Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Jun 2006 just-do-it I'm 13 years old and i have been trying to kill myself since i was 12. I haven't been able to follow through with it but i have tried i cut my wrist and i tried to drown myself but my mom caught me. And people out there who think they can help go fuck yourself cuz u can't no matter how hard u try we have obviously made up our minds we want to die so there for just leave us alone y should u care cuz no one else does so just leave us alone... the only reason i found this site is cuz i was trying to find tips on how to kill myself and well i think i
ve found some so bye.
22 Jun 2006 JP - 20 yrs. old jodie well im 13 and ive never actually commited suicide but ive been thinking about it alot since i was 12 and i starting cutting myself when i was 12 i just have felt so hopeless ever since i moved across the country, ppl say that life goes on but what i left in california was my life and i just cant move on and im literally crying 5 times a day now and I'm never happy so yea i just thought I'd share my story

Response to Jodies blurb above: In your first sentence you stated you had never commited suicide. My first thought was if you had commited suicide, you would be dead, and therefore, could not write your little blurb. I think I can speak for everyone when I say, "No one here or anywhere else has ever came back from the dead to make posts on the internet. Thank you captain obvious.

Also I came to this site looking for a song. If anyone knows the band name or the song name please email me a reply. song sounds kinda like
And I'm not scared
Cause I'm not there
I'm not afraid to let go now
No more hope
No more life
No Dreams
Is somebody out there
Somebody that cares

(I realise not everyone plans on committing suicide and some people are using this to vent frustrations. The rest of my spiel is for those who really plan on ending their life.) There is no good reason to ever end your life. There is always an escape route if your not blinded to much to see it. I don't care how bad family problems are. You can always confide in a teacher, a doctor, or a friend just to let them know your having a rough time. Somebody in your life will always care that your not there even if not everyone. So, even if your parents or people at school give you a hard time, living happy and sucessful is the best way to get back at them. People that are ignorant are unhappy themselves, and feel better by wreaking havoc on others.

I'll be honest. I've contemplated suicide, but why not give life a shot. Drug problems have been my biggest downfall but eventually I and anyone else can get through rough shit and come out stronger than ever. I thought there were times when I didn't want to live and now I'm glad I'm still living. So don't miss out on your own life. If you think nobody cares, know at least I care. I don't want people killing themselves over things time will cure. Feel free to email if you have absolutely no one and I mean no one else to talk to.
22 Jun 2006 xxJenniexxx I have self-harmed n though about commiting suicide but never actually done it wen i had family problems i cut myself to try and release the pain but it just leaves u with scars nothing else ure not happier your more sad because everyone sees them and knows wat your doing im not going to judge you but please think twice before killing yourself think about your families and how it will affect them think about your friends and think do u really want this there is an answer to everything in time you will be happy again u just have to work thru your problems and eventually u will be happy and regret even thinking about killing yourselves please think about wat i have sed all my love and best wishes for the future please dont do it Jennie xxxxxxx
21 Jun 2006 Codee lots of sleeping pills =D
21 Jun 2006 Lia THese days,im feelin pretty bf lied 2 me, mi mum aint got time for me so i tried killing myself,i took an overdose of panadol , but i didn't die, the only way is to slit your wrist way deeply,ima gonna try dat l8ter..
21 Jun 2006 unlucky i dont no the best way to kill yourself, but one thing i know is that you shouldnt do it or try it.

i cant say that really though cause i feel like i wanna.

the best way is to try and find out why u feel this way, talk to a counculer or some one who you can trust, get help,

at the same time as am typing this i wanna actuly tell you how you can kill your self, am stuck, i will tell you what i have tryed, i collected 50 parracetamol, but before i took them 2 hours before i had 4 travel tablets to stop me from being sick, and then i had all 50, but i still puked up, like loads, i was ill for 9 days, i got amited to A&E and was in so much pain, please dont try to kill your self, its just not worth it.
21 Jun 2006 Andrea Jump off the highest building you could possibly find... That's what I'm planning to do.

