Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Jul 2006 Jesse I'm 14 right now. And I have been depressed ever since the age of 10. I have tried to commit suicide various times. My parents never cared which made things so much easier for me to be able to get things and try new ways and to experiment.
I've slit my wrists and cut myself all up and down my arms, legs, stomach, throat and even face. Nothing too serious tho, after cutting for such a long time the blood flow wasn't very much in the areas and I stopped bleeding which annoyed me. I also used my fathers cigarettes to burn my hands and arms. The scabs and wounds can stay there for months and when you think its done it re-opens and bleeds again.
I've also tried overdosing. I thought it was perfect, that way I couldn't back out or anything. I took about twenty tylenol and fifteen motrin, ten midol, and a few muscle relaxers for the first time. It did nothing to me. Thats when I experimented with more fast release tylenol, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, and cough medicine. Still nothing extreme.
Then I tried chocking myself, I only got to the point at which I passed out, I would wake up a few hours later tho with a head ache.
I am so suicidal, I think about it every day, almost every second and the new plan for me is to hand myself with an extension cord at a bridge thats a few feet away from my house. I believe that that will be the only way I can possibly die. I mean I have been run over by a car twice and that didn't do very much to me. Its actually really hard for me to die. Wish me luck!
11 Jul 2006 anna Hello everyone,

i am here 2 help. anyone who has come on this site, well, i would guess is in need of some help or support, and i will be here 4 u if u need it.

okay, well this is my story...

i was sexually abused by my own brother. yes thats right, my own brother! i didnt understand it at first, because i was too young when it first started, but after 3 years of the abuse, i was old enough to realise that it wasnt right. it took me ages to build up the courage to speak out. i didnt think anyone would believe me. im not going to lie and say it was easy. in fact it was one of the hardest things i have ever done. but it was the right thing to do. so eventually i built up the courage, ignored his threats, and i spoke out. THE ABUSE EVENTUALLY STOPPED!

the abuse then lead to depression, self harm, suicide attempts, chronic insomnia, eating disorders etc.

but the thing is, i have been there done that, and i have come out the other side! there is light at the end of the tunnel and although the tunnel may be very very long, every single one of you can and YOU will get through whatever hard times you are going through at the moment.

come on the following site if u wud like sum help. it is a syt that has recently been set up. it is called 'relief in disaster'.

i am happy to talk if you want. here 4 you.
11 Jul 2006 Just me Why cant i just die :(
i look like a monster with embarrassing acne scars, i havent seen my friends in months, i've tried everything but nothin' works, im just gonna wait a couple of months, and see what happens...
11 Jul 2006 Polly I have been visiting this site for over a year and this is the first time I am writing here. My life has been a mess since the day I was born. My parents dont care about me. Or I live with my mother but my father is still alive it is just that he dont give a shit about me and my brother. Sometimes he meets us and the only thig he does is buying some gifts. Like that is gonna make us love him. My mother have had a hard time since my father dont care and just talk a lot of bullshit about here. By the time I got 12 my mom started to beat me at home. Everyday. I got beaten when I was younger but that was like once a week. Times when I gpt to the hospital I had to lie all the time. I really hate to lie but I am use to it since my life is a lie. Well the thing is I still have very good grades and everybody in school thinks I am happy and so on. My mother is very strict and she is decides everything. What I should wear and so on. I am not either aloud to have a boyfriend and I am turnin 16 soon. For a long time I have been takin some "anti deppressiv" pills. But I quit a month ago. My mother always complaines about me. She is sick seriously. I remember my prom night where I got a rose from a guy. The minute I got home she wanted to know who he was and everything and when he saw he's picture she was like "he is so ugly" well, what do u care. First u dont allow me what to do and so on... gosh I cant take it anymore. I have to lie too all my friends and therefore I've lost all my friends. Everybody has their lifes.

