Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 May 2006 purpleflame I knew a 14 year old who successfully hung himself. Around that time I wanted to die too, but seeing all his friends and family so hurt and confused made me not want to. If he'd had the chance to see the pain he caused by killing himself, I don't think he would have done it.
11 May 2006 Mitch well... Personally, I'm not here to tell people how to kill them selves... I'm here, to talk to someone, who has been through all of this before... I'm sooo close to taking my life, but the only thing keeping me going is my family! I don't think i could do it to them, but i know i'm getting worse, and i can't seem to controll it.. i had heaps of mates at school, but they have all disappeared, and now i hate going to school... i dread to look at them people again. It brings back sooooooo much pain, and latly i have been thinking of taking my life.... i believe the world would be better, or my past friends would know just how much they have caused me, but i dont wanna take my life to prove it.... there needs to be a simplier way, but until that day comes.... i'm seriously thinking about joining all those, exceptional people who have felt the same as me, but had guts... I'm only 14 by the way, and male....
10 May 2006 sarah what is going on??? Stop it. Live your life. Sooner or later it's over so just get out there and go for it. Suicide is simply an early answer. If you are willing to die then you must be willing to do anything else. So, get up and out and perhaps travel the world. I mean, in the end you would be dead anyway. So just go for it. Do things and live and do not get washed in and warped in. Try to step outside of any situation and detatch yourself from things taking up too many of your thoughts. I go to a boarding school and high school is hard here. I wanted to kill myself throughout my years here. But every time I got the courage to do it, I realized wait, there are so many things I might as well do. You will get over this. You will. Those who commit suicide simply haven't waited or weren't patient enough with themselves. PLEASE don't do it. PLEASE just don't.
10 May 2006 Pru Reardon Someone on here asked "what do you do when there's no option, not even death?".. simple Jesus Christ. I've always had to deal with depression, and a lot of things have happened to me that made me want to end the pain, but I discovered that Jesus has a plan for us and we need to go to him if we're feeling depressed. The answer really is God because he made you...brought you into this world and when it's time for you to go HE will take you out (so to speak.) Suicide is a sin and also the most selfish thing you could ever do. Think about the people that DO love you and how much pain you'll be causing them. Also, think about the sacrifice Christ made for you on the cross so you could live a good life have go to heaven through him. Jesus literally saves.. physically as well as spiritually.
10 May 2006 steve im 15 and im gonna kill my self next week if my life like it is carries on please help
10 May 2006 emma jump or take potassium cyanide
09 May 2006 anna when i was 10 i was convinced peter pan would tap on my window. i waited up reading stories to the night for 5 years. i'm still here. i'm still depressed. but now i'm big. i want to commit suicide, so that i can join peter in neverland. "to die, would be an awfully big adventure"
09 May 2006 fuck yoiu you dirty slut i hate you i want to kill you so dont w how about you go die you peice of shit no wonder why you want to kill yourself you are encourageing other people to do it aswell you are a lowlife botom feeder and you should "breaka a mirror and shouve it in your eyes" go die and drink some acid
09 May 2006 alesia alesi people plz. dont do this i know all about ur friends dying, ur parents are preasuring u,ur confused from right or wrong, or u just dont feel comfortable in who u are. i may not experience it all but i do know half it by my friends i use to cut myslef cuz my mom and my step dad always being yelled at i couldnt watch t,v out in the living room i couldnt listen to music i could only take a shower at a certain time i couldnt do anything really and i broke free from that i beleived in myself i showed myself i am going to have a few ppl. i can lean on and then sometimes just myself but i cant be weak anymore i need to start taking care of who i am who gives a fuck of wat those ppl. think about u? u are a beautiful ,smart,strong person but if u go doing this ur just showing ppl. that ur ugly,dumb,and weak . dont let ur enimies take u down and show to other ppl. they brought u down u take the stand.i use to cut myself and burn myself and cry everynite until i sat down and thought its my life and if it goes down to hell it was my fault
i'm not asking u to get with jesus or god but if u do thats great!!!!
plz ppl. if u have any questions about anyhting plz. let me know
09 May 2006 Spooky Penguin Jump out your window Cashualy walk down the sidewalk or road, and put your hand out like you were to give some one a high five, keep walking like but don't put your hand down, and see how many people give you a high five back.
09 May 2006 Chloe ok..yes..its me again....look you guys are just plain stupid..all you want to do is get the attention,'ve gotten it...and look who gave it to you?...these idiots who are giving you guys advice....why dont you guys grow up a little...handle your problem like a mature, conciderate person, unstead of killing
yourself ...and if you really are thinking about kiulling your self to an adult or someone you can i am VERY disipointed in all you guys who are giving advice...b/c what if this person really wants to kill them self..whos the victim?...whos the suspect? I think that self explanitory.... think before you talk...
09 May 2006 Paige Carr All of you guys make me laugh. i read some of these and think what the fuck. u know if im crazy then what the hell r u. i mean come on, get a life. i love this site, but some off u lie, or r just frickin mental. GET A LIFE U SADOOS.

