Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 May 2006 anna hello...
look ppl.. i tried suicide twice b4. im 14 and was sexually abused. i still have 2 live wit me abuser. so life is kinda shit. but i will help any1 hu needs it. i wnt judge u or anyfink. just add me email
24 May 2006 Ariel I'm 15. Since I was 10 I have wanted to kill myself. Just I've never had the guts to. sometimes I love my life, sometimes I hate it with a passion. The ridiculous thing is that everything I love is the same as everything I hate most the time. I started cutting myself a year or two later...I felt numb and I wanted to know if I could feel anything any more. And guess what. It didn't hurt. I hate myself. The worst thing is how good I can feel one moment, and the next I just want to die. Literally.

On a brighter note, I'm not suicidal at the moment...Just depressed.
24 May 2006 Kazza1 WEll i wrote on here a couple of months ago n Recently i av lost sum 1 close to me Afta dat append i tried to slit my wrist but i could not do it, i got so scared dat i just started to please dont kill yourself if you want any advice my msn addy is plz dun kill ur self but if u want 2 its ur life ur destroyin no1 elses
23 May 2006 leeann all u fucken people think u have it bad but u just want to be noticed most of u dont even know what it like to be hurt u dont know what its like to be assulted by a man u trusted more than any thing or to be shoved arouned by a man u thought u were safe with not to mention whatching him beat ur mother ive been through so much pain ive moved out because i couldnt handdle it i lived house to house i babysat while i was takeing care of my cousins because they lived with us and i wont let them stay in that house alone so they could get beat to i payed for food and clothes and i learned how to live on myb own but i didnt have a real child hood im only 14 and i want to cral in a hole and die ive cut druged and burned myself i dont know how to cry or be happy anymore my friends dont understand i think my moms going insain and i have no family so i hold all the anger and all the pain in u dont know what its like to have people tell u that u have it good and then what so bad to tell them u dont tell them evrything but u cant i was caught by cps and we had to move to my grandads house a man how used to assult my mother so every night i was there i sat up terifide at night wondering what would happen to me i wonder evryday why me is it all my falt everything and everyday i wonder and hope i wont have to go back to my life my hamily who dosnt understand me who teases me all i want i s a friend who will understand
23 May 2006 kirsten i wrote in here a few days a go and nothing is better...everything is bad....i hte life and all that stuff.....yea everyone has there reasons to hate it and ive read about sum of them....but i try and compare and it seemms sum are simialr to me but not as bad.....iv ethought of suicide since i was at least almost 15 now....ive tried for years and years.....and i jus think that i cant do a sucker for pain....but i cut .....for yrs ive jus cried and cried but now thats not good enuf.....cring wont get me anywhere....u kno how ppl want attention.......sum ppl do good things to get godd attention...well i get into trubble to get my attention...its the only way they will give it to me...and i hate my past cuz i screwed things up.....i hate the fact that my mom costed me my first bf and he was the best bf ever....i swear he coulda bin peerfect for me.....and wat the prob was is that she didnt kno it was her fault......she dint kno we were not even sposed to date yet....sez her....i hate my pst cuz its full of abuse and mistakes.....i regret everything i did from age 5 and up....i take that back 4 and up.......thats when the abuse started.....and its continued.....i think it was 2 weeks ago my mom hit me.....but theres bin other abuse be sides being beat.....yes that kind....where stupid ppl take advantage of u when ur 4 fuckin yrs sick can ppl be...i mean come on i was fucking 4.....i havent had a child hood...i went rit from bein a 6 yr old to bein an adult there was no child, no teenager....i take care of my moms if i was their mom......y do i have to i dint give birth to y.....WHY...wat a question...i ask that almost every nite.....
i dont like lettin pthers c me cry......i have a tough reputation so it cashes with the me that is inside.....
the only way id go thru with suicide is if i had a if any1 wants to point me in the right direction of that then thank you so mcuh
<3 -me-
23 May 2006 Mia YOU ARE A SICK SLIMEY LOWLIFE F**K. How dare you suggest sh*t like this? You know what loser? why dont you go to google imgaes and search "Uganda" or "sudan" or "South bronx" Then talk to me about how bad your life is, mother fu*ker.
23 May 2006 phil i am 12 years old and i have tried many ways to kill myself. i have jumped off of my house, slit my wrists, am anorexic, belimic, i have lit myself on fire, shot myself, smoked drugs, taken pills like benydrl over 90 super strength and got my stomic pumped. i have secsessfully hund myself. like other kids on this website i have died and came back. hell is not exactly the best place i have ever been. i havent stopped doing all of these but i have slowed down. i havent cut in 1 days but 10 days ago i went to the hospital and died but cam back. i have died and came back atlest 7 times. i drilled a hole in my knee because a girl said no when i rejected her. i use a mashedi to cut myself and sometimes over react. one of the times i died i went to heaven and saw my friends mom and my grandparents. just because i havent stoped doesnt mean that u should do it eather