About a week ago I went to the doctor. I got some very weird marks on my body so I went to see if there were something wrong. As I was there she told me that my skin had started to burst. She told me this was a "spirituall" thing. She asked If I had problems and I said "no". Then a professional doctor came in and said that this was seious. If I didnt dealt with my problems (dunno why he said that) I could get some kinda dangerous skin disaese. My mother doesnt no I dont want her to know either. I dont know what to do. I have been praying a lot of times about help for commiting suicide. I know how stupid it sounds. No, after all praying I am not sure If I want to die. Is life worth living??? if there is somebody feeling the same or somethin send a e-mail on
11 Jul 2006 Amy i wanna comit suicide relly bad but what i do is i think about all the people that love's me and what will they do if you comit suicide.
10 Jul 2006 Laura Edwards You said you loved me and said you cared. So why go off with my so called best friend? You were the only person i lived for, you were the only person that cared, but im so messed up. Why do i still love you if you cause me so much pain. Im dead at heart why not be dead all together. Dont try and stop me no-one will miss me, why should they they've got their own so called problems but they dont know what it is like to have constant heart ache, constant pain, knowing the only one you will ever love is with another girl that doesnt love him, another girl that doesnt even know the meaning of the word love.I keep the blood from when i slit my wrist and throat each day i fill up the bath with water and blood and let my self slip away into a world were you dont have to love and you can just sleep and think for hours on end. I feel passion from the feeling of a sword through my heart, innocent people are the people that are murderers, keep that in mind when you think your in love!!!!!!!!
10 Jul 2006 Charlotte Take a mixture of all the strongest pills you can get your hands on,or sleeping pills with alcohol.
10 Jul 2006 Kirsten u kno there are those ppl that come on this website adn al they do is bitch about the stories posted...sayin shit like ur fuckin dumb...and stuff....well they need to shut the fuck up.....ppl dont jus come on here to write about their lives..they come to read about others lives....they come to see how much better their life is than some gives them self confidence and sumtimes helps them.....well since im here ill tell about my life....

heres how the story goes....
there have bin countless times where i have bin abused...mentaly physically sexually emotionally.....

yea.....the whole deal.....ill b 15 in 10 days and for those 15 yrs ivebin alive im abused still....not sexually anymore.....thank god....

the sexual abuse started wen i was my babysitter...then it lasted from age 7-9......and wen it finally got around to my mom.....all she sed come u dint tell me....she dint bother to comfort me or anythin.....

now these days i find myself bein with a guy....not bcuz i like them...but only to have him for a lil while.....i have never had a long term realtionship....and i get that regret after doin sumthin with a guy....i have bin sexually active since i was 12.......and i find myself doin w/e to plz the guy and i hate myself for it.....

i live with mom and see my dad every other im torn btween 2 places...

my mom is many of the reasons i am the way i am.....

