Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Jun 2006 Kaley hey....all you guys out there that have tried to kill themselves....i really feal bad for you!!! trust me ive thought of it just about a billion times. i thought all my worries would just go away...take a look at your life befor you deciede to ruine it!! but if you do deciede to go all the way through with it...hopefully you go to a better place!!!!!!!!!
06 Jun 2006 Little Fairy I have thought and planned my suicide for a few years now. I am finally ready. I am scared, a little, but also relieved. I know i am going to Heaven to be with Jesus and he will take my pain away. So, by this time tomorrow(8:26pm central time} I will be gone. I am not going to say how i am doing this,Because i do not want you taking your life, many of you are too young and will more than likely snap out of your mood. Well, bye untill we meet again.
06 Jun 2006 bobby all of you people on this website are all totally nuts i think that you should really get some help. and for a change try to be happy
06 Jun 2006 Julia wait, im confused so whats this site all about?
06 Jun 2006 samiah suicide is not the answer people. why the fuck would you want to kill yourself? and plus if it doesn't work you will just end up in the mental hospital. i mean if you 13 you have your whole life to still live. i'm almost 18 and i've been suicidal never attempted it but just comtemplated it. life sucks sometimes but you just have to deal with it. trust me i know all about how life sucks. take this from someone who cares.
05 Jun 2006 Cel Given the fact we all know life isn't exactly the easiest thing to deal with, nor is it perfect, life isn't meant to be perfect. It's hell. we know this. Yet it's the most amazing thing to live through. We're all here to teach someone something. I've had a close friend commit suicide, he was my best friends, everything. He meant the world to her and he killed himself. Theres not a day that goes by that she thinks about him as do I. He was the most amazing person ever and we would love nothing more than to have him here with us. We understand he was unhappy but I just wish suicide wasn't the answer. Life can be so amazing. And it makes me sick to my stomach that people put up website guides to committing suicide. We need to put an end to that. Please people talk to your parents, your best friend, your teacher, your neighbor any body. A complete stranger like me. Today might suck but tomorrow could be the best day of your life. <3
05 Jun 2006 myerzev I don't know why you people even bother to come here and type your psuedo philosophical bull shit or lack there of. I am astonished to be even spending my time here! You people clearly have nothing better to do with your lives (besides typing your qualms or futile, pitifully weak pleas against suicide--all of this being my exact point) and just go kill your selves, because just as previously mentioned, you have nothing else better to do then waste your time here. So i highly recommend, from the bottom of my frozen heart, to go and fucking kill your selves. Have a happy time; and in the mean time...keep it kosher.
05 Jun 2006 myerzev strangle yourself with dental floss
05 Jun 2006 Scott I have a different view on death that some of the ones that I have read in hear. First let me start of by stating.. that the only reason I found this site is because I did a search on the best ways to die if ur had to commit suicide. I am no different than anyone... and I feel the very real pain of living also.
To me, death is not a death that our human minds think. I think when we die.. we go back to our true selves... not heaven, or hell.. or whatever fears have been implemented in us to keep us from all being crazy... but that our souls come to earth... to incarnate as physical beings as a sort of school for our souls. I do agree that the ultimate goal is probably one base on love. But all aspects of it.. not just the pretty romantic images of it that we see on tv and in movies. So who is to say that ur suicide doesn't have a point? Maybe u dying is part of another souls lesson? Maybe they have to experience that loss. I do not believe in suicide as being an evil act. I do think its a scary thought though to not know what u are doing to your soul by killing ur physical being. Maybe when u die.. u will just come back and have to relive eveything over and over till u get it right. Maybe we will just go back to existing and will analyze what issues we had and how things got to be so bad where we didn't want to live anymore. I don't know.... to me.. I am scared to kill myself, not because I have this innate desire to live.. that I think life is so precious and all that. I don't do it because... what if its not my purpose? I still have hope that I might actually do something. But now.. I am all alone. I have no one. And it is hard for me to think that I would put myself on this planet just to go from one bad situation to another. I mean.. if being here is me learning.. then I want to drop this class cuz it is too hard. I really don't want to tell anyone the best way to die. I am sure if you really want to do it.. then u will find the best way. To me.. I want it to be easy.. and painless. I just want to go to sleep and feel my soul rize from my body... and then I have some serious questions to ask whomever thought it was a nice idea to have a soul experience so much pain. But then... maybe thats my goal? To find the courage to actually do it. I am smart enough to know that some doctor who is trained in all this is going to somehow magically change my life? They may drug me.. but are they going to replace my emptiness with realness? R they going to give me a family who not only really knows me.. but loves me unconditionally? R they going to provide for me and keep me safe? I don't think so. All that talk is just more of an allusion to keep us from actually doing it. I am not saying that I don't think that life shouldn't be regarded as precious? If we didn't all have this "built" in to our programming, I believe that none of us would want to be here. Can u think of any good reason? If u were taking a class.. and u didn't like it, wouldn't u just quit, if u had the power to do it? Maybe I will.. maybe I wont. I am glad that this is here.. even all the bad comments are useful.. cuz it helps me think. Thanks.