people stop felling like ur fat because i have been thru the same thing
i started anerexia when i was only 98 pounds and though i was fat

stop doing this stuff to urself i slowed down because people said they loved me. i dont really think thats true
23 May 2006 YOU ARE SPECIAL no one should commit suicide and we should all learn that people are special for who they are, value your own life beacuse youve bin gifted with itand remember
you have so much to live for you just can see it right now
think positive and things will be positive bye byexxxx
23 May 2006 BE YOURSELF short and sweet messages are the best so al im gonna say is this....


the only reason other people are bringing you down is becuse their lives are so fucked up and crap they have to make someone else feel bad so they can feel better about themsleves

SUICIDE IS NEVER THE ANSWER and youll feel such relief that when your life gets better youll feel prod that you didnt make that terrible mistake you might have made

also reading through some of the stories on this site makes you see how good your life is YOU ARE ALWAYS BETTER OFF THAN SIOMEONE ELSE in this world so count your blessings and make the most of them

and also popularity means NOTHING

and lastly BE YOURSELF!! for countless years have tried to mould myself to everyone else because i didnt believe i was soecial enough...THATS COMPLETELY THE WRONG THING TO DO!!
be yourslf and people will love you for who YOU are

and most of all you wont end up like the empty shell i have become....

i should have noticed so long ago how special i really was....please dont make a stupid mistake like i did..BUT i am going to fix the wrong things in my life jus like you should...keep fighting for what you believe in and DONT give up the battle and commit suicide...


