Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Jul 2006 Maxie Y I really don't think any of you should talk about killing yourselves things will get better for you IM sure you feel like you don't matter like things will keep getting worse and that no ones on your side and I know it hurts but pain is something unavoidable but it ends and then your happy again but if you kill yourself youll never get that chance to have good times and make new friends and do things you love to do dont you realize you dont just take away pain but you take away something you can never get back an trust me youll regret it and if you need a freind im free to talk
20 Jul 2006 person that agrees with 'p.w.h.i.p Well person who wrote something refering to themsef as 'person who hates innocent people' i just thought you should know that your words are utterly touching but you shouldve left an e-mail to bad we cant talk
20 Jul 2006 Spooky Penguin RIP 2004-2006 I swear to god this is the last post i'll ever make, i swear!

To Mouchette:

I hope your reading this. This will be the last time i will submit to you. I keep comming back to you for some lame, oddball, nerdy, waste of time reason. You've turned me in to a dreamer mouchette, i'll never forget that. I know that i'll never be a famous person or have my own spot on the site, but strilli feel like i'll he time i've wasted here, not having a life, has left enough of a mark. I hope some day i'll find you, I don't think i woudl say anything to you i would just wave. I hope you remember me from this stupid little internet world I've lived in. It's time for me to come out of the hole. i can't describe the connection i have with you, i 've never spoke to you nor known you yet it feels like i've know you for ever, call me nerd, fine, but 'm not the only one. I could go on for hours but it's like at night... and my eyes go tired. so all i must say is, I love you. Goodbye mouchette, I hope to meet you one day, somewhere over the rainbow.but for now i most go live in the real world again. Good Bye.

Oh, and for the record: I know your over thirteen because it's been over a year, mayebe to you have to be at least 14.
Thats all.

Signing Off.

