Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 May 2006 sum1 to hannah who said she found another site about suicide pls can u say wot it is. By the way sum1 said if u try and fail to kill urself then u go 2 jail i dont know about other countries but in the UK that law changed in the 60s! if any1 has a gun they wanna sell from within the UK then pls i want it. How cum no1 actually givs any useful specific info on this site about how 2 kill urself. Wot kind of suicide site do u call that!
05 May 2006 cindy I think the best way to kill yourself is the way you are doing it right now. You hate yourself, why? You are looking for a way to kill yourself and it isn't funny. I think this is the saddest thing I ever read on the web. I came across your web site because I was searching for a case for my criminal justice class. If I were your mom, I would probably cry, and never let you go, and I would know if you were sad or at this point, were you are now. I am sorry that you feel this way and I hope one day, when you decide not to, you look back, maybe you will be just the person that is needed for someone like you. You are here for a reason, and I believe you will make a difference, just hold on, just see, keep faith. If you want to reach out for help, not for this, we all need it, and yes life is not fair, but don't listen to that ugly voice that you think you need to hear, I am telling you this world needs you. Please don't do this, none of you should even think or feel this way.
05 May 2006 Elodie moi perso jvous di continué a vivre même si jsuis mal placé pour parler de ça. J'ai encore envie de mourrir et j'ai fai 15 tentative de suicide mais bon je me motive pour vivre même si j'aime pas ça
05 May 2006 Nathan I'm 15, I'm wealthy, I attend a expensive Boarding School, I'm not unattractive and I'm not popular or unpopular. So why do I always walk around with a frown on my face? Why do I not care if I die tomorrow? Why don't I care about the feeling of others or if someone dies? Why don't I care about much of anything and why do I find no point in living? These are the questions I pose to anyone who seeks to help out others.
05 May 2006 heartbreaker99 cutting ur wrist open and lyin in the pool of blood
04 May 2006 jeffrey 12..turnin 13.....since my girlfriend got mad at me(soo mAd), i wanted to committ suicide....everyoNe was mad at mE....i dont know how to kill myseLf now.....ol i know is that ill be committing suicide before the start of classes....unLess my so called "friends" forgive me and be my true friends hu would never betray me....but i guess dat wuld never hapen.....i already cancelled my account in friendster which i had 4 soo Long and be telling everyone dat im going to committ stiLL not xure of dat cuz im an honor student but the heLL with dat....i dont just going to kiLL myseLf and i know dat is 4 da best...becuz i waste to much money for alwayz drinkin beer..and always playin ps2 dat our electric biLL was so high and everyone was mad about me.....
... heres my emaiL>>>
04 May 2006 Caitlin The best way to kill you with no pain at all only mental pain not physicial is a drug over dose on panadol you should take bout 10 if ur under 40kg and bout 21 if u r over 40kg i have tried 23 and im still here so try mix the tablets- warning this is only if you hate your life so much and if you dont have anyone to leave and watch crying.
04 May 2006 Jemma the lifesaver Hey all. My name is Jemma and im 15.
Please dont kill yourself, You all have a life ahead of you. None of you deserves to die. I know what you all are going through cause there were so many things that has had happened to me. If you need help then please feel free to add my - my MSN addy is - - Thank you. I will listen and to help you peeps xx
