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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Jul 2006 Tash Drinking nail varnish remover mixed with vodka..Enough of that would kill me? Right?
27 Jul 2006 lorna when i was 13 many times in tried to kill myself frm cuttin myself, pill overdoses to wlkin in front of a car. bt they neva wrkd!!! im nw 16, i gt help tho n nw im ok n really want to live. killin urself is nt the answer to anythin no matter hw bad u feel there is always a way ot, i promise. if ne1 jst wants to chat or feels bad jst add me n we cn tlk. i wnt judge u, im jst trying to help. pls tlk instead of killin urself!!!
27 Jul 2006 you know im right This is site is fucking stupid, telling little kids how to fucking kill themselves and you lot who are posting should know better!!! no matter what you have been through, saying o tht ur gunna kill urself go on then, no-cares so stop posting for attention and go fucking do it.
27 Jul 2006 sas dear who eva wants to listen
wen i was yunger even before primary school i had been bashed by my older brother. then it was just starting as shuving and hitting but as we got older it started to become a mager isue in my life fisicaly and even more so emotionaly. i would come to school everyday realived to get away from home although my life in school was one of the worst in all the worst in all the other student i was a very very shy little girl and didnt make friends easaly and unforchunatly the other kids not noing any beter bulied and piked on me all throught primary school. at night wen i went to bed i would lay there and cry almost every night i cooldnt get to sleep and when i did i i woke up constantly during the night. when i was 4 or 5 i had noticed the razer in the shower and had wondered wat they were for for a long time. then wen i was just twelve i aredy new wat they were for but i discovered another use for it not noing about the proper concept of suiced and all that shit becouse i had all but no friend n teachers dont tell you about these thing i took the blade and made i small insision into my leg ujnsaticfied and intreaged i did it again even deaper i contiues uncontroebly until my hole right leg was full of deep cuts afterweres as i was trying to stop the bleeding with a hole role of toilet paper i cryed and realised the extent of wat i had done. falling asleep that night was easy as i past out about 2 hours after my act i prosume it was due to servire blood lose. but thankfuly i woke up the next moring covered in blood. i removed my sheet and lukely i had a plastis coting under it. i cryed at the grusem sight of the emout of blood that was sitting onto of it i felt like wat i had dont wasnt reel. i plased the sheets in a plasic bad then in my bakpak and disposed of it in the lake. i went to school with nobody noing wat i had don and nothing changed. a few weeks l8ter i did it again rite after my brother ponched me giving me a big bruse and allthough he'd done worse this just set me off and i went out of my mind again and made to deep slits on my uper arm. still nothing changed. to this day i still have surver skaring from those tow and more times i have endolged in those acts but wen i got to high scool i made friends and slowly started to change i became less shy and more happy i now feel disabled in the fact that i cant go swimming with my friend or wear shorts or tshirts but i have cept my secret prity well with only a cople of people seeing but theve been nice about the hole situation. my brother has stopt his ways and now become to buisy with schoolo work n shit to pay atention to me. anyway the point to my story is that no mater how harshly the world treets u theyl always be something good to wait for in the futuer and wen i think about wat couldhave happend that first night i start to cry becoze i love my life now and i cant imagin not having to chance to live it. ive seen alot m,ore things then ive recorded here and even now there are a few mager lows going on that just make me want to cut myself and so i do but i wouldnt dare cut to deep
26 Jul 2006 victor there is no best way. i`m 47 and have thought of it often through my life. i`m thinking about it right now. yes, it would be a very selfish thing to do. but if you find yourself at 47 years old, and friends you can count on one hand, and only need one finger... then you stop and think. you look in the mirror. you know how others see see what you are as may say i tried, crap! i failed. my life sucks! at 47 i would love a chance to go back in time at the same time wishing i were gone. 47 is old and worn out for some of us, but 13 is glory in it`s youth! dont be selfish child! i will hold on as long as i can, and if i choose to take my life away, it was selfish. i had to find peace.
26 Jul 2006 Steph I know what it feels like.

It feels like you will never be able to express all that you want to in words.
It feels like the people that make your life miserable, will never get what they deserve or realize what they have done.

