Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Apr 2006   fucking hell i have reached rock bottom.
I am 24 years old still surfinf the net to vent out,
What a fucking loser i am..
hopefully one day i will kill my self.

Goes and takes a look
29 Apr 2006 Daniel Stahl the best way is to tell your family that your gay (you really are)them being godly freaks. they'll probably perform an exersizim on you. you'll die from there rejection.
29 Apr 2006 gabrielle I dont get it do you want them to kill themslefs are not
29 Apr 2006 Laura I don't know what is the best way? Maybe no one should die. Just think, If you die you're letting everyone else win! Why not stick around a few years longer and annoy the people who want you to go away? That would make me feel a lot better seeing them get so pissed off just because they are trying so hard to make me commit suicide and I won't. I carry on fighting knowing that one day I could end up being a lot better than them. Also, don't you want to see what tomorrow brings, or the day after that? Theres a wide range of opportunitys out their for you! Plus, theres people who care, who love you, who think you're incredible and would die just to know you and be you're friend and they would praise the ground you walk on. You're the one who needs to find them. You think no one likes you, I kno no one likes me but I kno why, because I'm not like everyone else. Im an outkast I'd rather be different and be laughed at all my school life then be someone who blends in. People look at me more often because I stand out. People pick on me, because there bothered about me, they make excuses to come near me, If they hated me they'd keep well away! I enjoy going to school everyday and standing out, one day people are going to love me for the way I don't care I have people who do now. I just think positive and listen to all the great things people say about me. You know like everyone thinks Im a good singer so I focus on that, Im going to make something out of that one day. Im going to fight untill I get there, I have felt suicidal but I now kno whats the point? Life is a gift that you might never get again, so make it as long as you possibly can! Lawz xx
29 Apr 2006 edna jump off freeway bridge onto traffic
28 Apr 2006 AZA Hello everyone.! I hope you can read this.. I gues l have to say l've thought about suciding myself since i was 15, but the fact is that l never tried it, I'm so damn week to do it. All l know is that all the ways to commit suicide are really painful, ( If you really want to die just get a gun and shot yourself) that would be the easiest way.. BUT.. PLEASE MY FRIEND don't do it.. there is a lot of people out there waiting for you, THEY LOVE YOU..Belive me , they do love you..Your mother, your sister, your brother.. your uncle, your best friend even your father... They will suffer too much if you die.. Or if you don't have anyone to care about.. Fuck it. that's better.. just care about yourself and live life every day like the last, do some sports, walk around your towmn and see how wonderful life can be.. WELL this is my story, I'm 19 years old,, was born in Latin america, i came to Canada 7 months ago and l just learned to speak english (i still have some mistakes) I have dreams and one of them are to become a famouse Rapper,.. Right now all i know is that life is very complicated,, But that;s the beauty of it,(Let's Play with life and show that we can make it)Back again, i've been thru many problems, money, i'm here alone, no friends no family, when l need someone to talk to , nobody is there.. i'm getting kind of desperate, today l went to buy some beer to get so drunk and after that l was planing to get myself hit by a car.. ( They didn't sale been afeter 12:00 ) so l returned home so sad. and started reading some of this stuff, it really helped me a lot, now l am just writing this to let you know that you are not the only one feeling a pain.. We all feel pains.. We all think "fuck the world" we all want to die. but we are still alive.. so let's see what is coming for tomorrow.. the only person that can make our life happy is ourselfs, don't wait for soemone to do it for you... Well my Friend.. I gotta go.. But one more time " DON't KILL yourSELF" Please give you another change... GOD BLESS YOU...
28 Apr 2006 Aly I just swallowed my medicine cabinet. It is surprisingly easy to swallow so many pills. I am sad that my boyfriend is going to come home and find me. We had a son. He was born with problems. I was so careful my whole life. Fuck it. Oh, and if you can get your hands on potassium cyanide that takes 10seconds before you loose connciousness unlike this slow process which hurts actually. I recommend that. Or, hold your breath. Don't make too much of a mess for the paramedics... you don't want to f them up too. anyway.
28 Apr 2006 Aly Hold your breath.
28 Apr 2006 Christina well their are a number of best ways it depends on if the person wants a beautiful corpse or if they don't care Over doses are good but the classic slashing of the wrist isn't to bad either then drowning but that takes to long but the best way would have to be something suttle something no one would suspect then at the very end right before they die they should write or carve in thier arm or on a wall in blood saying I killed myself yahhhh!!!! but really the best way is just to make it painful there are to many ways for an under ageman to kill themseleves for thier to be a best way.
28 Apr 2006 shadow im a 14 year old female who has tried to sommit suicide 4 times in the past year.....many think that im a selfish person to do so but they dont know even half of the story about why it all started i have ppl that talked me out of it and i wish they didnt