04 May 2006 xxhannahxx hey rite im kinda suicdal but ive found another site about suicde and read it and it helped me realize its way 2 cruel 2 others 2 kill yourself. also if u kill urself u may make some1 close 2 u feel suicidal aswell like ur cousin may well kill themselves a few yrs later of ur best friend maybe dat sweet baby brother of urs suicide is easliy passed around but ive realzied ird rather live a crappe live then make da lives of da ones i care about a misery cya and soz if ya think wot i said is garbage cause dats kinda tough cause ive wrote it nd i cnt be fucked 2 change it cyaxxx
04 May 2006 Jemma the lifesaver Hey all. My name is Jemma and im 15 years old. I have been going through alot of shit since i was 3. There are so amy abusive that have had happened to me, So i know what you all are going through.. Please please dont kill yourself, You all have got alot of things ahead of you. If you need help, please dont keep it to yourself - im here to listen and to help. Please add me if you need help, My MSN addy is - Thank you xx
04 May 2006 hollie i really dont think that someone shuld try n kill dem selves especially cumone ov such a young age who has their whole life ahead of them i know that there are a lot of people that leave comments sayin this is a ridiculus website but it does help people in someways im 15 and when i was 13 my life was a reck! i had no loyal friends a family who didnt give a shit about me and no on in the world to talk to so obviously sucicide was a thing i thought about. i visited this site and looked @ ways to kill my self but when it came to actually doing it i just culdnt, i knew that i wuld eveuntually have something to live 4 and 2 years later i do! i found friends who liked me 4 who i am my family still dont give a shit about me n prosb neva will but that doesnt bother me bcuz wen i got out with my m8s dey dnt care wat time i cum back n who i bring back with me. i came back to the website to tell everyone thinking of commiting suicide to calm down and look @ what you have or what u may have soon or even acheive. sicuide is a one way streetn that has disaterous results and if you could see who you hurt aftaer you have killed yourself u wuld want to kill yourself agan! u dont relaise wat u had b4 u loose it and never frown bcuz dere is al;ways someone falling in love with your smile :) i want to help people who are feeling suicidal so please 4 the love of god just stop! its not a laffin matter and its very serious if you try and commit suicide and fail you could get jailed and then how are you goin to feel! even worse so please if u must commit suicide then i cant stop you but b4 u do take a long hard look at your life and think to yourself do i really want to lose whatever i have , that may not b a lot but one day it could be please look for helo in other people that you trust or callk a helpline or something dont look to the people tellin you how 2 commit suicide on this website bcuz once its done its done and you cant erase it 4 anything in th world thousands ov people a year kill themselves and thier fam and close friends end up devestated and feleing lost without them . . . dfont let your family go throught that PLEASE
04 May 2006 mum of 4 listen now right i am sorry buit i think you are all pathetic i have had a really hard life but i have not once thought of suicide i was raped by my uncle from the age of 4 to the age of 8 i thought i had met a nice lad at the age of 11 and he raped me aswell n i fell pregnant with his child at 2 and i kept the baby i then got with sombody else and they were nice till i fell pregnant with thier kid at the age of 13 and he commited sucide leavin his son without a father since then i have been with 2 more lads and got raped by them and fell pregnant agen and u thionk your life is bad i am 16 with 4 kids ranging from 4 to 1 yr old but luckliy my new partner is wonderful and isnt forcing me to do anythign so jus think wen u want to commit suicide that there are a lot of pppl that are wors of than u
04 May 2006 meliane smith listen i no what you are alg oing threw because i used to want to kill myself i have took several overdoses and slit my wrists god knows how many times but you have got to believe people wen trhey say it will get better and you will get over it.

