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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Mar 2006 me i think this is the most horrible website i have ever come across. i have had 2 friends that have committed suicide aweek apart (3/16/06 & 3/23/06)to see their parents & other friends go through so much pain & anguish is the most retched thing i've ever seen. just think about how you felt when you lost a grandparent or other family member, or even a did that make you feel...? well, that is how all of us feel when something like this happens. i think this website should be shut down...this is a disgrace to human nature & the children of the world. if you kill yourself you are dumb!
29 Mar 2006 Sonny Tie up all your family and force them to watch you as you pour on petrol and set yourself alight!!!!
29 Mar 2006 Joe well i am fifteen but here is what i think is the best way. it is to hang yourself by the neck and let the rope squeeze untill your skinny teenage body just hangs there i will be commiting suicide in about a week and this is what im going to do
29 Mar 2006 sailorkreeper Don't kill yourself before 13. You have to wait a bit more to see if its really worth it. I've read some of the posts people put on here, and I have to say that they've brought my spirits higher. And mouchette, we all very much appreciate this website.

I wasn't raped, I wasn't beaten. I wasn't abused, ridiculed, or anything else. I just grew up with the notion that it's always my fault. You know, people say that it's going to get better, and I have to say, it probably will. But how much longer do you have to endure the current crap before you get to that spot? Like few others, I would love dissapearing from this planet, it's just that I don't really have the courage or the endurance for pain to tolerate my departure. I know this is gonna sound so like... everyone's said this or this is so not worth dying for, but... It's really hard to live without a reason in this world. I had my music, but I quit. Wanna hear the reason? I was too happy while I was playing my instrument. My other great hobby has turned into a chore. It is near impossible to enjoy things anymore, and I cannot find any examples to justify the definition of fun. I live moderately well with my college tuition paid off. I have good friends, and my academic credentials are probably in the top 10% of the university. So why am I whinning? Why am I complaining? Because I'm weak, and I'm a wuss. Like some others, I hate going home. I was kind of bad before, but not as bad as some people here, so I guess I'm again, just complaining. Heck, a year ago I never would have even contemplated cutting my wrists. I didn't have the tolerance for pain. Now, depending on the knife, I can either do it fast, or stay at it for five minutes with the same result. I've built up my tolerance.
The thing is, even if it doesn't get better, time hides the scars. Now, everyone that knows me (except family) thinks I'm smart, pretty, nice, friendly, ... Family is another thing altogether. One dissapointing word from any family, and after you head off to sleep, I head over to the knife counter. Just as I've progressed from last year until now, I'm confident that within five years the cuts will get really serious. The thing is, I just won't tell anyone. I'll let the "bleeding blood flow by".
And do search for someone to talk to, that helps a lot. People do care, and don't feel that they don't deserve to know, or they have enough things on their minds, why add some more? True friends are willing to hear you out and help you.
And it's true. The more you survive, the stronger you become. You could swear in my face now and I would not be affected. It takes a gazilion of bad things to happen to me before I get pissed.
But one thing that I haven't really heard, and it may just be because I have not read all the posts, is that people don't feel any justification for the pain and abuse that they have to suffer through. I do. I'm the one that watched my father give my brother a bloody nose and hit him over and over again. I'm the one that would tell my father that my brother hit me or yelled at me, and then ... This is the eigth year that I've lived with my father now, my brother moved out two years ago. The occasional crap that I get that moves me towards those knives, I deserve. I didn't do anything. I was selfish, and I took advantage of situations. I was stupid, and even now I don't take care of my appearance. I've hurt so many people, that a bit of karma is a good thing. Goodness gratios, now every time something good happens, I always expect a devastating bad thing, because that's just how the world is, it equalizes.
But yea, try to live.
Don't try to die.
Let the blood stay in your veins.
Do not try to blow you brains.
I don't wanna say "Good-Bye".
28 Mar 2006 face well im 14, 1 year over the limit but i dont think that matters. Suicide for me has become something in my past and i can sense it again in my future, todays world jsut seems to me like it would be alot better if i could jsut end it. or if someone would do it for me. i have already known that i would sometimes like to die, but when faced with the opputunity to acutally kill myself, i am to scared to do it, i just wish one day outa nowhere i could be hit by a car, or something of that nature.
28 Mar 2006 coronerscorner For the Entities: Of all suicide forums yours is truly the most unique by far. For clarity: I am neither for, nor against, your personal choices only here to offer a first person account from a side that seems to be lacking from EVERY site.
28 Mar 2006 coronerscorner On average, for no survival, it takes a minimum of: ingesting 500 ml bleach, 100 tylenol PM, 200 ft drop with no wind onto a hard surface, 20 min lack of Oxygen at a temp above 50 F, a rapid gain in altitude: underwater the bends/above mountain sickness...
28 Mar 2006 mad bomber Wear a teatowel on your head run at a cop are militry pesonel yelling DIE Infidel this works well in israil, the US or other places ran by Fascist war crimials
28 Mar 2006 Marguerite anyways people why would you want to kill yourself? i was once you, but remeber i love all of ya'll please don't commit suicide!
28 Mar 2006 natalie get raped,
drwon your self in the toliet
28 Mar 2006 Rather not say I dont quite understand this website... i came to it when i was seeing if the reason im feeling so sick lately is because of an overdose i did a few months ago that i didnt get checked out at the hospital... so yeah but umm my suggestion: dont kill urself... dont think of it dont attempt it... The scissors may look tempting to stab urself with... the belt or scarf or rope may look like an escape.. but lets face it u leave her.... u'll end up somewhere else... and even if u dont believe in Heaven or Hell u'll still b ending up in a worm infested coffin... ick!
28 Mar 2006 Jessika I've tried overdosing before, all that happened was having my stomach pumped and becoming an in-patient at a psych ward for half of December last year. Surefire way is just jump off a bridge into a highway. Has to be high enough though.
27 Mar 2006 steven lock your self in a room with a pit ball for a few days and the dog will eat u its a way of life
27 Mar 2006 REFUSE to Suffer Most people who contemplate committing suicide are ambivalent, undecided or another way to put it is that they're "teetering" between doing it and not doing it. Imagine a big refrigerator sitting on a porch. How easy is it to move? Not very. But if it's on one edge teetering... now how easy is it to tip it either way? See? The pain has pushed them up near that edge, they are teetering between the pain of living and the pain of dying.

