Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Apr 2006 malak im just so sick of life... yet so scared to leave at the same time.. at least not now.. or not this way...
05 Apr 2006 SUICDEKILLER first you take ectasy then u swalaow 5 asprins and drink gas. then u slit your thoroat in the bathroom and wathc urself die
05 Apr 2006 Daniel Vierros I'm 13 right now and I need to kill my self Please help me how to kill my self. If you want to know why I tell you! I am very small (135 cm) and I'm weak everyone is killing me in school somebody nearly killed me and the teacher's only gave him a note 30 minutes to sit in there! everyone has beten me up and teased over for 5 years and I't still won't stop! Please help me.

Writen by Daniel Vierros from finland in the year 2006
05 Apr 2006 Dreaming of Death Life is shit, Bad things will always happen its a mathmatical certainty. Life will never be ok. Kill youself I am.
05 Apr 2006 JOE We watched a lot of TV programs and know the best way to kill yourself is to drink poison. No pain and is quick and not bloody. But what poison works well and can you get it somewhere easily or make it yourself??\
By the way, I am allergic to broadbean and nearly died !!!! because of it.It happened twice (4 years old and 3 years old)when I have no idea why people kill themselves. NOW I UNDERSTAND!!!
Now I am considering buying a bowl of broadbean in the chinese market, but not sure if they have it and if it works for me because I am too lazy to go and buy it.
05 Apr 2006 Shusu well when i got really depressed once i went into the basment andd got my dads gun, and put it to the roof of my mouth, wne i went to pull the trigger the bullet jamed on me, so i lost my chance
05 Apr 2006 happy i was searching for a site to put my last words on and i think this one is as good as any.
i have a few words to say to anyone who cares to read them. i am weak for commiting suicide and i know that but i just don't have enough to live for anymore. i lost the love of my life. i have always been depressed. i hate my life and don't have many friends. why do i tell you this? i don't want your pitty. i don't want you to feel bad. i just tell you why i kill myself. to kill myself will finally make me happy. i already have the knife out and on my wrist. and i am smiling for the first time in a long time. i don't know what's after death, i just know what i believe. i might make a few people sad but i might make a few happy as well. with that i leave these last words of wisdom.
be strong and don't take your life like me unless you do it with a sincere smile. i am happy to let death embrace me. i have nothing left in life but life itself. by the time you read this chances are i will be dead. don't feel sad for a happy person like me. i die sad and broken but still it makes me happy to die.
to anyone reading this i want you to know to keep living for whatever you have in life. i love you whoever you are and don't feel sad for me, i don't even give a real name on here and how can anyone cry for someone who's name they know not.

