Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Apr 2006 no mouchette im not telling YOU my name Life can be great at times you feel bad now but who knows whats waiting for you around the corner all your problems that you are having now might change and go away dont make a rash decision that you wont ever be able to take back and change once your dead your dead thats it!!! you cant come back as someone else and have another go at it make the most of what you have got, stand tall, be your own person and dont let others stop you from achieving what you know deep down that you can. Life is worth living you and you can be happy start today by making you life change for the better theres so much more then what you see in your life now the world is a huge place dont waste what you have the chance now to discover and enjoy your time here is precious make it count and dont waste your life worrying about the future to much or what other people think of you etc etc your life is just starting dont be a fool and throw it all away. You dont want to end up in 10 years time still feeling like this and still wanting to end your life constantly in a tug of war with you own brain should i do it should i end it all now and stop the pain? or should i try and should i help myself and should i strive to live how i know i can. And make a go of it make the best of it show people dispite whatever your problems are that you are a fighter and you can hold your head high and say to yourself yes im finding it hard i dont have all the answers but i am surviving every minute every hour every day i am still here alive and fighting and not just giving up and admitting defeat and giving into self pity.
17 Apr 2006 generic poster Hi. I'm a fat loser with no friends. I'm not at all suicidal. But i will gladly befriend all of you. Don't worry, i won't rape you. I promise. But if you ever need somebody to talk to, I'm always online, and always accepting, no matter what. I love all of you already. I can't wait to hear all of your personal problems. Maybe we'll be best friends. ttyl new best friends

-someone who cares
17 Apr 2006 Dreaming of Death Life is a gift from Satan
17 Apr 2006 colton all around ways
1. yell "BLACK POWER!" at a KKK convention
2. eat tons of gunpowder then jump off a cliff
17 Apr 2006 april i am 13 years old and ever since my mom got out of prison from drug (meth)i have hated my life the only thing that make me want to stay is my other mom i call her and my other dad i call him(christy & joe) they are my life if it wasn't for them i would have already been gone yea i use ti think what kind of idiot would kill themself now i know a idiot like me i think so hard about it yea i think aventually i will i am going to try to overdose first then on well if you want to talk and i am still alive hit me ^......... hope you lkive through your experiance :-)'
17 Apr 2006 shawty wass poppen mothafuggaz!!! da best way to kill yaself is to pull da trigger right in da head beeach!!
17 Apr 2006 louise ive attempted it 2 times and guess what neither of them worked..... 1nce with an overdose and another time iwth sliting my wrists and laying in the bath.... my friend sed that t was slow and slow but definatly not pain ful!
17 Apr 2006 The Grudge Hi, again. You know me as Paige, The Grudge, and Spilled Blood. I know myself as a bitchy, selfish, peice of shit. The last thing I put on this website, I barely even realized what I put. And I still feel guilty for putting that on there. Because my "dad" knows what I go by, and he looks at suicidal sites. So, on account of my smart ass, and me telling you kind people about my sucky life, my "dad" has already e-mailed me four times, saying that he'd be here on Tuesday. Today is Monday. I'm suicidal and everything, and yes I want to die. But I was planning on killing myself, not him killing me. I'm not scared or anything, but he has found out where I am. That's either me and my suicidal ways go down the drain, or my 8th foster family has a bad time. But I just wanted to tell you guys that. If I don't kill myself by tonight, I'll post something tomarrow. (Also, all you have to do is truely die, is a shotgun. That's how I killed my mom. Works every time.)

Your sick demented blonde suicidal dumbass,
The Grudge
17 Apr 2006 Louise 1) 'Accidently' walk into the road! while a lorry is going full pelt
2)find the higest buliding and fall backwards off it (then you wouldnt see how long youve got)
3)have a sword fight (but with real sword and make sure sharp!!)
17 Apr 2006 holly not one of u understand that ur all little and u need to realise wat lifes about b4 trying to end it.LIFE IS like a game of snakes and ladders u lose ( CHEAT ON LIFE) u go down (THE SNAKE)(u miss out)! u win u go up (THE LADDER)(u pull through).Then u reach the end of the game (the top of the bord) that mile stone in ur life is at the END of the game where u realise life is worth living and for what reason.You will find out if u hold out and give life a chance. ''NEVER LET THE FEAR OF STRIKING OUT KEEP U FROM WINNING THE GAME'' HOLD ON XXX
16 Apr 2006 eugenio First of all your out of your freaking mind if you think there is a great way to die!!Let me set this straight people are not god and little kids and everyone else doesnt have a choice wether they want to die! i tryed several times and failed only cause i understood that if i fail which a lot of people end up doing your gona find out that you will be in a world of pain ! my advice to you is get a life itdoesnt matter what it is just find something or some one or some people or what ever it is and live for that cause because your bound to allmost die or damm near put your self in a lot of pain just cause simply put suicide is painfull trust me dont fucking do it !
16 Apr 2006 Luke Geenen make a list numbered 1 to 11 then right down 10 things that you always wanted to do but where scared to do. I mean anything, take you time with this.
Now write "if you are still live then repeat steps 1 to 10 blind folded." for number 11.