Suicide isn't a way to make them realize that. Be the better person. Suicide is not selfish, it's selfish to want to keep miserable people alive just so YOU wont be hurt by their actions. But still, suicide wont solve anything. If there is no afterlife, a life of misery is better than none at all. You have 80 years to live probably, you wont know if it gets better until it all ends on its own, and if you ask me, it's worth the wait.
25 Jul 2006 Bob I'm 43 and tried to kill myself several times over the years. At age 10 I would pray to god to let me die. I did get that prayer answered and it came by way of hiv, and of course I tried killing myself afer that but I'm still here. I guess I'm writing because I'm bi-polar and so was my neice, I say was because she killed herself 6-6-06. She picked a dozey of a date. Her birthdate was 12-6-78. She like me and likme most of you on here feel hopless and or feel nothing. I promise you, as someone who has lived through the attempts and losing someone that I love so deeply, you will make it. Hold on hold on hold on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You never know what the next day will bring. I thought I'd never find love, especially with hiv but I did at 42 years old I got married. I thought life was forever going to be wonderful but then my niece took her life. I could kill my self real easy right now but it want bring her back and it might not put me with her but it would kill everyone I love and that loves me just as a large part of my heart has been killed by her death. If you can't feel consider yourself lucky. I wish I couldn't feel but I do and I don't want to die today cause I know I Will die one day and I can rest till then I'm giving the good fight. I pray for you all and I still pray for myself cause I'm always at risk of falling. That's why I've created my own living death escape. I have fixed a closet just for when I need to escape. It has a pillow a blanket and anything that I might want to have. I sometimes take in a teddybear. Close the door block out all the light put in ear plugs and close my eyes and just float. Try that the next time you feel you need to escape after all thats what killing yourself is all about, escaping. If we really where going to kill ourselves we would do it and we would not be here asking for ideas. Your reaching out, showing your pain and in doing so will releive some of it. But always HOLD ON. You ARE worth being here!!!!!
25 Jul 2006 gemma The best way to kill yourself when you're under 13...I wouldn't know. I've tried trust's impossible. With the pressure that parents put on you what else is there for? I mean if you can't look to your parents to believe in you and they're always putting you down and when you turn to the one person that's meant to help you through all the pain and agony and all they do is make your life even more miserable then what is there left to do other than kill yourself???

It's all right to be filled with hate, people are stupid!!!!!

so what if i hate???
if you don't like my posts don't read them for fuck sake!!

I love to write. I used to hate writing with a passion, when I was in high school. In fact, I often couldn’t do it. “Write a story,” they would say. About what? Whatever you like. Three words that struck terror in my heart. You mean, make something up? Be creative? I can’t do that.! when i was younger i do enjoy WRITEING NOW !! LOL!!!

hate people. More specifically, I hate people who are stupid, self-centred or have no character. And at one time or another, you could fit anyone into one of these categories - yes, including myself! - so there you go. I don’t think those criteria are unreasonable but I suppose they are pretty unrealistic. Anyway I spend quite a bit of time alone. Like now, when I’m toying with the idea of going out but where, and with whom?????????????????????????????
25 Jul 2006 one night stand well i think im gonna kil myself for sure now
so my birthday was on the 19th...and i got drunk......for the first was fun at first and then i was just hangin with my friend and we were both prty more than her.....and we were talkin to sum a the guys at her bar and then we went my friend and 3 guys....
so we went to the pier by the lake and me and this 24 yr old guy started to make out and shit.....and im only thats not we were jus makin out and touchin and shit....then we ended up havin sex.....without fuckin protection....we didnt do it fo that long cuz my friend stopped us...cuz i told her not to let me have sex.....cuz i was a virgin...but yea so she stopped it...but i thik i mite b fuckin pregnant and if i turn out to b pregnant im gonna fuckin kill myself....i have no one to turn to to help me with this cuz if i tld my mom i wud b fuckin dead and if i tld my dad....we wnt go there.....ither way im idk wat to do.....but yea i will kill myslef if i find out i am good bye

One night stand
25 Jul 2006 HATERFOREVER It's all right to be filled with hate, people are stupid!!!!!

so what if i hate???
if you don't like my posts don't read them for fuck sake!!

I love to write. I used to hate writing with a passion, when I was in high school. In fact, I often couldn’t do it. “Write a story,” they would say. About what? Whatever you like. Three words that struck terror in my heart. You mean, make something up? Be creative? I can’t do that.! when i was younger i an NOW !! LOL!!!

hate people. More specifically, I hate people who are stupid, self-centred or have no character. And at one time or another, you could fit anyone into one of these categories - yes, including myself! - so there you go. I don’t think those criteria are unreasonable but I suppose they are pretty unrealistic. Anyway I spend quite a bit of time alone. Like now, when I’m toying with the idea of going out but where, and with whom?????????????????????????????
25 Jul 2006 Dave Marshall I was diagnosed with depression last january 2005 and since then things just seem to be getting worse i lost my dad on the 8th of may this year which was hard enough but about 5weeks ago my wife of 9years left me and took my kids with her now all iwant to do is die plenty of people keep telling me to be strong and things will get better but i am sorry i just dont see it myself. I cant eat or sleep properly she wants me out of the house so that she can sell it but i have nowhere that i can go i came to this town because my wife lived here so i lost touch with the few friends that i had along time ago and now i just feel like i am sinking furter into depression i have tried a few overdoses but they have just made me ill and miss work because i was so sick that now i might lose my job due to so much time off work so you see that suicide looks like the best option at the moment has everyday seems more pointless than the last and i seem to have lost my will to go on i know that you are a stranger but none of the people round me know what i am going through and hopefully you wont judge me for the way i am feeling
24 Jul 2006 cyndi Hey. Guys? Gals? The sigh and the blood dripping is a little over the top. Unless you want me to feel as if I just killed a child living inside of a computer program. I'm into guilt trips - why not add one more wacky one?

