Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Jul 2006 banana i know its tempting to kill yourself...the second im sad i return to my feelings of suicide because they are safe, suicide means that one day very soon all of your problems will be over. i tried to commit suicide by asphyxiation but i got "saved"... i spent a week in the mental not suicidal anymore but i know what its like to want to kill yourself, those were the worst moments of my life.if anyone needs a friend ill listen, email me at
01 Jul 2006 cook please let me knwo if I get someone to adopt me or I will kill step mother beats me up everyday
please do help
01 Jul 2006 paul please tell me why i should not kill myself.I have been in pains for more than 22years.Dad and mom abandoned me when I was 2.I have been living in the streets for too long.
recently someone gave me accomodation.BUt he is asking me to sleep with him.I do not want to be gay.I hate stinks.He is the one giving me access to the internet.i want to run away but to where?
live is sad for me.I feel i should die.will heavens be sad if U kill myself?
30 Jun 2006 mr.drtgrtdgs get a sword and stick it up ur ass
29 Jun 2006 Felicia The Great The Anecdote To Suicide For All Who Want To Kill Themselves

There is not a single moment that you have no option but to kill yourself. You live with a bunch of idiots who are family, friends, co-workers, or significant others. GET OUT OF THERE!! Find refuge. It’s demoralizing enough when you see a whole bunch of television shows that exploit children and teenagers encouraging shallowness, greed, sex, and bathroom humor jokes. If it bugs you and makes you depressed, change the station.

I’ve mentioned before that there is the brighter side of things, but it’s easier to say it than do it. I myself have shared the grief of a world too corrupt beyond belief. I live in it everyday and try to adapt whenever possible to a healthy life, even if it is impossible.

If you kill yourself, nothing will change. The world will still be spinning. There are others out there who don’t even care what you do or if you exist. It’s hopeless you keep telling yourself and more and more as the day progresses it gets worst.

Suicide is a cop out. IT’S CHICKEN SHIT!!! You are stronger than you really are. If you kill yourself, the next life you will do it again, and the next life you will do it again. It’s repetitive, I know. A soul never dies-- better believe it? I don’t care if you are atheist, Buddhist, Christian or some other person who believes in religion or no religion. The Universe is unexplainable. Also depression is treatable. You don’t need drugs. Just eat well, exercise, and get off you skinny or fat ass.

So why not better yourself right now and get rid of the hopelessness of “woe is me—my boyfriend/girlfriend left me or doesn’t like me and I am going to kill myself—my family hates me so I am going to kill myself—I lost my job so I am going to kill myself—or in Japan, I didn’t pass the exam and I am unworthy, so I’ll kill myself. Dammit! You are killing yourself over money, which is an object, how lame is that? There are a million people out there for the picking, couples who want children but can’t have kids, jobs by the truckload to find, and money getting printed everyday on paper. It’s because you didn’t take the initiative to do anything about it. In life also people die—the one’s who don’t commit suicide—and life has to move on. If we live in a world of people who live forever, then we are in for a horrible problem of over overpopulation. If you kill yourself, you are killing yourself and killing the times you are going to miss out. It is best to die naturally by nature than doing it by planning to kill yourself. Why? Because there is a purpose you are here. If you are reading this, you have a purpose here. I have no time in explaining it to you; you have to figure it out for yourself!

An example, “I see an innocent mouse getting attacked in a cage by an aggressive mouse. I took the initiative to take the aggressive mouse out of the cage and you know what happened? The innocent mouse was again, able to run free and relax.” So as a favor to yourself, take that aggressive mouse out of your life and live in harmony. Life is too short for negativity. What are the things you always wanted to do, besides killing yourself?