but yea...i think everyone balmes everything on everyone else every now an then....uggh....
i jus feel like ripping my heart outa my chest.......hoping that that wud stop all the pain i feel inside....but who knos......but i guess thats all i can write right ill continue later.......
10 Jul 2006 alyssa the best way to kill yourself wen you under 13 is to not kill yourself.. you'll be letting everyone else win... i used to want to kill myself but all you really need is a good friend to talk to and to really think about your situation and what other options you have to look at ... if the people you live with beat you ...try to get a job then you will see them less and they will be glad ur out of the house.. then you can save the money and maybe get an appartment or something .im not here to judge anyone and im not saying suicide is for bad people im just trying to say theres other answers...
10 Jul 2006 emma i killed myself when i was thirteen. i swallowed an umbrella and it opened inside me. oops
09 Jul 2006 QUEENB i wanna die to releave me pain,
i wanna die with alot of pain.
i want to see blood and feel its pain,
i wanna hert in such a different way.
i dont wanna live ive given up,
i cant handel the pain ive had enough
enough is enough its all i can take
people wisk my emotions like baking a cake.
living on energy god knows were from,
guaranteed i wont live long.
to hard but i have tried
tried to mend my hert inside.
i wont to go slow with so much pain
i dont wanna live another day,
on a lonly one sided emotional train.
that was me at 18 now 22 after 4 years of counselling im finally happy and can deal with things in such a different way. im now studing to be a suicide counsellor .PLEASE LIFE HASENT EVEN STARTED THE GOOD DAYS ARE YET TO CUM, PLEASE GET SOME HELP OFF A PROFESSIONAL NOW ITS NEVER TO LATE TILL THE DATE!!
09 Jul 2006 johnny ya know, I simply just don't get it you say you people want to die yet when I offer ideas and other ways to help you send harsh e-mails bitchen at me now IM hurt deaply hurt make up your mind do you want to die or not because judging by most of the reactions I get ID say your all just scared kids with nothing else to do so you try and through one big pitty party well sorry to disapoint you but that doesnt always work i think you should only e-mail me if ya wanna die other wise i really have nothing to offer
08 Jul 2006 nameless i just wanted to say that i read most of the stories and things people have to say about suicide and ive been very suicidal for a while now and if i had access to anything at all that i knew for a factwould work i know i would do it in a heartbeat and everyone thats out there saying that suicide isnt the answer and that we shold try to rise above everyone else and find someone who cares man thats all nothing but bull man what if there isnt anyone that cares what if your life just totally sucks and reading all these stories just make you even more suicidal and depressed thinking of those people im not one to give advice and im not looking for anyone to email me or anything im just saying my friend gave me the link to this website and told me to read them and to tell you what i really dont care i still want to die every day it gets worse and worse and its all i can think about and theres nothing that can stop them i cut my wrists all the time just to watxh myself bleed the scars are so bad on my wrist and my arms that i go no where without a jacket and i keep going because theres nothing in life better that infinite ending and total darkness bliss and thats what i want and right now i dont have a high place to jump off of and i dont have access to a gun or anything i could really use to kill myself so until i do i hurt mself as much as i can and keep looking to the perfect way to get me out of this stupid world with all the stupid people that i cant stand people always trying to say if you need to talk im here or i know how you feel but the truth is no one knows how someone else feels not exactly and some people just need to get it out of their systems that the world is nothing but a bunch of happy friendly people and start realizing how much life sucks
08 Jul 2006   Why don't you people stop feeling so sorry for yourselves and get help?
Life is what you make it. Turn your life around into something more giving?
08 Jul 2006 Emily cutting your self isnt suicdial...its a pain reducer. It actually releases natural self depressants. Hence why you want it more and more; So if you are doing it to get attention stop it, cause you have no fucking clue the pain one can feel and the only way to realease the pain is from cutting cause all yopur attempts hagve failed
08 Jul 2006 concerned Why would anyone want to kill themselves? Isn't that the coward's way out? Aren't there people out there that could help you to over come your afflictions?
08 Jul 2006 tasha when ur under 13 life sucks! all the posh girls trying to get the boys attention picking on u cause the biyz like u 4 who u r not cause u straighten ur hair, do ur nails, worry about wat u wear. its all sad. live sucks sumtimes cause people themself make you feel so low. they pick on u 4 no reason. just cause ur urself. dont make urself 2 be anythin ur not it just aint worth it. believe me ive been beaten up 6 times by boyz brought through hell an back also tried 2 commite suicide
08 Jul 2006 waza razor blade your skin off then dive in a vat of salt
08 Jul 2006 Jemma Ok...I ain't here to say to u all..oh no dont kill all means go right ahead...but no1 on this site is serious..because people who are depressed dont like to talk about it...they dont go on about how much they want to kill themselves...ther out ther actually doing just all wake up to yourselves and realise that you dont even have problems...try being raped when your 7...then almost stabbed to death by your own mother than come back and tell me how depressed you are...
08 Jul 2006   I tried to hang myself when I was 12, but I was caught in the process. And to all these people "slitting" their wrists, you aren't trying to kill yourself, if you were going to then you'd know you don't cut across the vein , you cut with it. I can tell you this though, after being to war twice, I have seen and smelled more death than I care to. I lived 20 feet from rotting corpses. All this combined with killing the enemy ruthlessly, has made me numb. I can't go five minutes withought thinking of killing myself. and the only thing that stops me is I don't want my wife to have to see, nor my 5 year old son. I played Russian roulette last week, but musta missed my chance. I can tell you this, the human race is a disease, and if you think you want to kill yourself, do it. Just make sure you kill the rest of your family first. It will be a good form of population control, and get those of us too ignorant to live off of this earth. Just do your family a favor and kill them first, I mean, just cause we want to kill ourselves doesn't mean your not compassionate right? As for me, someday I may get the balls to kill my son, wife, mother , father , brother, niece, aunts and uncles, but until then, I guess I'm a loser missing out like the rest of you.

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