What is the best way to kill u r self when u r under 13, why would u want to. i've changed my opinion so many times.

This so called under 13 who made this site is weird. u r not 13 by know u must b at least 18, 4 God sakes grow up. u might not post this but u suck.

SO SORRY to all those out there who think that suiside is the answer, but get HELP SOON.

like i said i do and dont like this site.

1)i do, because it good 2 know that kids can talk about it and share storys.

2)i dont because you are all wackoos. If you really want to kill u r self u wouldnt be talking about iot ud do it by know.

09 May 2006 shawn the best way to kill your self is to fill your bath tub of with hydrocloric
acid bath
09 May 2006 dee Well I strongly doubt that this invention of yours will go very fair. It leaves horrible scare on kids, especially on someone who wants to try the real thing and may someday go the distance. there is so much more to life than to just quit and kill yourself. It makes you weaker than you ever though you ever were before. If people can learn to hang in their they can learn that there is more to life than what you think you know. (and dude a suicide kit? What kid of sick loser are you)?
09 May 2006 §ï©k.†¤.Đəǻθ Some times I feel that I realy want to kill my self! Its cuz I realy feel underappreciated, and the problem is that I always advise people not to commit suicide but most of the time when I'm advicing people not to kill themselves I think of killing myself as I'm typing or talking! I just wanted to talk to someone but no one understands!

09 May 2006 isobel call me izzy tho im 13 now n iv tryd 2 hand myself but my bro found me n got me down b4 i died n after then lotes of stuff has made me laf n b happy but then i have also thryd 2 cut my wrist mbut that never works and then when ur happy u look at the scars n u wish you never did it, u might have depressing times in ur life n think no1 can no what your going thru but it happends to evryone and once u try and fail u will b happy that it didnt work and then if u do, think about it your hole family will b upset n then they will feel more pain then what u did when u killed urself and so will your friends so if u do kill urself ur not helping urself or anyone els ur just distroying ur life n overs lifes so plz dont kill ur self, and if you want to talk 2 me add me at
09 May 2006 spanky well im back again, that boyfrinend that dumped me that was great and whatever, well he used me for two months whilst two timing me with the "love of his life" they have been going out for just over a year now =) she was so smug to tell me that she was whod hed been cheeting on me with, but she doesnt know that he went back out with me, so jokes on her. i dont have a "best friend" i dont have any friends, ive managed to lose them all but im not bothered, they were all there just to get help and adivce off me and told me i was attention seeking when i went to them for help, ive had massive arguments with who was my best mate but ive given up on her, she wont tell me anything she wont let me comfort her, she lies to me, so i gave up, its attention seeking and i just couldnt carry on with it, i have my own problems. wow i read one of the posts i put "wow i aint cut in 6 days" ha i aint cut in like 5 months now, well not properly, ive still been a little pathetic but nothing majour, so im really proud of myself tbh. and i know people are out there going "wtf" to this post but i just needed somewhere to post how proud of myself i am, im getting on with my life, i got into collage i have a bf of 5 months, i dont wana jinx it by thinking hes the best in the world but he has been good to me so far. so now im sitting here shitting myself about my nearing gcse exams but if i fuck em up i fuck em up, cant do better than i can. am now on study leave so im outa that bastarding school, for a few months at least (going back for collage/6th form)well i think ive said all i wanted to say.
spanky x
09 May 2006 anna hello every1,
my name is anna. plz dnt take ur life. i no how u feel. i have tried it b4. however ur feeling, whoever u are, plz tlk 2 me, and i will help u. i have been abused, ive got depression, and all other kinds of problems, but suicide isnt the answer. cum and tlk 2 me on msn.
i wnt judge u or anyfink, i just want 2 help.
ere 4 u all xxxx
09 May 2006 salim mbarouk the best way to kill your selfe is to live you life fully life is a gift that we dont ask for and we have to accept what it comes with you are what you are not because of life but becaue you chose to be that way you can make a defferent to your life by making life to have a meaning ending your life is like stealing. life does not belong to you but it is a gift from God.there is no better way to end life all those who did never came back to tell you how happy they are in the othe side because they stole the gift they where given to them by God dont think of commiting suicide just because you are sad or depresed these are reasons to missguide you but always remember the good time you had and make that part of your wold and belive in your self that you can do beter and you will
why think of ending you life then what will that make you happy a wise man once said be afread of what you dont know but brave to what you know no onbe knows what hapens after death so be wise you may find you self you are in a worse situation than before you killed yourself dont be stupid be wise make the right choice

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