Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Apr 2006 Becka B when you are 13 there is no real reason to kill yourself ya i understand that life is hard I've been through shit but i aint a fuckin pussy thats why i am alive today and if you kill your self thats what people are going to think about you. killing your self isn't the way out its the bitch way out
11 Apr 2006 Sunny The best and most painless method with 100% success rate is to get a charcoal stove, put it in an enclosed space and lock yourself in with charcoal burning and breathe the fumes , you will die of carbon monoxide poisoning without any pain after you feel sleepy and going into a very deep sleep to never get up again
11 Apr 2006 almostgone cover something VERY sharp in copper sulphate solution from the school science rooms then cut your wrists deeply enough for the solution to enter the blood flow.
that should kill you. or if u dont fancy copper sulphate solution, try some other chemical, some kind of concentrated acid should do...
11 Apr 2006 mike The best way is absolutely to be patient.
One of these day, your death will arrive, hardly or softly, but certainly.
11 Apr 2006 I_Love_death I think i left a comment on this thread but where the hell is it?
11 Apr 2006 jonny Don't kill yourself... Nothin is ever so bad that you can't sort it out!!!

You'll be 18 1 ay and can leave your parents and start a new life!! Stop bein all talk and either get a grip and a life or just pull the fkin trigger!!

In fact, you're all already losers!! Kill yourselves, the world wont miss you!!
10 Apr 2006 sammy hi as many people say life is a gift... fuck that shit. life is a game of give and take if u want to de to make it shorter than do so. i have been clinicly provin dead 4 times. 3 attempts. cutting isnt the best way to go neither is jumping or odin. the best way is to hang youself. that is wat worked for me but they still brought me back. ill explain why i tried. my dad was a pill popper. he was allways high so i felt like i didnt have a dad but some crazy guy walkin around my house. my mom beat me since i was 3 (btw im 13 now) i lost my home, my dog my dad gave away, my other dog which i saw get runed over, i lost the love of my life to one of my best friends, then another best friend hated me, my uncle died, my boyfriend was murdered and then i had to move back to the naborhood i was raped in... ive gone through hell and back and im not afraid to do it again. im 13 years old and have died already but im still kickin and ready to fight. as i say wat id the point of life if u die ayways? where u even alive if 20 years later no one knew u existed? whats the point of doing anything for life is al u expect is to die later?dont tell people what to do and dont let others tell you wat to do. it is your life. come and go as you please but no one lives forever... oh n to all yall christain bitches if u aint trien to help others find their way to death then get the fuck off the road n back in your god damn church cuz it aint your job to tell people how to live or die.
10 Apr 2006 Cody Im 13 and i have tried to kill myself 3 times 1 almost succesful.... this time i kno it will work... 2 all u tht r reading this i thank u for your time wen u r done reading this i will most likey b dead and rotting in hell.... i already have the knive on my neck... slowly cutting again to all those tht want 2 kill yourself stop and think if u will hurt any1 by doing it.. yea u may hurt a few ppl but others will be happy... so as u read my last wors dnt take pitty on me
10 Apr 2006 john ask a 50 year old man to have sex with you
10 Apr 2006 Andrea I don't know how I came across this site but I did. I am shocked at what I read, and I feel very bad. Have you ever thought about giving Jesus a chance in your life? Trust me you will NOT be disappointed....I am happier now than I ever have been. He LOVES me w/ a deeper love that I have ever felt before. He LOVE you too! He wants you to cry out to him, he is waiting for you and he loves you more than you know. He wants to change your life if you give him a chance, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Please stop and think! Suicide is not the way out!!! Do you really want to burn in hell and suffer for eternity when you have a simple choice to choose peace, love, joy, happiness.....the list goes on forever! He knows what you are going threw, he knows ever hurt and holds every tear in his hands. When you hurt he hurst for you. He wants nothing but the best for you. He can't do anything if you don't let him because he gives us a free will. So w/ out you WILLING to let him come into your heart you will not see the amazing life change experience. It's simple just say "Jesus I want you to come into my heart and into my life, please wash away my sins and make me new". After you pray that prayer and you mean what you just said, you will see an amazing transformation in your life. Jesus LOVES you!
10 Apr 2006 why live? there are alot of ways.hang yourself with a scarf,slit your wrist with mommy's razor,take alot of pills,stab yourself,or my favorite,play the choking game
10 Apr 2006 shawty ok ....da best way to kill yaself when ya under 13 is deez : take a gun n shoot yaself inda head
10 Apr 2006 Paige Carr I think that the best way 2 kill yourself when your under 13 is to stab yourself through your heart.its quick and it wont hurt so bad its better to die quickly then to die in pain. i have read all of the suicide letters and have cryed all the way through. a tear drop 4 all that have died. i have tryed to snap my neck before and it has not worked, so i gave up. thank u , c ya in heaven. hopefully.
10 Apr 2006 Bryan Ya know what... You all make me sick.

