borin u no ramblin on nd on wen im a actually a lucky little bitch hu is sad anough 2 h8 herself. anyways i dnt no if killin urself is da best idea cause peeps will be scarred 4 life no matter how much u think no1 cares dey fuckin do nd i no it would kill dem i had an uncle hu killed himself after gettin divorced on his note he wrote nobody cared but i could c how much dey do dat was over 5 yrs ago nd my mums still cryin over it so wot im sayin i no its hard but maybe we should just live 4 thos round us. anyways ir c wot my decision is 2night luv ya all and if u do i will cry cya xxxxxxxx
02 May 2006   Sorry but all these people who are saying this is website sick or whatever, surely they are insulting themselves as they are actually reading it...just a thought to think about. Also suicide is not sick, if people are really that unhappy, that depressed, then suicide may be the only way out and lead them to eternal happiness in heaven.
02 May 2006 As you lay dying Find out where an cop and his family live ... wait till the cop goes to work... rape his wive and slit her throat, take a bath in her blood and wear nothing but her lingerie ... strip away the skin of the cops son and eat some parts of his daughter after you raped her too....drink some beer until the cop comes home from a hard working day and wants to have a beer or two ...when he then recongnizes that you drunk up all the beer you are as good as dead
02 May 2006 Test Hang Yourself
02 May 2006 WeirdEmoFreak To the faggot who said 13 year olds can not design a website, I am 13 years of age, I can design master websites, infact I do it for cash, I have been doing this for 4 years this year, so stop being such a dumb fuck
02 May 2006 WeirdEmoFreak I plan on ending my life, even though I'm 13 and 14 in July, I still plan on ending it, me and my girlfriend are going through a lot of 'ruff' patches, and I can't put up with it, I end up cutting, when I could just end my life once and for ever... Oh, would some one help me, just shoot me, just kill me, I will put you in my will, leave you everything I own...
Thing's can not get better, it's just geting worse and worse, I love my girlfriend so much and she's moving to the other side of the country and it hurts so bad :'(
I don't know why I'm posting this, I guess it's just a goodbye, I plan on posting again if I survive yet another attempt.
02 May 2006 Linda Don't dye! Just live till you find a beautiful reason to live...
01 May 2006 Jada I can never say that I have tried to kill myself. I did have a friend that killed herself. I had to live life after my best friend died. She left behind a world but she caused more pain dead then she ever did alive. Her mother will never get over her child taking her life. The day my best friend took her life she took ours with her. Her mother goes to the grave and spends hours every single day. She will never let her go she feels that she is the one to blame.She stands at the grave as if she will one day find a answer to her pain. There is no answer there will never be a answer. I was so hurt by her leaving me. When she killed herself she felt all alone and no one could help her. I did learn one thing people dont try suicide they want one of two things attention or death.If you want to die you will do it and no one can stop you. If you want help then you will try but you will make a way so someone can help or stop you. We never knew she wanted to die. When we sat in the kitchen she went and took her fathers gun and placed it to her head and then pulled. We ran in her room to find her a breath away from death, there was nothing we could do. I held my best friend as she took her last breath.She told me she was sorry but her pain could and would not go away this was the only way. That day was almost the start of my world going down hill. I had to live to help other know what suicide could do to the ones that are left behind. If you want to die there is nothing anyone can do but if you want help there are people out here to help you.I wish I could have saved her I would have gave my life to save hers. I guess she did not know how much she was loved. I only go to her grave on special days the pain is still so real. I had to tell my best friend good bye a long time. The grave may hold her body but my heart holds her life. I keep the good ones close to my heart. I hope that if you do want to die you just think of the people you will leave behind. Some place some where someone loves you. But the first person who needs to love you is you. I wish you all well I would never want you to go where my best friend went. We dont know where that is. The one place you can never come back from is your grave.................................
01 May 2006 Person I'm suicidal and I'm not quite twelve. I'll let you damned people know, that unless someone shoots you in the head, you ain't gona die! I've trid 8 different ways to commit suicide.

