Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Jun 2006 witch the best way to kill yourelf when you are under 13 is to drug yourself and go by a near lake, river, or ocean. then people don't know where you are and they can't find you and take you to the hospital and save you. that way you disappear forever. it is hard to deal - i would know - but talk to someone you usually don't talk to and if that doesn't help then go ahead and try it - the harm is still in the living! but don't try too hard because then ppl know you want is hard if you have these thoughts however there is no better way to get rid of teh pain then to get rid of all your pain forever. i am still alive today because i want to tell other people what i think is right and wrong! kill yourself or not!
27 Jun 2006 Linus Jumping from a build.
26 Jun 2006 T. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem!!!
Turn to God instead! He's a permanent solution for eternity!
26 Jun 2006 lucy I really feel like killing myself at times, but i i´m not going to kill myself because of that person i have other people who I HOPE care about me, even though they say they´ll be there for me, they turn and believe some one else over me, they dont know i cut my rists when i went home off school i even had those tablets in my hand and i just got so close but i was soooo far.... this needs to be continued another day. 1 DAY SOMEONE JUST MIGHT LOVE ME BACK!!!!
26 Jun 2006 emma well get a sleeping tablet take it and jump from a high building or someone who is diabetic take there tablets

iam going to die after the summer holidays take care friends
26 Jun 2006 Damien this site is bullshit. i tried to commit suicide. it didnt work. i slit my wrist 3 times on my left wrist. i already had over 400 cuts on my left arm from times before. nothing serious, but for the pain. the wrist was the last time i have done it and there is a rememnider every day of what i did to my family and friends that easter sunday of 06'. it had happened while my family was at a easter egg hunt a couple of blocks away. my sister found me in the kitchen slupted on the ground with a razor blade in my right hand and 3 cuts on my left. i moved to my dads the day after i got out of the hospital. my mother still either cry's when she speaks to me or she screams at me. the scars it left are big (1/4 inch deep, 2 long...2 1/8 inch deep, 1 3/4 inches long)...the god damned big bright pink scars that i have to hide every day and will may effect what i want to do in the a job...or being what i have wanted to do since i was 6, be a United States Marine. all i am saying i that suicide is dumb and telling somebody about it may help...
25 Jun 2006 samantha can you delete all the suicide jokes? don't find any of it funny nor is it necessary to display them to others.
it may give some more ideas so it could do more harm then good.
25 Jun 2006 Anton Suicide is not the answer.. It'll seriously fuck up everything....I've even thought about's a scay thought..but if you do decide to go through with it...Use a gun, that would rock
25 Jun 2006 Rene I really dont know what am I living for... I have been choosing and walking the wrong path. Nothing seems to be right for me.I left college when I could actually graduate in less than 6 mths time. Then I went to work and I found out that work life sux.Everything in this world sux. I hate my life. I hate myself 4 being so fat, ugly and worthless. I hate to be tease by ppl and hate the feeling of being plump. I eat when ever I am sad and no1 can help me.
Life sux...
25 Jun 2006 SpookyPenguin This website can't not be updated any more im not a famous person yet!?! D:
Mouchette.... where have you gone, i love your mouchette. :(
24 Jun 2006 francies I'm basically tried of life as much as the next guy on this webpage. I don't need to tell you my name nor my experiencences cause in the end when you read this it will probably jus be another commit some poor soul has made that you please yourself over by knowing that you dont have it as ruff as they do or a commit that describes your own experience and just want to know that you are not along. I tell you all your life you going to have good and bad experiences....for the first 18 years of it, it will be primaryaly due to other people(bullies, family) the rest is up to you....dont waste it please!im not trying to sound wise or anything but ive had basically all the crap thrown in my face that you can think best friend was in the same boat actually i was worse off than him on many grounds(but he didnt think that and he may have been right ).........yesterday he killed himself and the last thing he told me was that why should people like us go on for the ill minded sick bastards that hurt us in school and home....i told him that he cant think like that anymore cause that is what they wanted and if we had this thing at the back of are heads any longer we should just give up and decide that no more talking and help would change it any longer and that it would never go away........he made that decision and i saw what would happen if i went with him and dyed last night too......i didnt like what i are not alone....but you are not well either just take that risk if you feel like no body would care if you were gone...but if you could only realised that in the end we always have someone we can talk too...we just dont notice are victionisers dont notice the pain they give us...we are no better than them if we give up cause we will always end up giving pain to the ones that we fail to notice are there for us even if it seems like they arent.
24 Jun 2006 Leana There is no best way! I am 30 years old, and I have been thinking about it since my dad die 20 years ago. Life is hard at times, but we can get through it somehow.

