Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 May 2006 zizo any body can't kill himself because the soul it's dearly on the god
08 May 2006 Monica swallow vanilla bath beads
08 May 2006 karli im 12 and well i have just found out that my life is really sad. i wanna get help (kinda) but i really dont want my parents to know. i dont think they would ever understand, i mean i am only on this wedsite when im home alone or its at night and everyone is asleep. i did have a plan to just cut myself, but now since i've been cutting myself i have relized that it hurts more than i thought. oh my god i wish i could do it and just get it over with. some times i feel like going out on to the busy street and just jumping out in front of a car and hope that i die and not wake up. i dont understand why some people want to help stop others from committing suicide, because if they want to die and u stop them than most likely they might just have a worse life, not like me i wouldn't mind i guess but if some one doesn't want help than u should just stay away.
08 May 2006 karli i am 12 (almost 13 in july) and i want to kill myself really bad, but i just dont know how to or which way. i dont want it to hurt really bad or choke myself. just about a week ago i started cutting myself, on my hands, ankles and thighs only 8 times(may seem like a lot to others). i tell my friends that i am going to kill myself on wednesday night and i really want to but then i get the idea about what would happen to me after i did it like i might go to hell or something worse would happen. my so-called "friend" said that she would let me if i had no friends and i think that was funny because that is one of the reasons why i want to commit suicide because i dont have any friends, loneliness, my parents are divorced, im fat, im not really that good in school, and my mom(shes isn't bad all the time, but she can just make me wanna rip my head off). i even made a list of why and why i shouldn't commit suicide, i came up with 2 more shoulds than should'ts.
08 May 2006 kayle get into a tanning bed, be sure to jam the door and not have it on auto turn off.
08 May 2006 CHARMED MY ASS Okay then some people may think that this site needs 2 b shut down. But who r they 2 say that. Thay dont know what its like, or what crap people have been through. i mean my friend try's 2 kill her self all the time, thats cause of her dad though. I LOVE THIS SITE. it can help people that r on a long down alot.

Confetions. i have alot of that 2 do. this site helps u deal with tuns. reading what other people go through. u realise that u r not alone. u can also meat friends, i have. i know that sound weird but its true.


08 May 2006 Charmed my ass Okay then answer this question. How many times have u actually tried 2 kill yourself?
1-5 normal
1-15 mental,what the hell is wrong with u.r u super human? hurry up and die.

And what is it with emo's about slitting there rist's. if u dont do it your not 1 but if u do u r, what a bunch of muffins. No affence.