The human brain is designed to move towards pleasure and away from pain. When we increase the connection to pleasure in living AND we help the person remember and connect to the real pain of suicide they've been ignoring, we'll make a difference. This approach is a little bit Chicken Soup for the Distressed and a whole lot reality check. The primary focus here is not on all the reasons they're depressed. Too often reasons turn into excuses to commit murder, self-murder. Instead this is based on adding healthy pleasure to their life NOW and showing them in no uncertain terms that suicide doesn't take away the pain, how it in fact multiplies the pain. This approach is based on leverage and common sense. We can't prevent every suicide. We're going to prevent a lot more of them than we have in the past.
27 Mar 2006   Hello everyone, I have to say, this not what i wanted to see. I was hoping to read that you have to quit this childish rage.

What i want to know is, where do you people find the time to build up this much hate towards each other. Really people, don't you feel just a little bit silly? The only time I find to get on here is when i'm at home, I understand suicide more than you lot know. I go through depression goes through. it has gone to the brek of insanty and has fought it's way back. I am going through my fight now. I feel for myself and as a good human being would, I must defend myself too. This is not right So whats the point? I'm here to try to get you to think outside the "hatred" box.. Please just stop all of this. No one person deserves all this evil aimed at them. Even if you still don't want to see how wrong this is about then think about how wrong this site is as a human. Is this really want we want our children to read. Do you really want them to hate before knowing someone? NO child/human does not deserve to grow up in this kind of world.
I wonder why you are relating so much to anger..

PS: Its hopeless to waste MY time in this shit hole!

pps: You are all so much better than this place..
27 Mar 2006 zé do chinelo throw yourself to the picos!
26 Mar 2006 matt omfg!!! u are under 13, this website should be banned! u are missing out on life, i was in love with a girl for 3 yrs and i got over it. if you kill urself just think about ur family after your gone, u will be missin out on life, there is plenty more stuff to do than there is btween 1-13! and u are more mature and can handle this shit
26 Mar 2006 Heavens Guiding Light Jesus Christ loves you all!!!! He never wants anyone to commit suicide. But by the way of the cross He has already paid the price for all your sins. No matter whagt you do Christ will forgive you and all the wrong choices you make. There is no easy way to commit suicide cuz it still crushes the ppl you leave behind. This is such a permanent end to a very choicey situation. Never listen to the sick ppl who leaves cruel words they themselves don't know the love of Christ. Jesus is your answer little one. Find a pastor and speak with him, he will lead you to Christ and only then will you find that through Christ life is worth living. As long as you let Christ lead you you'll never walk down the lonely road of suicide
26 Mar 2006 Dalise Go into the closet and find a nice wire hanger then wrap it really tight aroung your neck and hang yourself up. If YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
26 Mar 2006 Norbert You are so right .. I've never thought about the .. what if .. question .. my only problem was so far that I am to scared to do it.. I was confrunted with the problem several times since the age of 14, thinkin about jumping cuting myself but I got too scared and thought that one day someone something even God thatI am a better person than many around me and that I deserve a better life..well I've got a better life than many,but why is it that we always compare ourselfes to the people above us not the people below us? Anyway I don't think you should kill yourself when you're under life a bit more, hell I'm 21 and I'm stil having times when I just wanna cut my wrist .. just like half an hour ago when lots of freakin bad thoughts came to my mind and I realised that my life from now on will only go downwards.. we all have different problems some take them bravely and some have money or other people to help them take the problems in a different way .. It's just that I'm so mad at the moment at all this ... crap we live in this stupid world that gets only worst ... but then again .. I'm to scared to do it and I foud myself here writting to people I don't even know and I'm probably off topic too..well I'm calm now .. mouchette your page just saved a life .. come think of it .. there are 6 bil. other ones.. OMG I'm blabing about nothing.. I'll live to see another day, just ignore my post .. move along , life's so beautiful but sometimes it's so ... crapy .... have a nice life ...

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