Spooky Penguin
20 Jul 2006 alicea i am 13 and i've tried to commit suicide several times ... my first attempt was taking an overdose of paracetemol and washing them down with bleach and white spirits ... it didnt work just made me sick and unable to move for several days ... my second attempt was drowning ym self ... i took an overdose of sleeping pills and layed face down in the bath... my mum walked in on me... i have now realised suicide is not the answer to my problems ... however much i want to die ... i have to hold on ... im just going through a rough time ... with my abusive mum and sister, i get bullied at school, i know self harm like 20 times a day, i know this isnt the answer either but it helps ease my pain inside ... reflected by the pain i cause on the outside... if you like me and thinking about suicide, THINK AGAIN... THERS SO MUCH THINGS TO HOLD ON FRO, AND SO MANY THINGS HOLDING YOU BACK ... alicea xox
19 Jul 2006 Nitesh If you are 13 then it is too easy to commit suicide. You have less about your parents and may be don't have any boy friend/ girl friend, who can stop you.
You can go at the top of the buiding and jump from it.
But the best way is go in the front of a train, it is a definite step for death.
I am 21 male and professionally qualified, but I have no girl friend till now, so that I have decided to commit suicide.
Nitesh Sharma
19 Jul 2006 ant i am still a teen now like but when i woz like about the age of 10 i tryed 2 kill my self. i had a loveing famly and all that but the 1 thing that i cud not cope with woz what i woz goin on at school. i woz getin bulled by about 8%of the school. so after about 4 yr of this i try 2 hang my self by looki ma grandad came in as i woz about 2. he maned 2 talk me out of it all and he sed 2 me " ant ur goin 2 be lafin at all of them in 2 10 yrs when they r all bums" and just gim sayin that maed me feel so much beter. i am so glad that i did not do it no and forall u ppl that r thinkin ofdoin this just think of what u can have goin 4 u and all of the loved 1s that u r goin heart and now lookin bk at this i no i cuz no do this 2 the ppl that i love!
19 Jul 2006 Aye Hey people,
I'm eleven and I've been thinking of comiting suicide for the past 2 years. I tried out for travel soccer soccer and not made it, I've been involved in scandels, and much more! At one point I started to run away, but decided not to. And at another, I've tried to drown myself. Finally, I'm coming out realizing that I should live life a bit longer and see if it gets better, which it's begining to! Hope you make the right decision!
19 Jul 2006 Waiting for a better day There will b a better day every night i pary to god to stp the madness in my life but it semms he wants to put pain in my i have tried to commit suicide couple of times but after my brother fainted and nearly killed himself i saw the look on my mothers face scared but deep down i saw that the pain my brother had was in my mom i saw fear of death fear that her oldest boy was going to die !! There will be a better day i promise you!~
19 Jul 2006 Waiting for a better day I am 13 and every day i get beat up by my brother who thinks he is the boss of ourhouse hold while my sibling watch bam i hit the floor and start bleeding as my sister laughs and i get blamed for getting beat up i have though of suicide but i know i know somewhere deap in thier hearts they love me. I love them but i feel as if every 1 hates me .but i know that even if im loved by one single person i know that someone cares. Ending your life is a horrible thing and even if u dont think so it can kill other to.I have freidns in a niehboring town and one of there best friends was taking by his father. His father pulled the trigger on himself and his to kids to get back at teh mother.Today the mother is in soo much shock that she is dead inside. I know u might not think so but there will be a better day so keep living there is someone who cares
19 Jul 2006 knife Ive cutting my wrist four 3 years i look in the mirror and grab my fat and try to hack it off i hate my life i am 14 now and i have more stitches than i can count i wanna die but i cant its not good to be dead then where do u go nowhere thats where u lay there for eternity no one knows if there is a god no matter how religious u may be u have no proof i slit my wrist every night i have extreme paranoya and scitsofrenia and they think i have early sighns of insomnia i am pretty messed up but i want to help people if u need a young person to talk 2 who wont judge u i am the one to write to i am always willing to listen and help because i never had any 1 to turn to so im here ok ur not alone ok im here
19 Jul 2006 walter Hi im just another lonely kid ive been diagnosed with scitsofrenia and paranoya i hate my life im poor i have friends but i think some of them are using me 4 my pot i sit there thinking hours on end y me why did i get chosen but then i read this site and i no that there are people worse off than me i have tried to kill myself but it wont work i have about 40 scars on my wrist i am 14 and trying to find the will to live but i sit there every nite looking at that blade and i try to cut deeper and deeper but it just wont work i hope ive helped some one and contact me please if u wanna talk i wont judge u ive been there man
18 Jul 2006 Yi Zhe Hello! I'm a high school student who has been suicidal. Now I have already went through it and I'm here to help. Feel free to send me an email, or IM me at wydesz
18 Jul 2006 Hannah I have just turned 17 and have tried to kill my self so far by slitting my wrists, overdosing on many different types of drugs, suffocation, and jumping from great heights all of which failed probably because i have neither the inteligence to get the right amounts or the guts to jump. I have been abused by my drunk mother for my whole life physically and mentally and now the physical part is over i cant get it out of my head,the emotional pain is too much for me but i have family that dont know what has been going on for all these years it would devistate them if they ever found out. I am so confused about what to do i do not want to hurt anyone and even though my life is picking up(i now have friends and have started councelling) i still feel depressed and want to kill myself. If anyone has any sugestions please i need help. Reading the posts on this website has prevented me from suicide tonight so maybe when i feel the need to die again ill come back to this site and continue to read. Thanks Hannah
18 Jul 2006 lauren To b honest wif u even if i did no how to kill urself i rele wouldnt tel u. I relize dat u ave serious problems, bt is killin urself rele da rite chose? Insted of self harmin urself y dnt u talk to sme 1 u rele trust, mayb tell a doctor or close friend. My friend slit er wrist afta er bf dumped er n wasnt talkn to er, n it didnt mke er feel beta. She tried to talk to er mum abut it bt she jus felt angry n culdnt tell er. So shes is goin to try n c da doctor v soon. Plz think abut wat u r goin to do be4 u do it n althou u may thnk dat ur parents or friends carnt stand u dnt u thnk that it will b alot more difficult to deal wif u u take ur life? Get rid ov w.e is on ur mind n da onli way to do dat is to talk to sme1. please thnk about wat u r considin to do. Remba der is sme1 out der hu wants to help u.
18 Jul 2006 Abi Hey all, I've just been reading threw theese pages. I have been threw alot of the stuff some of you have been threw. If anyone would like to talk about anything feel free to add me