Joke. LOL. im so funny. catch ya later.
08 May 2006 marie Salut! mouchette, je ne vais pas te donner une méthode de suicide car moi meme, je n'ai pas réussie mon coup,de plus aprés ma tentative je me suis retrouvé 2 mois dans un hopital psychiatrique. J'imagine bien que ce genre de messages qui ne t'intéresse pas, mais je voulais te dire que je vais prendre 18ans et il me reste 2-3 ans (pour etre obtimiste) avant de pouvoir enfin vivre comme je le souhaite! alors merde t'es jeune motive toi!bouge ton cul! Et tu aura surement la joie de vivre a un des meilleurs moments de ta vie ( le lycèe,l es potes, la voiture le chite......)
08 May 2006 Melanie Plastic bag over your head. Cheap, simple and you can make it look like an accident.
08 May 2006 WeirdEmoFreak Hello, it's me again!
Just to the person who asked is overdosing painful? The answer is a simple: YES!
all overdosing knocks you out, you may vommit, and feel sick.
If you survive, you wake up in hospital (most times) and get your stomach pumped.
The ammount of pills?
Depends on your weight and the strength of pills.
What type of pills?
Basically any type of drugs, pain killers, etc.
07 May 2006 Peter Eating a dog.
07 May 2006 colton but seriously
im a christian(yall r thinkin "here we go)and i was once suicidal and felt empty,then one day i went to church and felt a lil better bout meself,so i started goin im happyer
dont kill yallselfs people u might change the world one day
peace !!,, colton
07 May 2006 colton ello im back
more from me
if u want to die come to my house and kick my cat
07 May 2006 Monica Swallow battiers
07 May 2006   Im having problems trying to understand the concept of forgiveness. If someone does something really bad to you and they did it maliciously, with evil intent, just to hurt you and they really tried their hardest to make your life a living hell and i mean really went out of their way to ruin you, why should you forgive them? I dont get it. I can forgive someone for making a mistake, thats straight foreward, but if you forgive someone for doing you some real wrong, isnt that like saying to yourself, yup, go on and do it all over again. I think its hard to forgive in that case, and that means you cant forget about it, which is good, in case any more arseholes think they can just walk into your life and destroy it for their amusement. Anyone with an understanding of foregiveness?
07 May 2006 Dreaming of Death Suicide is a permanant Solution to a permanant problem
07 May 2006 little skinner what do i do?
Each dsay i keep asking myself the same question, noticing the scales constantly leaning towards the 'give up' side of things.
when i met the girl of my dreams i thought my life actually made sense and i had a purpose, i stopped smoking fags, drinking everyday and i also kicked out the drugs. As most things all was well and good until one random day when she decided she'd had enuff of us and didnt want me anymore and from that day i have seen what is ment for me and how things really are in my life, i dont think i have the worst life but nothing makes sense anymore,my family dont pay attention to me my friends aren't loyal to me and always seem to stab me in the back and most of all my life is just one big lie!my life has no real purpose what so ever, i have a boaring job which is crap money, i try to kid myself but then reality hits me and i think fuck it no one would really give a shit long termly if i was here or not. i tried to od by mixing anti depressants wit alcohol and different types of paracetemol products but all that did was knock me out. so now i have a new approach whilst reading up on poisons which react with others to cause the highst percentage of death i found the perfect match for my body and state of mind, i have only ever had one dream which seemed to make any sense to me which i kept thinking over and over and finally deciding it was ment to be, life is a very difficult thing to deal with which confuses everyone at times but where some people have the strength to carry on others like me cant seem to cope. i hope my dream soon comes to reality.
07 May 2006 Rene I am seriously at a loss. I dunno what to do. I dont really 1 2 die. I would miss my parents. I luv them so much that I cant bear to leave them at all. But i hate myself for being so fat and useless. My sisters and frens would tease me. They would say that I am fat and ugly. I hate it. I really hate it. I want to be as slim as them too. But i have the problem of over eating whenever i am sad or depress. Over this week, I gain 4kgs and I seriously dont dare to go back to school. I am afraid that ppl will tease me for getting fatter. I am very sensitive to what ppl say and I care a lot of how ppl look at me. So i always try to find an excuse for not attending school. but my parents would always scold me and I know they will be sad. Sometime, i would think that, I would rather die than giving my frens a chance to tease at me. I need help seriously...
06 May 2006 Brian Ok dont want you simpathy just hear me out.
I have lived a pretty normal life until about 5 months ago. I got in my first major car accident going down thinterstate and an idiot ran me off the road on purpose right into a break away guard rail and then he decided to keep going. Well I hit the guard rail doing 70mph spun back across the interstate and onto the other side, totaling my car. I was pretty brused and shaken up but had no major injuries. Well this was just an unfortunate event...or so i thought.
2 weeks later I was driving to work and it was January 2nd about 6am and I dont know what happened and no body saw what happened, but somehow I hit one of those big cement light poles and it sheared the whole drivers side of my car off. I was knocked unconsious w/ a bad concusion and was told I was about for 45min-1hour. Well I was airlifted out to the hospital and I probably shouldnt have even been alive. When I finally came to I was told I had broken both of my legs, my arm, and much more. My right ankle all the way through. My left femur all the way through. My left radius I dislocated and broke. I tore my left bicep. I had so much crap wrong with me my parents had trouble even looking at me. I ended up being in the hospital for 5 weeks and then much much rehab which was very hard. But come to find out the physical and emotional part is 10 times harder. I still have much trouble walking and probably will for the rest of my life.
Then about 3 months after this accident I was rinding home with my gf and a car cut us off and we slammed on out brakes, fishtaling into the center guard rail and totaling her car. I did reinjure some of my already aking and healing body, but my gf luckly turned out to be ok except for a couple cuts on her head.
Now I am once again trying to get back on my feet and come to find out my gf has been cheating on me during this time. I had been with her for 2 years and this was the ultimate blow. Nothing can go right for me I can never get a break and I am doing going through so much pain to get absolutly no where.
I have tried to od 3 times now and really thought I was going to die the last time until they found me and rushed me to the hospital. I have tried slitting my wrists to no avail and my life is going nowhere but downhill. I hate my life and I hate everything. Here is a pic of my bad car accident.

<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a>
06 May 2006 lonely and sad The best way? well theres lots of ways that are kind of painless but arent available to everyone hmmm id be to scared to get a gun and shot myself i mean really if it didnt work what would i be left with? i might end up a turnip or just unable to walk if i hit a part of my brain that controls that well i want to die in away but also i dont want to hurt my parents if they were dead then i think id just go for it but they are alive so im kinda stuck i dont want to hurt them i wish i could tell you the best easiest fastest most painless way to die but i cant im sorry i guess if you really want to die then you will just try anything even if your not sure if it would kill you and eventually you would die as youd be so desperate you wouldnt care about the pain so if your to scared of the pain and everything else then you dont want to die deep down it takes guts to kill yourself and only the most desperate of ppl will succeed in committing the act and dieing.

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