Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Jul 2006 Jemma There has never been a good way to commit suicide! And there never will be! I have tried many times to do it and I have always failed! But now I have slowly come to relise that yes it takes guts to commit suicide but it also takes guts to stand up and say that I will not go without a fight! Life is what you make it out to be! I fought bullies every year at school! i eventually dropped out because i couldn't take the pressure! They laughed and hurt me and dragged me so far down that I did not care about what i was doing to myself or friends/family around me. I wanted to belong so badly, but made myself an outcast! I cut myself, hurt myself in ways that caused so much pain to myself and others, that I felt ashamed! I hid my life and hurt my life, but i am bouncing back! Suicide is no way to go! I am now a football coach, i have 4 beautiful nieces and 2 handsome nephews who look up to me. My best friend sees me as strong when times get rough! I broke my family, but i am now repairing it slowly! Suicide is no way forward! Is is an end to a challenge! So don't stop fighting the challenge! Goodness eventually comes to those who wait! It came to me.....
23 Jul 2006 Kayleigh Hi! i've was once suicidal! but i had ppl that helped me! i thought no body cared bout me! but there was ppl that helped me b happy, that just goes 2 show that there r alot of ppl that care bout u n me! like ppl on this site trying 2 pursuade ppl that want 2 die not 2 do it! coz they care bout u! just coz they dnt no u dnt mean they dnt care! (we dnt care) there r ppl that care bout ppl! i've met ppl that want 2 die! n it really upsets me! coz i care bout ppl! i became their friend! just like u guys can find friends that care bout u n want 2 2 b alive! n enjoy life! coz life changes! things change! please give life a chance! the ppl that want 2 help u tell their own sorty 4 a reason! coz they felt like u once n they want 2 show u that things change just like it did 4 them! n now they r happy! my dad died when i was 7 n i suffered through my child hood coz i am with out a dad! my uncle commited suicide n his children suffered coz they hav no dad! if their dad hadn't commited suicide then they'd b happy n not suffering with their loss! just like i suffered! my uncle shud hav bin happy that he was blessed with children that love him! those of u that r young, u can hav a family 1 day of ur own 2 love n who will love u!! so please! giv life a chance!!

With Much Love

Kayleigh xxxx
23 Jul 2006 POSTS! mouchette! Why the fuck are you not putting your posts out in the second day?????????????

Put them out in the second day after the day they get posted please!!!!!!!
23 Jul 2006 Maritza Well I'm not under 13. Actually I'm 17 and I hate my life. I wish every bad day that I have that I want to die. When I say this I am not joking. I have attempted it and I want to attempt it again. I HATE LIFE. No one understand me, no one trys to and I hate it. Me being off this earth and dead will be good for a lot of people. So for those kids whoo are feeling like me... you can get help but if you dont want to, dont get help.
23 Jul 2006 HATER FOREVER Music is everything to me, my heart, my soul, my love, my anger, my fear, my security!
It is my voice. It is through music that I speak, through music that I understand. I have so much to say, so much to express, I must do it all through and with music.
Life is so full of mystery. There is so much to find, so much to discover. I want to learn it all! There seems to be so little time to live. You must take advantage of each and every day as if it were your last. Don't let anything slip through your fingers. Seize it while you have the chance.kill it in so many words! I have so many questions, so many hopes and desires. I can only wait... and keep dreaming...
Where would I be without music? Utterly lost! A girl with no dreams, no hopes, no love. A life with no music is a life of emptiness. How I live for music!


sod off!!

The one and only hater forever
23 Jul 2006 HATER FOREVER what i wrote before!

I will tell you my story!

people have screwed my life up! To a point where I wont get better ever again!
I have spent my whole life being scared of people and know i am scared shitless of the out side world!
I wish my family would move us to a different area!
I will tell you the way people have treated me!

WHERE i live i have no friends no realtionships there s nothing here for me!

I have gone completely mad because people wont leave me alone! And keep bullying me because i am not very good looking to a lot of people D:
I have done some things that would make your stomach crawl! well self harmed thats it!
I have been bullied here since i was 3 years old and other places not just where i live all because i am not vey good looking right!
Theres more to come!