Good luck, love...
15 Jun 2006 Kelsey Im 19. I tried to kill myself Feb 28 2006. I slit my wrist and cut 6 tendons and my median nerve and I can't feel my fingers any more and I can't use it like normal ever again. I am in an abuisve relationship with my boyfrind that I'm still with. We got in a fight one morning and I said I wanted to die than be there. So I got a big knife and hit my arm with it like 5 times and the last time it sliced my wrist open like 3 inches. I freaked and we went to the hospital. The bills are around $$$60,000!!! I figure if I'm gonna die somebody else better do it, cuz now Im more fucked up than I was before I slit my wrist.
15 Jun 2006 Lucy Cortina I was just browsing the net, contemplating the next career move for my boobies, and something drew me to this site. Now my blouse is soaking wet because my breasts are crying, crying because it seems like Mouchette has decided to let his beautiful creation die. What about the dreams we had, Mouchette? To create the most famous suicide in the history of suicides? The day when my breasts would be plastered over every computer screen, as I suffocate to death.
11 Jun 2006 emma i killed myself when i was thirteen. i swallowed an umbrella and it opened inside me. oops
08 Jun 2006 Mouchette (website owner) This page will not be updated
For support please visit:
08 Jun 2006 Concerned person U should be discussed with yourself, that you are using this site to pry on ppl suffering with depression and saddness.
U say ppl blame me for running such a site. Dont be a cop out and instead of saying its not my fault, why not tell the users who read this site, what your main aim of this site is.
U the site owner do not want to help anyone u are just getting off on their saddness. It concerns me why you aim under 13's.
Do the parents and the under 13's realise that u are collecting their email address. USERS be careful, you might think you are adding your thoughts but all thats happening is someone is reading under 13's email address.
Ask yourself WHY they are doing this!!!!
Why not look for sites that can support you instead of this underhanded site.
06 Jun 2006 melissa The best way to kill yourself is to not kill yourself at all!!!!
06 Jun 2006 Kaley hey....all you guys out there that have tried to kill themselves....i really feal bad for you!!! trust me ive thought of it just about a billion times. i thought all my worries would just go away...take a look at your life befor you deciede to ruine it!! but if you do deciede to go all the way through with it...hopefully you go to a better place!!!!!!!!!
06 Jun 2006 Little Fairy I have thought and planned my suicide for a few years now. I am finally ready. I am scared, a little, but also relieved. I know i am going to Heaven to be with Jesus and he will take my pain away. So, by this time tomorrow(8:26pm central time} I will be gone. I am not going to say how i am doing this,Because i do not want you taking your life, many of you are too young and will more than likely snap out of your mood. Well, bye untill we meet again.
06 Jun 2006 bobby all of you people on this website are all totally nuts i think that you should really get some help. and for a change try to be happy
06 Jun 2006 Julia wait, im confused so whats this site all about?
06 Jun 2006 samiah suicide is not the answer people. why the fuck would you want to kill yourself? and plus if it doesn't work you will just end up in the mental hospital. i mean if you 13 you have your whole life to still live. i'm almost 18 and i've been suicidal never attempted it but just comtemplated it. life sucks sometimes but you just have to deal with it. trust me i know all about how life sucks. take this from someone who cares.
05 Jun 2006 Cel Given the fact we all know life isn't exactly the easiest thing to deal with, nor is it perfect, life isn't meant to be perfect. It's hell. we know this. Yet it's the most amazing thing to live through. We're all here to teach someone something. I've had a close friend commit suicide, he was my best friends, everything. He meant the world to her and he killed himself. Theres not a day that goes by that she thinks about him as do I. He was the most amazing person ever and we would love nothing more than to have him here with us. We understand he was unhappy but I just wish suicide wasn't the answer. Life can be so amazing. And it makes me sick to my stomach that people put up website guides to committing suicide. We need to put an end to that. Please people talk to your parents, your best friend, your teacher, your neighbor any body. A complete stranger like me. Today might suck but tomorrow could be the best day of your life. <3
05 Jun 2006 myerzev I don't know why you people even bother to come here and type your psuedo philosophical bull shit or lack there of. I am astonished to be even spending my time here! You people clearly have nothing better to do with your lives (besides typing your qualms or futile, pitifully weak pleas against suicide--all of this being my exact point) and just go kill your selves, because just as previously mentioned, you have nothing else better to do then waste your time here. So i highly recommend, from the bottom of my frozen heart, to go and fucking kill your selves. Have a happy time; and in the mean time...keep it kosher.

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