Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 May 2006 jodie well im 13 and ive never actually commited suicide but ive been thinking about it alot since i was 12 and i starting cutting myself when i was 12 i just have felt so hopeless ever since i moved across the country, ppl say that life goes on but what i left in california was my life and i just cant move on and im literally crying 5 times a day now and I'm never happy so yea i just thought I'd share my story
28 May 2006 .Ellet I know, I know I've let you down,
I've been a fool to myself.
I thought that I could live for no one else,
But now, through all the hurt and pain,
It's time for me to respect.
The ones you love mean more than anything.

So with sadness in my heart,
I feel the best thing I could do,
Is end it all, and leave forever.
What's done is done, it feels so bad,
What once was happy now is sad.
I'll never love again.
My world is ending.

I wish that I could turn back time,
'Cause now the guilt is all mine.
Can't live without the trust from those you love.
I know we can't forget the past,
You can't forget love and pride.
Because of that, it's killing me inside.

It all returns to nothing,
It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down.

In my heart of hearts,
I know that I could never love again.
I've lost everything... Everything...
Everything that matters to me matters in this world.
28 May 2006 I made it through alive As a college student that plays softball, I know what it is like both as a person that has had suicidal thoughts and who has had girlfriends who have tried to commit suicide. I am currntly working with a 14 year old to get her to stop trying to kill herself. What I can say to all of you young people is that no matter how many people tell you its not worth the pain or the sorrow that you can cause somebody, ultimately it is your choice. But when I talk to my girlfriends mom or to my mom, I realize that cutting/attempted suicide, doesn't end the pain for you it just gives your pain to someone else. I should know, I began to severely cut myself all because my girl couldn't talk to me about why she wanted to die and eventually led me to due the same because I felt as though I let her down....I know that this has been a long story, but serious sit down and think of the people that are going to take on your helps put your life into perspective...
28 May 2006 Sexy bitch Find someone who likes u and has aids. Fuck him or her up and make sure you get aids or hmv. Make sure u do it for a couple of hours or even days.
28 May 2006 Misanthrope The only thing keeps me from committing suicide is that I SO FEAR that i would fail. You know, how frightening it would be if my suicide attempt weren't successful. Not only my horrible life would resume, but also i would be deprived of my only freedom, only dream, my dream of killing myself. Oh i am scared that i would be hospitalized and be watched by a bunch of therapists all the time. that would be HORRIBLE. GOSH. they would watch you even when you go to the bathroom. Gee, in that case I would NEVER have my 2nd attempt. Oh my god.

Well, as long as I can find an absolutely 100% way to die, i'll definitely do it.
28 May 2006 nicci I’m nicci and I’m 20 and the youngest of three siblings... I’ve been trying to kill myself since I was 15 but I never really went through with it... one day I tried to slash my wrist, well it was bleeding for about 1 minute and then it stopped, that cut wasn’t deep at all, as usual I chickened out… the next day I was watching TV in my dorm room when I got a phone call, it was from my aunt, my brother committed suicide. No letter, no nothing, he just left and until now I’m still full of regrets, questions and pain. I’ve been through a lot of painful experiences since I was 9 years old , however, that was the most painful thing I ever had to go through …. At least I thought it would be… two years later I found my other brother in the tub and he was covered in blood… he slashed both wrists… I was able to call 911 and he was saved… but that incident made me go through all the painful memories all over again… now when my brother has problems he talks to me and I listen… I know everything that goes on in his life. He promised me that he would never do what he did ever again but I’m still in pain and I can’t seem to make it go away