Right now i have no one!
I have nothing to do here!
People dont understand me. My family dont understand me, I have a repuation for being someone i am not!
things have happened in my life that as made me angry!
Life is crap for somepeople and not crap for others!
Alll i would like to do is move away but that will never happen!


all i get is " your an ugly freak and your ugly etc "

My family dont understand me!

I hope i find a job on line to do and keep it if not its the streets for me!

I am 25 years old and my family keep telling me to get lost but i can't i am too scared to be out there in the out side world!
I have spent most of my time doing things alone and housebound to!

My whole family have never got it easy and neither we wont and we are not close and i feel like i was never ment to be!

Oh christ what a sick uncaring world we all live in!

There are people who are ouitcasts you know the ones who don’t fit anywhere
The rejects the losers the outcasts etc!

Well I am one of them outcasts!

I have been called all sorts of things in my time, UGLY,FAT, FREAKY,WEIRDO, SMELLY, GREASY, STUPID and loads more!

I have had bullying which has scared the crap out of me!
I am no longer apart of people around where I live I am a outcast from them!

I have always believed I am the only ugliest person about but I guess I am not really:
I am so starnge you know what I wish I could just get out of here but I am too scared to, plus people where I live are still noseing in my life! They don’t care about me..
Just talking about me and I tried to do my self once because of people hateing me for being ugly and they don’t care!


Plus this!

Why Are The Ugly People Rejects!

Why Is It that no one cares about ugly people!!
When A black person gets Discriminated Against there is a Law for something to be done about it..
But when it is a ugly person being Discriminated against no one cares!
I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have proper laws in a country to stop things from happening.
You never see an ugly woman with a boyfriend or husband at that.
But the woman do tend to go for the ugly men? Why is that ?
Also its so unfair that people have to end up in a shit life because there not very good looking!
Why are people strange with someone who is different?!
I want to get to the bottom of all this,
I think its about time this stupid behaviour stopped.!
Why is it that ugly people have hardly any life?
If you are ugly and you are a reject it lowers your IQ,
Yes Rejection Lowers IQ and makes people aggressive and that can’t be good!

Back to my topic also, I want to know is why people went out to hurt me for real that my life got screwed up over! People have tried to screw with my head growing up! JEZ

Well also I am so well I dunno really because I am just strange to a lot of people where I live.
No one here likes me and someone thinks I have boyfriends WELL A NEWS FLASH FOR THAT PERSON I DON’T HAVE A BOYFRIEND DUH!

Anyway back to my topic¬

That’s all for now!

I am stuck at home where everything is controlled by my fucking parents and I want out but I see no hope or end to me ever leaving home,! Or findng friends or even getting married!

Plus I am so wrong in my head I am So depressed in my mind!!!
I want to get rid of it my depression!

I hope my life gets better!

But I bet it wont!

Fuck the whole screwed up fucked up planet we all live on!!



PS: The best way to kill your self would be to Well check out the bloody stupid ways to go section morons!!

I HATE YOU ME AND EVERYONE ELSE OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



now just to add some more:

Just to add Noone wants me around includeing my family think i am not goodlooking enough! for them , and no its NOT becasue of my selfish way of talking, i DO CARE about the world a FUCKING LOT! So kiss my arse, you tossers, and i think your all scum bags the lot of you!


The One and Only Hater forever.

Post it all mouchette!

