Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Jun 2006 ricky OMG, you ppl r sik, how could you do stuff like that, theres unhappy people reading this! n they could consider this shit! THE PEOPLE CONSIDERING OFF COMMITING SUICIDE, D O N T!!!!!!!! youll gt through it!!!!! trust me there are lost of people who have! dnt b one of them people that give up!!! tlk to me at:
01 Jun 2006 chloe well..all i can say iz dat if u rweeli wna committ suicide iz dat u shud nt make a suicidal attempt at all. although i feel lyk wntin 2 kill myself evry day..i feel dat i wud let me family dwn even doe it meenz dat i wud b pain free... always think twice of ur actionz as u neva no it may b 2 late. thankz xxx n god bless ya all
31 May 2006 keanu sadness can kill you
31 May 2006 suicide man The best way to kill yourself is to get some shit and glue your mouth shut. if that does not work get someone to hold you under mud until you die. I hop this helped
31 May 2006 think about ti ok, the first thing i have to say to all you people out there. you all are abunch of self centered morons. I foyu really want to kill your self go to someafrican country live there a while and wait til you die of starvation. and when your body comes abck and everyone at your funeral is cryng, i hope you take pleasure in the fact that you caused all this pain. some see it as an end but the truth it is just the beinning. People around you will now feel the pain you felt. If the apin is so bad do you really want to give it to all your friends?
31 May 2006 Chantelle Seriously, I am under 13. I'm actually 12 turning 13 in October. I've already tried to kill myself 3 times. The first time, i was 9 years old i think. My mother grabbed me by the neck trying to pull me inside of a burning house,a nd was choking me. I ran outside and jumped in front of an 18-wheeler, but a cop that showed up pulled me out of the way. The second time, I was 11 and a half. I was talking on the phone with my mother, since I moved away, and she was talking about bringing my dad to couart because he was threatening her. She is bi-polar, and she lies her teeth out. So I didn't beelive her. my dad got onto the other line on the phone and listened the whole time. What a good father he is, right? ( not) and When my mom started talking about things he didnt like, he kept hitting the phone buttons so i couldnt hear her. I ran away than night and my dads girlfriend finally went out looking for me at 3:00 AM and found me. She dug her finger nails into my rist so I couldnt move, and i had a knife with me. More cops showed up, and so did an ambulance. The third time, I sat in a burning house, laughing histaricly while rescuers tried to rescue me. I've still thought about suicide, but I can never suceed. You don't know what you will miss, if you're dead.
31 May 2006 Sunshine Who are you? I googled you and i found your site with your emails? Is you name based on the movie Mouchette? I really want to know what this is. Why did you start this? what was your reason, whatever it was is just amazing, but still, the whole thing on this site. I didnt know it was you who did this site till it ended up here again after your emails. your amazing and i so drawn to this trying to learn more about you.
31 May 2006 Mike Hello there i was having a very hard time in school. ppl liked to beat me up and pick on me for no reason. i started huffing at 12 and cutting at 13. i was so sick of it. so i hung myself. but i failed. so i thought bout my friendz my girlfriend and my family and i got down. DONT FUCKING KILL YOURSELF think bout your lovd ones. and plz plz dont go out wit kaiti janes SHE WILL FUK U UP
31 May 2006 nikki I tried killing myself about 1 month ago. I still want to die and I was going to try and kill myself Friday but I diddn't. I also cut and do other things to hurt myself. How can I stop feeling this way?
31 May 2006 dream of suicide God, my suicidal thoughts make me so misanthropic. I don't want to talk to anybody. I am withdrawing from my friends because whenever i am with them, i don't want to die. But i must. Suicide is my only way to "live".
31 May 2006 plz understand u no the pple who say that its all stupid, u no suicide and everything? well for them it is. some pple cant manage it and some pple can. we're all different. i've been thro it twice. i've tried slitting my rist, crossing the road on purpose in front of a truck, and both times i failed. so dont start judging pple if they think or mention suicide. sometimes it cant be helped. by the way, im 12.
31 May 2006 alisha the best way to kill ur self is to slit ur wrist
that way u lose a lot of blood and u can c it. i've neva tried it but it does enter my thought now n then wen my lifes really fucked up.i've been thro all that shit u no. sexually abused n all tha crap. sometimes u feel betta to talk to strangers rather than a close meber of the family or freinds.
31 May 2006 Allyson Miller Hey guys I'm 17 now and to tell u the best way to commit suicide would be devistating even to me. though i can't say i havent tried, i just couldnt follow through with it. I havent tried in acouple years now and to know that i ever even tried is embarrassing, i also used to be heavy into self mutilation thus the embarrassing scars. I have friends and family and i am truely a caring person though stress and depression just seems so overwhelming that i really do want to leave this world but only for alittle while, enuogh time for things to calm down. My best friend killed himself 2 years ago and i only wonder why i dont have the strengh to do it. plz if you ever need a friend i'll be here.
31 May 2006 sasha this site is ridiculous. type in google how to kill myself and your helping them. use your fucking brains man.
31 May 2006 noname best way to kill yourself under 13 is to prove everyone wrong. parents my yell atr you in fear of what will happend if you steer of course some don't sound like they make sense. i know how it feels i was the same way doing what i want to do a land with no rules and me living the way i felt was right. but i say they tell us from experiences and all we want is to live a life that can only be made with money. and evil invention to make us slaves and live day by day coming home to more problems that one indiviaual feels and many do to but choose not to tell anyone. if we kill ourselves they fint it as a way out of it. why not just move? under age divorce your parents and move in to a childrens home. no need to commit suicide cause u feel it's the best way out. there always someone willing to be your friend who will not make fun of u in your face or behind your back. they say high and bye when the walk by you. thing is there so private they don't trust no one anymore for what only they know. maybe there tired of people and they only want an island all to them selves and live life with no rules and build and doing what they feel like with their free time with out being made fun of or talk down to.
30 May 2006 Ian Im gonna feed myself to a wild animal, at least i would have contributed to this world. i think suicidals shouldnt be concerned about pain it is the price of death and it will be nothing compared to the pain that we will experiance in hell.
30 May 2006 Dee I use to be very suicidal... Ive tried so many times and yet each time i failed, someone caught me or i just did it wrong and ended up in the hospital... I thought life was worth living and I was alone... Intill one day a friend of mine wanted to die I sat there for hours while they had a gun to there head convincing them not to and everything I said made me realize life is worth something... sometimes you just need someone to talk to... im here if thats what you need...
30 May 2006 DJ I've been very suicidal in the past. I would cut, over dose, starve myself. Whoever is reading this and is wanting to kill themselves. Don't! you can beat this..all you have to do is find a positive way of life. I'm not sure if I've found it but many ppl have influenced the way I live and I'm really grateful I didn't succeed in killing myself. It's your choice...make it a good one!!
30 May 2006 sarah y r ppl so fukin judgemental on ere? u dont understand depression and suicide? so DONT come on ere!
30 May 2006 sarah to all those who dont understand y suicide??? have any of u ever felt so low that u dont even care if u live or die, that it doesnt matter who is left behind? i am at that place now! fuk this life, my friends and family who is left behind will cope! either i do this now or i fink of my family and rite now all i can fink about is myself! selfish?, maybe! for me its the only way out.

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