Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Jun 2006 Carol My question is this....If this site is here to help someone commit suicide under old is the person controlling the site and if suicide is the come the people posting this site have not done it and gotten it over with...ANSWER...because suicide IS NOT the answer. I have been there...I tried it...I was unsuccessful and the truth is that life is not perfect but it is worth living. If you attempted suicide and failed then there is a purpose in this life you have not discovered yet. I am now 60 yrs. old..failed suicide at age 30 and have since then raised 5 children as a foster parent. I didn't know at 30 how much love there was in the world because I was concentrating so much on the depression that I didn't look around and see the beauty in the world. If you have 1 friend..just have found a reason to live. If you have 1 decent parent who loves you you have found a reason to live. Start looking for reasons to live...not to die and you will be amazed at what you find. If you feel you are so unloved...such a failure...go to a senior nursing home and see the love those people are willing to give for just a little love in exchange. If you feel life is too painful..go to a childrens ward in a hospital and see children who are fighting cancer to try to stay their friend...your friendship may not save them but it will help them to know someone cares enough...if they make it will have found a friend for life who knows just how precious life is all about. Go to an animal hospital or humane society and see that even the smalles of God's creatures are fighting for their life. Instead of focusing on reasons to kill yourself..focus on trying to find a reason to live...if you focus on that as much as you do the suicide you will start to find a purpose in your life and a reason for living. I found it in the 5 children I later became a foster parent to. Don't give up on life...fight for it. Those who continue to talk about depression live in that depression and sink deeper into it...depression is a tool form HELL. If you give in HELL is all your life will be. The other question you might want to ask is "Is there a God" Well...I believe there is and I draw my strength from him. If I am right and God does exist then I have a wonderful world to go to after death because Christ made a way for me...but I have to accept him and his ideas to get there. If I am wrong..then when I die I have nothing to loose. I would rather be safe and be like him because if God and Christ do exist...suicide would mean I didn't believe in them and I loose that right to the perfect life after this one. Think about it...look for reasons to live...not to life whatever you focus on the most is generally what will result in your life. So...why not focus on living and reasons to make your life and someone elses life more worth living. I am here if you want to talk. God Bless!!!!
05 Jun 2006 aurora get abducted by aliens
04 Jun 2006 Dori Impailing yourself with a pair of safety scissors through your chest or neck. You decide!!! Have fun running with scissors!
04 Jun 2006 Soon-To-Die Go in your cabnet with all medicane find good medicine.. Drink it with alchihol and see what happens. Im going to try that later tonight.
04 Jun 2006 Sabrina Audrey, that is f***** up. You seem to care more about the basement being ruined more than what happened to your son... how dare you say that you know what it's like, then going and COMPLAINING non-the-less about what happened. I'm 16 years old, and I tried to commit suicide once in Jan. and a 2nd time in February...all that it got for me was a room in a "Behavioral Health Unit" (Mental hospital) in Southern oregon-for a month. You know, that was what pissed me off the most after I tried and grandparents were pissed at me. It made me feel that they didn't love me at all...that I was an inconveinence for them. I'm not trying to critisize you..i'm sorry if it seems that way... i now know that my grandparents do love me- even though we get in fights. It's just the wording that they chose when they were in the moment. I know what it's like to lose a child. I lost my daughter...not to death, but i might as well have. I'll be praying for you...and everybody else on this site. anybody can add me to msn or yahoo..., or much love sent out to all of you!!!
04 Jun 2006 Jessica Life seems so hard for me now. My father doesn't accept my calls, my mother is so busy with her new boyfriend she forgets about me, and everyone else just uses me. I wanna die so bad to just end this pain and torment. I've tried to turn to God but it seems like he is no where to here me. I've tried killing myself twice and each time it doesn't work I feel even more depressed. I hide my depression from everyone because I don't want them to try to talk to me about it. They just don't understand what I'm going through. I've never loved myself...I've only hated myself for the 16 1/2 years I've been on this earth. I don't know what else to do but to jump off somewhere really high and end it that way because the pills don't work. I don't feel like I have a reason to live anymore because I don't have a purpose in life. I hate myself and I want it all to end.
04 Jun 2006 Elf Queen This website is really fucking sick. Whoever did this, Mouchette?? or whatever. you should really rot for even putting the thought into young kids minds.

PEOPLE!! STAY ALIVE! Don't kill yourself, it's not worth it.
04 Jun 2006 Hate being young I wish i were 70, in that case, i wouldn't have to wait that long for my happy death. Youth is a curse. you have to wait, wait, and wait. Someone please make me OLD!
04 Jun 2006 im back! this site is gd for lettin ur emtions out but hu ever made this site is obviously not 13.a 13 year old couldnt make something like this. ive read posts sayin things like this site helped kill my best friend as thy committed suicide! i dnt knw if tht is true, but wen i lst com on this site it didnt help me either. it made me worse. theres so much more to life than comin on a stupid fucked up website made buy some mysterious fucked up person. i realli would like to knw hu u r. actually on the other hand if i did id proberly kill u. dnt b like spooky penguine n spend every day on this thing. im surprised ur still on here penguine!! havent u got ne thin else to do?
listen to the hippy n wot he had to say coz i agree 100%. life is allot better if u think posotive.