No it's not easy when your mom doesn't care, no dad around, and your poor and so on. But there are rewards in life, such as finding yourself, and just living to the fullest. If you think about it and tried to commit suicide then go hard and try to do whatever you dream as a child. Live that out.

Life will nevr get easy, don't let anyone lie about that. Family may not see the pain or feel it, friends may be too blind to notice you are hurting, but it's not up to them to shake this depression. Just find the things you love to do and do them.

And when you get down and feel like hurting yourself, just cry, and cry hard, let it all out all the hurt, pain tears, abuse, lies, mistrust, the past just cry, cry until you blue in the face, even for a week, or two, but get strong and just live for yourself.

FUCK other people and what they think, just fuck them, cause people never cared form the start. it's rare to meet and have true friends so be true to yourself. You may have lost a parent, boyfriend, sibling, girlfriend whatever, whom ever, but you have to live for you.

And hell no you won't be happy everyday. But you can enjoy the happiness when you are feeling it. So think before you do anything, yes it hurts now, all alone, no one cares, the world seems happy while you are sad, true, but alot of people are faking this shit.

Wives cheating, husbands cheating and beating their wives, children being abused for nothing, women being rape, murder, war, all kinds of eveil acts right here on earth. Don't waste your life taking it, give to a person that wants to live but is going through the unspeakable daily.

Don't think of yourself, or how when you die my family will do this and that, cause they ain't going do shit, but cry and miss you and move the fuck on, you will be a thing of their past, and as time go on they will heal and cry less and less.

So is it worth it? Hell NO, shits fucked up but it can get better, if you expect nothing more then what you can truly give of yourself.

When people get on your nerve tell them they get on your dam nerve. If your job sucks get another. If college not for you stop going. Don't let the man made rules of society be your guideline through life. There is no rule book to follow, so listen to your heart and go with the flow.

Leana Rain
23 Jun 2006 Courtney Hello. I'm 15, and very suicidal. But there is one thing keeping me here, the one I love. His name is Kari. I have thought about killing myself alot, my latest thought was tonight. No one really knows why people do it, but I know the reason. When it comes down to it, and theres no other way to go but down even farther, it's the ultimate sacrifice. Taking your life is the last resort for some. I'm an avid cutter, it's my way to let some of the pain out without jumping over the edge. Tonight I counted all of my sleeping medication and counted up the miligrams. I had 1525 miligrams of of Seroquel. And I was very close to ending it all. I even talked it over with the person I love most. Then I thought, if I would stop thinking about me and think about him, and what he'd be loosing, and what my family would be loosing, then I should not even think about it. I have alot of life left in me. I have chosen my destiny, and it is to live out my life with love. There were times when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, but then I listened to Good Charlotte's "Hold On", then I went to the website, and both of them saved me. I am hoping they can save any of you too.