If anyone wants to try though, I suggest this:

Act innocent and sweet to those damned gullible parents of yours, and ask them if you can have the house to yourself one day after doign all yoru chores and being super nice. They leave house, you find all of those disgusting liquids that parents "hide" under the sink and above the washing machine. Get a big jug. Mix them all together into the jug. Add some sugar - however much you like for all I give a shit. When your done, think of all the people on earth you know hate you. For each person, take a big sip of the jug. If the jug isn't gone, think fo all the people you ahte. Take a big sip for each person. if your still nto done, think of all those goddamn things wrong and screwed up in your life. Take two sips for each thing. If you ain't done with the jug by then, you either got a humongous jug, or I'm gona ask why the hell are you trying to commit suicide, cause if that jug ain't empty it proves your life is pretty decent.
If you don't become extremely ill by 7 days time, try again.

If that doesnt work, try this :

Don't at breakfast, dump it when your parents aren't looking. Don't eat lunch. Just don't buy it. Period. At dinner, just shove teh food in the trash can when your parents start making out over the salad bowl. Do for 3 days straight. Find some extremely strong alcohol, and drink it. You'll most likely puke. Find those crackheads at your school, or work and just buy some of the shit they've got off of 'em. Don't take it. Eat it. Yes eat it. You'll most likely die if you eat that shit. The starvation for 3 days is just so that if it looks unappitizing ( well DUH it will ), you'll be so hungry you'll eat the shit anyways.

Have a happy death folks!
01 May 2006 XxXdeathwishXxX um im quite shocked really at this site for such young people, however, i know somebody who tried to commit suicide by overdosing, but this attempt luckily failed, however somebody who could help was informed of this attempt. afterwards this person was taken to a mental health clinic andis now back into the real world and fighting for happiness and he will pull through. i also cut myself yet im not trying to kill myself, cutting opens up a new form of pain, i feel i should punish myself and release new pain in myself and let the blood flow, to makeup for all the pain i cause other people...
01 May 2006 Dj I.C.U. The way you die is not important.The messege is what counts.
The best moto(to suicide) is:"Why not?"
So many thoughts in two words.
01 May 2006 wrt DO IT! PLEASE DO IT. We don't want you whiney bastards around anyway.
01 May 2006 Sam Hey im sam i know exactly wot u guys r going through ive been through it myself. Im not offering a quick fix im offering help its gonna be long its gonna be hard but if you help ureself out then ull make it through it. So add me and lets help
01 May 2006 dave hi all its me dave from uk. i tried to hang myself once but i did not go thow with it the reson is that i got alot of mates and il miss chips to much lol. im single and looking to make m8s on and off here and shear suicide question and if u want to hang in front of me thats ok :-) il watch on cam lol but if u need me add me to msn.
01 May 2006 josie well the only way u can do it and do it rite is to go to the top of a very high building or cliff or bridge and going bak then..over dosing and slitin ur wrists is 4 pussys..atention seekin wee fukers.if use were gona do it use wudnt even be on dis website.lukin sympathy..dicks.away n do it
01 May 2006 WeirdEmoFreak Hello, it's Kelvin (WeirdEmoFreak) again and I have another suicide plan out there for all of you in need of an easy exit in life, although I am yet to try this one my self... I shal be trying it.
Go into your room with a knife or some cutting material when every one is asleep, slit your wrists (Down the highway not across the streed(down your vein not across)) and you will bleed out and in the morning they will find your corpse.
I have recently bought a knife and had it sharpened from the markets, I will post if I survive this.
I hope this is useful
01 May 2006 WeirdEmoFreak The best way to kill your self when your under 13...
Well, considering I'm 13 turning 14 in July... The best way to commit suicide if you just want a painless quick easy effective way, OD on some painkillers or something of the sought.
But what if you want to go out with a 'bang' this is how you do it,
Go down to your local supermarket, and buy a bag of fertiliser, and some peterol too! Then, mix these to together (This makes an extremely dangerous explosive, so don't try this at HOME) Now, mix the two together, then go off to some big crowded place with your new friend, then either light it on fire or detinate it, and you go out with a bang, but try to take out as many people as possible.
I hope this is useful!
30 Apr 2006 Felicity does anyone know what its like to feel numb, like you cant cry, you cant be happy, and if you look it, its only someything fake for everyone else to see?
whenever i cry, its when im alone. when i really cry, the pain is still a dull numbness, and it just gets worse cos i get enveloped in this cycle and i still cut deeper everynite. and i still cry, and one day it will totally consume and destroy my life

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