Abi x
17 Jul 2006 Untold Don't kill yourself before thinking about those who care about you, the ones you will leave behind. If you truelly want to kill yourself walking off a building would do it,I was going to do that but while I was climbing the steps I thought about everything that has happened and everything that might,I couldn't do it.So before you take the final IREVERSABLE step think things through.
17 Jul 2006 Rachel I am 15 and I used to cut and burn myself all the time and have already tried to commit suicide about 5 times... Now I am better and when I ever get the thought of cutting I just got to the one person I trust the most. It is always good to talk about it and cry out. It helps releave the pain. I am here if anyone needs to releave some of that pain... I know what you can be going threw and I wont judge you.
17 Jul 2006 joshua bryson your fucking sick who ever created this website. im getting you closed down
17 Jul 2006 jane I dont no. I tried to take tablets but my mum found me and i had to have my stomach pumped. now she's on my case all the tiem. i dont know what to do to get away. i'm just so f***in pissed off. would like to hear from others
17 Jul 2006 Someone Who Can Relate Im tired off all the jerks who posted in this website that said jsut to die. if you have nothign intelligent to say, then i suggest you just shut the hell up. until you have been in thier situation you wouldnt know. they say that it is the persons fault that they do this, or that they just want attention. maybe they have cruel parents, maybe they cant make any friends, maybe the friends that they can make they dont like. it changes from person to person. now i agree suicide is bad. but the reasons are always different. my uncle, he was an alchoholic, and very depressed. he hung himself. my family was never the same. it was before i was born. a few months ago, my cousin killed himself. he was bi polar and the new medication didnt work. my sister had tried before too. it is never ok to commit suicide. i have tried in the past, when you are depressed for years you start to think that there is nothing to live for. and in reality there is not, but people care for you. most peopel say just to get help, but alot of people dont think there is a problem or they cant get help or are afraid to. but find somethign to live for. even somethign small. i live for my girlfriend. if it wasnt for her i probably would have killed myself a long time ago. i am a very antisocial person so making new friends is really hard for me. i had no one to talk to. i started to cut. it took my mind off everything. my grades declined in school, and i stopped caring about everything. i know what it feels like to not want to live. to wake up and just wish you didnt. the real reason i am writing this is to say that all the people who say jsut do it and stop complaining, or that it is jsut for attention, they are the people that cause us to kill ourselves. the best thing to do if you know someone who wants to die, just befriend them, talk to them. and if they are doing it jsut for attention, give them attention, dont let them kill themselves, if you know someone like that you are obligated to help them. if someone really wants to die, you cant stop them. they will find a way. but for those who are not sure yet, talking to them helps. not about suicide because they most liekly wont want to talk about that, but making them feel they have someone to talk to can mean the world to some. this is my advice. i am only a 16 year old boy, but i have been wanting to die since 6th grade. only now recently that has changed, 4.5 years later. i didnt try suicide for attention. because no one knows. i just wanted to say something because of the other people who posted on this site saying to kill yourself. i guess it just shows thier character and who they really are. they dont understand it. they think they have the answers, and that they are right, or that peopel wanting to kill themselves are freaks. they are normal people that are jsut unhappy with thier lifes and prefer not to continue. so all you people who dont understand, or tell people to kill themselves, or that they are mentally sick and have problems, or are just looking for attention, and finnally the people who are insulting peopel who want death, i have one thing to say. dont speak, you are not smart and dont know what you are talking about and jsut because you dont understand it doesnt mean that they are freaks. stop beign so close minded and actually help the people in need of help. they may not be able to help themselves. you wouldnt tell a starving person to just get help right? its not thier fault they are starving. end

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