Suicide does not exist anymore to you. It is only a word. Life begins today.
29 Jun 2006 Brett I love to hear all the folks out there say that suicide is "taking the easy way out". The easy way out huh, so I guess that means that life is nothing more than hell then you die with cancer, getting hit by a semi, or going to a fucking war where you kill innocents trying to defend their homes and country so some fucking bastards can make a lot of money. I've been playing the suicide game for nearly 17 years and haven't quite made it to home plate yet. But now I'm rounding third...
It's hard to explain why anyone would want to kill themselves. My reasons are varied. I was sexually molested as a child. That mother fucker made me do shit that I can't even write about. My mother hates me. I don't really know why. Maybe because I was so different than everyone else in the family. When I was a senior in high school, I asked my parents if they could help me with affording college. We weren't a poor family and I thought that maybe they could help me out financially. WRONG!! I did the only other thing I could think of... join the marine corps.
Believe it or not, the military actually helped me out. It's where I met the best friends that I have ever known. It was after the military that shit hit rock bottom. Eventually, I met my future wife (who, as it turns out now, will be my future ex-wife). When I came back home, all I wanted to do was go to school, graduate and get the fuck out of dodge. Unfortunately, where I had been deployed for so long on active duty, I needed the feeling of attachment. My wife fucked me up so badly I ended up working 6 days a week 12-14 hours a day just to keep up the money needed to satisfy her. Before we married, she said that we could move once we were on our feet. WRONG!! She never even considered it. She has been on 2 vacations without me in the past 2 years, the bahamas and myrtle beach. She has taken away my dreams and my life. Now she's taken away my boy.
I have a 7 month old son, Mason, who is by and far the only accomplishment in my life. However, I never get to see him. Maybe its better that way...

Listen folks, i'm 29 years old. I have no money, jobless, no car, and probably soon to be homeless. I have no friends whatsoever. My family doesn't really seem to give a fuck about anything. Everything I have done lately seems to just shit right in my face. Life isn't fare to many of us. But if you are young, i.e. teenagers, don't go and think that life should be over. You have a lot to live for. It's all about the decisions we make and whether or not to go through with them. My example is of the bad decisions that you can make. I left the place that hurt and then I came back and it still fucking hurts. The funny thing is that if you are anything like me, you probably never hurt anyone in your life. All you want is to be accepted. But first you have to accept yourself as the exception to normality in society. You are different than most. You feel things differently than most. Start from there and try to work things out.

As for me, I miss my son. I miss the way I used to feel. My life is at rock bottom. But I still have hope. I'm not a religious person but I have a feeling that life isn't over when we die. It just gets sort of recycled and then we start back over. Maybe I could come back as a bird and shit all over cheney's bald head. Yeah, that would be good.

p.s. If anyone is around stanford, ky in the next few weeks or so, check out my pic in the obit.
28 Jun 2006 Pheebs Most of you say how poeple love you, you'll hurt them if you go blah blah blag, and yeh it's all true , i've dished out that shit too, to my depressed best friend. But what happens when your the one already hurting everyone! If i go now, noone will hurt more than they have to. They'll mourn for a week or two and be okay, its not weather they love me or not, its for the greater good.
28 Jun 2006 paul i am a boy and have suffering from advances from a man who offerd to give me accomodation because my parents have died.i do not want to become gay.but i do not have where to run to
i feel like dying.after all we are meanrt to die
there is no hope for is pain
28 Jun 2006 nuffin to do wiv u ur all fuckin sick
27 Jun 2006 crimson_lenin Today I had a revelation...
Suicide is the best AND worst way to die.
It's best, because It gives you the knowledge of how and when you die.
But it's worst, because everyone will blame your family (I dont know about the rest of you, but my family had little if any part of my future suicide.)

It's best because you can fantisize about it and think of every little detail. But it's worst because it would most likely hurt (not for long, but it will. Unless you use cocaine beforehand (or any other anesthetic like novacaine, a dummed down version of liquid cocaine) which would be a good idea.) But I just want to tell the truth...make up your own goddamn mind.

I'm atheist but in many religions, suicide is a sin. which I think is just stupid. Also, it's a felony in the U.S.A.(I don't know about anywhere else, but in the U.S.A., it is.)
which is just plain dumb.
What are they going to do to you when your brains have been splattered on the wall? Give you the death penalty? Jesus, and people call me stupid...

Well, that just about sums up my day...
my life...