this site has really helped me see that i am not alone and that i realy do have so much to live for...thank you all, you have al helpoed me so much :')xxxxx
23 May 2006 James You people and this site are all fucked up.. What the hell is wrong with you? Oh BooHoo things are not perfect with me.....I should kill myself!! You are all week and pathetic. Bunch of fucking cry babies. You should stay off the drugs if you think the only way to make things better is to kill yourself.
22 May 2006 Hermann Hesse ...Siddhartha wandered into the forest, already far from the town, and knew only one thing--that he could not go back, that the life he had lived for many years was past, tasted and drained to a degree of nausea. The songbird was dead; its death, which he had dreamt about, was the bird in his own heart. He was deeply entangled in Samsara; he had drawn nausea and death to himself from all sides, like a sponge that absorbs water until it is full. He was full of ennui, full of misery, full of death; there was nothing left in the world that could attract him, that could give him pleasure and solace.
He wished passionately for oblivion, to be at rest, to be dead. If only a flash of lightning would strike him! If only a tiger would come and eat him! If only there were some wine, some poison, that would give him oblivion, that would make him forget, that would make him sleep and never awaken! Was there any kind of filth with which he had not besmirched himself, any sin and folly which he had not committed, any stain upon his soul for which he alone had not been responsible? Was it then still possible to live? Was it possible to take in breath again and again, to breathe out, to feel hunger, to eat again, to sleep again, to lie with women again? Was this cycle not exhausted and finished for him?
Siddhartha reached the long river in the wood, the same river across which a ferryman had once taken him when he was still a young man and had come from Gotama's town. He stopped at this river and stood hesitatingly on the bank. Fatigue and hunger had weakened him. Why should he go any further, where, and for what purpose? There was no more purpose; there was nothing more than a deep, painful longing to shake off this whole confused dream, to spit out this stale wine, to make an end of this bitter, painful life.
There was a tree on the river bank, a cocoanut tree. Siddhartha leaned against it, placed his arm around the trunk and looked into the green water which flowed beneath him. He looked down and was completely filled with a desire to let himself go and be submerged in the water. A chilly emptiness in the water reflected the terrible emptiness in his soul. Yes, he was at the end. There was nothing more for him but to efface himself, to destroy the unsuccessful structure of his life, to throw it away, mocked at by the gods. This was the deed which he longed to commit, to destroy the form he hated! Might the fishes devour him, this dog of a Siddhartha, this madman, this corrupted and rotting body, this sluggish and misused soul! Might the fishes and crocodiles devour him, might the demons tear him to little pieces!
With a distorted countenance he stared into the water. He saw his face reflected, and spat at it; he took his arm away from the tree trunk and turned a little, so that he could fall headlong and finally go under. He bent, with closed eyes--towards death.
Then from a remote part of his soul, from the past of his tired life, he heard a sound. It was one word, one syllable, which without thinking he spoke indistinctly, the ancient beginning and ending of all Brahmin prayers, the holy Om, which had the meaning of "the Perfect One" or "Perfection." At that moment, when the sound of Om reached Siddhartha's ears, his slumbering soul suddenly awakened and he recognized the folly of his action.
Siddhartha was deeply horrified. So that was what he had come to; he was so lost, so confused, so devoid of all reason, that he had sought death. This wish, this childish wish had grown strong with him: to find peace by destroying his body. All the torment of these recent times, all the disillusionment, all the despair, had not affected him so much as it did the moment the Om reached his consciousness and he recognized his wretchedness and his crime.
"Om," he pronounced inwardly, and he was conscious of Brahman, of the indestructibleness of life; he remembered all that he had forgotten, all that was divine...
22 May 2006 Anastasia Beaverhousen Tell your parents you're pregnant with the Priest's child and you plan to commit ritualistic sacrifice immediately upon birth while eating the placenta.
22 May 2006 Rachel Hi, my name is Rachel, well I am 15 and I started to burn myself at the age of 14. It was basically a daily thing for me. Everything was going so wrong. Then just a few months ago I started to cut myself. I would cut so deep that I would bleed for so long. I have before tried to commit suicide twice, and many times before I thought of how everything would be so much better if I was just dead. Now I started to talk to a friend of mine and he helped me so much. Anythime I feel bad then all I have to do is talk to him. That is the best way for anyone to feel better is talk about it. I also now go see a counsilor to help me cope with my depression. So all you have to do is ask for help and then slowly but surly you can get better.
22 May 2006 simona i have two sisters and both of them tryed to end their lives.i know from experience that this attempts causes only pain. i cannot explain in words what i felt when they were in the hospital. now i think that they won't do it again but i live with that fear that one night i will wake up and see one of them lying on the floor. this thing really affects ur life. i still have trouble with my sleep.
22 May 2006 Laura Maybe im just blind to some of the things that go on in the world but i really don't understand why these kids wanna kill themselves. i mean, whatever is wrong in your life isn't there a way out? a way to fix a problem? why not look at your problems in a positive way and see your life as a challenge waiting to be addressed? are they suicidal because they don't understand life? do they think its a game? ive been through hell over the past few years with anorexia but im still here, why don't you guys understand that life is a gift? people looking for ways to kill themselves, to me, appear to be seeking attention, if you want ed to die THAT much then why don't you throw yourself in front of a car, jump off a bridge, slit your throat? or even better, tell someone and seek help for fucks sake, thats what people are here for so talk to someone! committing suicide isnt about you, its about the people you leave behind so if you do have people who you know love you then think of someone else other than yourself.
21 May 2006 luke here i am, im currently standing on my desk chair with a noose around my neck hanging from the roof. this will be my last letter... as i say goodbye to this fucked up and cruel world, on my final evening. But first, i will explain to those who wish to know the purpose. I was born a hermaphrodite and have been miserable my whole life, im 16 and have never ever been kissed. My mother and father broke up when i was born, and neither of them wanted me, they thought of me as a freak, i was sent to a foster home and was taken in by a couple unable to have children, however my stepfather was a sick pervert and touched and raped me, i was scared and didnt know what to do... up until this day he still does it, and if i even say one word he strikes me across the face. anyway, fuck all of yous, fuck max my stepfather, fuck my mother, fuck my father, fuck god, fuck you world and fuck everyone, im dead now and it will be on all those bastards who deserted me.
21 May 2006 horrible You know what, i just came across a book dealing with suicide. it says that the odds you fail are EXTREMELY high. 4 out of 5 suicide attempt fail. It says that human beings are EXTREMELY difficult to kill.
21 May 2006 deathgurl so........i think the best way to kill your seif is to get some gas and a match right and go some where that no body ever goes ok pore all the gas all over your body then lite the match after thatyour on fire !!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha !!!!!! the good thing about this one is that when you do it its very un likly that you will live after it.......
have a good death !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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