Now get to work!
16 Apr 2006   LOL. I love death so much that i don't want to die anymore.
16 Apr 2006 someone with sense I guess theres no one best way to kill yourself at any age, for everyone is different and someone might think the best way for them is to take an od another might prefer to jump of a high bulding and so on........ you people have to take control of your lives and start to make a real effort to try and find the things in life that will make you happy and get away from the people or things in your lives which are troubeling you so much
15 Apr 2006 Devin This site is fucking bullshit. I have read a lot of comments on this site and many of them are from 12/13 to early twenties. It is stupid to commit suicide. Not for any religious reason. It's just plain fucking stupid. Oh no, your girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with you. Well your young you'll find another person. Oh, they were your true love, well there is no true love out there, just people who fit togther well. If you break up with one person you will find another, don't worry about it. And for those with other miniscule reasons to want to die. YOU ARE A YOUTH,you have no good reasons to commit suicide. You think your ugly, fat, a loser well these are all small things in your life and they affect you the most in school. Really, this is experience talking, things change after school. No one really cares about these small things. Everyone is too busy living. If you guys think small things like popularity and looks are important wait until you have to work to pay bills, and try to eat well and have relationships. Life is hard. There is no gettting around that, but giving up on life is fucking idiotic. If you think people disrespect you now, kill yourself, then they'll respect you. You'll show them. Well, in actuality they will think you are fucking nuts. It will get attention but not any good. YOU DON'T LIVE LIFE TO IMPRESS PEOPLE AND BE COOL, LIFE IS NOT A FAIRY TALE, IT IS HARD, BUT YOU LIVE FOR YOU. IF SOMEONE DOES NOT LIKE YOU, WHO CARES? IN THE END IT DOESN'T MATTER. WHAT MATTERS IS THAT YOU TRIED YOUR BEST TO SUCCEED IN LIFE FOR YOURSELF. IF YOU COMMIT SUICIDE YOU WILL BE SEEN AS A QUITTER. YOU WILL NOT PROVE SOME GRAND POINT YOU WILL JUST DIE. For those of you who think that I don't know your certain situation, you're right I don't, and I also don't care. I don't have to care about you. It's not my job, it's yours. YOU KILL YOUR SELF THE ONLY PERSON YOU WILL FAIL IS YOURSELF. It is your job to have a good life. If no one will help you, than you have to help yourself. SUICIDE IS NOT A CURE, IT IS FAILURE. No one respects suicides. You have to live life to make yourself happy, people will not like you get used to thats part of life. LIFE CAN BE GREAT, BUT YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT GREAT, IT DOESN'T JUST HAPPEN. COMMITING SUICIDE IS QUITTING INSTEAD OF TRYING. Suicide is for the weak, be strong and live. For yourself. Not me I don't care about you but you should.
15 Apr 2006   Let's play drink the jugs under the sink!
15 Apr 2006 christina i read threw this all & ive seen everyones problems..but mainly ages.. i see people in this thing who are 12 and say they want to die..some even 10.. i was 11 when i started having suicidal thoughts. everyone,the school,my family,my friends,my doctors they all promised me i'd get better..and happy.. i'm now 14 ..3 years later i'm still in pain. i've tried to be happy..ive went to consuling ive went to physchologists on regular basis's but nothing seems to help. i'm on tons of strong medicine & still nothing..
15 Apr 2006 A person Hmm lets see - yes you could try a wooden spoon or get a friend to beat you with a pillow. The best advice is to get over it
15 Apr 2006 betty fukin boo this site is fuking disgusting how dare you incourage children to kill themselves! listern there are loads of people out there who have got disabilitys and mental issues but they still keep going and live to their best so you are all sad and need to get a grip you sound like spoilt little brats who crave for attension if i was you i would give your head a good wobble! u fukin dickeads!!!!

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