Damn that sucks!
27 Jun 2006 lacey see i am ugly and fat i hate my life...when something goes wrong i think of dealth i have tried everything i have tried hanging myself over dosing on pills but it seems not to work at all! i hate it
27 Jun 2006 joemonday For all you kids here is my story. I am in my 40s and since the age of 13 I also wanted to commit sucide. I dont drink, dont take drugs and dont hang out with the wrong group. I am married and have no kids. I was doing a search on google and came across this site because at present I am having those same thoughts because I feel like that I am not needed by anyone. My job situtation here in canada is bleak. Working a low paying service job is pathetic at best beccause prior to sept 11th I was in a High tech field. Many of you may wonder why I have not attempted sucide long ago. I suspect its hope and the fear of what may happen to my soal after I leave this earthly place. For any of you who are kids and want to consider it find somone who CARES! Dont go to your friends. Thay are not trained professionals in this area. Teenagers will often ignore your situation. Trust me being a teen is one of the hardest times in your life. Life does not get easier. I relize there is different forms of depression. Mine is mostly event driven ie, loss of job is my big one. Seek help and especially from somone who cares....thats the most important aspect. DONT hang around people who are a negative influcence. If you friends are into commiting crimes, putting people down getting into fights then change friends.

Again I cannot emphisis this enough...stay away from people who are a negative influence and epecially those who take drugs.
27 Jun 2006 Felicia on Lisa Frito Boob Envy Dear Lisa Frito,

Why kill yourself over the salami sandwich I ate from the break room?

It was 2 weeks old! I was a charity case.

It was left there for days.

And by the way, Lucy Cortina heard rumor about your silicon implants. She is rather disturbed. You have the real ones. I said,!!! You have tomatoes that will stay pert for years.

Mine will sag someday. One day, I will go shopping and will have to look for a support bra and mistakenly buy a double jock strap returned by some hermaphrodite down on her/his luck because they were turned down by Hugh Hefner's video audition.

Then I will arrive home, use it for a week and get boob rash from jock itch.

Lucy!!! Help me on this one!!!
27 Jun 2006 witch the best way to kill yourelf when you are under 13 is to drug yourself and go by a near lake, river, or ocean. then people don't know where you are and they can't find you and take you to the hospital and save you. that way you disappear forever. it is hard to deal - i would know - but talk to someone you usually don't talk to and if that doesn't help then go ahead and try it - the harm is still in the living! but don't try too hard because then ppl know you want is hard if you have these thoughts however there is no better way to get rid of teh pain then to get rid of all your pain forever. i am still alive today because i want to tell other people what i think is right and wrong! kill yourself or not!
27 Jun 2006 Linus Jumping from a build.
26 Jun 2006 T. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem!!!
Turn to God instead! He's a permanent solution for eternity!
26 Jun 2006 lucy I really feel like killing myself at times, but i i´m not going to kill myself because of that person i have other people who I HOPE care about me, even though they say they´ll be there for me, they turn and believe some one else over me, they dont know i cut my rists when i went home off school i even had those tablets in my hand and i just got so close but i was soooo far.... this needs to be continued another day. 1 DAY SOMEONE JUST MIGHT LOVE ME BACK!!!!
26 Jun 2006 emma well get a sleeping tablet take it and jump from a high building or someone who is diabetic take there tablets

iam going to die after the summer holidays take care friends
26 Jun 2006 Damien this site is bullshit. i tried to commit suicide. it didnt work. i slit my wrist 3 times on my left wrist. i already had over 400 cuts on my left arm from times before. nothing serious, but for the pain. the wrist was the last time i have done it and there is a rememnider every day of what i did to my family and friends that easter sunday of 06'. it had happened while my family was at a easter egg hunt a couple of blocks away. my sister found me in the kitchen slupted on the ground with a razor blade in my right hand and 3 cuts on my left. i moved to my dads the day after i got out of the hospital. my mother still either cry's when she speaks to me or she screams at me. the scars it left are big (1/4 inch deep, 2 long...2 1/8 inch deep, 1 3/4 inches long)...the god damned big bright pink scars that i have to hide every day and will may effect what i want to do in the a job...or being what i have wanted to do since i was 6, be a United States Marine. all i am saying i that suicide is dumb and telling somebody about it may help...
25 Jun 2006 samantha can you delete all the suicide jokes? don't find any of it funny nor is it necessary to display them to others.
it may give some more ideas so it could do more harm then good.

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