Boy, it reminds me of some of the head trips I heard about in psych class.

Did you know that gmail never throws anything out? And, they may have access to my complete goofy letters to everyone else when I used different email programs. Do you work for NSA? Are you part of Bush's homeland security?

Now, I really don't like the blood dripping on the screen. And I don't like the little boy crying and dying. It's a lie. Unless there really are ghosts in my computer (that darn transference again), but if there are, how can they be killed when they are already ghosts?

Transference aside, though, it really is tacky.

Did you want anyone with a brain to take you seriously and respect your bandwidth?

Now, I'm getting witchy. Will you be telling me to take an anger management class soon - people aren't supposed to express dissatisfaction; are we?

Have fun being objective. I'm sure it's a lofty career. Oh, by the way, I'm a little obsessive-compulsive. And you're a program. Hooked up to a bunch of cogs. I might visit you every day.

Did you have to consult a lawyer before putting up this site? Do you understand the basics of journalism so that when you edit messages you do not cause libel against any entity?

Curiosity killed a cat. Which one of us will ...

24 Jul 2006 cyndi Why, hello again.

How about a disclaimer. :) Disclaimers can come in handy. :)

Next - there's a little story that I learned about. It was about fish. A lady at a pet store - you know - a lady who keeps the fish in the tank so that she can sell them to whoever for whatever reason they have - told me how nosy people called researchers did all sorts of experiments on the fish to see if fish feel pain. Have you ever seen a fish out of water? The fish look happy to you? Well, these researchers know better than to trust something as simple as observing a fish out of water. They had to go the extra mile and devise experiments to see if fish feel pain. I don't know what the experiments were. But the researchers gathered lots and lots of data. Data was very important while they performed many, many kinds of experiments on the fish.

In the end, even though anyone who is not blind can watch a fish out of water flop all over the place gasping for air, the researchers concluded that fish feel no pain. But, data - ah - data is important.

So, to cheer myself up, I sometimes envision doing experiments on researchers, or whoever allows things that aren't quite kosher (kosher - that's a rule about not causing animals pain even if it is only suspected pain or doing things like tricking or lying to innocent people), to see if they feel pain.

Sometimes that cheers me up. But, it is not a nice thought. But, it does cheer me up for some reason. Until it just makes me wonder more and more and more. Fish. Who's the fish?
24 Jul 2006 cyndi Gee - are you gonna put my email and name on the web page?

I may have had a lightbulb go off. Maybe your website is to allow someone to talk about their pain and suicidal ideation in such a way that has been declared legal. But, this is a tricky idea in my head. Because, everyone knows that web pages that become the happenstance of suicide pacts have become an international concern - Japan for some reason having the highest problem with this.

Maybe you're trying to help somehow. I don't know.

But, if you really want to help, legislation of some sort needs to be passed to free clinicians to do their jobs without locking people up. Obviously, if someone poses a threat to someone else or to a child, that makes sense to lock them up. But, the police in their police science classes have been taught that suicidal people are on the same coin as homicidal people. I haven't done the research, so I can't argue with them. But, I've heard stories about those tender-hearted missionaries of justice and how they crack jokes about the "crazies" who attempt suicide, be it a scratch with a pencil or something deeper. I know that cops have hard jobs, but they could use some enlightenment.

Another group that needs release are clinicians themselves. They get burned out with suicide attemptees. Of any age! Once someone attempts suicide, their interest rate, on the whole - not in particular, goes down for that individual. It's a way of distancing themselves.

Am I BoThErInG you? Well, you wanted feedback - right?

Do you think that because I'm not 13, in case you haven't guessed yet, that you can't get some decent feedback?

Do you really, really want me to tell some kid who pops onto this board how to kill him or herself? Maybe you pull out the bonafide sure proof ones - heck I don't know what you're fishing for. No one has the money to hunt down suicidal kids and lock them up if they post comments into your web page.

Here's a suggestion. Help the scardy cats who don't want to kill themselves, but are in so much pain that they just might do so, know who to talk to in person.

Getting personal for just a moment, I was scared to call a suicide hotline once because I was afraid they'd trace my call and put me in lock up. So, I went to a pay phone and called. The fellow was so good. He assured me that they didn't have a budget to trace calls especially from phone booths since it was all volunteer. And, he talked to me like a person, not as if he was reading from a script.