keep living.
04 Apr 2006 purpose finder ya know, readin all this is kinda made me feel alot of emotions. i have tried to commit suicide a few time and i'm only 17. started about when i was 12. i was born into a good family, went to church, was okay in school. no one like this could consider suicide, but i did. why? why do i live? i still ask myself this. i must have a purpose to live but i see none so why don't i die. i have been so close to death so many times by accident and on purpose that he should remember my name. i guess i was being watched by god and he wouldn't let me die even when i begged. i have scars from self inflicted cuts and bruises from beating myself. i have a scar across my wrist with seven stitch marks from an accident. i was less than 1/10 of a millimeter away from my vain and lost so much blood that i passed out in the hospital waiting room. almost every week i had a knife to my neck or wrist or at my heart pushing until i started bleeding from pushing and with one motion i wouldn't be writing this. maybe this is a purpose in life, to stop people from killing themselves. i have done drugs and over-dosed before, but a good thing about drugs like marijuana is that it is close to leaving this world without killing yourself. i have started rambling so i'll just say a little more words of wisdom i have found. at least live until you've found your purpose and if you don't like your purpose then screw it all. i still look for my purpose and to help some drugs keep me sane until i can find it. it's like using a crutch to get where you're drugs if you can't stand life anymore. they may say your weak for it but at least you'll still be alive. and i say to live and be weak than dead and seem strong is better any day. if someone really loves you they will understand. i know this seems confusing but i one person understands it and is saved then that is an accomplishment.
also don't slit your wrist it
04 Apr 2006 GEORGINA CAPE You know that you're pretty sick whoever is doing this!
Give children a chance in life(don't try to take it from them).
I was suicidal for many years, and actually don't know why I didn't die. Eight years ago I wanted to die "I THOUGHT" and ended up in the hospital in intensive care unit and was medivaced to another city by plane because they did,t think U would live another few hours.I lived, and am happy that I have lived,. When I was sent back to the towm a month later by the same medivac plane. Yellow as a lemon because I tried someting horrible, and being in so much extreme pain from it, nobody could believe that I survived what I ahd done to myself. Ans that is the main conclusion--"I did it to myself." I believe that I felt sorry enough for myself and didn't think of anyone else. As of today I still cry and feel left alone, but it isn't worth your while to hurt you or anyone else. In the long run we hurt only ourselves.I am a bit older, but be sure I have been through hell in my life and probably back again. I am not very pretty or have a good education, or am I not rich.
As far as I am concerned life has to go on no matter what. Todaay I do like myself much more because I feel even when I think things are really bad I have to go on. Life is precious, don't give it up no matter what. If you need to contact me please do. Love yourself please!!!! I have beeen throigh this since I was five years old. Now I am older!!!
04 Apr 2006 heather Swallow wool socks
04 Apr 2006 heather Deny yourself a bowel movement for three weeks
04 Apr 2006 John Henry Hey George you really need to cut the crap. The bible is such a bad source look to. Look to the teachings of Jesus and get your focus away from Paul. Because he is the biggest hipocritical liar in the bible. The bible clouds Jesus' teachings when people like him interpret it. You should iterpret it to your own beliefs and not quote it on some suicidal retarded kids blog. Scaring kids in to going to Hell. You may think your helping them, and that you get your reward in heaven. However you are nothing more than a pagan, and it is you not them who will be cast into the fire. Fear shouldn't be the motivation of religion. Religion is the answer to the ultimate question life.
04 Apr 2006 My name is nicole plz add me to msn ok, im 11 and i f***ing hate life. ive atempted 11 time by slitting my wrists. u can say wow shes crazy, but after i realized it was wrong, it was too late now im addicted to cutting, i cant stop. 2 weeks ago i cut so deep, that i had to go to the hospital i just got out 2hrs ago. your gunna laugh, but i did it with a pencil sharpiner blade and now my arm is totally covered in cuts. my mom committed suicied when i went in to the hospital. she didnt no i was an emo (a person who cuts em selves). and now i am alone, my dad doesn't no im alive, and my aunts/uncles dont like kids, i live in a f***ing box! right now im in the liabrary, and im so sad. if your going to commit it, think first, i no i didnt.
04 Apr 2006 Ashley You know there honestly is no reason to kill yourself so there should be no reason to put this up here.Nothing is worth killing yourself...EVER....
04 Apr 2006 Mrs. Debbie I think is the most sick and sad thing i have every read who made this web site is really sick maybe you never loss someone you loved to suicide i have and it is not as easy as you may think alot of people suffer i hope all these chilren find someone to talk to before it is to late. email me maybe i can help.
04 Apr 2006 lisa most of you guys have such sad stories, i was molested for 5 years by my older brother and i have cut since i was 11 and im 14 now i do think about acutally ending it eventually but part of me wants to live idk why but trust em theres hope out there
04 Apr 2006 Tia Russell well 2 day waz better but now ill tell u the whole story of my life ! ok well it all stared when i waz 3 my mom waz goin out with a crac head named raymond he waz awfull he would not let me have any contact with my mom ! 1 time while she waz at work he told me 2 help him downstairs or he woukd beat me ! so i did and he covered my mouth and forced him self on me ! and it happened a lot more 2 ! 2 many 2 count! anywaz my mom would not believe me and said i waz liyin 2 ruin her life ! so i 1 day i waz at my grandmas and she saw the marks on me and took me from my mom ! she said 2 my mom if she wanted me bac she needed 2 get rid of raymond ! and she did then we moved away from that place ! we moved in with my grandpa till i waz 6 ! then she met her x the 1 i talked about b4 and he waz nice 2 me 4 a while then came rayna my moms pride and joy ! then her x stared 2 make prverted and mean comments 2 me ! and i would try 2 tell my mom but she did not listen sum times id try 2 run away and he would hit me and her x would drag me bac in the house ! this happened 2 me till i waz about 8 then i met amber and jessie ! they stared me on drugs and men ! so 1 day we where goin 2 go gwt high in the town graveyard as alwaz and i took 2 much ! i waz hosiptalized 4 2 months ! then the men came after i got out ! 1 day we were goin 2 go 2 a party ! every 1 waz there ! well this guy came on 2 me so we went 2 the graveyard ! and he tried 2 rape me so i ran ! he is behind bars 2 thank god ! then about 1 year ago amber and jessie left and it waz lik part of me waz gone so i stared 2 cut ! my mom finally found out and put me in an intsitution 4 a while and then i go thereapy ! and then med and i could not take it ! they said i have skitsifrenia and serious depression ! sum times i want 2 just overdose or just cut all the waz down but i dont caz i met justin and rickey ! the r so kool and they no my sistuation ! but sumtimes rickey ignores me and i need sum 1 2 luv me not ignore me ! sumtimes i wonder if he is worth it ! i just want 2 no what 2 do so if any1 wants 2 talk, suggest, or ask 4 my help just e mail me its no matter what ill alwaz reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hope u talk 2 me i need sum 1 right now !!!!!!!!!plz
04 Apr 2006 black samurai well i am an adult also. I have tried to live my life as a child gowing through all kinds of problems and challanges. I have chosen to live on but it just seems to get even more disturbing as I get older. I have only tried to kill my self once and i was saved and they put me in a hospital. however the pain from it is still with me and every day is a strugle.I am not sure weather it is a bad thing or a good thing to end it all. but i can tell you that people will miss you and you will not go to hell.

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