22 Jul 2006 notalonenemore1 Why do you all want to take the easy way out in life. whose going to know whats on your mind if you fucking kill yourself. And to all of you who have something to say about me being on this website FUCK YOU ALL. I have been in your situation probably in even worser situations. Let me tell you a little about my life. When i was 8 months old i was molested then put in scolding hot water, By the time i was 5 i knew exactly how to give a blow job. When i turned 11 i found out i had to std's and that i was pregnant. This all happened to me by my father. When i turned 12 my father took our baby and sold her to some person off the streets. He then started pimping me out after school to the people he worked with. At school i was labeled a deadbeat a looser, a whore, a bitch , a tramp, what ever you can think i was probably called. I was beaten up at least 4 times a day. When boy bullies came after me they would force me to give them oral sex. That shit happened on a daily basis for years. But thats not all my fucking parents didn't give a shit about me to my mother i was just a fucking mistake to my father i was i was just a bitch with good pussy and great head. i had no one to talk to. No fucking friends i came home to no one there. Black walls. Thats the first time i tried to kill myself. I went to the bathroom and drank 5 different types of cleaner, it worked. I lied on my bathroom floor dead for 2 minutes. Then i woke up in a hospital. I was told that i had only a few seconds left before they couldn't have saved me. I am now 24 years old. I am married and i have a great life now. I want everyone on this website to think about what your about to do or what you are thinking about doing. Believe me i never thought life would be better for me. I am with a counselor, I am also in the military. I travel the world and i talk to people about my life. Life seems like shit when no-one knows whats going on. Tell someone anyone especially a counselor or a teacher go to the hospital talk to a doctor. When your dead, your just that Dead Going out the easy way. I thought suicide was the answer. I found out it was more painful than anything. Drinking cleaner was not the only way it tried to kill myself. Please think about what your doing first. There's always someone out there whose in a worser situation. If you want to talk to me just email me. Don't let everyone out there win. Suicide is the easy way out. Talking to someone about your problem is alot better. And to everyone who thinks i sound like a counselor FUCK YOU. i want to help get someone off this website. Those who don't understand. Take the easy way out. Take away your little pain. I guarentee it will only cause alot more to the ones you thought don't give a damn. I'm finished i hope that my story has helped someone.
22 Jul 2006 ... Spooky Penguin you can never die. Because you will always be here, and in the google cache, a few others too. Probably a few people remember you too. Inc myself.
22 Jul 2006 i shot barbie You're a freakin' sick human being. I think this website is a pointless piece of shit, giving young children the oppurtunity to learn how to kill themselves. It's a horrible idea. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, I'm just saying what I think. and I really think someone should shut it down. Let me say something,

If you don't feel pain & depression when you're younger, you will go through it at some point in your life. But ending it when you're still young does not solve anything. When you're a child/tween/teen you only see the negative things in what life throws at you. USE IT AS PURE EXPERIENCE. What can't kill you can only make you stronger. Now that i've grew up a bit more, I really believe that quote is true. I've seen psychologists, went to mental treatment, self-harmed myself.. But seriously, Why put yourself in more pain just to stop the pain? ITS POINTLESS. All you kids who i hear dead on the news, didn't have a good enough adult to educate you about the REAL CONSEQUENCES about suicide. THIS SITE IS HARDCORE CRAP. It's promoting young suicide. I really hope the person who made this, feels the burn that some of these kids are going through. Anyways, I've said what i gotta. I'm more than happy if any of you on the verge of suicide would like to hear what it's really all about.
- email me if you have something to say.
22 Jul 2006 Paige carr this is a poem to all of those who have benn hurt by there father.

He’s made my life a living hell.
Always braking promises
letting me down.
Breaking my heart every time I see him.
Knowing that my relationship with him will never be what it could.
Knowing that I will never see him again is hard, but I am glad that he can’t bring me any more sorrow.
A father is supost 2 be the only man a girl can trust, but I can’t even do that.
So what hope is there 4 me?
I wish that he would rot in hell 4 ever, and that he would know and feel the pain that he has caused 4 his daughters.
I wish that I could click my fingers and reverse what has been the worst think I have had to over come in my life, but sadly the world is not that kind.
When I think of him all I picture are spikes penetrating my skin.
People surrounding me with eyes so full of pain, and there tears filled with rage.
I want to brake free from my emotions and forget, but memories good or bad don’t just wash away.
So I ask, what is the best way to deal with problem that feels like a hole eating away at you?
Every minute of every day wondering when you will finely fall apart.
Realising that the sorrow will never fade and will always haunt you
22 Jul 2006 Paige carr i want to comite suiside sum times cause of y so called father. he has fucked up my life since i was little. im know 14 and dont tlk 2 him any more.