I grew up in Downtown detroit. I was a skinny white kid that got my ass kicked every fucking day by black peices of shit just cause I am white. Then at school when I was in 6th grade, this peice of shit stabbed me in the leg with a ball point pen because I tackled him in a football game. Then after that, my best friend killed him self when I was in 8th grade, he left a note saying it was because his friends didn't like him. At his funeral his mom yelled at me while sobbing and told me it was my fault. That I killed her son. When i was a sophomore in Highschool I walked into my kitchen and found my mom fucking some dude I didn't even know. I told my dad and he beat the shit out of her, and when I tried to stop him he beat the shit out of me too. I graduated highschool early, with a low GPA, just so i could get away from the city and all the bullshit.


10 Apr 2006 Sarah I'm 13. I just got out of the mental hospital for trying to kill myself and I've also been a cutter for years. I would like to kill myself by either shooting myself in the head or the heart. The only problem is I don't have a gun.
10 Apr 2006 Ilovedeath i don't know. i am wondering the same thing. I really, really want to die. Don't persuade me. I've firmly decided. All i am doing now is do research on suicide method and then kill myself. i want the SUREST way, you know. I hate it if i didn't succeed. That'd be horrible.
09 Apr 2006 al if you want to commit suicide because of people that annoys u or is making fun of you...dont do it...its not a reason...u shouldnt care waht people thinks of u wat matter most is wat u think of urself..ur just letting urself down..but if the rason u want to commit suicide is because u cant handle life then just try to avoid watever it is u cant face just look for another reason not to waste ur life...
09 Apr 2006 DejaVu I don’t know how people do it…I mean live. I have absolutely no motivation to wake up every morning. Do things…I don’t even want anything…no I don’t want that dress, shoes…books…games. tv…not talk to people. I have to take all my courage to go to grocery store…I never talk in school…in class…and my friends …well do I have any? My depression successfully isolated me from everything and every one. My mother has no idea what’s going on…nor anyone else. I know why people would want to I too have good days…but that one day…is not enough. I feel emtiness..sadness and rage. I have two cats and they can drive me so nuts that I want to throw something at them and…scream…and cry. I never saw a doctor not do I take anything…ice-cream…I am sick of it at first sight. I am sad, simple things make me cry and feel like shit.
I though about suicide a lot. I want to do it…don’t care how much it hurts….just that it works. The thing is I ma also scared that I will do it..soon…but then again…I have already nothing to hope for…
09 Apr 2006 jenn ummm...i was just wondering how to slit your wrists easily (but not to kill myself). ive been cutting for a while, but its really hard to make myself bleed. a lot of times, i just end up making a deep blood, which is what i wanna c. do i need a sharper edge? some tips would be great
09 Apr 2006 playa pimp i cant believe a bunch of emo imiture lonly freaks want to kill them selfs. like 6 billion people can get through the day with out killing them selfs. lifes hard. get used to it, suck it up and try to make a living. jesus you people piss me off

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