at the time i wanted to kill my self i was overweight had no self esteem and thought i was ugly, i had never had a proper boyfriend but i had slept around because i used to think if they want to sleep with me they must like me. but i have changed no with the help of my friends and finally realising that i am worthy of being a love nomatter what anybody says i am supposed to be here for i reason i just wanted to tell you this because maybe you feel like suicide is your only option but it wouldnt it be better if you could go on and tell the people that are hurting you in your life that you are better and will be better than them.

so please listen to the people that care about and you dont need sucicide and for the girls out there that think they are ugly and will never have a boyfriend that isnt true you will find someone that will love you and treat you right and as an equal.

i no this because like i sed i used to be like that but thanks to my friends and my wonderful noyfriend who i have been with for the past 12month i now no that life can be good and worth living to the full.
04 May 2006 hejebas hey- im 12 years old and soon turning 13 in a couple of days. i've tryed once before to kill myself but failed. im addicted to hycodan tablets and get sick all the time from it. yesterday i was rushed to the hospital and had like 100 tests. i was there for 12 hours and found out i have a low heart rate. now i have to go back tomorrow for more tests! my mom and dad are seperated and have been for only about 2 years. i left with my dad when he got kicked out and we had no money. we lived in his truck for about a day then spent quite a while in a dirty motel. finally when my dad some money we moved into an okay house. it was douxplex and a young dirty couple that never cleaned lived in our basement. one day i ate his cheese cake out of the fridge after school and he kicked me out. thats wen i moved back with my mom. by then i was a pretty anger kid. i would swere and hit my mom. i smashed two fans and theres a ton of holes in my wall. pretty soon i was hanging around the wrong croud. a bunch of high school kids that did tons of crack. i never did any weed but i did get addicted to hycodan[cough syrup/tablets] i tryed to cut myself one night wen my mom kicked me out onto the street. [she used to be really abusive] she used to hit me all the time and once she even threw me into a christmas tree wen i was 7 or 8. well i have to go now. bye
04 May 2006 amy surely if you're helping 13 year old kids to kill themselves then you're sub-human, dead already. well you are to all us normal functioning people out here. if you were any kind of human being you'd have set up a site that supports these kids, gives them access to help and an understanding ear. do something productive for a change or you'll end up regretting starting this site when some innocent, troubled kid dies after taking your so called 'advice'
04 May 2006 Ro I just cant do it, I want to so much, but I need something easier, I need something i know is painless, like just falling asleep and never wakening, i want to die, someone help me
04 May 2006   that is fucking sick there is enough weirdos in the world and your just getting children to play with toys to make them think there killing themselves
04 May 2006 Emma I wonder if any of the suicide threats posted on this site have actually lead to suicide...? I wonder how many poeple actually went through with killing themselves after posting on this site? Thanks a lot, now I'll be wondering all night...
03 May 2006 Horror If you've read my stuff before. My life is screwed. But, I just wanna say..sorry for the most part...and give a bit of people.

Fist person I wanna say sorry for, is all the foster families out there, who tryed to help me, but couldn't because they either died, was killed, or could simply not understand me and my fucked up ways.
And I want to say sorry for my boyfriend. I know I was stupid for cutting myself, thinking that for punishment, but it wasn't. I love you, and me being suicidal, and killing myself, isn't going to help our furture at all.
And to my mom. I'm sorry for murdering you...but it was either that...or getting raped, and killed myself. I'm so sorry.
And for my dad. That fucked up crazy, addicted to drugs, fag. Sorry that you got hit by a car three days ago. May your body burn in hell.
And I'm sorry about what I did to you, Michael...but it was either shoot you in the leg, or me. I shot us both. But at least you died five days afterwards.

It seems...unfair, that we hurt people's lives by being suicidal, cutting, bruising, or whatever the hell me and you do. And yet...look at what they did to us.
I for one, have to go to this fucking physco warp, and guess what? Everyone is fine...everyone doesn't have to have the fucked up rubber room. You wanna know something? That rubber room is mine! I stay in there, they give me food, I don't eat. I don't care. They can kiss my ass! All they do, is give me a knife(which I'm thankful for), let me tear up my arm, then three ARMED police officers go in, take me to the next room, stick my arm through a hole in the wall, and hold on to it as tight as they can. Guess what's on the other side of that wall? A guy. I guy with rubber gloves on, flicking your bruises, your cuts, your gashes. He makes the pain get worse and worse. To tell you the truth, I don't even know if I have an arm! But guess what? I'm happy. Happy, that I don't have to hurt myself, when they can do it for me! I've lost...tons of weight...tons! Who cares? Not my foster parents. they said I needed it. I AM 12! I AM STILL GROWING! You don't just...water a person, and watch them grow! they have to have food. Once, they tryed shoving a tube down my throat, when I was in the rubber room. I was in a corner, biting my arm, chewing on it, hoping something food wise would come out of it. Some guy walked in, with a one of those police sticks, and tryed to shove a tube down my throat! How fucked up is that?! And when I stood up, and put both hands over my mouth, he took the stick, pushed me to the ground, and started hitting my back with it! Then, they tied me up to a chair, called me the Physco girl, and four counslers where talking to me, asking me questions, listening, then doing it all over again! When I wouldn't speak, you wanna know what they did? DO YOU?!
I'll tell you what they did...they took, my one...and only sister...that had stayed alive for all these years, and starting beating her with that fucked up police stick thing. What did I do? I talked. I told them everything. I told them my ideas for death, my ideas about everything. then, when I was finally allowed to go home, they told my parents not to believe anything I said, also, they told my foster parents, that we were Self-injurying, that's why we were all bruised up. If you've read my other life story. Add this son of a bitch too it. I have...a..screwed up life.

(I love you, Mouchette, your so cool!)
03 May 2006 zoidburg listen man you may feel as though your life sucks and theirs no point of living.get high or somthing man dont just kill yourself.if you alredy get high then just do the twelve steps. if you really and truley want to change your life then try it out.

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