thts cause he is a shit dad. he was never there 4 me ever.

lets exsplane my family first shall i. ]

me, mom ,sister.

kevin e.g dad ,2 half sisters, half brother, step mom.

i did have another half borther called shaun but he died and i never got to meat him cause my mom and kevin thought it was a good ides if me and my sis didnt know bout are other bros and sis's. fucked up right.

kevin lives wth step mom and half's. he is always there 4 them but never 4 me .

my older sis stoped tlking to him bout a yr ago, but i gave him another chance stupidly. but i realized wht a fuckin lying twat he was and stoped tlking 2 him in november lst yr. he still calls mom asking how i am. lst night he called and asked if he could tlk 2 me. i said no. he doesnt deserve 2 be a father, he doesnt deserve 2 b happy let alone 2 be loved.

so theres my sad story. mom says tht i can get perfetionl help lk therepy, but no 1 can help me wth my problems but me. i wish tht he woul rot in hell and suffer.
22 Jul 2006 Paige (a.k.a totally in luv with william gaffoor) k th last time i wrote in was bout may, so here i am.just turned 14 fank god. goin into yr 10 know so scary. lol.

goin 2 tlk out to all of u who think that life is point less or depressing. i used 2 be just lk u, but i moved on. found good points bout life. its hard i know but u have 2. otherwise u will fall apart and separate ur self from every1 and every think completely.
i hated my life and my self till i found this site and read peoples storys. i went away 4 a couple of months and got my head and mind sorted. but know im back and want to tell u that its not all bad. i know get on wth my mom and family even better. stoped tlking 2 my fukin dickhead of a so called father(ok thats a bad point). luvin skl and friends. kinda involved with a totally awesume guy called william. as u can tell by my name. livin life to the full.

so people think before u do sumfin that u will regret. ur loved and many peole will mis u. it will take time, but i promise it will get better. make an effort to change ur life around, get help tlk 2 sum1 they can help alot trust me i know.

peace out to my friends who want and need a better life. u can change things if u try. remember live life 2 the full, or live life 2 the full.