any way the best way to kil your self at ay age is to do what ever you want your parents to see last as if you hate ur parents greatly shot ur self in the head it doesnt really matter how you kill your self unless you do it
28 Apr 2006 TB did u get my last message?
28 Apr 2006 kelli i think its sad that people try to kill them selfs so young.... there r ways 2 solve problems i took an over dose once but i woke up in hospital lol ... i dont think any of you shouls try to kill ya self mean boi im depressed where i am and how i am but im fighting it and im trying to make plans for the future. i hope none of use r stupied enof 2 take ya own life ....take care ya'll luv ya xxxxxx
28 Apr 2006 BOOBS Oh I wish I had boobs that would wobble
Mine just stay still in one place
In the breast hall of fame
You won't see my name
For my boobs there would be a disgrace

Sure boobs of my size have their merit
They're easy to fit with a bra
And when I go for a dip
You won't see one slip…out
They stay put…just where they are

And I'm not one to seek much attention
So you won't find me strutting about
In a boob tube that's trying
by gravity defying
to leave no room, not even for doubt

But I sure envy big breasted women
I've seen them at parties you know
With all confidence thrust
In their mighty big bust
Entrancing the men as they go

Though I've heard from a big bosomed buddy
That it's not all it's cracked up to be
She says in frustration
"Try to hold conversation
When there's only two things a guy sees"

Now if I paid a few grand to enlarge them
To, say thirty-six b or c
Would they still look so natural
And could I class them as collateral
Sorta like home improvements on me

Now I've not taken this boob thing just lightly
I've done quite a bit of research
As I try to keep abreast
In my mammary quest
I've found there's a bit to be learned

There's questions that need to be answered
Like cleavage, how wide and how deep
I can have nipples bigger
But somehow I figured
That could poke Sweetie's eye in his sleep

Oh, I wish I had boobs that were awesome
I'd buy a bright red bathing suit
On the beach I would run
In slow motion for fun
To show off my best attribute

Now don't think I'd just get them for vanity
There's much I'd aspire to do
I could feed many babies
When I was lactating
And for convenience, I could offer drive-thru

In a t-shirt I'd test air conditioning
They could 'see' if they had it too low
And if I stood outside
My breasts pumped up with pride
Police'd use me to stop traffic flow

Well you can see I've a lot to consider
For the big plunge, I need some more time
So I'll keep you updated
But for now they're just fated
To stay as they are for a while

And there's my sweetie who totally accepts me
For he loves each and every little…bit
He says "stay as you are
You're the most beautiful by far"
As he gazes into my eyes…not my tits
28 Apr 2006 shanon my name is shanon....i dont want to kill myself (anymore) but i have been reading the page and i understand where so many of you are comming from....there was a time when hated the world, i hated my family, and i hated myself...thats was when i was about 14 till about the time i moved out on my own. im 20 now. i tried so many things but i never had the guts to do it....i will always suffer from anxiety issues because of a coke overdose i had when i was 17. i think about that point in my past everyday and i wonder why i just didnt do it? what stopped me? was it really fear? or was there a deeper level of sense in the back of my head stopping me? eventually i decided that it was my life and it was up to me to controll it. i could be depressed all the time, feel like shit, fail at everything i tried, let people make fun of me....or i could do something about it......i decided that i didnt want to live like that anymore and i took controll of my life....