05 Jun 2006 Caitlin I just found this website today and i really don't have a answer. I know life is tough. Besides being 14-16, (now 17)in and out of jail, treatment centers, and drug, and physical abuse i can relate in some ways. Its hard to stay strong and please consider talking to someone you trust or even me, a complete stranger. I'm here to listen and give any advice i know. I won't judge u. my email is
05 Jun 2006 Alice Depression is a horrible thing. I am 19 and have suffered from suicidal thoughts for the last two years. But I'm not dead. There is hope. I'm not there yet, but the fact I am still alive obviously means something. Hang in there.
05 Jun 2006 please! please just ask for help
05 Jun 2006 boobs for you Listen to emo music and then cut your wrists. that damn emo music sucks so bad that you wanna die
05 Jun 2006 (Insert name here) Well...I'm not under 13...I'm actually 14. When my uncle died when i was 9, I began to experience the urges to cut. By 10, I had strated cutting, sometimes with a needle, sometimes with a small knife, even scissors when i couldn't find anything else. All I know now is- IT IS NOT WORTH IT.
05 Jun 2006 KEZO i think that if you get blamed for EVERYTHING then you should turn to suicide, nothing will ever get better. I had had the blame for everything for roughly 14 years. My M other practicly wishes i'd never been born as i have "wreaked" her life and would rather talk to my father than me, this means i get pushed aside even though my mother gets treated like shit by him. My Mother brain washes my family into thinking that i have ruined her life and that she is lonely, but in realitly she is just a depressed old woman who always feels sorry for herself and has been for the last 40 odd years, this has ultimatly want to make me move out but as i'm only 15 i cant i dont think i could live much longer in an environment where i'm obviously not wanted. My sister says i cant move in with her as she is working a lot and basicaly has no time for me. Mt Brother and my granparents just side with my mother as, like i sed i get the blame for everything!
i have great friends but they never want to hang out after school plus one friend is getting a job soon and also spend alot of time with her father, my other friend has now got a boyfriend and has no time for friends anymore. my ONLY other option is to Kill my self as i wish my mother had never given birth to me although she makes it feel like it was my fault. I just really feel like there is nothing left for me to live for aside from my little cousins, which will hopefully forget me after i kill myself....
05 Jun 2006 *anna* hi ppl
suicide is not the answer! u need 2 remember. u cnt run away frm ur problems. it wnt solve anythink. think about all the ppl that love u that u wud leave behind. i no how most of u prob feel. i attempted suicide twice b4. i understand.
cum and tlk 2 me if u want...
05 Jun 2006 Carol My question is this....If this site is here to help someone commit suicide under old is the person controlling the site and if suicide is the come the people posting this site have not done it and gotten it over with...ANSWER...because suicide IS NOT the answer. I have been there...I tried it...I was unsuccessful and the truth is that life is not perfect but it is worth living. If you attempted suicide and failed then there is a purpose in this life you have not discovered yet. I am now 60 yrs. old..failed suicide at age 30 and have since then raised 5 children as a foster parent. I didn't know at 30 how much love there was in the world because I was concentrating so much on the depression that I didn't look around and see the beauty in the world. If you have 1 friend..just have found a reason to live. If you have 1 decent parent who loves you you have found a reason to live. Start looking for reasons to live...not to die and you will be amazed at what you find. If you feel you are so unloved...such a failure...go to a senior nursing home and see the love those people are willing to give for just a little love in exchange. If you feel life is too painful..go to a childrens ward in a hospital and see children who are fighting cancer to try to stay their friend...your friendship may not save them but it will help them to know someone cares enough...if they make it will have found a friend for life who knows just how precious life is all about. Go to an animal hospital or humane society and see that even the smalles of God's creatures are fighting for their life. Instead of focusing on reasons to kill yourself..focus on trying to find a reason to live...if you focus on that as much as you do the suicide you will start to find a purpose in your life and a reason for living. I found it in the 5 children I later became a foster parent to. Don't give up on life...fight for it. Those who continue to talk about depression live in that depression and sink deeper into it...depression is a tool form HELL. If you give in HELL is all your life will be. The other question you might want to ask is "Is there a God" Well...I believe there is and I draw my strength from him. If I am right and God does exist then I have a wonderful world to go to after death because Christ made a way for me...but I have to accept him and his ideas to get there. If I am wrong..then when I die I have nothing to loose. I would rather be safe and be like him because if God and Christ do exist...suicide would mean I didn't believe in them and I loose that right to the perfect life after this one. Think about it...look for reasons to live...not to life whatever you focus on the most is generally what will result in your life. So...why not focus on living and reasons to make your life and someone elses life more worth living. I am here if you want to talk. God Bless!!!!
05 Jun 2006 aurora get abducted by aliens
04 Jun 2006 Dori Impailing yourself with a pair of safety scissors through your chest or neck. You decide!!! Have fun running with scissors!
04 Jun 2006 Soon-To-Die Go in your cabnet with all medicane find good medicine.. Drink it with alchihol and see what happens. Im going to try that later tonight.

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