22 Jul 2006 orli who said that after death everything is over?no one yet came back from there and we can't know it!!!
I'm from Israel so I'm sorry about my English(well i'm trying as u see).Today I'm 24 and i suffer from borderline personality disorder.Since i remember myself my mom used to call me names and bit the bones out of school no one liked me caz i was a very closed kid.every time someone hearted me i was hearting myself in a different ways(i'm not going to give any ideas here for protection of those who'll read it).i tried to suicide first when i was 15.there were more times till age 20,for 5 years i was trying to heart myself and end up my stupid i'm looking back and i can't believe that i was such a's not that the world changed,it's not that my past is not making me sick anymore(i was also raped twice),it's not that sometimes i'm just closing my eyes and i'm saing g-d thank you i'm alive-NO.but there one change in me i understood that suiciding or hearting yourself is not the way out.the way out is to start living for those little things you love and to treasure those people that you love and they love you back.i look at the scarts on my hands and you have no idea how sorry i am that i have them becaues each one of them means that i gave up and let my enemies win when they don't deserve a shit,not even one tear.i know that many of u can say that there's nothing 2 love and 2 trust or to live for but it's not true.maybe now you just don't see it but it's only caz u maybe didn't try to look deep inside yourself 2 find even 1 reason,who but me knows that it's much easier to feel sorry for yourself and blame everything around than to try to raise your head up and say:I WILL LIVE AND SURVIVE NO MATTER WHAT CAZ I DESERVE IT!!!think about it.and if someone wants to talk to me can write me and i'll be happy to answer.
22 Jul 2006 Bleeding inside People suffering out there come and talk and get to know me. No one wants to support us out in the world all we can do is turn to eachother cause we r in pain and understand whats going on. Its all up to u if u want to die cause u reckon its not worth dont let any stop u like im not going to
22 Jul 2006 ella people
dont you see!!!!!
im telling you my lyf will never get better, yours might but im nto going to say it will becuase thats fuking lying i dont knwo that
my fuking lyf is hell hold, all because of my x!!!! i didnt know it was possible that one person could make ur lyd hell. if you realli want to help me get over him, and help your self at the same time, email him all your thoughts of anger, hate and sickness to
make his lyf what he made mine
21 Jul 2006 gina Please Kids I beg you as a person who is still suffering from the things I have done to my body don't do. I have try many different things from drugs, pills, and even poisons. I remember I time when somebody would hurt me and I would go somewhere, get a knife and cut myself and alot of you think I am stupid but it would make me feel relieved so kind of why. I was fat, ugly, I was told I was never amount to anything I father left me at the age of 7, sisters, mother,brother would beat me. when I turn 13 mother left me to live with her boyfriend. I was molested when I was 8, so I struggle with a homosexual desire. that was some more for kids in school to pick on me about. the reason they found out was because they caught me stare at a couple girl with short clothing on. I mean I thought I was these sick, monster. I the age of 15 I got into witchcraft thinking to myself this is where I belong. while I worked but it made me become evil. I started steal, and doing to people or their food or so on. I thought I had this great power. I ever got deep into sucide. I thought I was powerful than an God into one day when all the the pills, poison, and alcohol had taking its control of me and I was dying I knew I was going to Hell everything start happening so fast.I felt I didn't want to died. but any I will have to go into details for you another time but away I got saved. and now I am a mother with four kids in college and loving being a christian I know this is hard to believe but the people who knows me would say diffently
21 Jul 2006 Dee I am over 13 but have tried to kill myself on a couple of occassions just like all of you. I have a life, people who love me, friends, but my past is not allowing me to feel the love that a person needs to go on living happy. I was molested when I was young by a family friend and then after that I was raped. To top this all all when another person tried to attack me and I was brave enough to tell my mother, she told me it was my fault because I wore my clothes to tight and was always trying to be to seductive. She no more supported me than anything and the first time I tried to kill myself, she asked me why I was trying to hurt her! No me, her! Sometimes the hurt just doesn't go away and time just doesn't heal. I do understand pain and suffering. The only reason I am still here now is I am concerned with my eternity. I do not want to go to HELL, even though I have lived one here on this earth
21 Jul 2006 Hate me 4 me Im 12 years old and i have a horrible sister and well she makes my parents think that she is an angel, and me look like the child from hell, she has good grades and i dont and she has everything good, and i dont really care except i get the short end of the stick all the time. So my mom thinks im horrible and i get yelled at about 5 times a day for not being my sisters slave (my sister is 19 and is a tattletale sooo) My dad is the only one who can see through her and doesnt try to end my suffering any way at all, he never talks to me at all and he hates me. ALSO, my relatives think that there is something insanely wrong with me... my mom lies about me i cant tell her anything without knowing she will go out and tell the world!!! anyways i hate my life and i dont want to die because my friends r the greatest and they r my reason to live, I tried to cut myself because it is said to be a pain reducer but i cant go all the wya through... we dont have any sharp blades at all. And cutting doesnt work so for those of u who cant cut, i have something for u. Choke yourself. Just be sure to stop when u start to get dizzy cause u will pass out.
X*Wish me a better life!!*X
21 Jul 2006 lara. Leave me here alone.
Kill the breeze on your way out
And let me ferment in my own self pity.

My dad
My one best friend.

21 Jul 2006 George I'm 13 turning 14 this year, July 2006. I can't take life anymore. People hate me and think, I'm a bad person. I have been abused verbaly and sexualy most of my life. I am trying overdose with painkillers or any sort of tablets. I am sick of people using me and 4 my body. I get bullied at school all the time. People telling me I'm gay, bad, im hated, they want me dead and keeps going on. I hate myself, I am depressed and just want to end it all here. People have told me that they reckon I'm not meant for this life and I believe them. All I believe now is that I'm not good enough for anyone and am worthless to the world.

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