Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Aug 2006 91-612-2206165 just go to any restricttat area like parliament or governer house there u find the security jus have to show them urs toy gun in the way of sooting.if u do that then there is 75% chance that thay will shoot u.
11 Aug 2006   In 1999! Because i was bullied and no one likes me where i live because people think i am ugly ( i know i am )
I Tried to once kill myself but i won't be doing that again because the plan back fired and i got in trouble for it by the police awhile ago.
Now everyone is talking about it now where i live
11 Aug 2006 Noone. I am someone who wants to say,
I have written stuff on here which is not true, I want to say sorry to all, who read my shit lies i told about dieing and other iies i told on here about being someone i am not!
I guess i was writeing crap that is not TRUE to make my self feel better.

Pease forgive.
11 Aug 2006 Please forgive To Everyone Who Reads This.....

I have written stuff on line and other web sites on line an i have been a horrible person to other people, i am so sorry i worte nasty stuff on here an to other people on line on other websites.
I cant help my self i am sorry i just need to vent sometimes on line, As i do not get to do that in the real world.....:(
I have had alot of problems with people in the real world, which has made me this way.
To those people i have been nasty to
11 Aug 2006   What kind of a sick website is this???
10 Aug 2006 Norah hey whats up. i am suicidal also, ive tried cutting and over doses, but they dont work all they do is get u into the hospital. so if u really want to die, i reccomend get a gun and shoot yourself. iam looking to get one.
10 Aug 2006 Someone who is no one i want to die i do, people in my family are arseholes to me an people where i live are arseholes to me,
I dont know what to do..
Life is so fucking shit.
I think i will soon because i am getting feed up the fucking whole life an i am so pissed off with everyone being prettier then me,Fuckers!
I hate the whole world my parents are always fucking moaning an bullying me,my brothers bully me to,. I have no friends or a relationship, I have been classed as haveing a Psychotic experience ( HA HA HA LOL WHAT A JOKE THAT IS )..
People in my family hate me for who i am,I have no one to turn to,
so death is the only way....
10 Aug 2006 this way is better. Killing your self is not the answer... GO DOWN WITH A BANG! Kill, destory, maim! The people who hurt you... the people who hate you, crush them all!
Heres what I suggest... going to a hareware or sometime of place where the sell melee weaponary. Now if you want to make more maiming then killing... Go hammer, now if you want more killing sword or axe. Hell buy all three! Now start taking out people! The cop come? Run at them with the fury of ten men (20 geeks). If you die, you die, if you make and kill all of them, good for you keep going! See now your not some weak person who killed him self... no your a warrior who went down like all great men should with bang!
10 Aug 2006   to start of with make sure you are bullied, that will kill you off.
or of you are not bullied then try this!
You should make your life very hard and make your self as depressed as a teenager, then when you get older you will worry about it all, then it wil make you ill then you might die.
in to your early adults years you will be so fucking ill...

or likw i said get bullied as you get older it will make you ill and kill you off.
10 Aug 2006 necris manger une tasse de pépin de pommes.les pépin libère un produit toxique
10 Aug 2006 vicki why wud u wanna do this oneslty contact me if ya need 2
10 Aug 2006 vicki tbh with u all i av tried to kill myself serveral times i have been thru so much i have cancer and also have lost 2 babys i knw how u all feel trust me u just gtta find that 1 person u cn trust and tel everythin and dnt bottle ur emotions up
trust me if ya ever wana talk i am a gr8 agony aunt email me on
09 Aug 2006 kompressaur The best way to kill yourself when your 13 is to be depressed about life. You'll get older and see that it actually gets a whole lot worse and stup[id things like exams and fatherly beatings are fcuk all when your in the adult world. The real world. then you'll see just how shite it becomes so your best to snap out of your 'the world hates me' 'ooooo im such a misfit' 'i never asjed to be born' ways and get yourself ready for the big shit as it's a coming. You'll soon be reminicing back to today and seeing how godamn easy it all was.
09 Aug 2006 Sikki Stop complaining, you will never get out of it knowing that you will be happy once you are dead
09 Aug 2006 Spendrup I would imagine that anything involving tigers and/or horses would be the best way. Failing that I would suggest a couple of peices of cotton as they would be quite easy to obtain.

Let me know how you get on.

09 Aug 2006 james mc tresen im 13 and the best way to kill my self is clime a high tree and jumpe well if ur reading this ive already killed my self
09 Aug 2006 Someone who's been there Best way to kill yourself? Don't bother. you'll only fail and then look stupid to everyone for the rest of your life (like a mate of mine).

You still wanna know how you end it all? WITHOUT ANY PAIN???
OK then, read on....


You've had enough right? You take a knife and head for a secluded area. You can't go on any longer, but you're so frustrated and fed up that you can see no other way out. You put the knife to your wrist. A few minutes after you push it in, it'll all be over, right? So what difference will 1 more minute make? That's right, none. Take that minute and think to yourself: After you have done it you'll be gone forever, out of that shit life. no one you know will see you again, and vice versa. Yeah, fair one, who gives a fuck about them anyway? They're the ones who have made you feel like this. So fuck em. Fuck em all. Just get up and end your life right there and then. Not by suicide, but by bus / train / car / plane / boat etc. Confused? Suicide is just a form of transport to take you away from your life, so why not substitute it for another form of transport to get you away from that environment? It's the environment you're not compatible with, not your life. Once you're away from those surroundings, it IS over. you've gone & they'll never see you again. not unless YOU want them too. That power is now yours. You have left that shit life, and have now been reborn, only this time, you're born with the brains & experience to deal with your new life.

You need to realise that letting go of your way of life & walking away is the same as suicide, but you get to have a fresh chance at life. If you're getting abused at home, leave. Trust me, I know how hard it is to leave, but there are 100's of organisations out there that will help and support you all of the way, and get you set up in a new, better life.

What have you got to lose? you'll only gain from this method. You'll gain the rest of your life.

The suicidal state of mind is what occurs when your bodys ability to handle stress is overcome by too much stress. Everybody has a limit. when you reach it, you just need help, not death. you're obviously looking for help now, else you'd be dead rather than reading this.

Just try the above method. if it fails, you can still revert back to your original plan.

09 Aug 2006 Cat To be truthful i don't know but also i wish i did. I have heard cutting yourself is a good idea but i want to know how and where. I've already tried to commit sucide many times and i am trying to starve myself to death but that doesn't seem to help. Unfortunately though i am going to do it today. I am going to die. I may have given up before due to worry and had the doctor out but today is different.
I only wonder if drugging yourself on paresetamol works, praps i'll go back to the old method of stopping breathing.
I don't know but good luck finding the answer.
I'd ask you to tell me but i'll be dead!
09 Aug 2006 sas i have a friend and no mater wat i do for her she just makes me feel worthles and like a bad friend and she dosnt even no shes doing it. so feeling like a bad friend you try and be a good friend and without even knowing or wanting it to it becomes a big part of ur life to make this person feel happy so u can feel good about urself but this friend of mine just keep going on and on about how she's worthles and has NO friends and cuts herself so if u think u mite be one of these people who makes a friend feel this way im not saying u cant talk to them and there not there for u but try and start being there for them aswell
09 Aug 2006 Burnt, Scalded, Scarred and NOT DEAD Some pplz here r so arrogant and selfish. can't u understand that ppl dont just come here to find out how to die but how to get thru their own rough time. You don't know what they r going thru, who they r, what they look like and yet u judge them. What is up on this site is just like a counselling service but it is kids talking to other kids and telling them how to get trhu this.

Give em a break, !! shame on u

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