Best wishes, and lots of love,

23 Jun 2006 zombieiain run backwards fast enough to reverse your entire life!
23 Jun 2006 jakiah before you do anything take a deep breath and think. do you really want to die? think of all the positive things in life. it can be shitty sometimes but just stop and think. don't lose a great future. hell, 10 years from now you may hold your first child in you arms. my life sucks but i'm still living and you should to
23 Jun 2006 maxie Well I just turned 16 my depression started out small and faint and began to grow slowly to a cold numbing darkness that blocked my vission of any attaining good or happieness i wollow in this empty loneliness of imprisonment in the back of my tormented mind my soul forever feeling crushed and i feel im dying but yet i dont ask for it i dont ask to die but i cant stop it Yes ive had a horrable life Yes ive been beaten brutely and torn into nothing wasted uncared for and forgotton so many things that happen an i still cant say the words "i want to die" and mean them maybe sometimes others but certenly not myself
23 Jun 2006 Nifty I think the best way is to jump off a bridge or bulding, lets face it under 13 years old have limited access to a car to gas themselves, maybe if they live in the US they have access to a gun.
22 Jun 2006 Sydney When i was 7,my fucked up dad killed my mother rite in front of my eyes,it was fucking dreadful to see my mother covered it blood.He stabbed her with a knife 10 times in the heart.Before i knew it she was dead.den he fucking came up to me and said i was next.i screamed and ran up to my room but he broke the fucking door down and stabbed me at the stomach.He thought i was dead but i only passed out.i woke up bleeding and lying beside my dead mother.By then he was alredi gone.I called 911 and told them everything.i was very scared at that time,i was shaking and in pain.But i heard my dad coming inside the house so i slammed the phone down and hid in the kitchen cabinet.By then,the police came and took my dad away,he was sent behind bars after that.I was brought to the hospital to get bandaged and checked up.After that incident,i stayed with my grandmother.She treats me reali fucking cruely everytime.She molest me every day at night in my room. i dindn't noe wad to do.i'm lost without my mother.And i think tonite is my last nite late grandpa has a gun and i think i might use it to kill myself ny tonite.soon i'll be wit my mother. Gudbye cruel world.
22 Jun 2006 just-do-it I'm 13 years old and i have been trying to kill myself since i was 12. I haven't been able to follow through with it but i have tried i cut my wrist and i tried to drown myself but my mom caught me. And people out there who think they can help go fuck yourself cuz u can't no matter how hard u try we have obviously made up our minds we want to die so there for just leave us alone y should u care cuz no one else does so just leave us alone... the only reason i found this site is cuz i was trying to find tips on how to kill myself and well i think i
ve found some so bye.
22 Jun 2006 JP - 20 yrs. old jodie well im 13 and ive never actually commited suicide but ive been thinking about it alot since i was 12 and i starting cutting myself when i was 12 i just have felt so hopeless ever since i moved across the country, ppl say that life goes on but what i left in california was my life and i just cant move on and im literally crying 5 times a day now and I'm never happy so yea i just thought I'd share my story

Response to Jodies blurb above: In your first sentence you stated you had never commited suicide. My first thought was if you had commited suicide, you would be dead, and therefore, could not write your little blurb. I think I can speak for everyone when I say, "No one here or anywhere else has ever came back from the dead to make posts on the internet. Thank you captain obvious.

Also I came to this site looking for a song. If anyone knows the band name or the song name please email me a reply. song sounds kinda like
And I'm not scared
Cause I'm not there
I'm not afraid to let go now
No more hope
No more life
No Dreams
Is somebody out there
Somebody that cares

(I realise not everyone plans on committing suicide and some people are using this to vent frustrations. The rest of my spiel is for those who really plan on ending their life.) There is no good reason to ever end your life. There is always an escape route if your not blinded to much to see it. I don't care how bad family problems are. You can always confide in a teacher, a doctor, or a friend just to let them know your having a rough time. Somebody in your life will always care that your not there even if not everyone. So, even if your parents or people at school give you a hard time, living happy and sucessful is the best way to get back at them. People that are ignorant are unhappy themselves, and feel better by wreaking havoc on others.

I'll be honest. I've contemplated suicide, but why not give life a shot. Drug problems have been my biggest downfall but eventually I and anyone else can get through rough shit and come out stronger than ever. I thought there were times when I didn't want to live and now I'm glad I'm still living. So don't miss out on your own life. If you think nobody cares, know at least I care. I don't want people killing themselves over things time will cure. Feel free to email if you have absolutely no one and I mean no one else to talk to.

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