if your really think about killing yourself because you have lost all hope...please just e-mail me before you do it and tell me why....maybe i could tell you how i helped myself and maybe i could help you to. if your gonna kill yourself then it wouldnt hurt to try and talk to me first....right? please, you can e-mail me anytime....maybe i could help?
27 Apr 2006 Pablo Escobar Tie a rope to the back of your father's truck and then climb underneath. Wait until he hits the freeway and then let go and just drag for miles and miles. It'll hurt, but not for long. This is by far the best way because it definitely gets the job done, plus if you're father is part of the reason why you're killing yourself then he feels super guilty. Plus at least youll be famous in town which obviously you're currently a nobody so for once in your life...umm death rather...youre the kid everyone's noticing. Isn't that what you really want anyway?
27 Apr 2006 Sa rah I wish i knew....i almost have the perfect mom's a doctor my dad is a stay at home...and i seem perfetly fact most times i am perfectly happy...but i cant control my emotions i cant deal with pain...and i feel like sometimes i hate my parents and no matter how good they are to me im still mean to them...i wish i could just slice my wrist but i dont think i could take it and pills just seem like the wrong way to go...i loose everything..but yet i am still spoiled... no one even suspects me to do a thing like t his but whenever i sit down and think i hate where i am...but i cant tell my parents..cause they will think im just scared of what killing myself would do to other people and how i know that this is only thw easy way out of my problems...i wish i just new what to do or how i should control my emotions
27 Apr 2006 Mike I have tried to "KILL" myself 5 times. By hanging myself and even jumping into my pool with weights around my ankles. But after a couple years of therapy i have finnaly realized that i shouldn't try to kill my self anymore.
27 Apr 2006 carterluver well i have no idea but i just felt like saying hi, im not like everyone else, haven't ever tried to commit suicide before but i really want to and all i can say is if i ever try to commit suicide it sure as hell is gonna work, and ppl are going to know and ppl are going to notice and so thats whats im thinking right now. and i know this is really weird, im not depressed & come frum a great christian home, but most of this is all carter sligh's fault b/c i love him but he doesn't love me and yes i am just a kid (14) but this isn't just come little kid crush - i love carter and i always will, but i just found out that he likes 1 of my really good friends (beka west) & another 1 of my friends likes him 2 (becca true) and both of them have a lot better chances with him than i do b/c im just 1 of those weird ppl that noone likes. so im just putting my life story on here everyone will know, i really dont care anymore, when i die i know ppl will think what a waste b/c im really smart (iq 153) & all that crap but i just dont care anymore. and i hope carter reade this & knows although now he is ignoring me. an dthis is my last thought - i want to hate him but i cant b/c i love him too much
27 Apr 2006 tom to tim who said no1 in western countries or from good families should be suicidal they r jus selfish and spoilt.

ur attitide is so ignorant its unbelievable. i hate it wen ppl say only starving and poor ppl should be suicidal.

loneliness, lack of love, low self esteem can all be reasons for suicidal feelings and r situations that can exist in western societies. sumtimes depression can be a mental illness brought on jus by a chemical imbalance in the brain as well. At least ppl in poor backgrounds hav lower expectations and will die of starvation or ill health whereas no1 ever died of depression so it can last longer until ppl can take no more. Sum western problems r more complicated to solve and that is wen ppl cant find the solutions and can feel suicidal.

I am pleased u hav overcome difficult problems in ur life but jus cos u hav doesn't mean every1 can. every1 is different.

Do u really believe ur outburst will hav saved a single life or made any suicidal person feel better?

I hope u never volunteer for the samaritans cos u'd be USELESS!
27 Apr 2006 Gemma I am fifteen and have been suffering from depression & self-esteem issues for years now. I've missed so much of my life already over this shit. Crying, contemplating suicide, and just being plain fucking selfish and feeling sorry for myself. Talking to my parents get me nowhere because they think that I am totally full of shit and need to "suck it up" and get on with life. These days I try really hard to get up out of bed and go on with life despite the feeling of not wanting to.

All I need is someone to talk to. Someone who can make me see some hope in this miserable fucking world. I try asking help from my parents, but they don't take me seriously. I don't have friends that I can trust, and I have never been one to go share my personal problems with guidance counsellors.

I just pray every night that I will get over this and will start to feel better about myself and get over this trivial shit. I am so sick of wasting my time and my life crying over it all and feeling like there is no hope. I don't know how to do it. I don't know who to go to to give me guidance on how to carry on.

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