I feel weird and I’m scared… I’m scared that one day I would snap and would gather enough courage to finally do what I’ve been trying to do since I was 15… kill myself…
28 May 2006 terry wasik cruel jokes...suicide is a cruel joke,and a very bad one at one is laffing...gee..tough crowd today perhaps ???!!
S.U.I.C.I.D.E.---Seeking Unknown Information Cannot Include Death Einstein !!
for some one that is so smart and intelligent ( you can make a website and also use a computer ) now that takes talent and creates a following of humans !! now that is a special talent and courage...that suicide fears itself !! luv from cornwall canada,,,live long and prosper...merci google !! and YAHOO !!
next search is for ...what happens after internet for this planet ?!! LQQK out Mars ...
28 May 2006 terry wasik BEST way for you ,is not necessarily thee best way for someone else !!peeple commit suicide over lifes so called tragedies,such as love that did not last past gym class,love that did not last past a coffee break at timmies,hockey team did not WIN thee LORD Stanley cup/coupe...therefore I cannot give you advice on thee best way to kill yourself.only a expert can dew that and thee experts are all dead !! * that was their best way ...
perhaps instead of spending all this time in front of a computer screen ( and bi thee way,if you decide to live this so called lovely planet...which you wont as ur body will be worm bait now )we will have lost another customer as you will be dead and you will miss out on all thee specials and new video chat,and video games...go fiqure...!!
if you need to generate some revenue...write a BOOK and sell it on e-BAY !! also If i may suggest...senor bush is looking for future peeple that like to kill other peeple,so you have a future in thee warriors of soldiers and you are guaranteed to die there for your country and loving revoir and please BUCKLE up...and drive safe/conduisez prudemment tout le monde,because everyone wants to go to DISNEY WORLD !! peace and fantasy comes alive in YOUR dreams and HEART !! god aka allah bless america and your SMILE.
28 May 2006 terry wasik hello readers and internet researchers,how are you today ? Best way to kill yourself is too laff so much,that your tummy hurts so much it is killin you...humour is for creating a bond between peeple and life...i have yet to see peeple laff while at a funeral or car spend your thoughts and time thinking of how to end it all...( well it doesnt end,dont forget peeple have you in pictures,on home grown movies,your report cards and school pix and awards...)and especially on your tombstone . All that does is leave a hole in thee ground and a hole in a persons heart that wanted to laff with you,,,that special person that misses your smile and sparkling thee eyes are not only a soul to thee future butt your eyes are thee future !! why chose thee number 13 ?? what is so special about 13...?? please explain more of your thoughts to me,as I want to learn and I need you to teach me (life is too much of a mystery especially when a reader is missing pages after chapters 13) ...luv from cornwall canada
28 May 2006 Anonnymous Actually, about three hours ago i was sitting on my bedroom floor, with my razor attempting to kill myself. I bled but didn't die. I was just so sick of life and everything. After doing that I was talking to my friend. He made me realize that i have alot to live for. And so did reading all about this. About a month ago a girl i knew killed her self. So many people were hurt by this and her boyfriend even killed himself too. Suicide is a terrible thing. You don't know how many people think about you and care about you and once you're gone you can't do anything. Even if you don't think anyone cares about you, they do. Even if it's someone you don't know they care. I care, because taking your life is a horrible thing to do. It is not worth anything. Just live and think of the good, simple things in life. Whether it be music, friends, movies, outdoors, or whatever. Some people think if you're gonna die anyway why not now? But think of it like this, why not experience the greater things in life instead, then wait for god to take your life away at the right time. And remember, everything happens for a reason. Please don't kill yourself. Please. If you need help them email me, at I will try to help.
28 May 2006 whats the point Oh come on hardly any of you really want to die you just want someone to talk you out of it. if you really felt that bad then you would have done it by now and stop moaning to others about your petty childish problems half of you silly little girls have no idea what real pain is and want an easy painles way to kill yourself - NEWS FLASH you wont find one there will always be some kind of pain but so what if you wanted to die badly enough then you wouldent care about how painful the death is you would just be glad that you will die soon. So stop moaning about it and accept your not going to kill yourself stop feeling sorry for your sorry self and either do it or shup up threatening to do it
28 May 2006 JS Im not 13, I am 18 and I just recently felt suicidal because i consider myself as a failure. I already wrote suicide notes and planned everything I need to do to kill myself.Please help me not do it.. the pain is building up within me. I DONT WANT TO DO IT.
28 May 2006 Ellet. I just realized that i felt this inmense pleasure killing flies. I killed one after another, i terrible envy them , they are dead, why do i have the power to finish whit their lifes and not whit my own? what makes it wrong?

i wish i have the nerv to kill the person that has done this to me, but just the pain im gonna cause her whit the guilt of my death is enough as the revenge i want,i swear im gonna make you suffer , youll regret it.

you dont deserve to have been a part of my life for all this time

youre nothing but a bitch you broke my heart, you know

i fucking hate you
but im missing you so bad.
wish i could sleep...

27 May 2006 Flora Some times I feel that I realy want to kill my self! Its cuz I realy feel underappreciated, and the problem is that I always advise people not to commit suicide but most of the time when I'm advicing people not to kill themselves I think of killing myself as I'm typing or talking! I just wanted to talk to someone but no one understands!

27 May 2006 Danielle Nicole <3 There Is no best way to kill your self, Honestly i dont think killing your self is the right choice. yeah ive been down a path close to doing it. im still thinking about it but deep down inside i just keep thinking ya know tommarrow is another day. if you upset seek help .. someone is willing to help you.
27 May 2006 sharon right now, im very upset because of a stupiud bvoy that im in love with. i need help&comfort. and i think thats what everyone here needs. email me and id love to help.
27 May 2006 Fuck weed Bash your head through a computer until
you die......!!!!!!!!!!!
27 May 2006 micah I am 17 never really had that bad of life, but still life never gave me brakes and this may be the last time anyone hears me. I have to burn,but and some time i drink my self to sleep to get ride of the pain that i feel. My family has no clue whats going on, my g/f either and she all i have to live for, but now life has pushed me to the point to where i don't care anymore i just want to end it.
27 May 2006 Lauryn Rent a hotel room...drink arsenic
27 May 2006 Misanthrope I can't believe how hard to kill yourself is. Most suicidal attempts tend to fail. wtf? if this world doesn't want me to live, why doesn't it want me to die, either?

Sigh. Nothing is easy. Even to die. I hate to be born. I wish my mother had an abortion when she was pregnant.

Not a single soul understands me in the world.

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