I have lots of suicidal ideation. It is hard to keep it to my chest. If this website is for the purpose of giving kids a place to vent that ideation, then maybe you are attempting something good.

But, if they are a little off, and truly in pain, with no feedback, they may rely on their introspection alone, and too much introspection can go south -

You need a link for some sort of obvious support. Someone is allowing this site...

i'll probably visit again.
24 Jul 2006 cyndi I know that this page is illegal if it is at all sincere. So, you are the one playing the cruel trick.

There is a very real problem for both patients and clinicians (let's not even get into law enforcers or clergy) regarding suicide ideation. The entire problem hinges on the law that if a person presents himself or herself to be a danger to self or others, a clinician must report the person for lock up. Whoever is behind this website should be ashamed of themselves, because you're not going to help reduce this catch 22. Patients need to discuss suicidal ideation. Clinicians (clergy and law enforcers, etc.) must make judgement calls about when they have to lock someone up or else they run the risk of losing their licenses. There needs to be a loosening of this ridiculous law, so that people with suicide ideation can start to get it out of their system and get to the roots of their sadness. In Great Britain, efforts have been made with the Samaritans (who by the way are accessible to people outside of their juridiction via the internet). But, they must follow a script which doesn't allow the person contacting them the release they need. In addition, the States have various suicide hotlines, and they too, for the most part, are trained to use a script. But, in some cases, they will fudge on this rule a little bit if they feel they can provide a listening ear. But, what really needs to happen is for some sort of legislation which will free the proper mental health care provider to do their job. What would happen if someone with a heart condition was told at the onset, "If you tell me about any symptoms where you feel pain in your chest, neck, or arms, I'll have to lock you up"? Pretty obvious, huh?

So, whatever the point of this web page is, I think that you should 'fess up and play straight. Any one who's ever been to a shrink knows the drill.
24 Jul 2006 marcos metiendome en una piscina, y quedandome dormido...
24 Jul 2006 Terri There is no best way.

My grandfather killed himself last year. He was 58 and even that was too young.

Suicide is not the answer.

Our whole family is so screwed up now (even more than before).

24 Jul 2006   whats the best way to kill yourself??

Just Change your identity.?? then you would be dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 Jul 2006 Rachael hmmmmm.. when i was 13 i had tried killing myself many timnes by slashing my wrist open with knives,razors.anything sharp did i really wont to do yes did i have enough stupidity to cut deep enough no.....know that ive gottin older i realize trying to kill myself was the wrost thing that i have ever done..i have ever thing to live for..i live for my mom,my brother,my friends,and everything else that makes me happy in life realize i didnt list my dad ull find out here in a minute...ohhh yeah people say u cut urself for attention..thats only if u dont try to cover them really ashamed of my scars on my arms.....i original came on this site becuz i had searched "has ur dad ever pionted a gun at you" and i came upon this..yeah my dad has. and then just like 15 minutes ago he pointed the gun at my mom while i was upstairs looking at i ran dowstairs cuz i heard my mom screaming..i thought he had slapped her again.put no there my mom was sitting in her sit covering her face and then i see my dad standing over her at point blank range "the gun like a foot away from her face"i thoughtt he had slaped her because she was holding her face but she said he didnt(know that i think of her i wonder if he had pistol whiped her) so my dad starts walking away i get up in hes face and yell at him "did u hit mom?"he doesnt answer oh yeah i forgot to tell you this hes really crazy like no joke and he also has pointed the gun at me before (at my feet hahaha) he goes and sits down in hes chair holding the gun so i grab a knife and say what would u do if i sliced your throat!! i laugh i hold the knife to his throat..he has the gun pointed at my stomache..i say do u think that scares me "you pionting a gun at me" i laugh "no" "YOUR FUCKING CRAZY" i scream and then after that i walk away and hes still pointing the gun at me so i just stand there looking at him about 5 feet away from him and tell him to shoot well of coures im writing this now so apperiantly he didnt .i dont think he would have the guts to shoot me.the fucking pussy..i mean seriously i hate it when he fucking acts like this i mean he used to be a "dad" but now hes like psycho.....oh well im just waiting for him to shot me..i wish he would so i can just laugh at him and dial 911 and tell them to come get the crazy bastard yeah yeah i know what ur thinking what if you die my mom will call unless he kills her too. and then my brother will come over find us or dad becuz hes already disposed of the bodys and my brother will ask where we are and my dad will be like 6 feet under my brother will go crazy cuz he knows how our dad is call 911 hopefully after he shoots my dads brains u know he can say my dad commeted suicide after he shoot us..haha revenge is sweet... i guess ill get back on this site and keep u up dated and shit..

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