04 Jun 2006 anna hi... my name is anna,
i am here 2 help. i no how most of u prob feel. i have attempted suicide twice. i no wat it feels like 2 be alone and depressed. i was sexualy abused. i have depression, i self harm, i have insomnia etc. so if u have a problems, and u wanna chat, then email me or speak 2 me on msn. i wnt judge u or anyfink, i will just try and help u.
my email addy is
03 Jun 2006 ratty this website is horrible.. there is so much to look forward 2 in life....who ever made this website shud be ashamed. Committing suicide is selfish and just something to attract attention. Lets think about it.... if u really wanted to comitt suicide u would be dead by now. You guys should seek help from your nearest doctor...
03 Jun 2006 Denise There is no good way to kill yourself. I am 13, I've lost 8 friends over suicide! I mean.. I've tried to kill myself, but then I think of all the people that love me and would miss me. We are all here for a reason. I hope you all can find a way to deal with the problems that are making you wanna commit suicide. But everyone has problems. Jesus had problems but he didnt take his own life over them. Just think about it. Don't do it. It's stupid. I'm sure at least one person loves us all.
03 Jun 2006 a person well, im 19 years old. i've been very suicidal as of lately. i had a bf who was just such an asshole to me. he couldn't go a day without insultin me or treatin me like shit. previous to meeting him, i had gotten very depressed, and i tried overdosing, cuttin my wrists, not eating and so forth, nothing worked. now becuz i've done all those things, im practically malnorished. (ihope i spelled that right) atleast i feel like i am. it has really taken a toll on me. i've lost soo much weight. i weigh about 80 lbs now. my self esteem is wayyy below sea level. my parents dont talk to me. im not very social. i try to be though. im just not a people's person. no one takes the time to get to know me. i truly just feel like a loner. as if i don't even belong on this planet. everything is just soo wrong in my life. no one knows how empty i feel inside. these past couple of days tho, i've been more suicidal than ever becuz i've been considering hanging myself and im actually not afraid as i used to be when i thought of suicidal stuff. i wish i had sum1 there for me to make it better. but i dont. im just a loner. im gonna die that way too. i hope that my family dont worry too much when im gone th0.
03 Jun 2006 well yea, im all like holy and that kind of crap so ive tried to commit suicide in holy ways like drinking some toxic stuff but it never works so anyway after my boyfriend died i got all depressed and shit but then i decided i would just have to wait for me to die i have all these really strange dreams every saturday and friday night and it like tells me iam to die on my next birthday so im all like huh? and i go to like 8 different theripists who are all afraid of me and i love watching them fail
02 Jun 2006 ton what dose it matter if your under 13
02 Jun 2006 maddy i dont think there is any great way to die, you should kill yourself. so many people would want to have a second chance at life, and you all are being selfish in thinking your problems are enogh to kill youself, there are so many people that love you and woudl devistated to know what you are doing to yourself. you all are worth a life and have so much to offer the world, why throw it away.
02 Jun 2006 wtf wtf..think about your actions. think of the people you're gonna hurt. think before you act. life is precious. life is too short. you only have one chance to live. make the best of it pussies. god damn
02 Jun 2006 nikki yesterday and wednesday i tried killing myself by takeing an overdose. I took 10 tylonal and 4 anti depressents on Wednesday and yesterday I took 14 tylonal. I told my friends I wouldn't do it again but I might do it again tonight before my softball game. If I do do it I want it to kill me so I will never have to go to school and put up with the kids I hate. I used to like them until I got out of the hospital and now I hate them because they call me names and some of them hit me. Some of my friends are trying to help but I just wont stop overdoseing. If I overdose tonight(whitch I'm going to think about) and it doesn't work then I will try to drown myself or hang myself because that should work.
02 Jun 2006 natisha Look whoever that audrey person is...dont bloody listen to her shes no help at all! she makes you more depressed!! and my brother tried to commite suicide together 8 months ago...we both took 145 tablets brother ricky died...i lived...he gave me the tablets that didnt matter if i took 1000 of them they wouldnt make any difference and he took all the 800g tablets his body couldnt take it..i only vomited.. and i had to sit and watch my brother die...he was only 17..(im 15)i tried to save him but it was too late and now i have to live with that everyday of my life...but im guessin that he knew something i didnt...because a month ago i gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl called latisha perez( im half spanish)...and that means at the time me and my brother commited suicide i would have been just 2 months gone...i know my brothers looking down on me and latisha everyday...i thank god everyday for latisha but i cry everyday for the uncle she could of had...theres always other solutions rather than suicide.. you dont have to think about the ones taht will hurt if you die... becuase your pain is the most important but think of the future when these problems have gone and what you can have and if its over an ex or a boy or even a girl...the father of latisha left me when he found out about my brother...and he hasnt ever seen latisha but im in love now...with my fiance and hes a great father to latisha and has helped me threw all the bad times so just remember when theres nothing left..maybe its becuase your looking to hard...sometimes you just have to sit back and wait in life...everything comes together in the end..dont listen to the people that put you down or laugh at your problems...they dont know lift your head up and show them that your strong enough to rise above them...dont waste your life ..because in a few years you can show people that your worth more than they are and that youve made it strong and think of the things youll miss out on..people come and go in our lives but its up to us whether we're srtong enough to let them

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